Time Between Dog And Wolf Trailer (2007)



Tags: korea, king and the clown, clown, sweet spy, nam sang mi, national intelligence service

Description: It's known as the Time Between Dog & Wolf the time when daylight slowly turns to nightfall, vision and reality blur, and the line between friend and foe becomes unclear. Lee Jun Ki (My Girl, The King and the Clown) delivers a tour de force performance in this espionage thriller that takes viewers from the gritty alleys of the Thai underworld to the glittering halls of Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS). As a child, NIS officer Lee Soo-hyun witnessed his mother's brutal murder. Years later, his chance for revenge has finally come. But first he must give up his identity, his family, and the woman (Nam Sang Mi, The Grand Chef, Sweet Spy) he loves to go deep undercover in an Asian narcotics ring. In a complex world of revenge, deceit and blurred loyalties, Lee must learn to distinguish between friends and wolves.

Genre: Thriller

Studio: YA Entertainment

Rating: Movie Rating

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