Alan Oppenheimer

IVA Star Rating : 73
Alan Louis Oppenheimer is an American actor, singer, songwriter, and voice actor. He has performed numerous roles on live action television since the 1960s, and has had an active career doing voice work since the 1970s.

Alan Louis Oppenheimer is an American actor, singer, songwriter, and voice actor. He has performed numerous roles on live action television since the 1960s, and has had an active career doing voice work since the 1970s.

Birth Name

Alan Louis Oppenheimer


Wednesday, 23 April 1930

Actor Filmography

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Moss Man 2020
JJ Villard's Fairy Tales (voice), Mirror Max / Roach / Flea Circus 2020
Forky Asks a Question Old Timer 2019
Toy Story 4 Old Timer (voice) / Old Timer 2019
Tigtone Zlotov 2018
Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Himself - Voice Actor 2017
Fall of Grayskull Narrator (voice) 2015
Foxcatcher Du Pont Dynasty Narrator (voice) 2014
Toy Masters Himself 2014
Death Battle Cringer 2010
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Actor Filmography

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Moss Man 2020
JJ Villard's Fairy Tales (voice), Mirror Max / Roach / Flea Circus 2020
Forky Asks a Question Old Timer 2019
Toy Story 4 Old Timer (voice) / Old Timer 2019
Tigtone Zlotov 2018
Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Himself - Voice Actor 2017
Fall of Grayskull Narrator (voice) 2015
Foxcatcher Du Pont Dynasty Narrator (voice) 2014
Toy Masters Himself 2014
Death Battle Cringer 2010
Adventure Time Sun (voice) / Sun 2010
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Alfred Pennyworth 2009
9 Scientist (voice) 2009
The Secret Life Of Bees (voice) 2008
El Superstar: The Unlikely Rise of Juan Frances Mr. French 2008
Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon Himself - Friend 2008
Jane Doe: Eye of the Beholder Hans Engelslepen 2008
'Til Death Mr. Wallach 2006
Clifford's Puppy Days Mr. Solomon 2003
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Laoban (voice) 2002
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Father Time, Mighty Moe 2001
Gilmore Girls Mr. Blodgett 2000
The West Wing Marty 1999
Rocket Power Gravely Announcer 1999
Passions Alistair Crane (voice) 1999
Adventures in Odyssey: Baby Daze (voice) 1998
Invasion America Additional Voices 1998
Culture 1997
Zorro (voice) 1997
The Practice Dr. Richard Papp, Judge Nelson 1997
Jumanji Ludwig von Richter (voice) 1996
Caroline in the City Mr. Booth 1995
Ned and Stacey Spencer Haywood 1995
Star Trek: Voyager Nezu Ambassador 1995
Trancers 5: Sudden Deth Farr 1994
Fantastic Four: The Animated Series Firelord / Hot Dog Vendor / The Watcher, Hot Dog Vendor / Sanitation Worker / The Watcher 1994
Touched by an Angel Gary Stein 1994
Phantom 2040 Prof. Jack Archer 1994
Chicago Hope Dr. Edmund Gray 1994
Trancers 4: Jack Of Swords Farr 1994
Diagnosis Murder Dr. Leonard Gould 1993
Bonkers (voice) 1993
Invisible: The Chronicles Of Benjamin Knight Dr. Knox 1993
Home Free Ben Brookstone 1993
I Yabba-Dabba Do! Additional Voices (voice) 1993
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Captain Keogh 1993
Love Field Announcer 1992
The Little Mermaid (voice) 1992
Batman: The Animated Series Auctioneer 1992
Fish Police (voice) 1992
Silk Stalkings Marcus Thatcher 1991
James Bond Jr. The Chameleon, Cricket, Professor Frederick, The Chameleon / Lex Illusion 1991
Where's Waldo? (voice) 1991
The Legend of Prince Valiant Merlin, Merlin (voice) (credit only), Merlin (voice) 1991
Absolute Strangers Stevenson 1991
Lucy & Desi: Before the Laughter Arthur Lyons 1991
Child of Darkness, Child of Light George Beavier 1991
Timeless Tales from Hallmark The King (voice) 1990
The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda Additional Voices 1990
Captain Planet and the Planeteers Dr. Borzon (voice) 1990
Tom & Jerry Kids Show (voice) 1990
The Wizard of Oz 1990
TaleSpin Principal Ed Pomeroy 1990
Fat Man And Little Boy (voice) 1989
Dragnet Principal Nugent 1989
Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers to the Rescue Plato / Aldren Klordane (voice) 1989
Life Goes On Thorpe 1989
Chicken Soup Sydney Hirsch 1989
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland Oomp 1989
Pryde of the X-Men The Blob (voice) 1989
Quantum Leap Earl Skinner 1989
Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers Plato / Aldrin Klordane, Captain Kernel, Plato 1989
Coach Dr. Alshire 1989
Murphy Brown Eugene Kinsella 1988
Superman Jonathan Kent (voice), Jonathan Kent 1988
The New Yogi Bear Show Additional Voices 1988
Fantastic Max Additional Voices 1988
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo 1988
Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters Morris P. Grout, Goolem, Morris P. Grout / Goolem 1988
BraveStarr: The Legend Handlebar / Outlaw Scuzz / Stampede (voice) 1988
Moving Mr. Cadell 1988
Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf Mummy (voice) 1988
'Tis the Season to Be Smurfy Vanity Smurf / Doctor (voice) 1987
Star Trek: The Next Generation Koroth 1987
DuckTales (voice), Colonel Beauregard DuBark, Von Doghausen (voice) 1987
BraveStarr Diamondback / Handlebar / Outlaw Skuzz / Stampede, Handlebar / Outlaw Scuzz / Stampede, Handlebar / Stampede 1987
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dr. Polidorius (voice) 1987
CBS Summer Playhouse Ziskind 1987
Blondie & Dagwood Julius C. Dithers 1987
Bionic Six Prof. Amadeus Sharp, Prof. Amadeus Sharp (voice) (as Allen Oppenheimer), (voice) (as Allen Oppenheimer), (voice) (as Allen Oppenheimer) (credit only), Prof. Amadeus Sharp (voice) (as Allen Oppenheimer) (credit only) 1987
Married... with Children Mr. Foodie 1987
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles Sam Rosenthal 1987
The Nativity (voice) 1987
Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness Warpath 1986
L.A. Law Judge Stephen Weeks 1986
Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos President (voice) 1986
The Original Ghostbusters (voice) (credit only), Prime Evil, Prime Evil / Fangster / Long John Scarechrome, Prime Evil / Fangster, Prime Evil / Foreman, Prime Evil / Ghoul-Aide, Prime Evil / Grandpa Kong, Prime Evil / Hot Rod / Beastly Buggy, Prime Evil / Long John Scarechrome / Dr. Ricer, Prime Evil / Long John Scarechrome / Fangster / Merlin, Prime Evil / Long John Scarechrome / Fangster, Prime Evil / Long John Scarechrome / Ghost Creeper, Prime Evil / Long John Scarechrome, Prime Evil / Merlin / Airhead, Prime Evil / Merlin / Fangster, Prime Evil / Messenger, Prime Evil / Moleman / Park Ranger, Prime Evil / Mr. Parker, Prime Evil / Mr. Squid, Prime Evil / Munro the Mad Magician / Fangster, Prime Evil / Pedestrian / Museum Guard, Prime Evil / Prince Otis, Prime Evil / Professor Von Zifflin, Prime Evil / Rexacor / Golem Guard, Prime Evil / Salem Judge / Long John Scarechrome, Prime Evil / Snookums / Quiver, Prime Evil / Unga / Fangster / Cameraman, Prime Evil / Voodun / Construction foreman, Prime Evil / Wally / Sam the Bartender, Prime Evil / Wizard of Blackstone, Prime Evil / Fangster / Professof Von Zifflin, Prime Evil / Fangster / Slave Driver, Prime Evil / Airhead / Engineer, Prime Evil / Airhead / Unga, Prime Evil / Airhead, Prime Evil / Caesar / Gypsy, Prime Evil / Clyde / Peter, Prime Evil / Doctor Creep, Prime Evil / Fangster / Corporal, Prime Evil / Fangster / GT-7, Prime Evil / Fangster / Guard, Prime Evil / Fangster / Headless Horseman, Prime Evil / Fangster / Long John Scarechrome / Airhead, Prime Evil / Fangster / Long John Scarechrome / Nexor / Professor Von Zifflin 1986
Rambo Col. Samuel Trautman (voice) 1986
Centurions (voice), Dr. Gates (voice) 1986
Matlock Dr. Linder 1986
You Again? Martin Dexter 1986
Daniel and the Lion's Den (voice) 1986
Skeletor's Revenge Skeletor 1986
He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special Skeletor / Man-At-Arms / Zipper (voice) 1985
The Wuzzles Rhinokey, Rhinokey (voice) 1985
Adventures of the Gummi Bears Councillor Bearybowum 1985
She-Ra: Princess of Power (voice) (credit only), Skeletor, Skeletor / Cringer, Man-At-Arms / Villager, Cringer / Captured Rebel 1 / Captured Rebel 2 / Announcer, Mayor of Elberon, Skeletor / Man-At-Arms / Cringer / Battle Cat / Chef Alan / Announcer, Battle Cat / Announcer, Cringer / Announcer, Man-At-Arms / Spyster, Skeletor / Battle Cat / Cringer, Skeletor / Man-At-Arms / Cringer / Announcer, Skeletor / Noah 1985
The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo Mirror Demon, Prof. Fantazmo / Baron Fantazmo 1985
He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword Chef Alan 1985
Mr. Belvedere Pilot 1985
My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn Jerry Gersler 1985
The Execution Max Langbein 1985
The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible Jonah, King Belshazzar, Wise Man #2 1985
Murder, She Wrote Dr. Raymond Auerbach 1984
Paper Dolls Aaron Bell 1984
Who's the Boss? Dean Brown 1984
The Transformers Breakdown, Warpath, Beachcomber / Seaspray / Warpath, Seaspray, Mayor, Beachcomber / Warpath / Mayor, Beachcomber, Robodoctor, Dinsmore / Beachcomber / Warpath, Warpath / Director, Warpath / Sir Aetheling the Red, Beachcomber / Warpath, Breakdown / Warpath, Warpath / Breakdown 1984
Snorks Additional Voices 1984
Challenge of the GoBots Mobius 1984
The NeverEnding Story Narrator (voice) 1984
Night Court Judge Crockett, Dr. Fine 1984
Memorial Day Stallings 1983
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Skeletor / Battle Cat / Cringer / Man-at-Arms / Mer-Man / Buzz-Off, Skeletor / Man-At-Arms / Cringer / Battle Cat, Skeletor / Man-At-Arms / Battle Cat, Skeletor / Man-At-Arms / Cringer / Mer-Man, Cringer / Battle Cat / Skeletor / Man-At-Arms / Mer-Man, Cringer / Man-At-Arms / Jarvan / Battle Cat, Cringer / Battle Cat / Man-At-Arms / Skeletor / Mer-Man, Cringer / Battle Cat / Man-At-Arms / Skeletor, Cringer / Man-At-Arms / Skeletor, Skeletor / Man-At-Arms, Skeletor / Mer-Man / Cringer / Battle Cat 1983
The Puppy's Further Adventures (voice) (credit only) 1983
Mama's Family Mayor Alvin Tutweiler 1983
The Smurfic Games Vanity Smurf (voice) 1983
The Smurfs Christmas Special (voice) 1982
Mighty Mouse in the Great Space Chase Mighty Mouse (voice) 1982
St. Elsewhere Ira Rosenthal 1982
Knight Rider General Duncton, Joe Lewis 1982
Hotel Dr. Seigler, Doctor Seigler 1982
The Smurfs Springtime Special Vanity Smurf (voice) 1982
Divorce Wars: A Love Story Arthur Lazar 1982
Gimme a Break! Mr. Daniels 1981
The Smurfs Vanity Smurf, Homnibus, Vanity Smurf (voice), Homnibus / Vanity Smurf, Father Time / Vanity Smurf 1981
The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam! Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana (voice), Mr. Samson 1981
Trollkins Sheriff Pudge Trollsom (voice) 1981
Blackstar Overlord / Carpo, Kadray / Carpo, Nehilis / Carpo, Overlord / Carpo / Leader of the Desert Dwellers, Overlord / Crios / Carpo, Overlord / Neptul, Overlord / Vizier, Overlord, Shaldemar / Carpo, Thorg / Carpo, Typhod / Carpo 1981
Private Benjamin Teddy Benjamin 1981
Foul Play Arthur McKinley 1981
Macbeth Duncan 1981
Ri¢hie Ri¢h Additional Voices 1980
It's a Living Guthrie 1980
Private Benjamin Rabbi 1980
Thundarr the Barbarian Mindok The Mind Menace, Muragg / The Old Wizard 1980
Drak Pack Count Dracula 1980
Flo 1980
Trapper John, M.D. Magee 1979
The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show 1979
Eischied Capt. Finnerty 1979
Flash Gordon Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov, Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov / High Wizard of Syk, Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov / Slave, Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov / Captain Erzine, Dr. Hans Zarkov / Captain Braznor / Gundar, Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov / Hawkman, Ming the Merciless / Athos / Enak, Dr. Hans Zarkov / Count Malo / Captain, Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov / Aarkon Vae / Lizard guard / Priest, Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov / Captain Braznor, Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov / Count Malo / Captain, Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov / Dr. Tavv / Forest man / ARNOLD, Ming the Merciless / Tobor, Ming the Merciless / Dr. Hans Zarkov / Negative soldier / The Great Warrior, Ming the Merciless, Racar / Soldier / Cicero / Ninja / Apeman / Brota 1979
Hart to Hart Cyrus St. Cyr 1979
Blind Ambition George Simonson 1979
You Can't Take it With You FBI Man 1979
Battle of the Planets Additional Voices 1978
Fangface Additional Voices 1978
Vega$ Mr. Stein 1978
The Ghost of Flight 401 Barton 1978
Record City Blind Man 1978
Peeping Times Miles Rathbourne 1978
Lou Grant George Lester 1977
Soap Mr. Kirby 1977
Space Sentinels Man-Wolf, Morpheus 1977
Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels Additional Voices 1977
Washington: Behind Closed Doors Simon Cappell 1977
ABC Weekend Specials (voice) 1977
Freaky Friday Mr. Joffert / Mr Joffert 1977
CPO Sharkey Ernest 1976
The Gentleman Tramp Narrator 1976
The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour (voice), Chin Wong Sing / Moon Monster 1976
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (voice), Tomos, Phobeg / Tomos, Orbin 1976
Alice Guy 1976
What's Happening!! Mr. Sloan 1976
Gemini Man Dr. Arthur Hale 1976
Riding With Death Dr. Arthur Hale 1976
The Hindenburg Albert Breslau 1975
Welcome Back, Kotter Dr. Mel Melmann 1975
Match Game PM Himself - Panelist 1975
The New Tom & Jerry Show 1975
The Ghost Busters 1975
Big Eddie Jessie Smith 1975
S.W.A.T. Dr. Norman Davis 1975
Win, Place or Steal Lt. Mannite 1975
Death Sentence Lubell 1974
Petrocelli Assistant D.A. Joe Davis 1974
Valley of the Dinosaurs 1974
Hong Kong Phooey 1974
Barney Miller William Deats 1974
The Six Million Dollar Man Dr. Rudy Wells, Rudy Wells 1974
Happy Days Mickey Malph 1974
What Are Best Friends For? Dr. Otto Ludwig 1973
Westworld Chief Supervisor 1973
The Six Million Dollar Man: The Solid Gold Kidnapping Dr. Rudy Wells 1973
The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War Dr. Rudy Wells 1973
The New Perry Mason Spencer Phillips 1973
Lotsa Luck! Monroe 1973
Inch High, Private Eye Inch High / Additional Voices 1973
Speed Buggy 1973
Chase Avery 1973
Harry O Lewis C. Grover 1973
The Thief Who Came to Dinner Insurance Man 1973
ABC Afterschool Specials First Cadet / de Brigny, John Hocker 1972
The Paul Lynde Show Fletcher Lyons 1972
The New Temperatures Rising Show Carl Blackstrong, George 1972
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (voice) 1972
Scooby-Doo Meets Batman J.P. Peabody 1972
The New Scooby-Doo Movies (voice), J.P. Peabody / Windmaker #4 1972
The Groundstar Conspiracy Gen. Hackett 1972
Honeymoon Suite 1972
The Jimmy Stewart Show Prof. Josef Lokacs 1971
The Good Life 1971
Nichols Averrel 1971
Little Big Man Major 1970
The Partridge Family Lorenzo Bernard, Wink Burgess, Mr. Atwater 1970
McCloud Mervin Simmons 1970
Love, American Style Captain Blodgett 1969
The Governor & J.J. Mr. Federenko 1969
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers George Hartnell 1969
The Courtship of Eddie's Father Sy Freeman 1969
My World and Welcome to It The Principle 1969
The Bill Cosby Show Dwight McDevitt 1969
Scooby Doo, Where Are You! 1969
The Maltese Bippy Adolph Springer 1969
Medical Center Dr. Danfield 1969
Marcus Welby, M.D. Art. Sobel 1969
The Queen and I H.R. Martin 1969
My Friend Tony Dr. Mink 1969
Here Come the Brides Benet, Victor 1968
Lancer Dan'l Drew 1968
Mod Squad Bob Ross, Phil Norval 1968
The Doris Day Show Marvin Patterson, The Doctor 1968
Here's Lucy Herb Hinkley, Dr. Parker 1968
The Name of the Game Harvey, Ralph 1968
Hawaii Five-O Bernie Fryer 1968
The Outsider Pete 1968
Star! Andre Charlot 1968
How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life Everett Bauer 1968
Mannix Dr. Hal Lusk, John Cordell 1967
Ironside Arnold Cane 1967
The High Chaparral Sweets 1967
Judd for the Defense D.A. Tom Rogers 1967
He & She Murray Mouse 1967
In The Heat Of The Night Ted Appleton 1967
Gunn Whiteside (as Allan Oppenheimer) 1967
Gammera the Invincible Dr. Contrare 1966
The Felony Squad Ed Clark 1966
It's About Time Mr. Pettijohn 1966
The Hero 1966
That Girl Dr. Globe, Morgan Jerome, Mr. Katz, Stewart Hurly 1966
Get Smart Agent 498, Dr. Madre 1965
I Dream of Jeannie Congressman Farragut 1965
Hogan's Heroes Colonel Sitzer, Herman Freitag, Major Byron Buckles, Wilhelm 1965
The F.B.I. Ludovic Krols 1965
I Spy Benkovsky 1965
Bewitched Blades Buckholtzer 1964
The Defenders Dr. Frick 1961
The Andy Griffith Show Mr. Ruskin 1960
Insight Sergeant Varron 1960
Bonanza Darius Dalrymple, Ernesto, Wentworth 1959
The Untouchables Morgue Attendant 1959
The Magical World of Disney Mr. Joffert 1954
1991 Emmy Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series Nominated
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