The Bounty Hunter (Polish Trailer 1 Subtitled) (2010)



Tags: murder, bounty hunter, milo, bail, nicole

Description: A bounty hunter (Butler) learns that his next target is his ex-wife (Aniston), a reporter working on a murder cover-up. Soon after their reunion, the always-at-odds duo find themselves on a run-for-their-lives adventure to Las Vegas

Release Date: 3/19/2010

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Columbia Pictures

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Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Theatrical Wide Release 3/19/2010
United Kingdom Theatrical Wide Release 3/17/2010
Spain Theatrical Wide Release 4/9/2010
France Theatrical Wide Release 4/14/2010
Italy Theatrical Wide Release 4/23/2010
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 7/13/2010

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