Cap Somers

IVA Star Rating : 67

Birth Name

Fredrick Grant Somers


Thursday, 27 April 1893


Friday, 18 September 1970

Actor Filmography

Tweet's Ladies of Pasadena Tweet's Father 1974
Support Your Local Gunfighter Townsman 1971
One More Train to Rob Train Passenger 1971
Rio Lobo Card Player 1970
Airport Commuter at Airport 1970
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys Townsman 1969
Here Come the Brides Townsman 1968
Fitzwilly Customer 1967
Mannix Association Member, Bum 1967
Hondo Miner, Townsman 1967
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Actor Filmography

Tweet's Ladies of Pasadena Tweet's Father 1974
Support Your Local Gunfighter Townsman 1971
One More Train to Rob Train Passenger 1971
Rio Lobo Card Player 1970
Airport Commuter at Airport 1970
The Good Guys and the Bad Guys Townsman 1969
Here Come the Brides Townsman 1968
Fitzwilly Customer 1967
Mannix Association Member, Bum 1967
Hondo Miner, Townsman 1967
Rough Night in Jericho Townsman 1967
Luv Bartender 1967
Hostile Guns Townsman 1967
The Fastest Guitar Alive Prescott Townsman 1967
Good Times Deputy 1967
Winchester 73 Townsman 1967
Red Tomahawk Townsman 1967
Mission: Impossible Boxing Match Spectator, Citizen 1966
Jericho Captain 1966
The Monkees Bartender 1966
Batman Seaman 1966
Waco Barfly 1966
A Big Hand for the Little Lady Townsman 1966
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken Trial Spectator 1966
Batman Citizen, Man Admiring Batmobile, Spectator on Sidewalk 1966
Get Smart Cowboy, Nightclub Patron 1965
The Wild Wild West Townsman 1965
Laredo Barfly, Townsman 1965
The Big Valley Townsman, Barfly, Miner, Ranch Hand, Trial Spectator 1965
Town Tamer Henchman 1965
The Great Race Observer at Start 1965
Cat Ballou Hangman 1965
Black Spurs Townsman 1965
Branded Barfly, Townsman, Circus Patron 1965
Young Fury Townsman 1964
Cheyenne Autumn Soldier on Train 1964
Daniel Boone Settler 1964
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Mover, Pub Patron 1964
Destry Barfly, Townsman 1964
Man's Favorite Sport? Fisherman 1964
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Spectator 1963
Burke's Law Barfly, Warehouse Worker, Western Actor 1963
The Fugitive Townsman 1963
The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze Passerby 1963
To Kill a Mockingbird Courtroom Spectator 1962
Taras Bulba Cossack 1962
The Virginian Townsman, Gang Member, Rancher 1962
The Music Man Townsman 1962
The Dakotas Miner, Townsman 1962
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Barfly 1962
The Second Time Around Townsman 1961
The Dick Van Dyke Show Inmate 1961
Dr. Kildare Patient 1961
Cain's Hundred Dock Worker, Gym Worker, Man at Meeting, Worker 1961
North to Alaska Miner 1960
Midnight Lace Workman 1960
Klondike Townsman 1960
Stagecoach West Barfly, Townsman, Trial Spectator 1960
The Westerner Townsman 1960
Outlaws Barfly, Townsman 1960
The Tall Man Townsman 1960
One Foot in Hell Cantina Barfly 1960
The Boy and the Pirates Pirate 1960
Guns of the Timberland Party Guest 1960
Heller in Pink Tights Bonanza Townsman 1960
The Jayhawkers! Townsman 1959
Bourbon Street Beat Mike 1959
Johnny Ringo Townsman, Barfly 1959
Riverboat Barfly 1959
Bonanza Townsman, Barfly, Delegate, Miner, Poker Player, Trial Spectator, Wrestling Match Spectator 1959
The Blue Angel Club Patron 1959
These Thousand Hills Customer 1959
The Gunfight at Dodge City Barfly 1959
The Lawless Years Dock Worker, Ticket Taker 1959
Warlock Lynch Mob Member 1959
Al Capone Convict 1959
Imitation of Life Truck Driver 1959
Gunmen from Laredo Trial Spectator 1959
The Untouchables Spectator at Murder Scene, Vendor, Bar Patron, Barfly, Boxing Spectator, Man at Accident Scene, Spectator at Fire 1959
Good Day for a Hanging Townsman 1959
The Buccaneer Pirate 1958
Ride a Crooked Trail Townsman 1958
Man with a Camera Resident 1958
Bat Masterson Townsman, Worker 1958
Lawman Townsman 1958
Yancy Derringer Dock Worker 1958
The Rifleman Townsman, Bartender, Cowhand 1958
The Texan Barfly 1958
Frontier Doctor Barfly 1958
Peter Gunn Charity Worker 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Townsman, Tom - The Bartender 1958
The Saga of Hemp Brown Townsman 1958
Once Upon a Horse... Wedding Guest 1958
The Fiend Who Walked the West Prison Fight Spectator 1958
The Matchmaker Cab Driver 1958
The Lineup Man at Line-Up Viewing 1958
The Sheepman Townsman 1958
Man from God's Country Townsman 1958
Witness for the Prosecution Courtroom Spectator 1958
The Tin Star Townsman 1957
Ride Out for Revenge Townsman 1957
Tombstone Territory Townsman, Barfly 1957
Trackdown Townsman 1957
The Parson and the Outlaw Townsman 1957
Wagon Train Barfly 1957
Sugarfoot Train Passenger 1957
Black Patch Townsman 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Townsman, Train Passenger, Barfly 1957
Slaughter on 10th Avenue Dock Worker 1957
Man of a Thousand Faces Extra in Bullpen 1957
My Gun Is Quick Man in scrap yard 1957
Trooper Hook Townsman 1957
The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm Logger 1957
The Spirit of St. Louis Crowd Member in France 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Juror 1957
The Tattered Dress Man on Courthouse Steps 1957
The Storm Rider Townsman 1957
Official Detective Cabbie 1957
Drango Townsman 1957
Rumble on the Docks Longshoreman 1956
Friendly Persuasion Carnival Patron 1956
Around the World in 80 Days Minor Role 1956
Zane Grey Theatre Barfly, Congregation Member, Townsman 1956
Circus Boy Circus Patron 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Guard, Trapper 1956
The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu Hood 1956
The Boss Parade Spectator 1956
The First Traveling Saleslady Courtroom Spectator 1956
Thunder Over Arizona Poker Player 1956
7 Men from Now Townsman 1956
The Naked Hills Prospector 1956
Great Day in the Morning Miner 1956
The Proud Ones Townsman 1956
The Maverick Queen Barfly 1956
Mohawk Settler 1956
Never Say Goodbye Bartender 1956
Glory Derby Spectator 1956
The Twinkle in God's Eye Townsman 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Barfly in Western Comedy 1955
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing Man in Audience 1955
My Friend Flicka Townsman 1955
The Tall Men Hotel Guest 1955
Tennessee's Partner Townsman 1955
The Spoilers Miner 1955
Cheyenne Townsman 1955
Jail Busters Convict 1955
Gunsmoke Townsman, Barfly, Bartender, Cantina Barfly, Deputy 1955
It's Always Fair Weather Bar Patron 1955
Tales of the Texas Rangers Townsman 1955
The Last Command Alamo Defender 1955
Creature with the Atom Brain Policeman 1955
Tall Man Riding Townsman 1955
Santa Fe Passage Barfly 1955
A Bullet for Joey Gambler 1955
Man Without a Star Barfly 1955
Untamed Townsman 1955
Prince of Players Protester at Theatre 1955
Soldiers of Fortune Crew Member 1955
Destry Barfly 1954
The Yellow Mountain Miner 1954
The Magical World of Disney Townsman, Trial Spectator 1954
Three Hours to Kill Townsman 1954
Man with the Steel Whip Barfly 1954
Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl Pirate 1954
River of No Return Council City Barfly 1954
The Lone Gun Barfly 1954
The Siege at Red River Barfly 1954
Rose Marie Woodsman in Saloon 1954
The Long, Long Trailer Trailer Park Attendee 1954
The Far Country Miner 1954
Stories of the Century Train Hobo 1954
Annie Oakley Townsman 1954
Border River Barfly 1954
So Big Townsman 1953
Those Redheads from Seattle Townsman 1953
A Lion Is in the Streets Courtroom Spectator 1953
Francis Covers the Big Town Trial Spectator 1953
Julius Caesar Citizen of Rome 1953
The Vanquished Townsman 1953
Law and Order Townsman 1953
A Perilous Journey Brawling Sailor 1953
Woman They Almost Lynched Townsman 1953
The Sun Shines Bright Lynch Mob Member 1953
You Are There Barfly 1953
Pony Express Townsman 1953
Blackbeard, the Pirate Pirate 1952
Million Dollar Mermaid Spectator on Bridge 1952
Ride the Man Down Barfly 1952
Limelight Music Hall Patron 1952
The Duel at Silver Creek Townsman 1952
Captain Pirate Pirate 1952
Scarlet Angel Barfly 1952
The San Francisco Story Barfly 1952
Death Valley Days Townsman, Barfly 1952
Lone Star Townsman 1952
Bend of the River Townsman 1952
Rose of Cimarron Townsman 1952
The Pride of St. Louis Umpire 1952
The Stooge Diner Patron 1951
Anne of the Indies Man at Market 1951
Sky King Search Party Member 1951
A Place in the Sun Drunk 1951
Cavalry Scout Barfly 1951
Double Crossbones Tavern Patron 1951
Oh! Susanna Barfly 1951
M Man in Mob 1951
Storm Warning Townsman 1951
Two Lost Worlds Sailor 1951
Dallas Dallas Citizen 1950
California Passage Townsman 1950
Highway 301 Police Officer 1950
Lightning Guns Townsman 1950
Frenchie Saloon Patron 1950
The Missourians Townsman 1950
Wyoming Mail Prisoner 1950
Right Cross Fight Spectator 1950
The Return of Jesse James Barfly 1950
The Toast of New Orleans Fisherman 1950
The Flame and the Arrow Guard 1950
Bright Leaf Man at Tobacco Auction 1950
The Reformer and the Redhead Man at Support Rally 1950
Comanche Territory Barfly 1950
Wabash Avenue Saloon Patron 1950
Black Hand Courtroom Spectator 1950
Ambush Sutler 1950
South Sea Sinner Sailor 1950
Reign of Terror Citizen 1949
White Heat Convict 1949
Calamity Jane and Sam Bass Townsman 1949
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend Townsman 1949
Canadian Pacific Railroad Worker 1949
Force of Evil Policeman #6 1949
The Stratton Story Giants Manager 1949
Alias Nick Beal Campaign Worker 1949
Ladies of the Chorus Audience Member 1948
The Babe Ruth Story Barfly 1948
Lulu Belle Cap 1948
Pitfall Prisoner 1948
Superman Man at Mine 1948
Shanghai Chest Convict 1948
Raw Deal Deputy 1948
Silver River Miner 1948
River Lady Logger 1948
Fury at Furnace Creek Trial Spectator 1948
April Showers Barbary Coast Saloon Sailor 1948
Docks of New Orleans Gangway Security Guard 1948
Panhandle Bartender 1948
Tenth Avenue Angel Passerby 1948
Albuquerque Townsman 1948
I Walk Alone Butcher 1947
The Chinese Ring Dock Worker 1947
The Last Round-up Rancher 1947
Bowery Buckaroos Townsman 1947
Brute Force Convict 1947
Violence Strong Arm Man in Riot 1947
Yankee Fakir Townsman 1947
Angel and the Badman Bartender 1947
California Miner 1947
Crack-Up Cop / Cop (Uncredited) 1946
Suspense Truck Driver 1946
Joe Palooka, Champ Costa Second 1946
They Made Me a Killer Cop at Hospital 1946
The Hoodlum Saint Mug 1946
Abilene Town Bartender 1946
San Antonio Barfly 1945
Frontier Gal Barfly 1945
Captain Kidd Pirate 1945
Pursuit to Algiers Dock Worker 1945
Belle of the Yukon Saloon Patron 1944
Music for Millions Workman 1944
The Falcon in Hollywood Workman 1944
The Master Race Nazi Officer 1944
The Invisible Man's Revenge Pub Patron 1944
Meet the People Workman 1944
The Desert Song Board Member 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Luggage Man 1943
Background to Danger Chef 1943
Captive Wild Woman Roustabout 1943
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case Prison Guard 1943
Edge of Darkness Soldier 1943
After Midnight with Boston Blackie Police Officer 1943
Assignment in Brittany Minor Role 1943
Fall In Nazi Agent 1942
Keep 'Em Sailing Seaman 1942
Deep in the Heart of Texas Henchman 1942
Ten Gentlemen from West Point Graduation Spectator 1942
Shadow of the Thin Man Bartender 1941
The Smiling Ghost Wedding Guard 1941
Sucker List Policeman 1941
Forbidden Passage Cop 1941
Respect the Law Worker 1941
Go West Bartender 1940
Little Nellie Kelly Party Guest 1940
Sky Murder Man at Meeting 1940
Boom Town Townsman 1940
Buyer Beware Cop 1940
The Return of Frank James Courtroom Spectator 1940
Phantom Raiders Man in Cafe 1940
I Take This Woman Patient 1940
These Glamour Girls Bouncer 1939
A Criminal Is Born Patrol Driver 1938
The Adventures of Robin Hood Knight 1938
Carnival Queen Carnival Man 1937
Way Out West Barfly 1937
Country Gentlemen Police Officer 1936
The Public Pays Police Officer 1936
Flash Gordon Sharkman 1936
The Bohemian Girl Torturer 1936
Alibi Racket Police Officer 1935
The Crime of Helen Stanley Electrician 1934
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