Edward Gargan

IVA Star Rating : 45
Edward Gargan was an American film and television actor, one of the most prolific bit players in the history of the movies.

Edward Gargan was an American film and television actor, one of the most prolific bit players in the history of the movies.


Thursday, 17 July 1902


Wednesday, 19 February 1964

Actor Filmography

Two Knights from Brooklyn Cab Driver 1957
Our Miss Brooks Officer Jack Hurley 1952
Little Egypt Police Sergeant 1951
Bedtime for Bonzo Policeman Bill (as Ed Gargan) / Policeman Bill 1951
Valentino Cop in Central Park 1951
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet the Invisible Man Milt 1951
Cuban Fireball Ritter 1951
Hit Parade of 1951 Garrity 1950
Lux Video Theatre Dolan, Policeman 1950
Triple Trouble Police Officer Murphy 1950
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Actor Filmography

Two Knights from Brooklyn Cab Driver 1957
Our Miss Brooks Officer Jack Hurley 1952
Little Egypt Police Sergeant 1951
Bedtime for Bonzo Policeman Bill (as Ed Gargan) / Policeman Bill 1951
Valentino Cop in Central Park 1951
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet the Invisible Man Milt 1951
Cuban Fireball Ritter 1951
Hit Parade of 1951 Garrity 1950
Lux Video Theatre Dolan, Policeman 1950
Triple Trouble Police Officer Murphy 1950
Father of the Bride Moving Man with Door 1950
Square Dance Katy Police Officer Casey 1950
Love Happy Cop Who Captures Harpo 1950
The Kid from Texas Blacksmith 1950
Belle of Old Mexico Sam 1950
Key to the City S.F. Cop - Fire Escape 1950
Feudin' Rhythm Fire Chief 1949
That Midnight Kiss Traffic Cop 1949
Mighty Joe Young Bar Patron 1949
Hold That Baby! Burton - Policeman / Policeman Burton 1949
Blondie's Secret The Butcher 1948
Strike It Rich Mack - the Bartender / Mack 1948
You Gotta Stay Happy Detective / Detective (Uncredited) 1948
Adventures of Gallant Bess Deputy / Deputy Sheriff 1948
The Babe Ruth Story Policeman 1948
A Southern Yankee Male Nurse 1948
Daredevils of the Clouds Tap-It Bowers 1948
The Dude Goes West Train Conductor 1948
Smart Woman Interrogator at Police Line-Up 1948
Are You with It? Spectator 1948
Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! Ted 1948
Campus Honeymoon Motorcycle Cop 1948
Exposed Big Mac 1947
The Trouble with Women Mr. Fogarty 1947
Little Miss Broadway Uncle George 1947
Web of Danger Dolan, Restaurant Owner 1947
Saddle Pals Jailer 1947
That's My Gal Mike 1947
So You're Going to Be a Father Pie Truck Driver 1947
It Happened on Fifth Avenue Policeman in Park 1947
The Ghost Goes Wild Newsstand Man 1947
The Brasher Doubloon Truck Driver 1947
Crack-Up Cop in Arcade / Cop in Arcade (Uncredited) 1946
Faithful in My Fashion Cop 1946
The Inner Circle Parking Ticket Cop 1946
The Dark Horse Eustace Kelly 1946
Behind the Mask Detective Dixon 1946
Cinderella Jones Riley 1946
Blonde Alibi Police Sergeant / Police Sergeant (Uncredited) 1946
Little Giant Policeman 1946
Deadline at Dawn Bouncer 1946
Pardon My Past Policeman at Pemberton Home 1946
Gay Blades Bartender 1946
Follow That Woman Butch 1945
Life with Blondie Dogcatcher 1945
She Wouldn't Say Yes Cab Driver 1945
Sing Your Way Home Jailer 1945
Her Highness and the Bellboy 1st Cop 1945
Guest Wife Waiter 1945
The Beautiful Cheat Blue Moon manager 1945
The Naughty Nineties Baxter - Saloon Bartender 1945
Dangerous Partners Police Sgt. at Kempen's Apartment 1945
A Sporting Chance Mike Ryan 1945
That's the Spirit Cop 1945
Twice Blessed Outraged Baseball Fan 1945
The Great John L. (scenes deleted) 1945
Diamond Horseshoe Grogan - Stagehand 1945
The Bullfighters Vasso - Man Practicing Speech 1945
It's in the Bag! Chair Delivery Man 1945
Earl Carroll Vanities Policeman 1945
See My Lawyer Furniture Mover 1945
High Powered Cal Williams 1945
Wonder Man Policeman in Park / Policeman in Prospect Park 1945
Music for Millions Detective 1944
The Thin Man Goes Home Mickey Finnegan 1944
San Diego I Love You Policeman 1944
San Fernando Valley Keno 1944
Once Upon a Time Cop Outside Flynn Theatrer 1944
Song of the Open Road Poultry Truck Driver 1944
Detective Kitty O'Day Mike / Mike Storm 1944
The Great Alaskan Mystery Kurtz [Chs. 4-13] / Kurtz 1944
The Falcon Out West Homicide Detective Bates 1944
In Old Oklahoma Kelsey - Waiter / Kelsey, Palace Hotel Waiter 1943
The Falcon and the Co-eds Detective Bates 1943
My Kingdom for a Cook Duke 1943
Princess O'Rourke Slugged Pedestrian 1943
Thank Your Lucky Stars Doorman 1943
The West Side Kid Donovan 1943
The Falcon in Danger Detective Bates / Det. Bates 1943
Hit the Ice Bank Policeman 1943
Taxi, Mister Willie, Court Bailiff / Cabby / Ballplayer 1943
Tahiti Honey George, the Bartender 1943
The Falcon Strikes Back Detective Bates 1943
Prairie Chickens Bus Driver 1943
Something to Shout About Detective Stone 1943
The Meanest Man in the World Hotel Detective 1943
They Got Me Covered Cop at Bridge 1943
Andy Hardy's Double Life Motorcycle Policeman 1942
My Heart Belongs to Daddy Mr. Johnson - Detective 1942
The Falcon's Brother Detective Bates 1942
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Doorman 1942
My Sister Eileen Murphy - Policeman 1942
Between Us Girls Cabbie / Cab Driver 1942
A-Haunting We Will Go Police Lt. Foster 1942
Blondie for Victory Sergeant 1942
Lady in a Jam Deputy 1942
They All Kissed the Bride Private Policeman 1942
Ten Gentlemen from West Point Bombardier 1942
The Falcon Takes Over Detective Bates / Detective Bates (Uncredited) 1942
Miss Annie Rooney Policeman 1942
Flying with Music Joe 1942
Meet the Stewarts Moving Man 1942
My Favorite Blonde Mulrooney 1942
What's Cookin' Undetermined Secondary Role 1942
Dr. Kildare's Victory Willie Brooks 1942
Fly-By-Night Officer Charlie Prescott 1942
A Date with the Falcon Detective Bates 1942
Over My Dead Body Police Sergeant 1942
The Night of January 16th Cop Who Helps the Drunk 1941
Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring Dumb Henchman 1941
Niagara Falls Chuck 1941
Lady Be Good Policeman 1941
Navy Blues Hawaii Club Proprietor 1941
Ice-Capades Joe, the Bouncer 1941
Tillie the Toiler Policeman 1941
Three Sons o' Guns Sylvester / Sylvester, the Milkman 1941
Tight Shoes Blooch 1941
Million Dollar Baby Customs Officer 1941
Affectionately Yours Traffic Policeman 1941
Thieves Fall Out Kane / Dudley Kane 1941
Men of Boys Town Detective Arresting Whitey 1941
Here Comes Happiness Joe 1941
Flight from Destiny Hotel Doorman 1941
Tall, Dark and Handsome Store Detective 1941
Four Mothers Harry 1941
This Thing Called Love Police Officer 1941
Bowery Boy Mr. Hanson 1940
San Francisco Docks Hank / Hank Williams 1940
Go West Railroad Ticket Seller 1940
The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date Chimp 1940
Street of Memories Mike Sullivan 1940
Tugboat Annie Sails Again Policeman 1940
Slightly Tempted Gottlieb, Policeman 1940
The Villain Still Pursued Her Bartender 1940
Spring Parade Inga - the Fortune Teller 1940
City for Conquest Joe - Foreman 1940
Girl from God's Country Poker Player 1940
Queen of the Mob Bank Guard 1940
Susan and God Cabbie 1940
I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby Policeman at Robbery 1940
An Angel from Texas New York Policeman 1940
The Doctor Takes a Wife George - Doorman 1940
Buck Benny Rides Again Policeman 1940
Two Girls on Broadway Policeman Guarding Courtroom 1940
It All Came True Police Desk Sergeant 1940
Road to Singapore Bill - Sailor 1940
Johnny Apollo Detective 1940
3 Cheers for the Irish Policeman O'Brien 1940
Adventure in Diamonds Lou 1940
Charlie Chan in Panama Plant Workman 1940
Northwest Passage Capt. Butterfield 1940
Castle on the Hudson Death Row Guard 1940
The Saint's Double Trouble Police Sergeant 1940
Wolf of New York W. Thornton Upshaw 1940
Brother Rat and a Baby Taxicab Driver / Cab Driver 1940
A Child Is Born Officer Riley 1940
Another Thin Man Detective Quinn 1939
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence Truck Driver 1939
20, 000 Men a Year Dunk 1939
Pack Up Your Troubles Sentry 1939
On Your Toes First Policeman 1939
$1000 a Touchdown Ironmansky 1939
They All Come Out George Jacklin - 'Bugs' / George "Bugs" Jacklin 1939
The Spellbinder Tom - Taxi Driver / Tom, Taxi Driver (Uncredited) 1939
It Could Happen to You Bartender 1939
Boy Friend Bugsie 1939
Lucky Night Policeman 1939
For Love or Money Bubbles 1939
Fixer Dugan Jake 1939
The Flying Irishman J.R. Robinson / Jim 'J.R.' Robinson 1939
The Family Next Door Cop 1939
Blondie Meets the Boss Garden Café Doorman 1939
The Saint Strikes Back Pinky Budd 1939
Yes, My Darling Daughter Police Officer 1939
Cafe Society Cop 1939
Honolulu 2nd Detective / Second Detective 1939
Boy Trouble Cop 1939
Newsboys' Home Policeman 1938
Road Demon Beefy Hogan 1938
Spring Madness Jim - a Policeman / Jim 1938
Thanks for the Memory Flanahan 1938
Annabel Takes a Tour Longshoreman at dance 1938
Five of a Kind Tim Kelly - Bartender 1938
Straight Place and Show Detective Globe 1938
Carefree Policeman 1938
Give Me a Sailor Chief Petty Officer 1938
The Texans Sgt. Grady 1938
Gateway Guard 1938
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse Police Sergeant 1938
The Rage of Paris Truck Driver 1938
Men Are Such Fools 2nd Policeman 1938
The Devil's Party Police Sgt. Enders 1938
Crime School Officer Hogan 1938
Goodbye Broadway Bus Driver 1938
Love on a Budget Big Furniture Mover 1938
Bringing Up Baby Zoo Official 1938
Wallaby Jim of the Islands Buck Morgan / [scenes deleted] 1937
Danger Patrol John Donovan 1937
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry Park Policeman 1937
A Girl with Ideas Eddie 1937
That's My Story! John 1937
Madame X Mate of Dorcas 1937
Back in Circulation Policeman at Train Wreck 1937
Big City Policeman with Banana 1937
High, Wide and Handsome Foreman 1937
Wake Up and Live Murphy, Tour Guide Supervisor 1937
San Quentin 'Captain' Road Gang Guard 1937
The Go Getter Police Officar Riley 1937
You Can't Buy Luck Butch 1937
Jim Hanvey, Detective O. R.Smith / O.R. Smith 1937
The Man Who Found Himself Policeman in Park 1937
When Love Is Young Policeman 1937
Nancy Steele Is Missing! Guard 1937
The Great O'Malley Policeman Driving Radio Car 1937
We're on the Jury Police Officer Clark / Officer Clark 1937
Great Guy Al / Henchman Al 1936
Under Your Spell Detective 1936
Wild Brian Kent Joe - Waiter 1936
Two in a Crowd Policeman 1936
Valiant Is the Word for Carrie 1936
Wives Never Know Officer 1936
Stage Struck Rordan 1936
My Man Godfrey Detective 1936
A Son Comes Home Second Truck Driver 1936
Grand Jury Policeman Burke / Police Officer Tim Burke 1936
Nobody's Fool Tom 1936
Hearts in Bondage 'Mac' McPherson 1936
Roaming Lady Andy 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Bodyguard 1936
Boulder Dam Pa's Guest 1936
Sutter's Gold Wagon Driver 1936
The Walking Dead Guard Sitting Outside Warden's Office 1936
Dangerous Waters Bosun 1936
Anything Goes Detective 1936
Ceiling Zero Doc Wilson 1936
The Bride Comes Home Cab Driver 1935
Miss Pacific Fleet Shore Patrol Chief with Telephone 1935
False Pretenses Mike O'Reilly 1935
Hands Across the Table Pinky Kelly 1935
Barbary Coast Bill - Henchman 1935
Two for Tonight Taxi Driver 1935
Here Comes Cookie Policeman 1935
We're in the Money Policeman Clancy O'Rourke 1935
Man on the Flying Trapeze Patrolman No.1 / Patrolman 1935
The Irish in Us Tough Guy Slugged by Danny 1935
Ginger Detective 1935
So Red the Rose Cavalryman 1935
Behind the Green Lights Moran - a Cop 1935
One New York Night Trench 1935
The Gilded Lily Subway Guard 1935
Bachelor of Arts Policeman 1934
The Band Plays On Lumberjack 1934
Behold My Wife! Det. Connolly 1934
We Live Again Warden's Assistant 1934
Port of Lost Dreams Porky the Freda's 'Crew' 1934
She Had to Choose Higgins 1934
Belle of the Nineties Stogie / Stogie (Ruby's agent) 1934
She Was a Lady Bull 1934
The Girl from Missouri Cop 1934
Side Streets Cop 1934
Wild Gold Eddie Sparks 1934
Registered Nurse Officer Pat O'Brien 1934
Good Dame House Detective 1934
David Harum Bill Montague 1934
Queen Christina Drinker Betting on 9 1934
Radio Dough Gang Leader 1934
Gallant Lady Policeman on Street 1934
Fugitive Lovers Policeman 1934
Ace of Aces Whitaker - Mechanic 1933
Bombshell Second Immigration Officer 1933
Turn Back the Clock Pete - Checkers Player 1933
Three Cornered Moon Mike the Landlord 1933
Mary Stevens, M.D. 'Captain' the Policeman 1933
Pilgrimage Marty - Reporter 1933
Gambling Ship Deputy 1933
The Girl in 419 Lt. 'Babs' Riley 1933
The African Dodger 1931
Tarnished Lady Al - Man in Bar 1931
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