Grow (2016)

Performer(s): Paul Bogart



Tags: oak

Description: "“Grow” was a song idea that I came up with shortly after Tanya and I found out she was pregnant. It’s not necessarily a “baby song” or lullaby, but melodically I think Jett likes it. It’s a song about life. As I brainstormed, I visualized our son while he grew in his mama’s belly but I also visualized a majestic oak tree that was once just a sprout but grew up to be a great big mature tree. I also considered our own faith, or love that we have for someone. I presented this idea to a cowriter friend of mine, Bill Whyte, and he loved the idea so we wrote it together and I’m thrilled at how it turned out. I wrote this song for my bride, Sweet Tanya, and our son, Jett. I love you both."

Genre: Country

Studio: BMI

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