Arthur Space

IVA Star Rating : 64
Charles Arthur Space was an American film, television and stage actor. He was best known as Doc Weaver, the veterinarian, in thirty-nine episodes of the CBS television series Lassie.

Charles Arthur Space was an American film, television and stage actor. He was best known as Doc Weaver, the veterinarian, in thirty-nine episodes of the CBS television series Lassie.

Birth Name

Charles Arthur Space


Monday, 12 October 1908


Thursday, 13 January 1983

Actor Filmography

Walking Tall Ezra Cawley 1981
On the Nickel Soapy Post 1980
Promises in the Dark Patient in Examining Room 1979
CBS Library Mr. Shadwick 1979
Hot Rod Norton Erdelatz 1979
Angie Mr. Clements 1979
The Swarm Engineer 1978
Lou Grant Dr. Bradley, Earl Girton, Harvey Shelton 1977
Bigfoot and Wildboy Dr. Roder 1977
Mansion of the Doomed Wino 1976
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Actor Filmography

Walking Tall Ezra Cawley 1981
On the Nickel Soapy Post 1980
Promises in the Dark Patient in Examining Room 1979
CBS Library Mr. Shadwick 1979
Hot Rod Norton Erdelatz 1979
Angie Mr. Clements 1979
The Swarm Engineer 1978
Lou Grant Dr. Bradley, Earl Girton, Harvey Shelton 1977
Bigfoot and Wildboy Dr. Roder 1977
Mansion of the Doomed Wino 1976
Alice Stuff Johnson 1976
Charlie's Angels Harry Mayhew 1976
The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Osborne 1976
The Strongest Man in the World Regent Shaw 1975
Rhoda Dr. Derwin 1974
Little House on the Prairie Phineas Jenks 1974
Herbie Rides Again Beach Caretaker 1974
The Six Million Dollar Man Carruthers 1974
The Bat People Tramp 1974
Kojak Ezra Rawlings 1973
Frasier, the Sensuous Lion Dredge 1973
The Waltons Marcus Dane 1972
Emergency! Jamison Watters 1972
Terror at Red Wolf Inn Henry Smith 1972
Bedknobs and Broomsticks Old Home Guardsman 1971
Cade's County Dr. Gregg 1971
Shoot Out Storekeeper 1971
Dan August Dr. Mayberry 1970
The Bold Ones: The Senator Louis Masterson 1970
The Young Lawyers Judge Marley 1969
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers Dr. Johnson 1969
Medical Center Tom 1969
Marcus Welby, M.D. Dr. Olson 1969
Here Come the Brides Dr. Booth 1968
Mayberry R.F.D. Michaels 1968
The Outsider John Mason 1968
The Shakiest Gun in the West Sheriff Tolliver 1968
Mannix Stable Owner 1967
Ironside Austen Quill, Horatio Shute, Warden Leydon 1967
Judd for the Defense Judge Brady 1967
Iron Horse Andy McGuire 1966
The Wild Wild West Applegate, Orrin Cobb, Redmond 1965
The Big Valley Doctor, Dr. Merar, Professor Hawthorne 1965
Taggart Colonel 1964
Daniel Boone Sawyer 1964
Many Happy Returns Sheriff 1964
Broadside Captain Black 1964
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Dr. Land 1964
The Virginian Ownie Francis, Sam Foster 1962
National Velvet Herbert Brown 1960
Overland Trail Judge 1960
A Summer Place Ken's Attorney 1959
Philip Marlowe Paul Desmond 1959
Dennis the Menace Dr. Sinclair 1959
Johnny Ringo Seth 1959
Wichita Town Sid Durant 1959
Gunfighters of Abilene Rigley 1959
Laramie Dodge City Bartender 1959
Bonanza Cyrus Hammond, Judge Crane 1959
Tightrope Kemp 1959
Day of the Outlaw Clay 1959
U.S. Marshal Lou Carter 1958
Cimarron City Ed Randall 1958
Man with a Camera Col. Boyar 1958
Bat Masterson Doc Ferguson 1958
The Rifleman Conductor 1958
Bronco Lansford, Morgan Owing, Sheriff 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Dr. Dan Wood 1958
Twilight for the Gods Officer 1958
St. Louis Blues Fred Duckett 1958
Colt .45 Colonel Tomkin, Doctor Hutchins, Jud, Marshal Len Jennings 1957
26 Men Monk Barraby, Sheriff Thompson 1957
Zorro Gonzales, Gonzales / Don Miguel 1957
Trackdown Doc 1957
The Californians Prosecutor 1957
The Restless Gun Sam Ditley 1957
Perry Mason Edgerton Cartwell, James Morrow, Sr., Leonard, Willard Scott 1957
M Squad Dr. Green 1957
Wagon Train Dewhurst Jameson, Jim - Guard, Martin Wells, Mayor Storey, Will Hershey 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Sayer 1957
The New Adventures of Charlie Chan Radio Officer Barker 1957
Leave It to Beaver Mr. Judson 1957
The Spirit of St. Louis Donald Hall, Chief Engineer Ryan Airlines / Donald Hall - Chief Engineer, Ryan Airlines 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Arnold, Hank Stiles, Sheriff Talley, Willow Creek Sheriff 1957
20 Million Miles to Earth Dr. Sharman 1957
Whirlybirds Frank Pierson, Mr. Scoville, Sheriff 1957
Official Detective Kenneth Paul 1957
Zane Grey Theatre Lee Rabin 1956
Broken Arrow Marshal Carey, Marshal Neilson 1956
The Sheriff of Cochise Mr. Farnsworth 1956
Away All Boats Dr. Flynn 1956
Telephone Time Capt. Dan Gallery 1956
State Trooper Sam Denfield 1956
The Killer Is Loose Bill 1956
A Man Alone Doctor Mason / Dr. Mason 1955
Fury Matt Blaine 1955
Crusader Walter Cronan, Walter Cronin 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Mr. Chambers - Parole Officer 1955
The Spoilers Bank Manager 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Al Beebe, Sheriff Charlie Shibell 1955
Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre Mr. Dolan, Paul Kendall 1955
Foxfire Foley 1955
Rage at Dawn Murphy / Murphy - Bartender 1955
The Eternal Sea Rescue Ship Doctor 1955
Soldiers of Fortune Manning 1955
Panther Girl of the Kongo Dr. Morgan / Morgan 1955
The Silver Chalice Stall Keeper 1954
Drum Beat Army Doctor 1954
Target Earth Lt. General Wood 1954
The Magical World of Disney Beach Caretaker (archive footage), Captain, Mr. Hardy, Regent Shaw 1954
The Lineup Claude Abrams 1954
A Star Is Born Night Court Clerk 1954
Studio 57 Finley, Willowbrand 1954
Medic Dr. William Stewart Halstead 1954
Lassie Dr. Frank Weaver, Doc Weaver 1954
Ring of Fear Psychiatrist 1954
Wyoming Renegades Eldridge 1954
Yankee Pasha U.S. Consul Richard O'Brien 1954
Public Defender Hamilton 1954
Stories of the Century Black Bart 1954
Annie Oakley Carl Bishop, The Warden 1954
The Eddie Cantor Story Phil 1953
Last of the Pony Riders Jess Hogan 1953
Back to God's Country Carstairs 1953
Topper Mr. Jackson 1953
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse Mr. Owens 1953
City Detective Lawyer Fletcher 1953
Clipped Wings FBI Agent 1953
The Man from the Alamo Lt. Col. William Barrett Travis / Col. Travis 1953
So This Is Love Director 1953
Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders Marlof 1953
Confidentially Connie Prof. Archie Archibald 1953
Battle Circus Colonel 1953
General Electric Theater Lt. Nelson, Charlie Taney 1953
Because of You Judge 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Willard Creighton 1952
Cavalcade of America Dr. Ellis 1952
Four Star Playhouse Officer No. 1, Sheriff Sam Keever 1952
Feudin' Fools Mr. Thompson 1952
Adventures of Superman Dr. Wilson, Mr. Jasper 1952
Fargo Austin 1952
Sudden Fear George Ralston 1952
Here Come the Marines Captain Miller / Capt. Miller 1952
Jumping Jacks Doctor in Hospital 1952
Red Ball Express Colonel at Briefing 1952
Sound Off Barney Fisher 1952
African Treasure Greg 1952
Death Valley Days Ben Cannon, Ben Hudson, Herb Phinney, Ira Coburn 1952
Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder Joe Brady 1952
The Barefoot Mailman Piggot 1951
Utah Wagon Train Robert Hatfield 1951
Chain of Circumstance Dr. Andrews 1951
Criminal Lawyer Ed Kelly - City Editor 1951
Government Agents vs Phantom Legion Crandall 1951
The Amos 'n Andy Show Government Agent 1951
Her First Romance Joseph 'Joe' Foster 1951
Up Front Col. Hayes 1951
Three Guys Named Mike Airline Clerk 1951
Night Riders of Montana Roger Brandon 1951
Tomahawk Captain Fetterman / Capt. Fetterman 1951
The Killer That Stalked New York Dr. Penner 1950
Lux Video Theatre Max 1950
The Fuller Brush Girl Insp. Rodgers 1950
The Gene Autry Show George Elkhart, Gang Leader, Jason McKee, Jim Eastman, The Sheriff 1950
The Happy Years Al 1950
The Vanishing Westerner Sir Cedric Fast / Sheriff John Fast 1950
The Good Humor Man Steven / Officer Daley 1950
Father Is a Bachelor Lucius Staley 1950
Dangerous Assignment Chambers, Dr. Gerber 1950
Chicago Deadline Detective Pete Peterson / Detective Pete Peterson (Uncredited) 1949
Mary Ryan, Detective Mike Faber 1949
Miss Grant Takes Richmond Willacombe - Architect 1949
House of Strangers Bank Examiner 1949
Any Number Can Play Reporter 1949
Lust for Gold Old Man 1949
Sorrowful Jones Plainclothes Policeman 1949
Mr. Belvedere Goes to College Proctor for Entrance Exam 1949
El Paso John Elkins 1949
The Lone Wolf and His Lady Fisher 1949
Shockproof Police Inspector 1949
The Paleface Zach 1948
Fighter Squadron Maj. Sanford 1948
Joan of Arc Luxembourg Guard 1948
The Return of October Radio Salesman 1948
Walk a Crooked Mile Mr. North 1948
Tap Roots Caller 1948
A Southern Yankee Mark Haskins / Hotel Desk Clerk 1948
The Fuller Brush Man Police Lt. Quint 1948
Silver River Maj. Ross / Major Ross 1948
Homecoming Col. Norton 1948
I Love Trouble Sgt. Muller 1948
Big Town After Dark Fletcher--City Editor 1947
Her Husband's Affairs District Attorney 1947
The Invisible Wall Roy Hanford 1947
Key Witness Dr. Jergins 1947
The Crimson Key Det. Capt. Fitzroy 1947
Rustlers of Devil's Canyon Doc Cole 1947
Heartaches Dan Savronic - Postal Inspector 1947
Millie's Daughter Tappie 1947
The Guilt of Janet Ames Nelson 1947
Mr. District Attorney Party Guest 1947
The Red House The Sheriff / Sheriff Ray Helk 1947
That Brennan Girl Mr. Krasman 1946
Magnificent Doll Alexander Hamilton 1946
The Secret of the Whistler Dr. Gunther 1946
The Cockeyed Miracle Amos Spellman 1946
Home in Oklahoma Coroner Jud Judnick 1946
Child of Divorce Joan's Attorney 1946
Gentleman Joe Palooka Reporter Quimby 1946
The Mysterious Mr. Valentine County Coroner 1946
Black Beauty Terry 1946
Courage of Lassie Officer 1946
Boys' Ranch Mr. O'Neill 1946
Our Old Car Mr. Nesbitt 1946
The Man Who Dared Marty Martin 1946
Bad Bascomb Timber City Sheriff 1946
Lost City of the Jungle 'System' Reeves / "System" Reeves 1946
Mysterious Intruder Davis - Summers' Henchman / Davis (Uncredited) 1946
The Crimson Canary Detective Carlyle 1945
Purity Squad Scientist Jenks 1945
The Great American Mug Contemporary Barber at Middle Chair 1945
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood Director Lippen 1945
A Gun in His Hand Calvin 'Whitey' Foster 1945
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes Pete Hanson 1945
The Hidden Eye Chemical Company Official 1945
Twice Blessed Contest Judge 1945
The Clock Blood Tester 1945
Gentle Annie Sam Barker 1945
Son of Lassie Warrant Officer 1945
Leave It to Blondie Mr. Fuddle 1945
This Man's Navy Station Commander 1945
The Great Morgan Father in Passing Parade 1945
Wing and a Prayer Executive Officer Reporting Aft Damage 1945
Music for Millions Colonel 1944
Dark Shadows Burton Caighn Jr. 1944
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Deck Officer 1944
The Woman in the Window Capt. Kennedy 1944
The Mark of the Whistler Sellers, Bell Captain 1944
Strange Affair Mac - Police Chemist / Mac (Uncredited) 1944
The Big Noise Alva P. Hartley 1944
Marriage Is a Private Affair Drunken Man 1944
Wilson Francis Sayre 1944
Rationing Leafy 1944
The Heavenly Body Pierson 1944
The Ghost That Walks Alone Cedric Jessup 1944
Ladies Courageous Tower Man 1944
A Guy Named Joe San Francisco Airport Captain 1943
Whistling in Brooklyn Detective MacKenzie 1943
The Dancing Masters Director 1943
Swing Shift Maisie Instructor / Instructor (Uncredited) 1943
Salute to the Marines Cpl. Swenson 1943
This Is the Army Soldier 1943
The Man from Down Under Bailey 1943
Appointment in Berlin Staff Officer 1943
They Came to Blow Up America FBI Agent Arresting Rowboat Spy 1943
Reunion in France Henker - German Officer 1942
Quiet Please: Murder Vance 1942
Random Harvest Traumatized Patient #2 1942
Tennessee Johnson Doctor 1942
Andy Hardy's Double Life Mrs. Stedman's Attorney 1942
Tish Court Clerk 1942
Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen Lido Club Desk Clerk 1942
Tortilla Flat Mr. Brown 1942
Grand Central Murder Detective with Doolin 1942
Rio Rita Trask 1942
Don't Talk Griff--Saboteur 1942
The Bugle Sounds Hank 1942
Riot Squad Butch 1941
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