Edward Earle

IVA Star Rating : 65
Edward Earle was a Canadian-American stage, film and television actor. In a career which lasted from the early 1900s to 1966, he appeared in almost 400 films between 1914 and 1956. He was born in Toronto and died in Los Angeles, aged 90.

Edward Earle was a Canadian-American stage, film and television actor. In a career which lasted from the early 1900s to 1966, he appeared in almost 400 films between 1914 and 1956. He was born in Toronto and died in Los Angeles, aged 90.


Sunday, 16 July 1882


Friday, 15 December 1972

Actor Filmography

The Deputy Judge R. A. Jenson 1959
The Texan Mr. Mead 1958
Rescue 8 Mr. Dixon 1958
M Squad Doctor 1957
The Ten Commandments Slave 1956
Broken Arrow Secretary of Interior 1956
The She-Creature Professor Anderson 1956
Francis in the Haunted House Howard Grisby 1956
Never Say Goodbye Colonel Washburn 1956
Camera Three Man I, Self - Reader 1956
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Actor Filmography

The Deputy Judge R. A. Jenson 1959
The Texan Mr. Mead 1958
Rescue 8 Mr. Dixon 1958
M Squad Doctor 1957
The Ten Commandments Slave 1956
Broken Arrow Secretary of Interior 1956
The She-Creature Professor Anderson 1956
Francis in the Haunted House Howard Grisby 1956
Never Say Goodbye Colonel Washburn 1956
Camera Three Man I, Self - Reader 1956
Crossroads Doctor, Senate Chairman 1955
One Desire Mr. Hathaway 1955
Science Fiction Theatre Dr. Joel Kerwin 1955
A Man Called Peter Sen. Prescott 1955
The Bob Cummings Show The Justice 1955
Sign of the Pagan Senator 1954
Three Hours to Kill Townsman 1954
Adventures of the Falcon Major Harris 1954
Annie Oakley Priest 1954
I Led 3 Lives Randall Milton 1953
City Detective Chief Insp. J.B. Cleary 1953
The Stranger Wore a Gun Jeb - Martin's Friend 1953
Vice Squad Vault Teller 1953
It Happens Every Thursday Van Fleet 1953
You Are There Charles G. Ross, General Marcy, Mr. Hale, President Woodrow Wilson 1953
The Mississippi Gambler Stanley - Dureau Lawyer 1953
The Lawless Breed J. Edward 'Henry' Johnson 1952
The Blazing Forest Mr. Simpson 1952
Hangman's Knot Union Captain 1952
The Raiders Judge 1952
Mr. & Mrs. North Dr. Moore, Wilkie 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Randall 1952
Four Star Playhouse Caldwell, Third Mailman 1952
The Merry Widow Chestnut Vendor 1952
The Rose Bowl Story Dr. Thompson 1952
Francis Goes to West Point Col. Denning 1952
My Little Margie Dr. Farrell 1952
Death Valley Days Zachary Taylor 1952
Flight to Mars Justin / Justin, Alita's father 1951
The Big Gusher Oil Man 1951
The Texas Rangers Lowden 1951
Go for Broke! General at Dress Parade 1951
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone Mr. Fillion 1950
When You're Smiling Foster 1950
The Lawless Town Councilman 1950
Annie Get Your Gun Footman 1950
Please Believe Me Elevator Passenger 1950
Beware of Blondie J.C. Dithers / Mr. J.C. Dithers 1950
Blondie's Hero Richard Rogers 1950
Key to the City Councilman 1950
That Midnight Kiss Jason 1949
The Gal Who Took the West Mr. Nolan 1949
Command Decision Congressman Watson 1948
The Dark Past McCoy 1948
Words and Music James Fernby Kelly 1948
An Act of Murder Dr. Standish 1948
Strike It Rich The Governor 1948
The Babe Ruth Story Dr. Hawley 1948
Night Has a Thousand Eyes Accident Witness 1948
Mickey Dr. Merckle 1948
Big Town Scandal Court Clerk 1948
River Lady Executive 1948
The Bride Goes Wild Stevens, the Butler 1948
Ride the Pink Horse Locke 1947
Dragnet District Attorney 1947
Heartaches Anatole Hendricks - Radio Station Manager 1947
The Homestretch Mac 1947
The Beginning or the End Charles G. Ross 1947
The Mighty McGurk Martin 1947
The Best Years of Our Lives Steese - Bank 1946
Accomplice Jim Bonniwell 1946
Swamp Fire Baxter 1946
Dark Alibi Thomas Harley 1946
The Devil's Mask E. R. Willard / E.R. Willard 1946
They Made Me a Killer Dr. Reeves 1946
The Postman Always Rings Twice Doctor 1946
Swing Parade of 1946 John - Curly's Restaurant Patron 1946
The Harvey Girls Jed Adams 1946
Captain Tugboat Annie J.A. Harper 1945
Purity Squad Judge 1945
Scared Stiff Joshua Elliot / Joshua Elliott (Uncredited) 1945
The Cisco Kid in Old New Mexico The Printer 1945
The Master Key Phillips - Editor 1945
Circumstantial Evidence Doctor 1945
It's a Pleasure Manager of Jewelry Store 1945
Eadie Was a Lady Director 1945
Can't Help Singing President Polk 1944
Practically Yours Hadley's Assistant Manager 1944
Double Exposure Dist. Atty. Merkle / District Attorney Merkle 1944
Nothing But Trouble Jobseeker 1944
Faces in the Fog Wells 1944
Three Is a Family Prospective Husband 1944
I Accuse My Parents Judge 1944
My Buddy Chairman 1944
Kansas City Kitty Lawyer Burgess 1944
Casanova Brown Doctor 1944
Black Magic Dawson, Police Lab 1944
Maisie Goes to Reno Hotel Desk Clerk / Hotel Desk Clerk (Uncredited) 1944
Wilson Reporter 1944
Ghost Catchers Ticket Seller 1944
Detective Kitty O'Day Oliver M. Wentworth / Wentworth 1944
The Story of Dr. Wassell Navy Officer - 'Surabaya' 1944
Up in Arms Sherwood - Draft Board Member 1944
Knickerbocker Holiday Barker 1944
The Navy Way Commandant 1944
California Joe Colonel Burgess / Weldon's Commanding Officer 1943
What a Woman! Livingstone 1943
Jack London James Hare 1943
Klondike Kate Official 1943
The Heat's On One of Fay's Writers 1943
The Dancing Masters Clerk at Airport 1943
Minesweeper Officer at Briefing 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Salesman 1943
So Proudly We Hail! Doctor / Doctor (Uncredited) 1943
The West Side Kid Racketeer 1943
Someone to Remember Mr. Fielding 1943
The Good Fellows Architect 1943
Tornado Banker 1943
Bordertown Gun Fighters Dan Forrester 1943
Alaska Highway Blair Caswell 1943
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case Morris 1943
Good Morning, Judge Ducky Evans 1943
Chatterbox Production Assistant 1943
Crash Dive Wreckage Victim 1943
Hangmen Also Die! Professor 1943
King of the Cowboys Businessman 1943
Slightly Dangerous Newspaper Employee 1943
Hello Frisco, Hello Opera House Stage Manager 1943
Aerial Gunner Squadron Commanding Officer 1943
Two Weeks to Live Doctor J.J. O'Brien 1943
Submarine Alert Dr. Barclay 1943
Lucky Jordan Government Courier with Briefcase 1942
Youth on Parade Major 1942
Smith of Minnesota Bill Glaser 1942
A Letter from Bataan Bit Role 1942
Wake Island Commander 1942
I Live on Danger Judge 1942
Pacific Rendezvous Dr. Jackwin's Assistant 1942
Dr. Broadway Assistant District Attorney Hayes 1942
Sunday Punch Clerk 1942
Sleepytime Gal Dr. Bell 1942
Blue, White and Perfect First Officer Richards 1942
Pacific Blackout Army Major 1941
Johnny Eager Man #2 Watching Dog Run at Track 1941
No Hands on the Clock Passerby Below Clock 1941
Great Guns War Games Umpire 1941
We Go Fast Courtroom Lawyer 1941
Mystery Ship Justice of the Peace 1941
Sun Valley Serenade Murray's Rehearsal Associate 1941
The Richest Man in Town Berton 1941
Blondie in Society Mr. Griffin, Dog Show Official 1941
Power Dive Col. Ryan 1941
She Knew All the Answers Harassed Man 1941
Border Vigilantes Banker Stevens / Stevens 1941
Rookies on Parade Officer 1941
Men of Boys Town Chairman 1941
Meet John Doe Radio Master of Ceremonies 1941
Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery Hotel Manager 1941
Scattergood Baines Crane 1941
Ride, Kelly, Ride Judge Pine - Race Track Steward 1941
Ridin' on a Rainbow Banker 1941
This Thing Called Love Bit Part 1941
The Mad Doctor Librarian / Librarian (Uncredited) 1940
Life with Henry Executive Assistant 1940
Nobody's Children Mr. Rogers 1940
Angels Over Broadway Vincent - Headwaiter 1940
I Want a Divorce Minister 1940
Before I Hang Dr. Nichols 1940
Soak the Old Doctor 1940
I Love You Again Mr. Watkins - Man in Bar on Ship 1940
Pier 13 Peters 1940
Golden Gloves Mr. Lester 1940
Girls of the Road Sen. Wilson 1940
Manhattan Heartbeat Official 1940
Sailor's Lady Navigator 1940
Edison, the Man Broker 1940
If I Had My Way Headwaiter 1940
The Doctor Takes a Wife Party Guest 1940
Dark Command Town Leader 1940
Black Friday Detective 1940
Seventeen Headwaiter 1940
The Blue Bird Maple Tree 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Officer 1940
The Green Hornet Felix Grant [Ch. 1] / Felix Grant 1940
Swanee River Master of Ceremonies 1940
The Big Guy Police Announcer 1939
Remember? Joe 1939
The Honeymoon's Over Building & Loan Manager 1939
Barricade American Consul's Under-Secretary 1939
Buried Alive Charlie Blake 1939
Sued for Libel Judge Samuel Clark / Judge Clark 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Reporter 1939
Hollywood Cavalcade Actor 1939
The Day the Bookies Wept Race Judge 1939
In Old Monterey Army Captain 1939
When Tomorrow Comes Assistant Manager 1939
Miracles for Sale Ace of Spades Man 1939
Second Fiddle Gregg - Screen Test Director / Gregg 1939
Man of Conquest Cmdr. Blake 1939
Mandrake, the Magician Dr. Andre Bennett 1939
Back Door to Heaven Judge 1939
East Side of Heaven Mr. Henry Smith 1939
I'm from Missouri Judge 1939
Within the Law Floorwalker 1939
Three Smart Girls Grow Up Executive 1939
The Ice Follies of 1939 Man with Tolliver and Director / Man with Tolliver and Director (Uncredited) 1939
Society Smugglers Customs Officer 1939
Woman Doctor Test Flight Executive 1939
Flying G-Men Frank Carlton, FBI Director 1939
Four Girls in White Druggist 1939
Kentucky Man with Woman at Race Track 1938
Newsboys' Home FBI Man 1938
Sweethearts Man in Lobby 1938
The Duke of West Point Surgeon 1938
I Am a Criminal Clark 1938
Reefer Madness Mr. Wayne - Federal Bureau Investigator 1938
Say It in French Bit Part 1938
The Headleys at Home Van Wyck Schuyler 1938
Men with Wings Officer 1938
The Spider's Web J.R. Adams 1938
Youth Takes a Fling Businessman 1938
You Can't Take It with You Bank Manager 1938
Give Me a Sailor Businessman #1 1938
Letter of Introduction Man in Audience 1938
Crime Ring Psychiatrist 1938
City Streets Mr. Chandler 1938
The Rage of Paris Chief of Waiters 1938
Squadron of Honor Haynes 1938
Woman Against Woman Country Club Guest 1938
Riders of the Black Hills Race Track Steward 1938
The Marines Are Here Lt. Drake 1938
Safety in Numbers Sloane 1938
Phantom Ranger Matthews 1938
Battle of Broadway Minister 1938
Code of the Rangers Banker Price 1938
Mr. Moto's Gamble Medical Examiner 1938
Judge Hardy's Children Penniwill, Hotel Manager 1938
Her Jungle Love Capt. Avery 1938
When G-Men Step In Morton 1938
The Jury's Secret Man in Corridor 1938
Wells Fargo Mr. Padden 1937
Rosalie Captain of Romanza Cruiser 1937
Amateur Crook Deputy Jonas 1937
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry Bettor Saying 'Pookah's Running Last' 1937
Murder in Greenwich Village Mr. Andrews 1937
Live, Love and Learn Second Gallery Salesman 1937
That's My Story! Reporter 1937
Sky Racket FBI Chief Maddox 1937
She Asked for It Lawyer 1937
Artist and Models Flunky 1937
Love in a Bungalow Clerk in Bisbee's Office 1937
A Day at the Races Race Judge 1937
The Frame-Up Ellery Richards 1937
Headline Crasher Atwood 1937
Parole Racket Anderson 1937
History Is Made at Night Ship's Officer Talking to Capt. Alden 1937
When's Your Birthday? Hotel Clerk 1937
A Doctor's Diary P.J.'s Secretary 1937
The Devil Diamond Arthur Stevens 1937
Mysterious Crossing Hotel Manager 1936
Career Woman Minister 1936
Adventure in Manhattan Jef - Henchman 1936
The Luckiest Girl in the World Headwaiter 1936
Wives Never Know Mr. Lawyer 1936
Lady Be Careful Second Officer 1936
The Final Hour Assistant Attorney 1936
San Francisco Earthquake Survivor 1936
The Return of Sophie Lang George - Hotel Clerk 1936
Counterfeit Professor 1936
The Case Against Mrs. Ames Maitland Harris 1936
Love Before Breakfast Quartermaster 1936
The Music Goes 'Round Manager of Broadcasting Station 1936
Lady of Secrets Bill 1936
The Bohemian Girl Arnheim's Guard 1936
Dangerous Waters Officer Nelson 1936
Magnificent Obsession Mr. Miller 1935
Super-Speed Holmes 1935
Coronado Businessman 1935
Grand Exit Optical Man 1935
Rendezvous Man in Code Room 1935
Here Comes the Band Major 1935
Lady Tubbs Hotel Manager 1935
Chinatown Squad Hudson - Palmer's Attorney 1935
Fighting Lady Eugene 'Breck' Breckenridge 1935
The Miracle Rider Christopher Adam - Indian Agent / Christopher Adams 1935
West Point of the Air Army Officer in Locker Room 1935
The Revenge Rider Kramer 1935
Mutiny Ahead Barnes 1935
Ticket to a Crime Willis Purdy / Willard Purdy 1934
Mystery Mountain Frank Blayden 1934
The White Parade Bolger 1934
March of the Wooden Soldiers Townsman 1934
She Was a Lady Minor Role 1934
Here Comes the Navy Navy Chaplain 1934
He Was Her Man Hotel Clerk 1934
Little Miss Marker Marky's Father 1934
Stand Up and Cheer! Secret Service Man 1934
The Prizefighter and the Lady Ryan's Associate 1933
The Man Who Dared Minister 1933
Alimony Madness Joel Mason 1933
Revenge at Monte Carlo Francisco Hernandez 1933
Scandal for Sale Murder Victim 1932
A Woman of Experience Captain Kurt von Hausen 1931
Stout Hearts and Willing Hands The Masque 1931
Phantom of the Desert Dan Denton 1930
Second Honeymoon Jim Huntley 1930
The Hottentot Larry Crawford 1929
Spite Marriage Lionel Benmore 1929
Friendship 1st Friend 1929
The Wind Beverly 1928
Spring Fever Johnson / Harry Johnson 1927
Twelve Miles Out John Burton 1927
A Woman's Heart Ralph Deane 1926
The Greater Glory Otto Steiner 1926
Irene Larry Hadley 1926
The Family Secret Garry Holmes 1924
The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies Nephew [Ch. 2] 1914
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