Bill Baldwin

IVA Star Rating : 67

Birth Name

William Theodore Baldwin


Wednesday, 26 November 1913


Wednesday, 17 November 1982

Actor Filmography

Honeyboy Ring Announcer 1982
Rocky III Title Rematch Commentator 1982
Evita Peron Radio Announcer 1981
Rocky II Commentator 1979
The Champ Race Track Announcer 1979
Voices Track Announcer 1979
The Runaways Sam 1978
The One and Only Announcer in Des Moines 1978
Mad Bull TV Announcer 1977
The Incredible Hulk Jackson, Mitch Adams 1977
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Actor Filmography

Honeyboy Ring Announcer 1982
Rocky III Title Rematch Commentator 1982
Evita Peron Radio Announcer 1981
Rocky II Commentator 1979
The Champ Race Track Announcer 1979
Voices Track Announcer 1979
The Runaways Sam 1978
The One and Only Announcer in Des Moines 1978
Mad Bull TV Announcer 1977
The Incredible Hulk Jackson, Mitch Adams 1977
Lou Grant Judge Arthur L. Byrnes, Judge 1977
New York, New York Announcer in Moonlit Terrace 1977
Flight to Holocaust TV Commentator 1977
The Domino Principle Newscaster on TV in Hotel Room 1977
Fantasy Island Scott Ames 1977
The George Burns Special Announcer 1976
Rocky Fight Announcer 1976
Fury of the Dragon Dr. Karl Bendix 1976
The Day of the Locust Announcer at Premiere 1975
Funny Lady Announcer 1975
Kolchak: The Night Stalker 1st Reporter 1974
Police Woman Newsman 1974
The Rockford Files Jury Foreman 1974
Scream of the Wolf Reporter 1974
Police Story Searling 1973
Barnaby Jones Attorney 1973
The Streets of San Francisco TV Newscaster, Judge George Gilbert, Judge, Jake Chrisman 1972
Emergency! Carl Evans, Reporter 1972
The Seven Minutes Commentator 1971
The Smith Family Television Reporter 1971
C.C. & Company Night Watchman 1970
McCloud 2nd Reporter 1970
Marcus Welby, M.D. Committee Member, Man Passenger, Minister 1969
The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit Announcer 1968
The Bamboo Saucer TV Reporter 1968
Mayberry R.F.D. Newsman 1968
Here's Lucy Steve Campbell 1968
Adam-12 Man 1968
The Name of the Game 1st Newsman 1968
Hawaii Five-O Reporter 1968
Rosemary's Baby Salesman 1968
The Odd Couple Sports Announcer 1968
Mannix Announcer, Dr. Moore, Janitor, TV Announcer 1967
Ironside Reporter, George, Reporter Jack Shore 1967
The Love-Ins Reporter 1967
Riot on Sunset Strip Stokes / Stokes - Reporter 1967
Dragnet 1967 1st Newsman, 2nd Reporter, Coroner 1967
Mission: Impossible Announcer 1966
Run Buddy Run Tailor 1966
Family Affair Sportscaster 1966
The Green Hornet Dr. Karl Bendix 1966
Batman Picnicking Man 1966
Hold On! Television Newscaster 1966
The Oscar Photographer 1966
The Wild Wild West Hallelujah Harry, Workman 1965
Harlow Reporter 1965
Mirage Banquet Master of Ceremonies 1965
How to Murder Your Wife Newscaster 1965
The Addams Family Announcer, TV Announcer 1964
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Bill - Aide 1964
A Tiger Walks Radio Announcer 1964
Seven Days in May Airline Announcer / Presidential News Conference Announcer 1964
Petticoat Junction Mr. Dunsworth, Salesman 1963
The Bill Dana Show TV Interviewer 1963
Arrest and Trial Newscaster 1963
Wall of Noise Racetrack Announcer 1963
Critic's Choice Radio Voice 1963
The Chapman Report Television Baseball Announcer 1962
The Eleventh Hour 2nd Reporter 1962
The Beverly Hillbillies Announcer, Self, Bill Baldwin, Convention Speaker, Emcee, Radio Announcer 1962
The Virginian 3rd Reporter, Trampas' Father 1962
Saints and Sinners Newscaster 1962
Sam Benedict Court Clerk, Courtroom Spectator 1962
The Joey Bishop Show Announcer 1961
Holiday Lodge Ted Fleming 1961
The Absent Minded Professor News Reporter 1961
Mister Ed M.C., Station Announcer, TV Announcer 1961
Bringing Up Buddy Thompson 1960
The Apartment TV Movie Host 1960
Mr. Lucky Orval Whitley 1959
The Untouchables Radio Announcer, Box Office Agent 1959
The Five Pennies Announcer 1959
Bat Masterson Narrator 1958
The Ann Sothern Show Newscaster 1958
Kathy O' TV Announcer 1958
The Donna Reed Show Mr. Pratt 1958
Bronco Hoxy 1958
No Time for Sergeants Announcer on Loudspeaker 1958
St. Louis Blues Attorney Mawson 1958
The Tarnished Angels Pylon Air Race Announcer 1957
Harbor Command Narrator 1957
The Joker Is Wild Radio Announcer on Loudspeaker 1957
Perry Mason Horse Race Broadcaster, Race Track Announcer, Radio Commentator 1957
M Squad Announcer, Special Agent Swan 1957
Wagon Train Rev. Bailey, Walker 1957
Beginning of the End TV Announcer 1957
Leave It to Beaver Board of Health Officer, Frank, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Rogers 1957
Code 3 Vance Blair 1957
Three Violent People Carpetbagger 1957
Guns Don't Argue Special Agent Fenton / Narrator 1957
Everything But the Truth TV News Broadcaster 1956
The Great American Pastime Baseball Announcer 1956
You Can't Run Away from It TV Reporter 1956
The Girl He Left Behind Football Game Announcer 1956
West Point Announcer 1956
Pardners Announcer 1956
The Leather Saint Fight Announcer 1956
The Harder They Fall Oklahoma City Ring Announcer 1956
Glory Brooklyn Dodgers Announcer 1956
The Tender Trap TV Host 1955
Crossroads Mukowski 1955
The People's Choice Pageant Emcee 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Newsman 1955
The Joseph Cotten Show: On Trial Desk Clerk 1955
Francis in the Navy Narrator 1955
Revenge of the Creature Patrol Boat Dispatcher 1955
New York Confidential Radio Broadcaster 1955
The Millionaire Bill Jackson, Men's Fashions Salesman 1955
The Bob Cummings Show Announcer, Announcer (voice), Himself - Announcer (voice), Himself - Announcer, The Desk Clerk, Bill / Announcer 1955
The Magical World of Disney Party Guest 1954
All American Announcer 1954
Public Defender Court Clerk 1954
The Man Behind the Badge Natick 1953
Colonel Humphrey Flack Grayson 1953
I Led 3 Lives Mr. Burkette 1953
The Danny Thomas Show 2nd Baseball Coach, Herb, Quizmaster, Ted - TV Interviewer 1953
Take Me to Town Train Stationmaster 1953
Abbott and Costello Go to Mars Baseball Game Announcer 1953
General Electric Theater Boxing Commentator 1953
Four Star Playhouse Gambler 1952
Fearless Fagan Radio Announcer 1952
Holiday for Sinners Doorman at Costume Ball 1952
No Room for the Groom Doctor 1952
My Little Margie Phillips, the Realtor 1952
Glory Alley Visiting Fireman 1952
Bronco Buster Doc 1952
With a Song in My Heart Radio News Announcer 1952
Gang Busters Lt. Fenton, Sgt. Jack Marcolo 1952
Deadline - U.S.A. Man Asking for Ed Hutcheson 1952
Love Is Better Than Ever Mr. Hoffman 1952
The Dennis Day Show Self - Announcer 1952
It's a Big Country: An American Anthology Austin 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Announcer, Second Announcer, Desk Clerk 1951
The Red Skelton Hour Reporter 1951
Gruen Guild Theater Narrator 1951
Racket Squad Postman 1951
Million Dollar Pursuit Radio Announcer 1951
Three Guys Named Mike Milkman 1951
One Too Many Director of Newhope 1950
Dial 1119 Reporter 1950
The Jack Benny Program Self 1950
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Man 1950
My Blue Heaven Bill 1950
Trial Without Jury Parkson - Airport Ticket Agent 1950
Once a Thief Bondsman 1950
The Jackie Robinson Story Baseball Broadcaster 1950
D.O.A. St. Francis Hotel Desk Clerk 1950
Space Patrol Barti, Sam Masterson 1950
Champion Bill Brown - Ringside Broadcaster 1949
The Woman in Brown George Martin / Samuel Schwartz as an Adult 1948
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