Art Dillard

IVA Star Rating : 33

Birth Name

Charles Arthur Dillard


Wednesday, 20 February 1907


Wednesday, 30 March 1960

Actor Filmography

The Wild Dakotas Wagon Train Member 1956
The Adventures of Champion Bledsoe's Partner 1955
Buffalo Bill, Jr. Henchman, Townsman, Posse Member, Rancher 1, Survey Rodman, Texas Ranger 1955
Man with the Steel Whip Barn Henchman 1954
Bitter Creek Henchman 1954
Stories of the Century Henchman, Outlaw, Stage Guard, Stanton Rider, Townsman 1954
Annie Oakley Henchman, Townsman, Walt, Townsman Dragging Casco to Jail 1954
Last of the Pony Riders Henchman 1953
Shadows of Tombstone Barfly 1953
El Paso Stampede Rustler 1953
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Actor Filmography

The Wild Dakotas Wagon Train Member 1956
The Adventures of Champion Bledsoe's Partner 1955
Buffalo Bill, Jr. Henchman, Townsman, Posse Member, Rancher 1, Survey Rodman, Texas Ranger 1955
Man with the Steel Whip Barn Henchman 1954
Bitter Creek Henchman 1954
Stories of the Century Henchman, Outlaw, Stage Guard, Stanton Rider, Townsman 1954
Annie Oakley Henchman, Townsman, Walt, Townsman Dragging Casco to Jail 1954
Last of the Pony Riders Henchman 1953
Shadows of Tombstone Barfly 1953
El Paso Stampede Rustler 1953
Bandits of the West Henchman Kirby 1953
Savage Frontier Henchman 1953
Ramar of the Jungle Henchman 1953
On Top of Old Smoky Townsman 1953
Marshal of Cedar Rock Henchman 1953
Montana Belle Deputy 1952
Desperadoes' Outpost Henchman 1952
Thundering Caravans Henchman 1952
Black Hills Ambush 2nd Wagon Driver 1952
Leadville Gunslinger Sentry 1952
Death Valley Days Miner, Settler, Townsman 1952
The Hawk of Wild River Deputy 1952
Captive of Billy the Kid Wagon Driver 1952
The Roy Rogers Show Henchman Mel Stoddard, Henchman Pete 1951
Fort Dodge Stampede Henchman Weber 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson Henchman Red 1951
The Dakota Kid Henchman Jack Stoker 1951
Silver Canyon Guerrilla 1951
Whirlwind Bushy-Eyebrowed Henchman 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Buck Nolan, Tim Shoop 1951
Don Daredevil Rides Again Attacker #1 1951
Thunder in God's Country Henchman 1951
The Range Rider Henchman, Bartender, Cowhand Refusing Job, Henchman Tex, Holdup Man, Keenan's Driver, McNally's Driver, Posse Member 1951
Night Riders of Montana Henchman 1951
Trail of Robin Hood Holt Worker 1950
Vigilante Hideout Henchman Pete 1950
Desperadoes of the West Driver 1950
The Gene Autry Show Blue-Shirted Henchman, Henchman, Posse Rider, Red-Checked-Shirted Henchman, Townsman, Stage Driver, Ranch Hand Fighting Pat, Ranch Hand with Fake Rattlesnake, Man in Sheriff's Office, Mike, a Henchman, Parker Gang Henchman in Leather Vest, Posse Member in Black Vest, Posse Member in White Shirt, Posse Member, Cowpoke Giving Pat a Ride, Dark-Hatted Posse Member, Derrington's White-Hatted Ranch Hand, Henchman - Rolled-up Shirt Sleeves, Henchman in Denim Jacket, Henchman / Townsman, Art 1950
Twilight in the Sierras Henchman 1950
Salt Lake Raiders Jim - Stagecoach Driver 1950
The Vanishing Westerner Stage Driver 1950
The Cisco Kid Henchman, Posse Member 1950
Pioneer Marshal Henchman 1949
Radar Patrol vs. Spy King Henchman 1949
The James Brothers of Missouri Blears / Townsman 1 1949
Outcasts of the Trail Townsman 1949
Death Valley Gunfighter Tom 1949
Ghost of Zorro Posse Rider (Ch. 8) 1949
Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc. Native #2 [Chs. 11-12] 1949
Renegades of Sonora Henchman 1948
Sundown in Santa Fe Henchman 1948
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James Saddlehorn Rock Henchman [Ch. 7] 1948
The Denver Kid Henchman 1948
Son of God's Country Joe - Henchman 1948
The Gallant Legion Ranger / Texas Ranger 1948
California Firebrand Henchman wearing Dress 1948
Under Colorado Skies Allendale Deputy 1947
Bandits of Dark Canyon Henchman 1947
The Last Round-up Indian 1947
The Wild Frontier Henchman 1947
Along the Oregon Trail Henchman 1947
Marshal of Cripple Creek Henchman 1947
Michigan Kid Deputy 1947
Jesse James Rides Again Bank Robber 1947
Wyoming Gang Member 1947
Rustlers of Devil's Canyon Nester 1947
Law of the Canyon Mustached Wagon Driver 1947
Bells of San Angelo Mine Henchman 1947
The Lone Hand Texan J.E. Clark aka Lefty 1947
Law of the Lash Henchman 1947
Last Frontier Uprising Henchman 1947
Son of Zorro Deputy #1 (Ch. 3) 1947
Wild Country Barfly 1947
Renegade Girl Union Soldier 1946
Terror Trail Barfly 1946
Santa Fe Uprising Townsman 1946
Shadows on the Range Deputy 1946
Rustler's Round-Up Townsman 1946
The El Paso Kid Posse Rider 1946
Gentlemen with Guns Barfly 1946
The Phantom Rider Attacker 2 1946
The Daltons Ride Again Henchman 1945
The Return of the Durango Kid Townsman 1945
Shadows of Death Poker Player 1945
His Brother's Ghost Henchman 1945
Mojave Firebrand Townsman 1944
Drums of Fu Manchu Dacoit at Chang's Office 1943
Death Valley Manhunt Deputy 1943
Canyon City Fight Spectator 1943
Devil Riders Henchman 1943
Man from Music Mountain Henchman 1943
Raiders of Red Gap Posse Man 1943
Beyond the Last Frontier Henchman 1943
Blazing Frontier Stage Driver 1943
The Renegade Townsman 1943
Cattle Stampede Henchman / Cowhand 1943
The Law Rides Again Renegade Indian 1943
Fugitive from Sonora Card Player 1943
Wolves of the Range Henchman Slim 1943
Colt Comrades Cowhand Red 1943
Western Cyclone Townsman 1943
Buckskin Frontier Railroad Worker 1943
Death Rides the Plains Barfly 1943
Daredevils of the West Indian 1943
King of the Cowboys Car Wreck Signal Man 1943
Fugitive of the Plains Henchman Pete / Pete 1943
The Blocked Trail Posse Deputy 1943
Calaboose Corral Cowhand 1943
Ridin' Down the Canyon Henchman 1942
The Rangers Take Over Barfly 1942
The Valley of Vanishing Men Henchman 1942
A Tornado in the Saddle Henchman 1942
Outlaws of Boulder Pass Posse Rider 1942
The Mysterious Rider Deputy 1942
Heart of the Golden West Townsman 1942
Overland Stagecoach Posse Rider 1942
Along the Sundown Trail Barfly 1942
Overland Mail Townsman 1942
Prairie Pals Barfly 1942
Sheriff of Sage Valley Rancher 1942
Law and Order Army Orderly 1942
Tumbleweed Trail Henchman Jack 1942
Perils of Nyoka Tuareg 1942
The Phantom Plainsmen Ranch Hand 1942
Texas Justice Henchman 1942
In Old California Henchman 1942
Stardust on the Sage Man at Dance 1942
The Devil's Trail Henchman 1942
Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns Henchman 1942
Home in Wyomin' Rodeo Rider 1942
Rolling Down the Great Divide Henchman 1942
North of the Rockies Dave Harper 1942
Sunset on the Desert Henchman 1942
Billy the Kid Trapped Henchman 1942
Shut My Big Mouth Townsman 1942
Stagecoach Buckaroo Henchman 1942
Cowboy Serenade Henchman 1942
Man from Cheyenne Henchman 1942
Billy the Kid's Round-Up Henchman 1941
Sierra Sue Larrabee Cowhand 1941
Tonto Basin Outlaws Henchman 1941
Billy the Kid Wanted Deputy 1941
Bad Man of Deadwood Stage Guard 1941
The Lone Rider Ambushed Henchman 1941
Under Fiesta Stars Henchman Mason / Henchman Mike 1941
Sunset in Wyoming Henchman 1941
The Texas Marshal Henchman 1941
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe Regan - Hired Gunman 1941
Riders of Death Valley Miner / Miner (Ch. 11) 1941
Saddlemates Cavalry Corporal 1941
The Lone Rider in Ghost Town Henchman 1941
The Pioneers Henchman 1941
Sheriff of Tombstone Henchman 1941
The Singing Hill Henchman 1941
Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals Barfly 1941
Two Gun Sheriff Henchman 1941
In Old Cheyenne Townsman 1941
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie Posse Rider 1941
Back in the Saddle Cowhand 1941
The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio Posse Rider 1941
Outlaws of the Panhandle Henchman 1941
The Phantom Cowboy Henchman 1941
The Pinto Kid Henchman 1941
Robin Hood of the Pecos Henchman 1941
Doomed Caravan Henchman 1941
Wyoming Wildcat Henchman 1941
The Wildcat of Tucson Henchman 1940
Billy the Kid's Gun Justice Posse Rider 1940
Lone Star Raiders Cowhand 1940
Texas Rangers Ride Again Henchman 1940
Border Legion Saloon Patron 1940
Melody Ranch Bystander 1940
Riders of Black Mountain Townsman 1940
Young Bill Hickok Posse Rider 1940
Prairie Schooners Henchman 1940
Billy the Kid in Texas Henchman 1940
Ragtime Cowboy Joe Henchman 1940
Arizona Gang Busters Henchman 1940
Oklahoma Renegades War Veteran 1940
The Tulsa Kid Henchman 1940
Gun Code Henchman 1940
The Ranger and the Lady Freight Wagon Driver 1940
Deadwood Dick Worker 1940
Carolina Moon Rodeo Rider 1940
Winners of the West Workman 1940
The Carson City Kid Townsman 1940
Adventures of Red Ryder Henchman / Henchman [Chs. 10-11] 1940
Wagons Westward Outlaw Barfly 1940
Hidden Gold Henchman 1940
The Man from Tumbleweeds Henchman 1940
Hi-Yo Silver Morgan Thug 1940
Dark Command Guerrilla 1940
Drums of Fu Manchu Dacoit 7 at Headquarters / Dacoit 1940
Pioneers of the West Deputy 1940
Pioneers of the Frontier Deputy 1940
Heroes of the Saddle Rodeo Spectator 1940
Saga of Death Valley Henchman 1939
The Arizona Kid McBride Henchman / Union Soldier 1939
Oklahoma Terror Henchman 1939
The Man from Sundown Henchman 1939
Blue Montana Skies Henchman 1939
Spoilers of the Range Man Who Donates for Prizes 1939
The Night Riders Mob Member 1939
Frontier Pony Express Johnson Henchman at Pine Ridge Station 1939
Southward Ho! Union Soldier 1939
Rough Riders' Round-up Rough Rider 1939
The Lone Ranger Rides Again Stage Shotgun Guard / Stage Shotgun Guard (Ch. 6) 1939
The Phantom Stage Deputy Pete 1939
Home on the Prairie Deputy 1939
The Law West of Tombstone Barfly 1938
Rhythm of the Saddle Silver Saddle Cowhand 1938
The Renegade Ranger Fighter in Saloon 1938
Black Bandit Henchman 1938
Billy the Kid Returns Henchman 1938
Pals of the Saddle Henchman at Acme Salt Refinery 1938
Heroes of the Hills Henchman 1938
Gold Mine in the Sky Cowhand 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Henchman 1938
Stagecoach Days Henchman 1938
Riders of the Black Hills Henchman 1938
The Fighting Devil Dogs Thug with Grenades 1938
Gunsmoke Trail Gambler 1938
Under Western Stars Water-Gate Guard 1938
Outlaws of Sonora Deputy 1938
The Lone Ranger Morgan Henchman (Ch. 11) 1938
Cattle Raiders Townsman 1938
The Singing Outlaw Green River Gang Member 1937
Wild Horse Rodeo Henchman Bud 1937
Outlaws of the Prairie Outlaw 1937
Sudden Bill Dorn Barfly 1937
Springtime in the Rockies Cowhand 1937
The Old Wyoming Trail Henchman 1937
Roaring Six Guns Henchman 1937
Public Cowboy No. 1 Rustler 1937
The Rangers Step In Allen Rider 1937
The Red Rope Cowhand 1937
Range Defenders Townsman 1937
Two-Fisted Sheriff Slim - Stagecoach Robber 1937
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge Rodeo Spectator 1937
The Fighting Texan Walton Cowhand 1937
Bar-Z Bad Men Henchman 1937
The Gambling Terror Joe - Cave Guard 1937
Battle of Greed Henchman 1937
Riders of the Whistling Skull Spectator 1937
Guns of the Pecos Henchman 1937
Rio Grande Ranger Cowhand 1936
Lawless Land Henchman 1936
Wild Horse Round-Up Henchman 1936
Ghost-Town Gold Townsman 1936
The Fugitive Sheriff Henchman 1936
Cavalry Card Player 1936
Cavalcade of the West Townsman 1936
Phantom Patrol Henchman 1936
Undercover Man Barfly 1936
The Unknown Ranger Henchman 1936
Trailin' West Soldier 1936
The Traitor Roadblock Man 1936
The Vigilantes Are Coming Cossack / Burr Henchman / Fremont Soldier 1936
Ghost Patrol Henchman Shorty 1936
The Lion's Den Cowboy on Train 1936
Wildcat Trooper Henchman 1936
The Law Rides Henchman 1936
Guns and Guitars Townsman 1936
The Riding Avenger Henchman 1936
Everyman's Law Regas - Henchman 1936
Last of the Warrens Henchman 1936
Rogue of the Range Art - Bar X Hand 1936
Three on the Trail Rancher 1936
Song of the Trail Cowhand Art 1936
Desert Phantom Henchman 1936
Border Caballero Henchman 1936
The Lawless Nineties Henchman 1936
Roarin' Guns Henchman 1936
Trigger Tom Henchman Buck 1935
Texas Jack Barfly 1935
The Courageous Avenger Bill - Henchman 1935
Lawless Riders Henchman 1935
Heir to Trouble Henchman 1935
The Cheyenne Tornado Henchman 1935
Gun Play Henchman 1935
The Rider of the Law Cowhand 1935
The Live Wire Sailor 1935
Between Men Virginia Brawler 1935
The New Frontier Barfly 1935
Stormy Cowhand 1935
The Judgement Book Henchman 1935
His Fighting Blood Henchman 1935
No Man's Range Henchman 1935
Danger Trails Townsman 1935
Sundown Saunders Cowhand 1935
Trails of the Wild Henchman 1935
Men of Action Mounted Policeman 1935
Code of the Mounted Mountie / Thorne - Henchman 1935
The Laramie Kid Convict 1935
The Red Blood of Courage Henchman 1935
Silent Valley Deputy 1935
The Miracle Rider Townsman [Ch. 6] 1935
Born to Battle Barfly 1935
The Outlaw Tamer Posse Rider 1935
Rainbow Valley Townsman 1935
Tracy Rides Sheepman 1935
Wolf Riders Renegade 1935
Coyote Trails Cowhand 1935
Loser's End Henchman 1935
Gunfire Henchman 1934
Terror of the Plains Guard at Pass 1934
In Old Santa Fe Cowhand 1934
The Prescott Kid Rustler 1934
The Fighting Trooper La Farge Man 1934
Law of the Wild Townsman 1934
Somewhere in Sonora Henchman 1933
Tombstone Canyon Townsman 1932
Texas Pioneers Soldier 1932
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