Addison Richards

IVA Star Rating : 67
Addison Whittaker Richards, Jr. was an American actor of film and television. Richards appeared in more than three hundred films between 1933 and his death.

Addison Whittaker Richards, Jr. was an American actor of film and television. Richards appeared in more than three hundred films between 1933 and his death.

Birth Name

Addison Whitaker Richards Jr.


Monday, 20 October 1902


Sunday, 22 March 1964

Actor Filmography

Images of Indians: How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native American Self / Judge (from Reprisal! (1956)) 2003
Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage Himself (archive footage) / Self 1983
No Time for Sergeants Col. Saunders 1964
Ensign Pulver film clip from 'The Walking Dead' 1964
For Those Who Think Young Dean Watkins 1964
The Raiders Huntington Lawford / Huntingdon Lawford 1963
Petticoat Junction Frank Newton 1963
The Fugitive Connelley 1963
Ben Jerrod John Abbott 1963
Stoney Burke Paul Grayson 1962
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Actor Filmography

Images of Indians: How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native American Self / Judge (from Reprisal! (1956)) 2003
Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage Himself (archive footage) / Self 1983
No Time for Sergeants Col. Saunders 1964
Ensign Pulver film clip from 'The Walking Dead' 1964
For Those Who Think Young Dean Watkins 1964
The Raiders Huntington Lawford / Huntingdon Lawford 1963
Petticoat Junction Frank Newton 1963
The Fugitive Connelley 1963
Ben Jerrod John Abbott 1963
Stoney Burke Paul Grayson 1962
The Beverly Hillbillies John Lucus, Mr. Lucas 1962
Wide Country The Chairman 1962
The Virginian Morrison 1962
Saintly Sinners Monsignor Craig / Monsignor 1962
The Dick Powell Theatre Dr. Hall, William Stevens 1961
87th Precinct Windrow 1961
The Joey Bishop Show Edgar Spaulding, Mr. Chadwick, Warden 1961
Flight That Disappeared The Sage / The Future-being Advocate 1961
The Gambler Wore a Gun Doc Devlin 1961
Operation Eichmann The Stranger 1961
Gunslinger John Pearson 1961
Frontier Uprising Cmdr. Kimball 1961
Miami Undercover Mullin 1961
Mister Ed Mr. Thorndyke 1961
The Facts of Life Larry's Boss 1960
The Law and Mr. Jones Clay Harper, Judge Dickinson 1960
My Three Sons Mr. Gordon 1960
Guestward Ho! Milbourne Curtis 1960
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs Harris 1960
Pete and Gladys Mr. Carstairs 1960
The Barbara Stanwyck Show James Fitzgibbon 1960
National Velvet Inquiry Officer 1960
Checkmate Mike Lambeth, Sgt. Handler 1960
The Tall Man Judge Danby 1960
Inherit the Wind Townsman 1960
All the Fine Young Cannibals Mr. McDowall 1960
Shotgun Slade Sheriff 1959
Startime Doctor 1959
Philip Marlowe Paul Howard 1959
Dennis the Menace Mark Stacy 1959
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Dean Hollister 1959
Lock Up Norman Winfield 1959
Fibber McGee and Molly Doc Gamble 1959
Laramie Maxwell, Mayor 1959
The Deputy Doc Landy 1959
Bonanza Dr. Hickman, Dr. Paul Kay 1959
The Oregon Trail President James Polk 1959
21 Beacon Street Kincaide 1959
Border Patrol Linnick 1959
The Untouchables Mayor Roy B. Gautier, William Adcock 1959
One Step Beyond Cabinet Secretary, Warden 1959
Rawhide Frank Miller, Jed Blaine, Judge Wainwright, Mr. Connell 1959
Grand Jury Fullerton 1959
Flight Undetermined Role 1958
Cimarron City Martin Kingsley 1958
U.S. Marshal Mr. Laird 1958
77 Sunset Strip Adm. Frederick Benson, John Dutton 1958
Man with a Camera Clyde Bosser 1958
Lawman Ben Thurston 1958
Yancy Derringer Judge Harper 1958
The Texan Mayor Thurston 1958
The Donna Reed Show Dr. Martin Butler 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Doctor, Dr. John Allen 1958
The Saga of Hemp Brown Col. Ford 1958
Frontier Justice Judge Lovett 1958
Buckskin Sheriff Devlin 1958
Mike Hammer Doc Fawcett 1958
The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour Consul 1957
Colt .45 Warden Johnson 1957
26 Men Morgan 1957
Alcoa Theatre Henry Adams 1957
Trackdown Doc Jay Calhoun 1957
The Real McCoys Col. Martin, R.T. Overland 1957
The Californians Thomas Durkin 1957
Perry Mason George Lansing, Smith 1957
M Squad Mr. Maxwell 1957
Wagon Train Mr. Wilson 1957
Bachelor Father Mr. Granger 1957
The Deerslayer 1957
Gunsight Ridge Sheriff Tom Jones / Tom Jones 1957
Richard Diamond, Private Detective Evanson 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Gen. Lew Wallace, Keely Crawford, Simon Congreve 1957
Last of the Badmen Dillon 1957
Men of Annapolis Ryan 1957
Official Detective Thomas Fullerton 1957
Everything But the Truth Roger Connolly 1956
Reprisal! Judge 1956
The Dinah Shore Chevy Show Mr. Pulitzer 1956
Zane Grey Theatre Judge Lovett 1956
The Ten Commandments Fan Bearer 1956
Playhouse 90 Harker 1956
Dr. Christian Jerome 1956
The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna J. Bromely Dorne 1956
Broken Arrow Dougherty 1956
The Sheriff of Cochise Mr. Harris 1956
Hey, Jeannie! Judge Larkin 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Sen. Frasier London, Sen. Holcombe 1956
Walk the Proud Land Gov. Safford 1956
The Fastest Gun Alive Doc Jennings 1956
Telephone Time Col. Lugenbeel 1956
The Broken Star Marshal Wayne Forrester 1956
Crime Against Joe District Attorney Roy Kasden 1956
When Gangland Strikes Mark Spurlock 1956
Fury at Gunsight Pass Charles Hanford 1956
State Trooper Sam Cooley 1956
Matinee Theatre Frank, Judge, Simons 1955
Fury Judge Blake 1955
Crusader Dr. William Grenville 1955
The People's Choice J.B. Barker, J.B. Barker / Honest John 1955
Illegal Steve Harper 1955
Fort Yuma Gen. Crook 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Judge, Mr. Johnson 1955
Cheyenne Col. Danial H. Forrest 1955
Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre Dr. Rason, Mr. Hurd 1955
High Society Sam Cosgrove 1955
Science Fiction Theatre Howie Stevens 1955
The Millionaire H. H. Hungerford, Polive Chief James L. Peterson 1955
TV Reader's Digest George Naylor 1955
The Bob Cummings Show Col. Harry Jenkins 1955
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Gen. Sherman 1954
Climax! Papa 1954
Studio 57 Detective Lewis 1954
Lassie Dr. Watkins 1954
Public Defender Bill Ludwig 1954
Mayor of the Town Albert 1954
The United States Steel Hour James Bellingham, Mr. Richman 1953
Ponds Theater Dr. Lanskell 1953
The Loretta Young Show Mr. Ross, Ralph Verdeen, Beseley, Leonard Craigle, Mr. Abbott 1953
You Are There James Marshall, Pierre Cauchon, Stephen Sewall 1953
Goodyear Playhouse 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Cartwright, Jesse Childs, Pete Hunter, Roy Edwards 1951
The Red Skelton Hour Councilman Smith 1951
My Country 'Tis of Thee Thomas Jefferson 1950
The Jack Benny Program Newspaper Reporter 1950
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Mr. Forbes 1950
Big Town Dr. Butler 1950
Lux Video Theatre Col. Bessette, Dr. Breen, Gen. Spencer, Judge, Michaels 1950
Robert Montgomery Presents Henry 1950
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout Capt. Weightman / Captain Weightman 1950
The Big Story Bainbridge 1949
The Lone Ranger Colonel Ingersoll 1949
Mighty Joe Young City Attorney 1949
Rustlers Frank Abbott 1949
Henry, the Rainmaker Steve Richards 1949
Studio One Arthur, Carter Jackson, Mr. MacKail, The Lawyer 1948
Repertory Theatre 1948
The Saxon Charm Abel Richman 1948
Lulu Belle Police Commissioner John Dixon 1948
A Southern Yankee Dr. Clayton 1948
Call Northside 777 John Albertson 1948
If You Knew Susie Senator Making Speech 1948
Reaching from Heaven Max Bradley 1948
Monsieur Verdoux Bank Manager 1947
The Unfinished Dance Doctor 1947
The Millerson Case Dr. Wickersham 1947
Kraft Theatre Dean Wagner 1947
Love Laughs at Andy Hardy Mr. Benedict 1946
Criminal Court District Attorney Gordon 1946
Angel on My Shoulder Big Harry 1946
Step by Step James Blackton 1946
Courage of Lassie Captain in Aleutians 1946
Don't Gamble with Strangers Police Chief Broderick 1946
Anna and the King of Siam Capt. Orton 1946
Dragonwyck Head Farmer 1946
The Hoodlum Saint Reverend Miller / Rev. Miller 1946
Renegades Joe - Sheriff 1946
Leave Her to Heaven Bedford 1945
Black Market Babies District Attorney Hamilton 1945
Danger Signal Police Inspector 1945
The Tiger Woman Mr. White 1945
Spellbound Police Captain 1945
The Royal Mounted Rides Again Jackson Decker 1945
Strange Confession Dr. Williams 1945
Come Out Fighting Police Commissioner James Mitchell 1945
The Shanghai Cobra John Adams 1945
Duffy's Tavern Mr. Smith - O.P.A. 1945
Men in Her Diary Attorney Cavanagh / Cavanagh - Attorney 1945
Adventures of Rusty Dr. Banning - Psychiatrist 1945
Divorce Plummer / Plummer - Attorney 1945
Secrets of a Sorority Girl John Hamilton 1945
Lady on a Train Police Captain 1945
Bewitched John Ellis 1945
The Chicago Kid Prison Warden / The Warden 1945
Bells of Rosarita Slim Phillips 1945
The Last Installment Warden 1945
The Master Key Gerhard Doenitz / Garret Donahue / Gerhard Doenitz - alias Garret Donahue 1945
Betrayal from the East Capt. Bates / Captain Bates, G-2 1945
God Is My Co-Pilot (scenes deleted) 1945
I'll Remember April Inspector Pat Malloy 1945
Rough, Tough and Ready Capt. Murray 1945
Grissly's Millions Henry Adams 1945
The Mummy's Curse Major Pat Walsh / Maj. Pat Walsh 1944
Barbary Coast Gent Wade Gamelin 1944
Marriage Is a Private Affair Colonel Ryder / Col. H.W. Ryder 1944
Bordertown Trail Fontaine 1944
Three Little Sisters Col. Flemming 1944
Raiders of Ghost City Colonel Sewell / Col. Sewell 1944
Since You Went Away Maj. Sam Atkins 1944
Are These Our Parents? Clint Davis 1944
A Night of Adventure District Attorney Branson 1944
Roger Touhy, Gangster Priest 1944
3 Men in White Mr. Brown 1944
Follow the Boys MacDermott 1944
Moon Over Las Vegas Judge 1944
Main Street Today Fred Baker 1944
The Fighting Sullivans Naval Captain 1944
The Fighting Seabees Capt. Joyce 1944
A Guy Named Joe Maj. Corbett 1943
Smart Guy District Attorney Ben Carter 1943
Where Are Your Children? Chief of Detectives / Halstead 1943
Mystery Broadcast Bill Burton 1943
The Deerslayer Mr. Hutter 1943
The Mad Ghoul Gavigan / Editor Gavigan 1943
The Mystery of the 13th Guest Jim - District Attorney / District Attorney 1943
Wagon Wheels West Frank Wilson Sr. (edited from "Song of the Saddle") (archive footage) / Frank Wilson Sr. (edited from "Song of the Saddle") 1943
Corvette K-225 Cmdr. Rowland 1943
Always a Bridesmaid Dist. Atty. Martin Boland 1943
Oklahoma Outlaws Judge John Walton 1943
Swing Shift Maisie Chief Investigator / Chief Investigator (Uncredited) 1943
Adventures of the Flying Cadets A.J. 'Jack' Hill [Ch. 1] 1943
Salute to the Marines Capt. Edwards 1943
Headin' for God's Country District Commissioner 1943
Destroyer Ferguson 1943
Crime Doctor Prison Warden 1943
Hit Parade of 1943 Mr. Demeling - Producer 1943
Air Force Maj. Daniels 1943
Ridin' Down the Canyon Gus Jordan 1942
Underground Agent George Martin 1942
Andy Hardy's Double Life George Benedict 1942
War Dogs William Freeman 1942
Seven Days' Leave Capt. Collins 1942
Secrets of a Co-Ed District Attorney 1942
For Me and My Gal France Doctor 1942
Smith of Minnesota Edward Northrup 1942
Flying Tigers Col. Lindsay / R.T. Lindsay 1942
Secret Enemies Chief Agent C.G. Travers / C.G. Travers 1942
The Big Street Dr. Mitchell / Dr. Mitchell (Uncredited) 1942
The War Against Mrs. Hadley The Colonel in Phoenix / Colonel 1942
A-Haunting We Will Go Attorney Malcolm Kilgore 1942
The Pride of the Yankees Coach 1942
Men of Texas Silas Hurlbert 1942
Friendly Enemies Inspector McCarthy 1942
March on, America! Man at Map 1942
Top Sergeant Col. Gray 1942
Private Buckaroo Army Captain / Officer 1942
Pacific Rendezvous Gordon Trisby 1942
Ship Ahoy Agent in Puerto Rico 1942
Secret Agent of Japan Remsen 1942
My Favorite Blonde Herbert Wilson 1942
Mokey Judge 1942
Man with Two Lives Lt. Detective George Bradley 1942
The Adventures of Martin Eden Prosecuting District Attorney 1942
Cowboy Serenade Asa Lock 1942
A Close Call for Ellery Queen Lester C. Young / Lester Younger 1942
The Lady Has Plans Paul Baker 1942
Ball of Fire District Attorney 1942
Blue, White and Perfect Thomas 1942
Sealed Lips Chief Gary Benson 1942
Design for Scandal Divorce Lawyer / Adele's Divorce Lawyer 1941
They Died with Their Boots On Adjutant 1941
Texas Matt Lashan 1941
Badlands of Dakota Gen. George Custer 1941
Dive Bomber Surgeon / Honolulu Surgeon Operating on Swede 1941
Our Wife Middle-Aged Man in Jerry's Stateroom 1941
International Squadron Chief Engineer 1941
Her First Beau Dr. Tom Wood 1941
Sheriff of Tombstone Mayor Luke Keeler 1941
Mutiny in the Arctic Ferguson 1941
Men of Boys Town The Judge 1941
The Great Lie Mr. Talbot 1941
I Wanted Wings Flight Surgeon 1941
Back in the Saddle Duke Winston 1941
Andy Hardy's Private Secretary Benedict / George Benedict 1941
The Strawberry Blonde Official 1941
Western Union Captain Harlow / Capt. Harlow 1941
The Trial of Mary Dugan Capt. Price 1941
Forbidden Passage Frank J. Maxwell 1941
Tall, Dark and Handsome Commandant of Military Academy / Miitary Academy Commandant 1941
Flight Command Vice Admiral 1940
Arizona Capt. Hunter 1940
Give Us Wings Capt. Stern 1940
Moon Over Burma Art Bryan 1940
Little Nellie Kelly Naturalization Judge 1940
Street of Memories Undetermined Role 1940
Cherokee Strip Ned Strawn 1940
Public Deb No. 1 Sanford 1940
Wyoming Kincaid / Dave Kincaid 1940
Girl from Havana Harrigan 1940
South to Karanga Edmund Daniels 1940
Black Diamonds Redman 1940
Pony Express Days Tipton Walton 1940
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante Mr. Benedict / George Benedict 1940
Island of Doomed Men Jackson (#46) 1940
Gangs of Chicago Evans / C.L. Evans 1940
Flight Angels Army Captain 1940
Ski Patrol James Burton - Speaker 1940
Edison, the Man Mr. Johnson 1940
My Little Chickadee Judge 1940
Charlie Chan in Panama Godley / R.J. Godley 1940
Northwest Passage Lieutenant Crofton / Lt. Crofton 1940
The Man from Dakota Confederate Provost Marshal 1940
The Lone Wolf Strikes Stanley Young 1940
Slightly Honorable Inspector Fromm / Inspector Melvyn Fromm 1939
Nick Carter, Master Detective Hiram Streeter / Streeter - President of Radex 1939
Man from Montreal Capt. Owens, R.C.M.P. 1939
Geronimo Frederick Allison 1939
Espionage Agent Bruce Corvall 1939
Thunder Afloat Admiral Ross / Adm. Ross 1939
When Tomorrow Comes Refugee Leader at Bus 1939
Bad Lands Rayburn 1939
They All Come Out Warden - Atlanta 1939
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever Mr. Benedict 1939
The Gracie Allen Murder Case Detective 1939
Inside Information Gerald Banford 1939
Exile Express Purnell 1939
Tell No Tales Jim Hollis 1939
For Love or Money Kelly 1939
They Made Her a Spy Everett Brock / Senator Everett Brock 1939
Whispering Enemies Red Barrett 1939
Mystery of the White Room Dr. Finley Morton 1939
I Was a Convict Warden Foley 1939
Twelve Crowded Hours Berquist 1939
Off the Record Brand 1939
Burn 'Em Up O'Connor Ed Eberhart 1939
Flight to Fame Colonel King 1938
The Last Express Frank Hoefle 1938
That Certain Age Newspaper Man 1938
Valley of the Giants Hewitt 1938
Boys Town The Judge / Judge 1938
Gateway Inspector 1938
Strange Glory Senator 1938
The Devil's Party Inspector Bresnahan / Police Insp. Bresnahan 1938
Accidents Will Happen Blair Thurston 1938
Prison Nurse Warden Benson 1938
Breakdowns of 1938 Himself / Warden (Alcatraz Island outtakes) 1938
What Price Safety! District Attorney Wallace Doherty 1938
The Black Doll A.H. Mallison 1938
Alcatraz Island Fred MacLane 1937
Love Is on the Air E.E. Nichols 1937
Wine, Women and Horses Gambler 1937
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air Second Doctor 1937
They Won't Forget Trailer Narrator 1937
Romance of Louisiana James Monroe / Radio Actor in Studio 1937
Dance Charlie Dance Gordon Fox - the Attorney / Gordon Fox 1937
The Singing Marine Mr. Fowler 1937
Draegerman Courage John McNally 1937
The Barrier Runnion - Henchman 1937
Ready, Willing and Able Edward McNeil 1937
Her Husband's Secretary Steven Garron 1937
Black Legion Prosecuting Attorney 1937
God's Country and the Woman Gaskett 1937
Smart Blonde Fitz Mularkey / Fitz Mularkay 1937
Cain and Mabel Trailer narrator 1936
Trailin' West Curley Thorne 1936
Anthony Adverse Capt. Matanaza 1936
China Clipper Mr. B.C. Hill 1936
The Case of the Velvet Claws Frank Locke 1936
Jailbreak Dan Varner 1936
Hot Money Forbes 1936
Public Enemy's Wife Warden Williams 1936
The Song of a Nation British Adm. Cochrane 1936
Bullets or Ballots William Kennedy - Newsreel Narrator 1936
The Law in Her Hands William McGuire 1936
Colleen Schuyler 1936
The Walking Dead Prison Warden 1936
Sutter's Gold James Marshall 1936
Song of the Saddle Frank Wilson Sr. 1936
Road Gang Warden Parmenter / Parmenter (Prison Farm Warden) 1936
The Petrified Forest Radio Announcer 1936
Man Hunt Mel Purdue 1936
Ceiling Zero Fred Adams 1936
A Dream Comes True Narrator 1935
Frisco Kid Coleman / William Coleman 1935
The Eagle's Brood Big Henry 1935
The Crusades Sentry 1935
Little Big Shot Hank Gibbs 1935
Here Comes the Band Colonel Wallace / Col. Wallace 1935
Front Page Woman District Attorney 1935
Dinky District Attorney 1935
'G' Men Bruce J. Gregory 1935
Alias Mary Dow Martin 1935
Eight Bells Tracey 1935
Black Fury Government Man 1935
A Dog of Flanders Herr Herden / Herden 1935
Sweet Music Mr. Thomas 1935
Home on the Range Beady 1935
The White Cockatoo David Lorn 1935
Society Doctor Harrigan 1935
365 Nights in Hollywood Asst. D.A. 1934
Babbitt District Attorney 1934
Gentlemen Are Born Martinson 1934
The St. Louis Kid Mr. Brown 1934
Our Daily Bread Louie 1934
A Lost Lady State Attorney 1934
The Case of the Howling Dog Judge Markham 1934
British Agent Col. Zwaboda 1934
The Girl from Missouri Yacht Capt. Hawkins 1934
Handy Andy McKechnie 1934
Lone Cowboy Dobe Jones 1933
Riot Squad Diamonds Jareck 1933
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