Bud Osborne

IVA Star Rating : 37
Bud Osborne was an American film actor. He appeared in more than 600 films and television programs between 1912 and 1963.

Bud Osborne was an American film actor. He appeared in more than 600 films and television programs between 1912 and 1963.

Birth Name

Lennie B. Osborne


Sunday, 20 July 1884


Sunday, 02 February 1964

Actor Filmography

Night of the Ghouls Darmoor / Mr. Darmoor 1984
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Henchman / Townsman 1976
Law of the Plainsman Zeb 1959
Johnny Ringo Clem 1959
Laramie Elmer - First Stage Driver 1959
Riverboat Will Mullins 1959
Bonanza Charlie - Stagecoach Driver 1959
The Deputy Bar Fly 1959
The Hanging Tree Horseman 1959
Black Saddle Driver 1959
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Actor Filmography

Night of the Ghouls Darmoor / Mr. Darmoor 1984
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Henchman / Townsman 1976
Law of the Plainsman Zeb 1959
Johnny Ringo Clem 1959
Laramie Elmer - First Stage Driver 1959
Riverboat Will Mullins 1959
Bonanza Charlie - Stagecoach Driver 1959
The Deputy Bar Fly 1959
The Hanging Tree Horseman 1959
Black Saddle Driver 1959
Rawhide Mine Owner, Second Driver 1959
Bat Masterson Allie Love 1958
Lawman Townsman 1958
The Rifleman Hangman in Taos, Mr. Loomis 1958
The Texan Stagecoach Driver 1958
Rescue 8 Buck Weaver - Stage Driver 1958
Bronco Piney, Stony Jackson 1958
Fort Dobbs Largo Refugee at Fort 1958
Tombstone Territory (credit only) 1957
Zorro Stage Driver 1957
Maverick Stagecoach Driver, Sam Overman 1957
The Thin Man Clay Clanton 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Driver, Hostler, Hungry Cowboy 1957
Gun Glory Clem 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo White-Haired Old Timer 1957
The Storm Rider Toby 1957
Flesh and the Spur Outlaw 1956
Circus Boy Hide Salesman 1956
The Solid Gold Cadillac Spanish-American War Veteran 1956
Canyon River Cattleman 1956
Blazing the Overland Trail Old Timer 1956
The Fastest Gun Alive Rancher 1956
Tribute to a Bad Man Cowboy 1956
State Trooper Elmer F. Rodin, Gas Station Attendant 1956
Corky and White Shadow Chuck 1956
Perils of the Wilderness Jake 1956
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Jed 1955
Cheyenne Ed - Stage driver 1955
Gunsmoke Man 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Stage Driver, Levi McDaniels, Old Drunk in Audience, Sam Landale, Sam Reinke - Stage Driver, Southerner, Wagon Driver 1955
The Mickey Mouse Club Chuck / serial 'Corky and White Shadow' 1955
Adventures of Captain Africa: Mighty Jungle Avenger! Nat Coleman 1955
Bride of the Monster Mac 1955
The Glass Slipper Coachman 1955
Marshals in Disguise Floyd 1954
Masterson of Kansas Poker Game Spectator 1954
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Blacksmith, Casey, Driver, Stage Driver 1954
The Law vs. Billy the Kid Tunstall Ranch Hand 1954
The Lawless Rider Tulsa 1954
Jail Bait Mac - Night Watchman / Night Watchman 1954
The Forty-Niners Barfly 1954
Gunfighters of the Northwest Jag - Prospector (Ch. 7) 1954
Jesse James vs. the Daltons Coffeyville Sheriff 1954
Riding Shotgun Townsman 1954
The Boy from Oklahoma Man in Jail 1954
Annie Oakley Charlie Baker - Stage Driver, Dan, Matt - Stage Driver 1954
So Big Wagon Driver 1953
The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd Old Hannibal 1953
Gun Belt Stage Driver 1953
The 49th Man Courier Who Got Bag at Bar 1953
General Electric Theater Judge Higgins, Henry 1953
Last of the Comanches Wagon Driver 1953
Son of Geronimo: Apache Avenger Tulsa 1952
Hopalong Cassidy Stage Driver (as Lennie Osborne), Stagecoach Driver 1952
Fargo Hawkins - Wagon Driver 1952
Barbed Wire Hendricks 1952
Outlaw Women Henchman Posing As Stage Driver 1952
Border Saddlemates Ned Shelton 1952
Man from the Black Hills Replaced 1952
Death Valley Days 1st Stage Driver, Egg Wagon Driver, Freight Office Clerk, Stage Driver 1952
Bugles in the Afternoon Teamster 1952
Colorado Sundown Stage Driver 1952
The Frontier Phantom Deputy Matt 1952
Texas City Henchman, Stage Driver / Stage Driver - Henchman 1952
Indian Uprising Townsman 1952
The Black Lash Telegrapher 1952
Stage to Blue River Jim - Stage Driver 1951
The Roy Rogers Show Jake - a Desert Rat 1951
Valley of Fire Beardsley 1951
The Vanishing Outpost Rufe - Henchman / Rufe 1951
Whistling Hills Pete - Stagecoach Driver 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Sam 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson Express Agent 1951
Bonanza Town Stage Driver 1951
Fort Worth Stagecoach Driver 1951
The Thundering Trail Joe - Stage Driver / Stage Driver Joe 1951
Roar of the Iron Horse - Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail Outlaw Camp Cook [Ch. 1] 1951
Nevada Badmen Charlie - Stage Driver 1951
Cavalry Scout Teamster 1951
Whirlwind Tom - Stage Driver 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Denton - Henchman, Floyd, Kansas Jack, Mack - Stage Driver 1951
Don Daredevil Rides Again Bartender 1951
The Range Rider Sheriff, Pete - Stagecoach Driver 1951
Night Riders of Montana Burns 1951
King of the Bullwhip Henchman 1950
Frontier Outpost Murdered Stage Driver 1950
Outlaw Gold Sheriff Doss 1950
The Missourians Driver 1950
Border Outlaws Sheriff Banyon 1950
Border Rangers Stagecoach Driver 1950
The Fuller Brush Girl Old Sailor 1950
Desperadoes of the West Joe [Chs. 1, 12] 1950
The Gene Autry Show Sheriff Manning, The Sheriff 1950
Arizona Territory Stableman 1950
Covered Wagon Raid Sheriff 1950
Fast on the Draw Stage Driver 1950
Winchester '73 Townsman 1950
Crooked River Bud - Stage Driver / Bud 1950
West of the Brazos Stage Driver 1950
The Savage Horde Rancher 1950
Cow Town George Copeland - Rancher 1950
Colorado Ranger Regan - Henchman / Regan 1950
Kill the Umpire Tar and Feather Man 1950
Marshal of Heldorado Bank Robber 1950
Hostile Country Henchman 1950
Over the Border Stableman 1950
The Cisco Kid Stage Driver, Stage Guard, Stagecoach Driver, 4th Stage Driver, Henchman, Jim Lacey, Kansas - Wagon Driver, Sheriff 1950
The Daltons' Women Adams - Stage Driver 1950
West of Wyoming Graham 1950
Cowboy and the Prizefighter Stagecoach Driver Ernie / Ernie - Stage Driver 1949
Riders in the Sky Juror 1949
Roaring Westward Deputy Lafe Blake 1949
The Lone Ranger Stage Driver, Driver, Judge Saunders, Stage Driver Driscoll, Stage Driver Pete 1949
Haunted Trails Tom Craig 1949
West of El Dorado Jerry - Stagecoach Driver / Jerry 1949
Across the Rio Grande Stage Driver 1949
The Gay Amigo Stage Driver 1949
Stampede Cook 1949
Son of Billy the Kid Shack Guard 1949
Gun Law Justice Ed - Blacksmith 1949
Law of the West Jed - Rancher 1949
Daughter of the West Stage Driver 1949
Gun Runner Deputy Burt 1949
Shadows of the West Stagecoach Driver 1949
Frontier Revenge 2nd Dawson Brother 1948
Indian Agent Sheriff of Boulder 1948
Courtin' Trouble Sheriff 1948
Blood on the Moon Cap Willis 1948
Gunning for Justice The Cook 1948
The Plunderers Outlaw 1948
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James Bat Kelsey [Chs. 5-6] 1948
Outlaw Brand Sheriff 1948
Station West Brawl Spectator / Holdup Man 1948
Silver Trails Henchman 1948
Return of the Bad Men Steve - Stagecoach Driver 1948
Cowboy Cavalier Joe - Prison Guard 1948
Silver River Posse Member 1948
Crossed Trails Sheriff 1948
Adventures in Silverado Townsman 1948
Panhandle Wagon Train Driver 1948
Western Heritage Mac 1948
The Last Round-up Frank 1947
Return of the Lash Henchman 1947
Under the Tonto Rim Steve, Tonto Rim Gang Member 1947
The Stranger from Ponca City Jed 1947
Code of the Saddle Stubby - Foreman / Stubby 1947
The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West Waldron 1947
Border Feud Rider 1947
Six-Gun Serenade Sheriff 1947
Yankee Fakir Townsman 1947
Twilight on the Rio Grande Ranchhand Bringing Dusty's Horse / Cody - Ranch Hand 1947
Trailing Danger Mason - Henchman 1947
West of Dodge City Stage Driver 1947
Over the Santa Fe Trail Border Deputy 1947
Wild West Henchman Cactus 1946
Landrush Sheriff Tim Collins 1946
Outlaws of the Plains Sheriff 1946
Overland Riders Sheriff Dawson 1946
Rustler's Round-Up Jury Foreman Pete Hanigan 1946
The Desert Horseman Tom Jarvis 1946
Rainbow Over Texas Bounty Hunter 1946
Badman's Territory Dep. Dan Mercer 1946
Terrors on Horseback Ben Taggart 1946
Thunder Town Henry Carson 1946
California Gold Rush Henchman Frank 1946
Six Gun Man Henchman Sam Elkins 1946
Border Bandits Henchman Dutch / Dutch 1946
The Cherokee Flash Stage Passenger 1945
Navajo Kid Bartender Murdock / Murdock 1945
Northwest Trail Dutch - Henchman 1945
Prairie Rustlers Bart - Henchman / Bart 1945
Fighting Bill Carson Sheriff 1945
Flaming Bullets Town Marshal 1945
Border Badmen Deputy 1945
Sunset in El Dorado Prospector 1945
Rustlers' Hideout Henchman 1945
Rustlers of the Badlands Stage Driver 1945
Three in the Saddle Sheriff Backley 1945
Oregon Trail Bandit 1945
Flame of the West Pircell 1945
Flame of Barbary Coast Bartender 1945
The Cisco Kid in Old New Mexico Stage Driver 1945
Stranger from Santa Fe Henchman Clint 1945
The Monster and the Ape Mason - Zoo Night Watchman [Ch. 3,8,10] / Mason 1945
Shadows of Death Man Getting Shave 1945
Salome, Where She Danced Gambler 1945
The Cisco Kid Returns Sheriff 1945
His Brother's Ghost Magill 1945
The Navajo Trail Bert / Henchman Bert 1945
Harmony Trail Henchman Tip / Chief Henchman Tip 1944
Dead or Alive Committee Member 1944
I Accuse My Parents Mr. Carlton - the Clockmaker 1944
Girl Rush Miner Leading Three Cheers 1944
Black Arrow Fred 1944
Trigger Law Furness 1944
Cheyenne Wildcat Henchman Dusty 1944
The Utah Kid Stage Driver Jim 1944
West of the Rio Grande Rich 1944
Marked Trails Sheriff Jim 1944
The Adventures of Mark Twain Lee Griggs 1944
Trigger Trail Stage Driver 1944
Range Law Davis - Henchman 1944
Sonora Stagecoach Steve Martin 1944
Valley of Vengeance Dad Carson 1944
Outlaw Trail Blackie 1944
Law Men Wilson / Henchman Wilson 1944
The Laramie Trail Deputy Tipton 1944
Guns of the Law Henry McCloud 1944
Arizona Whirlwind Henchman 1944
Outlaw Roundup Sheriff Jed Randall 1944
Marshal of Gunsmoke Dewey Saunders 1944
Pride of the Plains Benson 1944
Sundown Riders Loco - Henchman / Henchman Loco 1944
The Texas Kid Steve 1943
Canyon City Bartender #1 / First Bartender 1943
Boss of Rawhide Stage Driver Frank / Frank 1943
Devil Riders Steve Lacey 1943
Adventures of the Flying Cadets Railroad Brakeman [Ch.2] 1943
Silver Spurs Henchman 1943
Six Gun Gospel Joe - Henchman / Henchman Joe 1943
Robin Hood of the Range Thompson 1943
Batman Brown 1943
The Stranger from Pecos Gus / Henchman Gus 1943
Border Buckaroos Stage Driver 1943
Cowboy Commandos Henchman Hans 1943
The Desperadoes Armed Townsman 1943
Riders of the Rio Grande Sheriff Glenn 1943
The Avenging Rider Wade - Henchman / Henchman Wade 1943
The Ghost Rider Lucky Howard / Henchman Lucky Howard 1943
The Blocked Trail Deputy 1943
Bad Men of Thunder Gap Henchman Clem 1943
Carson City Cyclone Sheriff Wells 1943
Haunted Ranch Henchman Ed / Ed 1943
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground Deputy Snell 1943
Fighting Frontier Henchman Hank 1943
The Rangers Take Over Pete Dawson 1942
Dawn on the Great Divide Stoney - Judge's Wagon Driver 1942
Trail Riders Alton Henchman Slim / Slim 1942
'Neath Brooklyn Bridge Morley 1942
West of the Law Ed 1942
Riders of the West Red - Crooked Ranchhand 1942
Sons of the Pioneers Henchman 1942
The Spoilers Town Marshal 1942
In Old California Undetermined Minor Role / Henchman 1942
Perils of the Royal Mounted Jake - Henchman [Chs.5-15] / Jake 1942
The Devil's Trail Henchman Harris 1942
Westward Ho! Henchman 1942
Riding the Wind Chuck Brown 1942
Bullets for Bandits Cowhand 1942
Valley of the Sun Private Tom Rose 1942
Wild Bill Hickok Rides Doc - Cattle Driver 1942
Code of the Outlaw Rider with Bill 1942
Below the Border Hal / Henchman Hal 1942
Arizona Terrors Henchman / Kansas Burke, second toll collector-henchman 1942
Forbidden Trails Joe Howard / Henchman Joe Howard 1941
Fighting Bill Fargo Townsman 1941
Go West, Young Lady Henchman 1941
Underground Rustlers Sheriff 1941
The Bandit Trail Bartender Tiny 1941
Texas Cattleman at Meeting 1941
Outlaws of Cherokee Trail Hank - Henchman 1941
Bad Men of Missouri Buck 1941
Gangs of Sonora Wagon Henchman 1941
Riders of Death Valley Stagecoach Driver / Stagecoach Driver (Ch. 15) 1941
The Medico of Painted Springs Karns 1941
Law of the Range Bartender 1941
The Return of Daniel Boone Red - Henchman / Red, Chief Henchman 1941
Robbers of the Range Henchman Blackie 1941
Pals of the Pecos Nevada 1941
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie Calvert 1941
Flying Wild Henchman 1941
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob Bystander 1941
Outlaws of the Panhandle Mart Monahan 1941
The Phantom Cowboy Dreer 1941
White Eagle Bart 1941
Lone Star Raiders Ranch Hand 1940
West of Pinto Basin Sheriff 1940
Beyond the Sacramento Henchman Joe / Joe - Henchman 1940
The Trail Blazers Sentry 1940
The Green Archer Lanton 1940
West of Abilene Wilson 1940
Wagon Train Henchman 1940
Ragtime Cowboy Joe Clements 1940
Stranger on the Third Floor Bartender 1940
Ridin' the Trail Sheriff Bradford 1940
Deadwood Dick Strong 1940
Winners of the West Hacienda Guard / Hacienda Guard [Ch. 7] 1940
One Man's Law Townsman 1940
Prairie Law Constable Jackson 1940
Rocky Mountain Rangers Henchman Slade 1940
Land of the Six Guns Sheriff 1940
The Cowboy from Sundown Pronto Parsons 1940
Hi-Yo Silver Morgan Thug Finding Loot 1940
Ghost Valley Raiders Henchman at Roadblock and Jailbreak 1940
Virginia City Ted - Overland Trail Stagecoach Driver 1940
Rancho Grande Joe - Croupier 1940
Viva Cisco Kid Henchman Kennedy 1940
Wild Horse Valley Henchman Winton 1940
Pioneer Days Saunders - Henchman 1940
Legion of the Lawless Holmes 1940
Days of Jesse James Worthington's Deputy 1939
Death Rides the Range Bartender Bud 1939
Cowboys from Texas Stage Hijacking Leader 1939
Rovin' Tumbleweeds Man Announcing Jobs 1939
Allegheny Uprising One of Jim's Black Boys 1939
New Frontier Dickson 1939
Riders of the Sage Sheriff 1939
The Man from Sundown Ranger 1939
Timber Stampede Brady 1939
Across the Plains Lex - Henchman / Henchman Lex 1939
Racketeers of the Range Hank - Henchman 1939
The Law Comes to Texas Judge Jim Dean 1939
The Night Riders Army Enlistee 1939
Frontier Pony Express Henchman Clay Wilson 1939
Dodge City Stagecoach Driver / Waiter 1939
Rough Riders' Round-up Henchman 1939
Rollin' Westward Henchman 1939
Sundown on the Prairie Henchman Bill 1939
Frontiers of '49 Judge Scott 1939
Song of the Buckaroo Henchman Bill 1939
Fangs of the Wild Clem 1939
Santa Fe Stampede Henchman Mac 1938
The Law West of Tombstone Texas Rose's Bartender 1938
Prairie Moon Henchman Pete 1938
Overland Stage Raiders Rancher 1938
The Mexicali Kid Chris Collins 1938
Juvenile Court Delivery Man 1938
Utah Trail Henchman Hank / Hank - Henchman 1938
Man's Country Jed 1938
Riders of the Black Hills Henchman 1938
Six-Shootin' Sheriff Man in Bringing Ed / Man Bringing in Ed 1938
Whirlwind Horseman Pete 1938
The Overland Express Overland Wilson 1938
Rolling Caravans Groucher 1938
The Painted Trail Henchman Spud 1938
Gold Is Where You Find It Farmer 1938
The Lone Ranger Morgan Henchman (Ch. 11) 1938
Danger Patrol Nitro Handler 1937
Roll Along, Cowboy Henchman 1937
Where Trails Divide Henchman 1937
Boots and Saddles Joe Larkins - Henchman / Henchman Joe Larkins 1937
Western Gold Henchman 1937
The Devil's Saddle Legion Prison Guard Lem Boreland 1937
The Californian Murphy 1937
Wild West Days Walt 1937
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge Deputy Carter 1937
Blazing Sixes Dave - Henchman 1937
The Cherokee Strip Cowboy Fighting Rustlers 1937
Law of the Ranger Wes - Henchman 1937
Land Beyond the Law Second Town Loafer 1937
Ranger Courage Henchman Steve 1937
Guns of the Pecos Jake - Blake's Henchman / Jake, Blake's Henchman 1937
Headin' for the Rio Grande Cactus / Cactus (Travis henchman) 1936
The Plainsman Second Cavalry Private Working for Lattimer 1936
Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island Ellis - Mate 1936
Ghost-Town Gold Street Brawler 1936
The Fugitive Sheriff Posse Member 1936
End of the Trail Mason Man 1936
Trailin' West Stage Driver / 42 Year Old Stagecaoch Driver 1936
The Vigilantes Are Coming Harris - Henchman 1936
Pinto Rustlers Henchman Buck 1936
Treachery Rides the Range Henchman Pawnee 1936
Roamin' Wild Red / Henchman Red 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Unemployed Farmer in Courtroom 1936
Heroes of the Range Jake 1936
Wildcat Saunders Slim Marlin 1936
Sutter's Gold Rider with Carson 1936
Song of the Saddle Porter 1936
The Lawless Nineties Henchman 1936
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell Gorman 1936
Bulldog Courage Stagecoach Robber 1935
Trigger Tom Scarface Taylor 1935
Gallant Defender Cattleman 1935
The Silent Code Mountie Sergeant 1935
Moonlight on the Prairie Henchman Red / Red - Henchman 1935
The Rider of the Law Ed - Bartender 1935
Between Men Bartender 1935
Stormy Cowhand 1935
Wanderer of the Wasteland Henchman 1935
Call of the Wild Dawson Townsman 1935
The Raven Policeman 1935
Riding Wild Rancher Ed Billings 1935
The Outlaw Deputy Cash 1935
Justice of the Range Barfly 1935
Gun Smoke Haws McGee 1935
Fighting Shadows Henchman Randall 1935
Pals of the Range Sheriff Jasper 1935
Million Dollar Haul Henchman 1935
The Crimson Trail Henchman Jack 1935
Rustlers of Red Dog Henchman Jake [Chs. 2, 6-8] / Henchman Jake [Ch. 1-9] 1935
Square Shooter Tim's Head Man 1935
Big Boy Rides Again Windy 1935
The Westerner Henchman Bud 1934
The Prescott Kid Henchman 1934
Tailspin Tommy Pug Nelson. Henchman-Mechanic 1934
Rocky Rhodes Henchman Red 1934
Law of the Wild Lends Alice His Horse [Chs. 6-7] 1934
The Red Rider Kelsey - Breen Henchman / Kelsey 1934
The Vanishing Shadow Speedboat Man with Binoculars [Ch. 6] 1934
Arizona Nights Valenski's Henchman 1934
Ferocious Pal Tramp #1 1934
Western Racketeers Blackie - Henchman 1934
Ridin' Thru Sheriff 1934
Lighting Bill Lefty Landis 1934
The Boss Cowboy Sheriff 1934
Pirate Treasure Train Man (Ch. 4) 1934
The Fighting Code Henchman 1933
Circle Canyon Sheriff 1933
Gordon of Ghost City Hank / Henchman Hank 1933
The Woman I Stole Messenger 1933
Somewhere in Sonora Henchman 1933
The Phantom of the Air 'Spike'--Henchman 1933
Deadwood Pass Joe 'The Hawk' Saddler / Joe Sadler aka The Hawk 1933
The Whirlwind Henchman 1933
The Telegraph Trail Army Telegrapher 1933
The Rustler's Roundup Henchman Sodden 1933
When a Man Rides Alone Zeke - Henchman 1933
Flaming Guns Bud - Rustler 1932
Haunted Gold Bud 1932
Law and Lawless Night Rider in Cantina 1932
The Lost Special Henchman 1932
The Pride of the Legion Taylor 1932
The Big Stampede Man Who Advises Against New Mexico 1932
The Fourth Horseman Henchman 1932
Come on Danger! Moss - Henchman 1932
Ride Him, Cowboy Hawk Henchman 1932
The Texas Bad Man Henchman 1932
Daring Danger Bushwhacker 1932
The Man from Hell's Edges Brawler 1932
The Stoker Seaman 1932
A Man's Land Bob - Rustler 1932
Two-Fisted Law Jiggs Tyler 1932
Diamond Trail Bill Miller 1932
Texas Cyclone Antagonist 1932
Police Court 1932
Mark of the Spur Buzzard - Henchman 1932
The Shadow of the Eagle Tim Moore 1932
The Local Bad Man Henchman 1932
Sunset Trail Jim - Henchman 1932
Thunderbolt Elkhart Mine Owner 1931
The Pocatello Kid Marcey - Henchman 1931
Battling with Buffalo Bill Joe Tampas - Henchman 1931
Border Law Henchman 1931
The Miracle Woman Man in Audience 1931
Heroes of the Flames Henchman 1931
Red Fork Range 'Whip' Roden 1931
The Apache Kid's Escape Buck Harris 1930
Breed of the West Harry Burns - Henchman 1930
The Utah Kid Deputy 1930
The Indians Are Coming Henchman Bull McGee 1930
Men of the North Man at Dance 1930
Call of the West Rustler 1930
Half Pint Polly Pete - Henchman 1930
Trailing Trouble Policeman 1930
Call of the Desert Tod Walker 1930
Covered Wagon Trails Henchman 1930
Rio Rita Texas Ranger 1929
The Fighting Terror 1929
The Last Round-Up Mile Ahead Hardy 1929
.45 Calibre War Henchman 1929
Texas Tommy Henchman 1928
The Law of the Mounted Henchman 1928
The Danger Rider Sheriff 1928
West of Santa Fe Bull - Crooked Foreman 1928
Sky-High Saunders George Delatour 1927
Hell Hounds of the Plains Henchman 1927
The Outlaw Express 'Blackie' Lewis 1926
3 Bad Men Hunter's Henchman 1926
The Loser's End Lucky Harnish 1926
Looking for Trouble Lou Burkhold 1926
The Fighting Stallion Chuck Lannigan 1926
The Blind Trail Mort Van Vlack 1926
Hurricane Hal Bob Lacey - the Ranch Foreman 1925
Border Vengeance Buck Littleton 1925
Pioneers of the West Aleck Harvey 1925
The Ghost City Jasper Harwell 1923
Border Law Gang Leader - Posing as an Artist 1923
'49-'17 Cowboy Pitchman 1917
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