Edmund Mortimer

Actor · Director
IVA Star Rating : 52
Edmund Mortimer was an American actor and film director. He appeared in 251 films between 1913 and 1945. He also directed 23 films between 1918 and 1928. He was born in New York, New York and died in Los Angeles, California.

Edmund Mortimer was an American actor and film director. He appeared in 251 films between 1913 and 1945. He also directed 23 films between 1918 and 1928. He was born in New York, New York and died in Los Angeles, California.

Birth Name

Edmund Mortimer Olson


Friday, 21 August 1874


Sunday, 21 May 1944

Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Saratoga Trunk Opera House Patron / Saratoga Park Hotel Guest 1945
Incendiary Blonde New Year's Eve Party Patron 1945
The Horn Blows at Midnight Hotel Guest 1945
I'll Be Seeing You Floorwalker in Women's Shop 1945
Belle of the Yukon Saloon Patron 1944
Murder in the Blue Room Party Guest 1944
Sweet and Low-Down Party Guest 1944
Mr. Skeffington Nightclub Extra 1944
The Adventures of Mark Twain British Observer 1944
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Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Saratoga Trunk Opera House Patron / Saratoga Park Hotel Guest 1945
Incendiary Blonde New Year's Eve Party Patron 1945
The Horn Blows at Midnight Hotel Guest 1945
I'll Be Seeing You Floorwalker in Women's Shop 1945
Belle of the Yukon Saloon Patron 1944
Murder in the Blue Room Party Guest 1944
Sweet and Low-Down Party Guest 1944
Mr. Skeffington Nightclub Extra 1944
The Adventures of Mark Twain British Observer 1944
Bathing Beauty Faculty Member 1944
Two Girls and a Sailor Middle-Aged Man 1944
Ghost Catchers Man at Party 1944
The Story of Dr. Wassell 'Janssen' Passenger 1944
Follow the Boys Theatregoer 1944
An American Romance Hartley - Corporation Executive 1944
Her Primitive Man Elevator Passenger 1944
Weird Woman Party Guest 1944
In Our Time Ballet Attendee 1944
Nabonga Trader 1944
The Lodger Man Backstage 1944
Higher and Higher Guest 1943
True to Life Porter House Guest 1943
The Spider Woman Casino Patron 1943
His Butler's Sister Train Passenger 1943
The Mad Ghoul Man in Audience 1943
Swing Fever Man in Gym 1943
Gildersleeve on Broadway Party Guest 1943
Crazy House Studio Man 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Audience Spectator 1943
Thank Your Lucky Stars Dance Extra in Bette Davis Number 1943
Wintertime Well-Wisher 1943
I Dood It Prospective Backer 1943
Watch on the Rhine Embassy Party Guest 1943
The Good Fellows Lodge Member 1943
Mr. Lucky Gambler 1943
Pilot #5 Man in Governor's Office 1943
The Constant Nymph Party Guest 1943
Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour Man at Country Club Dance 1943
Immortal Sergeant Party Guest 1943
Crash Dive Man at Hotel Registration Desk 1943
He's My Guy Bit 1943
The Crystal Ball Party Guest 1943
Happy Go Lucky Nightclub Patron 1943
Thousands Cheer Guest 1943
The McGuerins from Brooklyn Gambling Room Patron 1942
Pittsburgh Mr. Simons 1942
You Were Never Lovelier Wedding Guest Getting Drink from Eduardo 1942
I Married a Witch Wedding Guest 1942
Here We Go Again Nightclub Extra 1942
The Major and the Minor Cadet Ball Guest 1942
The Glass Key Man at Campaign Headquarters 1942
Between Us Girls Play Spectator in Front Row 1942
Henry Aldrich, Editor Board of Education / Courtroom Spectator 1942
A Yank at Eton Party Guest 1942
Just Off Broadway Juryman 1942
Her Cardboard Lover Casino Patron 1942
Are Husbands Necessary? Guest 1942
Private Buckaroo Nightclub Patron 1942
My Favorite Spy Nightclub Patron 1942
Ship Ahoy Passenger 1942
The Male Animal Meeting Guest 1942
Ride 'Em Cowboy Bus Passenger 1942
Frisco Lil Blackjack Player 1942
Brooklyn Orchid Party Guest 1942
A Gentleman at Heart Art Gallery Patron 1942
The Shanghai Gesture Casino Patron 1942
Lady for a Night Party Guest / Courtroom Spectator 1942
Louisiana Purchase Senator 1941
Bedtime Story Audience Member 1941
Honolulu Lu Tourist 1941
They Died with Their Boots On Restaurant Patron 1941
Birth of the Blues Cafe Patron 1941
Moon Over Her Shoulder Melvin Lathwood 1941
International Lady Party Guest 1941
Father Takes a Wife Wedding Guest 1941
It Started with Eve Party Guest 1941
Tanks a Million Radio Station Representative 1941
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Reception Guest 1941
Too Many Blondes Nightclub Patron 1941
Tight Shoes Club Patron 1941
Broadway Limited Passenger 1941
Sunny Mr. Runnymeade 1941
The Great Lie Man Greeting Sandra Backstage 1941
Free and Easy Party Guest 1941
Cheers for Miss Bishop Dinner Guest 1941
Road Show Asylum Inmate 1941
Back Street Man Going to New Year's Eve Party 1941
Honeymoon for Three Hotel Restaurant Patron 1941
The Son of Monte Cristo Officer / Officer (Uncredited) 1941
Santa Fe Trail Extra in Washington Party 1940
Michael Shayne: Private Detective Casino Patron 1940
The Devil Bat Martin Heath 1940
Little Nellie Kelly Guest at Policeman's Ball 1940
Before I Hang Courtroom Spectator 1940
Hired Wife Restaurant Patron 1940
Margie Willoughby 1940
Foreign Correspondent Luncheon Guest 1940
They Drive by Night Extra in Courtroom 1940
My Love Came Back Party Guest 1940
Girl in 313 Extra at Fashion Show 1940
The Saint Takes Over Nightclub Patron 1940
Island of Doomed Men Parole Board Member 1940
Waterloo Bridge Club Patron 1940
Edison, the Man Party Guest 1940
Curtain Call Dressing Room Guest 1940
If I Had My Way Party Guest 1940
'Til We Meet Again Ship Passenger 1940
In Old Missouri Townsman / Board Member 1940
Road to Singapore Chaperone's Companion 1940
Adventure in Diamonds Gardens Club Patron 1940
Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet Courtroom Spectator 1940
I Take This Woman Play Spectator 1940
Parole Fixer Mr. Tilden 1940
Pound Foolish Woolsey Committee Man 1940
A Chump at Oxford Dinner Guest 1940
Heroes of the Saddle Commission Member 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Second Man 1940
The Earl of Chicago Lord 1940
The Night of Nights Lamb's Club Member 1939
We Are Not Alone Courtroom Extra 1939
The Amazing Mr. Williams Restaurant Patron 1939
Raffles Extra at Ambassador Club 1939
First Love Ball Guest 1939
At the Circus Judge Chanock 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Senator Fuller 1939
Eternally Yours Nightclub Extra 1939
Intermezzo Man in Stage Wing with Charles / Man in Stage Wing with Charles (Uncredited) 1939
Rio Banker 1939
The Under-Pup Extra in audience 1939
When Tomorrow Comes Restaurant Customer 1939
Tell No Tales Guest at Lovelake's 1939
Sorority House Governor Morley 1939
The Rookie Cop Party Guest 1939
Zenobia Party Guest 1939
Buck Rogers Member of War Council / Member of War Council [Ch. 12] 1939
Wuthering Heights Party Guest 1939
They Made Her a Spy Man with Senator in the Dome Cafe 1939
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Nightclub Customer 1939
Sergeant Madden Doctor in Hospital 1939
Midnight Stephanie's Party Guest 1939
Three Smart Girls Grow Up Wedding Guest 1939
Society Smugglers Party Guest 1939
Beauty for the Asking Wedding Guest 1939
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Wedding Guest 1939
Torchy Blane in Chinatown Man With Dowager 1939
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt Masked Party Guest 1939
Going Places Customer in Store 1938
Kentucky Dancer 1938
Sweethearts Show Spectator 1938
Once Over Lightly College Board Member 1938
Dramatic School Nightclub Patron 1938
Reefer Madness Henry Harper 1938
The Cowboy and the Lady Dinner Party Guest 1938
Exposed Clerk 1938
Little Tough Guys in Society Party Guest 1938
A Man to Remember Medical Association Board Member 1938
The Lady Objects Mr. Broderick 1938
That Certain Age Guest 1938
My Lucky Star Faculty Councilman 1938
Freshman Year Prof Arnaud 1938
Smashing the Rackets Angry Businessman 1938
Mr. Chump Night Club Guest 1938
The Chaser Bar Association Member 1938
Penrod's Double Trouble Dinner Guest 1938
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse Guest 1938
Cowboy from Brooklyn Rodeo Spectator 1938
Fast Company Restaurant Patron 1938
Squadron of Honor Leginnaire Commander 1938
Woman Against Woman Guest at Senator Kingsley's Party / Guest at Sen. Kingsley's Party 1938
Holiday Bunny - Party Guest 1938
Hold That Kiss Dog Show Attendee 1938
Vivacious Lady Library Committee Member 1938
Nurse from Brooklyn Operating Surgeon 1938
College Swing Professor 1938
Women Are Like That Party Guest 1938
The Lady in the Morgue Party Guest 1938
Accidents Will Happen Juror 1938
Arsène Lupin Returns Man at Hotel Desk 1938
The Ship That Died Ship Inquiry Board Member 1938
The Daredevil Drivers Mr. Farnsworth 1938
The Goldwyn Follies Man in Audience at Opera 1938
Man-Proof Man In Restaurant 1938
Sergeant Murphy Extra at Grand National Race 1938
Missing Witnesses Man in Lane's Outer Office 1937
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry Extra Listening to Radio 1937
52nd Street Nightclub Patron 1937
Stand-In Party Guest 1937
Live, Love and Learn Extra in Gallery 1937
Breakfast for Two Man in Waiting Room 1937
The Awful Truth Lucy's Attorney 1937
It's Love I'm After Mr. Kane 1937
Stage Door Actor in Powell's Waiting Room 1937
Music for Madame Wedding Guest / Wedding Guest (Uncredited) 1937
One Hundred Men and a Girl Concert Attendee 1937
Vogues of 1938 Mr. Mortimer - a Creditor 1937
Stella Dallas Guest at River Club 1937
The Emperor's Candlesticks Man at Auction 1937
Married Before Breakfast Executive Wiping Cream Off 1937
A Day at the Races Party Guest 1937
Meet the Missus Husband 1937
Kid Galahad Title Fight Ringsider 1937
Nancy Steele Is Missing! Juryman 1937
A Doctor's Diary Doctor 1937
Stolen Holiday Fashion Show Attendee 1937
Mama Steps Out Man at Ship's Party 1937
Man of the People Party Guest 1937
That Girl from Paris Wedding Guest 1936
Gold Diggers of 1937 Man in Hobart's Office 1936
Three Smart Girls Dinner Guest 1936
Great Guy Party Guest / Party Guest (Uncredited) 1936
Under Your Spell Sponsor 1936
Polo Joe Luncheon Guest 1936
15 Maiden Lane Party Guest 1936
Libeled Lady Ship's Passenger 1936
Dodsworth Ship Passenger / Ship Passenger (Uncredited) 1936
Give Me Your Heart Mr. Hayle - the Host 1936
Sitting on the Moon Mr. Stevens 1936
The Gorgeous Hussy Guest at Ball 1936
Swing Time Roulette Player 1936
Yours for the Asking Man 1936
Satan Met a Lady Man on Dance Floor 1936
The White Angel Officer at Minister's Meeting 1936
The Return of Sophie Lang S.S. Niantic Passenger 1936
The Law in Her Hands Appellate Court Judge 1936
Fatal Lady Bit 1936
Champagne Charlie Gambling House Patron 1936
Crashing Through Danger Board Member 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Party Guest 1936
Till We Meet Again Viennese Cafe Patron 1936
Moonlight Murder Attendee at Hollywood Bowl 1936
Dangerous Intrigue Hospital Board Member 1936
Two Against the World Extra in Bar 1936
Freshman Love Henderson 1935
If You Could Only Cook Howard - Member of Board of Directors 1935
Sylvia Scarlett Park Scam Onlooker 1935
Man of Iron Man in Country Club Shower 1935
Miss Pacific Fleet Nightclub Patron 1935
Broadway Hostess Banker 1935
Frisco Kid First Man 1935
Splendor Party Guest 1935
A Night at the Opera Dignitary 1935
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Angry Restaurant Patron 1935
A Feather in Her Hat Theatregoer 1935
Personal Maid's Secret Mr. William Bentley 1935
3 Kids and a Queen Relative 1935
It's in the Air Man in Lobby 1935
Navy Wife Ship Passenger 1935
The Gay Deception Royal Banquet Extra / Hotel Lobby Extra 1935
Page Miss Glory Advertising Board Member 1935
Anna Karenina Racetrack Spectator 1935
Broadway Melody of 1936 Man in Audience for Daydream Montage 1935
Orchids to You Board of Directors Member 1935
Dante's Inferno Ship Passenger 1935
Broadway Gondolier Man Leaving Opera / Dancer 1935
Love Me Forever Opera Spectator 1935
Break of Hearts New Year's Eve Celebrant 1935
In Caliente Nightclub Patron 1935
Let 'em Have It Parole Board Member 1935
Werewolf of London Party Gust 1935
Goin' to Town Nightclub Patron 1935
Go Into Your Dance Nightclub Patron 1935
Gypsy Sweetheart Lawn Party Guest 1935
One New York Night Hotel Guest 1935
The Good Fairy Nightclub Guest 1935
The Gilded Lily London Nightclub Patron 1935
The President Vanishes Cabinet Member / Legislator 1935
Bordertown George - Man at New Casino 1935
Bright Eyes Lawyer at Hearing 1934
The Secret Bride Senator 1934
Behold My Wife! Society Man at Party 1934
I Am a Thief First Auction Bidder 1934
Imitation of Life Party Guest 1934
Kid Millions Ship's Officer 1934
The Captain Hates the Sea Undetermined Secondary Role 1934
I Sell Anything $300 Bidder at Antiques Auction 1934
A Lost Lady Extra at Dance 1934
Desirable Second Playgoer 1934
Dames Ounce's Second Receptionist 1934
Chained Ship's Passenger 1934
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back Wedding Guest 1934
We're Rich Again Wedding Guest 1934
Shoot the Works Night Club Patron 1934
The World Moves On Party Guest - 1825 1934
Thirty Day Princess Court Officer 1934
Strictly Dynamite Restaurant Patron 1934
Change of Heart Man Reading Paper in Brisbane's Office 1934
Sadie McKee Nightclub Patron 1934
Stand Up and Cheer! Senator 1934
Upperworld Banquet Guest 1934
Registered Nurse Club Patron 1934
You're Telling Me! Businessman 1934
Search for Beauty Health Acres Guest 1934
Gallant Lady Mr. Mortimer 1934
Mr. Skitch Gambling House Patron 1933
Flying Down to Rio Nightclub Patron 1933
Design for Living Theatre Patron 1933
Dancing Lady Man in Bradley Sr.'s Outer Office 1933
Man's Castle Restaurant Patron 1933
Duck Soup Minister 1933
Female Board Member / Board Member (Uncredited) 1933
Broadway Thru a Keyhole Nightclub Dance Extra / Nightclub Patron 1933
I'm No Angel Courtroom Spectator 1933
Brief Moment Deane's Business Associate 1933
Stage Mother Shipboard Extra / Audience Extra 1933
Turn Back the Clock Party Guest 1933
Reunion in Vienna Tourist 1933
Horse Play Hotel Guest 1933
The Girl in 419 Party Guest 1933
The Thrill Hunter Dinner Guest 1933
Parole Girl Nightclub Patron 1933
He Learned About Women Man In Crowd 1933
Grand Slam Lola's Bridge Partner 1933
Hello, Everybody! Casino Patron 1933
Child of Manhattan Table Extra at Club 1933
Air Hostess Speakeasy Customer 1933
Lawyer Man Juror 1932
Rasputin and the Empress Officer Watching Celebration Mass 1932
Night After Night Nightclub Patron 1932
The Cabin in the Cotton Planter 1932
The Phantom President Guest 1932
Down to Earth Party Guest 1932
Blondie of the Follies Party Guest 1932
The Night Mayor Dignitary 1932
The Purchase Price Dance Extra 1932
Skyscraper Souls Party Guest 1932
The Washington Masquerade Senate Board of Inquiry Member 1932
Red-Headed Woman Gaerste's Dinner Guest 1932
What Price Hollywood? Diner at Brown Derby 1932
The Dark Horse Convention Delegate 1932
Merrily We Go to Hell Party Guest 1932
Night Court Assistant District Attorney 1932
Huddle Dinner Dance Guest 1932
The Trial of Vivienne Ware Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 1932
The Roadhouse Murder Juryman 1932
-But the Flesh Is Weak Party Guest 1932
The Wet Parade Dinner Guest 1932
The Beast of the City Assistant District Attorney 1932
Two Kinds of Women Captain of Waiters 1932
Forbidden Man at Political Convention 1932
Men of Chance Racetrack Spectator 1932
Delicious Ship Passenger 1931
Peach O'Reno Casino Guest 1931
Working Girls Party Guest 1931
Arrowsmith Ship's Passenger 1931
Blonde Crazy Nightclub Patron under Title Credits 1931
Her Majesty, Love Nightclub Patron 1931
Ambassador Bill Embassy Aide 1931
The Yellow Ticket Man in Club 1931
Platinum Blonde Party Guest 1931
Palmy Days Party Guest 1931
Transatlantic Stateroom Guest 1931
Guilty Hands Party Guest 1931
Three Who Loved Mr. Dale 1931
Goldie Fashion Show Extra 1931
Laugh and Get Rich Mr. Bellweather - Party Guest 1931
Doctors' Wives Observer in Operating Theatre 1931
Reaching for the Moon Ship's Party Guest 1931

Director Filmography

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