Wild Trailer (2016)



Description: A strange encounter with a wild wolf at the edge of Ania's cold, mundane town sets off a deep-seated passion within her, shattering the drudgery of her dull days. Determined to hunt the untamed creature, she finds herself pulled to the natural world as a fearless lust for the wolf grows, eliciting a desire for her own sexuality and a disregard for social graces, repulsing yet attracting everyone around her. As the balance between the natural world and modern civilization begins to tip, so too do Ania's inhibitions, forcing her to question the glaring hypocrisies closing in on her.

Genre: Drama

Studio: NFP Marketing & Distribution

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
Germany Theatrical Wide Release 4/14/2016
United States Theatrical Limited Release 8/25/2017

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