Village Without Women Trailer (2010)



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Description: In southwest Serbia, atop mountain and four kilometers from the nearest road, the Jankovic brothers hold down the fort in the womanless village of Zabrdje.Dragan, Zoran and Rodoljub, along with their neighbor, Velimir, represent the entire population of what was once a vibrant rural community. They live in tough conditions. No running water, no roads, not even a hint of a woman's touch. Not to mention, the three brothers still share the same bedroom. Zoran, the eldest brother, dreams of marrying a woman capable of handling life in Zabrdje. Despite his efforts, he fails to convince a Serbian woman to join them in village. Zoran's friend Danko succeeded in finding a gorgeous wife by crossing the border to Albania. As Zoran sees their unlikely relationship blossom into love, he decides to follow suit. For Zoran, Albania is the only place left to find a bride. Rodoljub, the youngest of the brothers, systematically opposes bringing an Albanian woman into their home. With the war wounds from Kosovo still present, Serbs and Albanians are far from healed. Zoran has the opportunity to extend the olive branch to the "enemy". Will Zoran's attempt be fruitful? Can he fulfill his dream and renew hope in his village?

Release Date: 5/18/2011

Genre: Documentary

Studio: Les films du Balibari

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Country Release Type Date
United States Theatrical Wide Release 5/18/2011
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 5/18/2012

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