Tiresia Trailer (2003)



Tags: greek mythology

Description: The history of Tiresia belongs to Greek mythology. During his lifetime, Tiresia was man and woman was. Blinded by the rage of a goddess, gods conceded his superior vision. The story takes place in our jours.Tiresia, a Brazilian transsexual of great beauty, lives clandestinely with his brother in the outskirts of Paris. Terranova, an esthete with poetic thought, equates to the perfect pink and receiver for it to be his. Deprived of hormones, Tiresia will gradually be transformed before his eyes. Powerless against what has become his pink Terranova will blind him and throw on the edge of a nearby suburb. Tiresia is then collected in a poor state, half-man half-woman, Anna, a simple young and wild girl who will take care of him. During his convalescence will be born in Tiresia prediction donations. But the presence of an oracle discomfort the church and the parish priest can not do otherwise than to confront Tiresia.

Genre: Drama

Studio: Haute et Court

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
France Theatrical Wide Release 10/15/2003
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 7/11/2006

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