The Deadly Ponies Gang Trailer (2013)



Tags: music, pony, pony club

Description: Dwayne and Clint have been the "bestest of friends" forever. They love hip hop, and horses, but they don't like guns, and they can't afford cars, so the pair have taken to pimping out their ponies instead, blinging out their rides with pearls, glitter, and gold (all plastic, of course) eternally trying to impress the ladies. Enter a strange yet familiar world of green Kiwi hills, pony clubs, and backyard barbecues, strangely intersecting with the music, and tribal customs of ghetto L.A. The mix is hilarious, yet also touching, and a little bit inspiring. The infectious enthusiasm of the characters - who include NZ's only Country and Western gangsta rapper, 'The Rhymestone Cowboy, and 12 year old equestrian DJ 'Buster' - makes for a joyful gallop.

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Zoe Mcintosh Films Ltd

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