Tomorrow After the War (2015)



Description: In February 1945, Jules Ternes returns to Luxembourg. To escape conscription, he had fled the country and joined the resistance movement in France. Back in his hometown, Jules hopes to find peace of mind and put the war behind him. But he returns to a country devastated by the Battle of the Bulge and deeply divided from four years of occupation. His sister Mathilde is now engaged to Armand, the leader of the local resistance and his girlfriend Leonie has another man in her life. Jules nevertheless resumes a relationship with her and accepts a post as an auxiliary policeman. When Leonie is assassinated along with the German farmers she works for, the life Jules was struggling to rebuild collapses. The ensuing investigation will reveal grey areas of the Occupation along with the efforts made in high places to cover them up.

Genre: Crime

Studio: Samsa Film

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States On Demand Release 1/26/2017

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