The Treasure Hunter Trailer (2011)



Tags: treasure map, mongolia, desert, lanting

Description: In the boundless desert, countless prosperous dynasties have begun and evolved innumerable cultural legends. For centuries countless dynasties raised up and fell off, the only thing hasn't changed is this desert. Numerous treasures sleep silently beneath this desert. However, for the group of mysterious guardians, there's none can walk in and open the door to treasures. The guardians are capable of everything and ward the desert for generations to defend the fortune that belongs to none. Their leader is Desert Eagle, born with extraordinary oriental martial art. In this desert that power says everything, Desert Eagle is the victor and his rival had to leave. No one remember the name of the failure. Nevertheless, a fierce rivalry is happening to the quiet desert for an ancient city treasure map recording the treasures that has been missing for thousand years. The map has caused people to scramble for it. Ciao Fei has been conducting ancient relics protection and primarily fighting against tomb robbery and ancient relics smugglers. Boss Tu's only daughter, Lan Ting, was kidnapped by another group of treasure hunters, and they threaten Ciao Fei to hand over the map. After a thrilling violent battle, Ciao Fei saved Lan Ting but the map was taken away. Simply intending to accomplish the mission, Chio Fei did not anticipate the company of three, Lan Ting, Chop, and the archeologist, Hua Dingbang. Hua Dingbang used to be a star in archeology. He was bent on hunting treasure that led to his family break-up. Hua Dingbang was brought down by it and became an alcoholic. Now, he again steps on the treasure hunting journey for a reason none knows so far. Lan Ting insists to stay for seeking an answer, regardless of future uncertainty and danger. She wants to know what kind of charm made her father spend a lifetime in this desert. This is the only way she can get to know her deceased father. Ciao Fei has a question to be answered urgently. The desert has become a chaos for the missing guardian, Damo Eagle. His strong connection to the guardians and self-awareness drove him to unravel the mystery of missing Eagle and bring peace and beauty back to the desert. The four encounter unpredictable dangers from the desert, cruel killing interference and arguments and conflicts among each other along the way. But they end up with a strong brotherhood in the relentless desert. Finally, after getting through difficulties, the ancient city in legend has appeared. Missing Eagle comes to resume and end the unfinished battle years ago. Ciao Fei faced the battle he has been avoided and eventually untied the knot that constrained him and his good friend, Desert Eagle. More and more traps and challenges come up to these people since they have walked into the imperial tomb. Their lives are tied together, but who is the friend in such a critical moment? What buried is treasure or unrevealed secrets.

Release Date: 9/15/2011

Genre: Action-Adventure

Studio: Eleven Arts

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Country Release Type Date
United States Theatrical Wide Release 9/15/2011
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 11/15/2011

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