Writing on the Wall Trailer (2016)



Tags: new york, london

Description: It's 1999 and over a candle-lit dinner Paul and Mary Jane D'Arbanville are reading the diary of the nineties. "A little fable about the rat and mouse population of London". Somewhere in time two protagonists reminisce about the past. Mary-Jane D'Arbanville, exiled herself from her native New York to London. She landed in London in 1991 and lived with her new found friend Paul. The story comes out of Jane's very own diary called "Map of the Universe", read over a candle-lit dinner. Jane and Paul painted the diary, as the story unfolds, on the walls of London during the nineties. Whilst the story is taking place on earth, in Hell and in the Heavens above and at the same time, the two main characters are played by two different actors. Writing on the Wall is a dark comedy and a documentary about London in the nineties.

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Global Edge Mnemonics LLC

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States On Demand Release 12/24/2016

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