Cyril Ring

IVA Star Rating : 55
Cyril Ring was an American film actor. He began his career in silent films in 1921. By the time of his final performance in 1951, he had appeared in over 350 films, nearly all of them in small and/or uncredited bit parts.

Cyril Ring was an American film actor. He began his career in silent films in 1921. By the time of his final performance in 1951, he had appeared in over 350 films, nearly all of them in small and/or uncredited bit parts.

Birth Name

Cyril Alfred Ring


Monday, 05 December 1892


Monday, 17 July 1967

Actor Filmography

Iron Man Headwaiter 1951
Red, Hot and Blue Reporter 1949
Tulsa Dice Table Croupier 1949
Hollow Triumph Harry 1949
An Innocent Affair Rocket Roof Maitre d' 1948
Return of the Bad Men Ardmore Bank Clerk 1948
The Flame Mr. Moffett 1947
Body and Soul Victor - Butler 1947
Nightmare Alley Roustabout at Final Carnival 1947
Magic Town Newspaper Man 1947
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Actor Filmography

Iron Man Headwaiter 1951
Red, Hot and Blue Reporter 1949
Tulsa Dice Table Croupier 1949
Hollow Triumph Harry 1949
An Innocent Affair Rocket Roof Maitre d' 1948
Return of the Bad Men Ardmore Bank Clerk 1948
The Flame Mr. Moffett 1947
Body and Soul Victor - Butler 1947
Nightmare Alley Roustabout at Final Carnival 1947
Magic Town Newspaper Man 1947
The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival Bill 1947
The Fabulous Joe Bill 1947
Hollywood Barn Dance Theatre Manager 1947
Do or Diet Trainer 1947
Nobody Lives Forever Blond's Escort 1946
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers Nightclub Extra 1946
Night and Day Husband Outside Theatre 1946
Our Hearts Were Growing Up Hotel Desk Clerk 1946
Miss Susie Slagle's Instrument Man 1946
Two Years Before the Mast Ship Owner 1946
Girl on the Spot Hobart 1946
Senorita from the West Bystander 1945
Duffy's Tavern Gaffer 1945
Swingin' on a Rainbow Bit 1945
Lady on a Train CIrcus Club Ringmaster 1945
Incendiary Blonde New Year's Eve Patron 1945
The Cheaters Steve 1945
On Stage Everybody Horseshoe Player 1945
The Affairs of Susan Mr. Hughes / Mr. Hughes (Uncredited) 1945
The Naughty Nineties Man in Water Gag 1945
Where Do We Go from Here? Capt. Williams 1945
Blonde Ransom Patron 1945
The Bullfighters Cafe Customer 1945
Hollywood and Vine Richard Hudson - Attorney 1945
Having Wonderful Crime Hotel Clerk 1945
Identity Unknown Mr. Bartlett 1945
I'll Remember April Advertising Executive 1945
See My Lawyer Man in Mud Gag 1945
Frisco Sal Sightseer 1945
Roughly Speaking Lawyer 1945
The Man in Half Moon Street O'Hara--Plainclothesman / Plainclothesman 1945
Here Come the Waves Lieutenant Colonel 1944
Laura Party Guest 1944
The Merry Monahans Poker Player 1944
In Society Sir Walter Raleigh at Party 1944
Mr. Skeffington Perry Lanks 1944
Secret Command Parrish 1944
Once Upon a Time Man 1944
Christmas Holiday Jury Member 1944
Ghost Catchers Man in Tuxedo 1944
Ladies of Washington Crane's Secretary 1944
The Story of Dr. Wassell Dr. Holmes' Board Member 1944
Follow the Boys Laughtonpher 1944
Hot Rhythm Jackson 1944
Shine on Harvest Moon Harmon - Mr. Harvey's Associate 1944
Phantom Lady Barfly with Racing Form 1944
The Fighting Seabees Dance Extra 1944
And the Angels Sing Casino Patron 1944
Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout Scoring Official 1944
Timber Queen Nightclub Patron 1944
Undercover Enemy Agent X 1944
Higher and Higher Night Club Patron 1943
There's Something About a Soldier Officer at Graduation 1943
Where Are Your Children? Juvenile Court Officer 1943
The Texas Kid Tim Atwood / Atwood 1943
The Dancing Masters Bus Passenger 1943
Campus Rhythm Trigonometry Teacher 1943
The Mad Ghoul Man in Audience 1943
Government Girl Naval Lieutenant Commander 1943
The Mystery of the 13th Guest John Barksdale - Lawyer / Barksdale 1943
Swing Fever Man Entering Club 1943
The Iron Major Ross 1943
Gildersleeve on Broadway Nightclub Patron 1943
The Unknown Guest Pool Hall Proprietor 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Photographer 1943
The Kansan Court Clerk 1943
Holy Matrimony Mourner / Spectator at Westminister Abbey 1943
Melody Parade Adams 1943
The Seventh Victim Devil Worshipper / Devil Worshipper (Uncredited) 1943
The Adventures of a Rookie Army Major with Dispatches 1943
The Fallen Sparrow Henry 1943
Let's Face It Headwaiter 1943
So This Is Washington Second Hotel Desk Clerk 1943
The Falcon in Danger Man at Airport 1943
Petticoat Larceny Man at Radio Broadcast 1943
Hers to Hold Photographer 1943
Batman Restaurant Patron 1943
Mr. Lucky Gambler 1943
Dixie Fireman 1943
The Constant Nymph Party Guest 1943
Du Barry Was a Lady Man Watching Radio Interview 1943
Bombardier Capt. Randall / Captain Randall 1943
Immortal Sergeant Man at Train Depot as Soldiers Depart 1943
Good Morning, Judge Elizabeth's Escort 1943
She Has What It Takes Photographer 1943
Slightly Dangerous Man Outside Newspaper Office 1943
A Stranger in Town Newspaper Reporter 1943
Two Weeks to Live Airplane Pilot 1943
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday Party Guest 1943
The Meanest Man in the World Client 1943
Margin for Error Drugstore Clerk 1943
Reveille with Beverly Radio Technician 1943
You Can't Beat the Law Convict 1943
The Hard Way Nightclub Patron / Nightclub Patron (Uncredited) 1943
Happy Go Lucky Nightclub Patron / Carnival Participant 1943
The McGuerins from Brooklyn Gambling Room Patron 1942
The Traitor Within Henchman 1942
Pittsburgh Mr. Wilcox 1942
A Night to Remember Restaurant Patron 1942
Life Begins at Eight-Thirty Box Office Man 1942
Army Surgeon Maj. Peterson 1942
Silver Queen Gambler 1942
That Other Woman Angry Businessman 1942
Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood Hotel Manager 1942
The Navy Comes Through Mr. Reynolds 1942
I Married a Witch Country Club Extra 1942
Lucky Legs Yacht Salesman 1942
The Glass Key Campaign Headquarters Waiter 1942
Across the Pacific Canadian Officer 1942
Sabotage Squad Jefferson / ? - [script name: Jefferson] 1942
Tales of Manhattan Assistant Tailor (Boyer sequence) 1942
Priorities on Parade Booking Agent 1942
Joan of Ozark Reporter 1942
The Pride of the Yankees Photographer 1942
Holiday Inn Movie Director 1942
The Magnificent Dope Street Extra 1942
Thru Different Eyes Reporter 1942
Maisie Gets Her Man Dance Floor Extra 1942
It Happened in Flatbush Reporter 1942
My Favorite Spy Nightclub Patron 1942
Meet the Stewarts Country Club Guest / Club Guest (Uncredited) 1942
Dr. Broadway Diner 1942
Take a Letter, Darling Job Applicant / Nightclub Patron 1942
My Gal Sal Loud Customer's Friend 1942
Home in Wyomin' Monitor Man 1942
This Gun for Hire Neptune Club Waiter 1942
Hello, Annapolis Reporter 1942
Saboteur Party Guest 1942
Fingers at the Window Psychiatrist at Lecture 1942
Secret Agent of Japan American Businessman 1942
Yokel Boy Reporter 1942
Sing Your Worries Away Bartender 1942
Sleepytime Gal Clerk 1942
Woman of the Year Mr. Harding's Chauffeur 1942
Brooklyn Orchid Party Guest 1942
Call Out the Marines Man at Racetrack 1942
Over My Dead Body Court Clerk 1942
All Through the Night Reporter 1942
Blue, White and Perfect Court Clerk 1942
Lady for a Night King's Club Patron 1942
Two-Faced Woman Nightclub Patron 1941
Louisiana Purchase Senator 1941
Steel Against the Sky Harry 1941
Glamour Boy Nightclub Patron 1941
Sullivan's Travels Reporter 1941
I Killed That Man Reporter 1941
Marry the Boss's Daughter Vice-President 1941
Keep 'Em Flying Nightclub Extra 1941
Blues in the Night Gambler at Dice Table 1941
Birth of the Blues Cafe Patron 1941
I Wake Up Screaming Reporter 1941
New York Town Spectator 1941
Public Enemies Reporter 1941
Three Girls About Town Extra at Labor Meeting 1941
Great Guns Canteen Clerk 1941
The Stork Pays Off Father 1941
You'll Never Get Rich Passerby on Street 1941
Lady Be Good Party Guest 1941
Harmon of Michigan Carter 1941
Here Comes Mr. Jordan Board Member 1941
Our Wife Shipboard Passenger 1941
Ice-Capades Photographer 1941
Ringside Maisie Reporter 1941
Kiss the Boys Goodbye Reporter at Party 1941
Blondie in Society Salesman 1941
Accent on Love Court Clerk 1941
San Antonio Rose Man at Bar 1941
Time Out for Rhythm Man trying to get Armstrong's attention 1941
Citizen Kane Newspaperman at Trenton Town Hall 1941
The Great Lie Harry Anderson 1941
The Man Who Lost Himself Relative 1941
Las Vegas Nights Club Nevada Patron 1941
Meet John Doe Radio Technician 1941
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance Hotel Manager 1941
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob Hustler 1941
The Lady Eve Husband on Ship 1941
Ride, Kelly, Ride Photographer 1941
The Wild Man of Borneo Passerby in Atlas Building 1941
Honeymoon for Three Hotel Restaurant Patron 1941
Michael Shayne: Private Detective Reporter 1940
No, No, Nanette Desk Clerk 1940
Charter Pilot Radio Operator 'Sparks' 1940
Little Nellie Kelly Man Bumped by Dennis 1940
One Night in the Tropics Club Roscoe Maitre d' 1940
Life with Henry Theatre Patron 1940
Christmas in July Co-Worker in Office 1940
North West Mounted Police Mountie 1940
The Great Dictator Officer Extra 1940
Third Finger, Left Hand Man at Railroad Station 1940
Dulcy Silent Reporter 1940
Sky Murder Party Guest 1940
The Bride Wore Crutches Gas Station Attendant 1940
No Time for Comedy Backstage Man 1940
Hired Wife Office Worker 1940
Rhythm on the River Party Guest 1940
The Golden Fleecing Cameraman 1940
Pier 13 Engagement Party Guest 1940
The Boys from Syracuse Guard 1940
Girls of the Road Pickup Man at Bus Depot 1940
Those Were the Days! Mr. Sanford 1940
My Love Came Back Party Guest 1940
Sporting Blood Man at Race Track 1940
Sailor's Lady Lieutenant Commander--Arizona 1940
Girl in 313 Bartender 1940
My Favorite Wife Nick's Lawyer 1940
Edison, the Man Reporter 1940
Beyond Tomorrow Man Reporting No Hope for Crash Victims / Man Reporting No Hope for Crash Victims (Uncredited) 1940
Irene Charity Ball Guest 1940
Two Girls on Broadway Bartell's Second Assistant 1940
The Man with Nine Lives Doctor Spectator 1940
Road to Singapore Ship's Officer 1940
Johnny Apollo Cashier 1940
The House Across the Bay Dancer 1940
Broadway Melody of 1940 Show Backer at Rehearsal / Nightclub Headwaiter 1940
I Take This Woman Night Club Extra 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Reporter 1940
Mexican Spitfire Man at Bachelor Party 1940
The Light That Failed War Correspondent 1939
Charlie McCarthy, Detective Nightclub patron 1939
Slightly Honorable Nightclub Patron / Nightclub Patron (Uncredited) 1939
Remember? Man at Bronson's Parties / Party Guest 1939
Private Detective Man Buying Newspaper 1939
Day-Time Wife Nightclub Patron 1939
The Roaring Twenties Charlie 1939
Hollywood Cavalcade First Row Extra in Theater Audience / Audience Member 1939
Babes in Arms Vaudevilian Celebrant 1939
Espionage Agent Spectator at Dart Throwing 1939
Blackmail Ramey's Butler 1939
Golden Boy Extra in Moody's New Office 1939
Our Leading Citizen Delegate 1939
Miracles for Sale Numbers' Man 1939
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Museum Exhibit Attendee 1939
Second Fiddle Florist 1939
Good Girls Go to Paris Wedding Guest 1939
It Could Happen to You Reporter 1939
Invitation to Happiness Reporter at Fight 1939
Man of Conquest Ball Attendee 1939
Mandrake, the Magician Magic Mart Henchman 1939
Union Pacific Surveyor 1939
Rose of Washington Square Master of Ceremonies at Cast Party 1939
Lucky Night Bus Passenger 1939
The Rookie Cop Second Glove Salesman 1939
Zenobia Townsman 1939
First Offenders Reporter 1939
The Adventures of Jane Arden Man Buying Newspaper 1939
King of Chinatown Fight Spectator 1939
Mystery Plane Henchman 1939
Society Smugglers Party Guest 1939
Let Freedom Ring Rancher 1939
Made for Each Other Office Worker 1939
North of Shanghai Undetermined Role 1939
They Made Me a Criminal First Fight Ringsider 1939
Disbarred Jury Foreman 1939
Trade Winds Party Guest / Party Guest (Uncredited) 1938
Kentucky Dancer 1938
Sweethearts Waiter 1938
Gambling Ship Croupier 1938
Sharpshooters Newsman 1938
The Shining Hour Candid Cameraman 1938
The Spider's Web Henry Blake 1938
Young Dr. Kildare Intern 1938
Hold That Co-ed Radio Reporter on Football Field 1938
Too Hot to Handle Cameraman 1938
Three Loves Has Nancy Man at Party 1938
I Am the Law Photographer 1938
Block-Heads Elevator Passenger 1938
The Crowd Roars Ringsider 1938
Always Goodbye Fashion Show Patron 1938
One Wild Night Bank Employee 1938
Hollywood Handicap Circus Representative 1938
Holiday Churchgoer 1938
Hold That Kiss Dog Show Attendee 1938
Joy of Living Man in Margaret's Dressing Room / Man in Margaret's Dressing Room (Uncredited) 1938
Test Pilot N.A.A. Official 1938
Goodbye Broadway Undetermined Role 1938
King of the Newsboys Businessman 1938
The First Hundred Years Night Club Patron 1938
Dangerous to Know Guest at Party 1938
Little Miss Roughneck Ward 1938
Love Is a Headache Reporter 1938
City Girl Cigar Stand Proprietor 1938
Wells Fargo Minor Role 1937
She Married an Artist Reporter 1937
Nothing Sacred Pilot 1937
52nd Street Nightclub Patron 1937
Blossoms on Broadway Reporter 1937
Navy Blue and Gold Naval Officer at Football Game 1937
Fight for Your Lady Wrestling Spectator 1937
There Goes the Groom Class Reunion Greeter 1937
Charlie Chan on Broadway Club Patron 1937
The Women Men Marry Doorman 1937
It Happened in Hollywood Rudy - Cameraman 1937
One Hundred Men and a Girl Concert Attendee 1937
The Life of the Party Night Club Extra 1937
That Certain Woman Hotel Lobby Extra 1937
Wake Up and Live Radio Man in Control Booth 1937
Topper Nightclub Patron 1937
Slim Extra Dancing in Nightclub 1937
Married Before Breakfast Nightclub Patron 1937
A Day at the Races Racetrack Spectator 1937
It May Happen to You Intern 1937
A Day at Santa Anita Railbird 1937
There Goes My Girl Wedding Guest 1937
Melody for Two Nightclub Table Extra 1937
Make Way for Tomorrow Guest in Vogard Hotel Lobby 1937
Nobody's Baby Nightclub Patron 1937
A Family Affair Convention Delegate on Platform 1937
Swing High, Swing Low Visitor Leaving Ship 1937
When's Your Birthday? Charity Bazarr Extra 1937
A Doctor's Diary Dr. Merrick 1937
When You're in Love Man Outside Dressing Room 1937
Time Out for Romance Reporter 1937
Criminal Lawyer Extra at Larkin's Nightclub 1937
God's Country and the Woman Passerby 1937
After the Thin Man Reporter 1936
Give Me Liberty Delegate Saying 'Treason! Treason!' 1936
College Holiday Customer 1936
More Than a Secretary Department Head 1936
Love on the Run Wally - a Reporter 1936
Go West Young Man Reporter 1936
Polo Joe Spectator 1936
Pigskin Parade Professor at Meeting 1936
15 Maiden Lane Party Guest 1936
Wedding Present Reporter 1936
The Man Who Lived Twice Heifetz Concert Attendee 1936
Charlie Chan at the Race Track Race Track Patron 1936
A Son Comes Home Reporter 1936
The Border Patrolman Ed Hendricks 1936
Palm Springs Reception Clerk 1936
The Great Ziegfeld Reporter 1936
The First Baby Wedding Guest 1936
Colleen Client with Ames Company Official 1936
Everybody's Old Man Salesman 1936
Song and Dance Man Hotel Clerk 1936
King of Burlesque Auctioneer's Assistant 1936
Hitch Hike Lady Information Clerk 1935
The Bride Comes Home Party Guest 1935
Dangerous Rehearsal Observer 1935
Man of Iron Golfer 1935
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Casino Bar Patron 1935
Thanks a Million Audience Member 1935
Music Is Magic Cafe Patron 1935
Rendezvous Orderly 1935
The Payoff Reporter 1935
It's in the Air Drake's Assistant 1935
Two Fisted Companion to Briggs 1935
Navy Wife Ship Passenger 1935
Diamond Jim Fireman 1935
Page Miss Glory Reporter 1935
Dante's Inferno Drunk in Cabin 1935
Shanghai Reporter from 'Free Press' 1935
Don't Bet on Blondes Man with $30,000 Bettor / Man with $30,000 Bettor (Uncredited) 1935
The Murder Man Man at Defense Table 1935
Love Me Forever Auction Spectator 1935
Black Sheep Passenger 1935
Hooray for Love Second Radio Official Firing Doug 1935
Goin' to Town Stage Manager 1935
The Gilded Lily Headwaiter 1935
Behold My Wife! Party Guest 1934
Call It Luck Man at Window 1934
Hollywood Mystery Duke - Tony's Assistant 1934
Most Precious Thing in Life Hotel Clerk 1934
Sisters Under the Skin Bored Man 1934
Dark Hazard Extra at Third Roulette Table / Man at Third Roulette Table 1934
Meet the Baron Mayor's 'Yes' Man 1933
Tillie and Gus Poker Player 1933
Too Much Harmony Stage Manager 1933
Quiet Please! Man in Custody 1933
The Barber Shop Escaped Bank Robber 1933
A Shriek in the Night Eddie - Morgue Attendant 1933
International House Mr. Brown - Assistant Hotel Manager 1933
Emergency Call Dr. Lenehan 1933
Lost in Limehouse Undetermined Role 1933
Murders in the Zoo Banquet Guest / Banquet Guest (Uncredited) 1933
The Half-Naked Truth Phelps 1932
Secrets of the French Police Undetermined Minor Role 1932
Madison Square Garden Sports Reporter 1932
The Purchase Price Second Man Joan Sings To 1932
The Dark Horse Airport Clerk 1932
It's Tough to Be Famous Reporter fron the Star 1932
Disorderly Conduct Nightclub Patron 1932
Sky Devils Military Policeman 1932
Business and Pleasure Arthur Jones 1932
Union Depot Track 4 Ticket Taker 1932
Monkey Business Party Guest 1931
Bad Sister Doctor 1931
Don't Bet on Women Jeanne's Dancing Partner 1931
Millie Bailey 1931
Top Speed Vincent Colgate 1930
The Social Lion Ralph Williams 1930
The Cocoanuts Harvey Yates 1929
In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter Partington 1924
Hit and Run George Collins 1924
Homeward Bound Rufus Brent Jr / Rufus Brent Jr. 1923
The Conquest of Canaan Gene Louden 1921
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