Edward Hearn

IVA Star Rating : 50

Birth Name

Guy Edward Hearn


Thursday, 06 September 1888


Monday, 15 April 1963

Actor Filmography

Tall Man Riding Townsman 1955
This Island Earth Reporter 1955
Three Sailors and a Girl Workman 1953
Conquest of Cochise Gen. Gadsden 1953
Powder River Man on Horse 1953
Port Sinister Capt. Crawley 1953
Count the Hours! Howard Combes 1953
The Man Behind the Gun Maj. Nichols 1953
Springfield Rifle Calhoun 1952
Cowboy G-Men Edward Morely 1952
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Actor Filmography

Tall Man Riding Townsman 1955
This Island Earth Reporter 1955
Three Sailors and a Girl Workman 1953
Conquest of Cochise Gen. Gadsden 1953
Powder River Man on Horse 1953
Port Sinister Capt. Crawley 1953
Count the Hours! Howard Combes 1953
The Man Behind the Gun Maj. Nichols 1953
Springfield Rifle Calhoun 1952
Cowboy G-Men Edward Morely 1952
My Man and I Deputy 1952
The Kid from Broken Gun Jury Foreman 1952
Carson City Sheriff 1952
Road Agent Sheriff Quillin 1952
Death Valley Days Judge Turner 1952
Pistol Harvest Terry Moran / Terry Moran (as Guy Edward Hearn) 1951
Tomorrow Is Another Day Prison Guard 1951
Strangers on a Train Lt. Campbell 1951
Lightning Strikes Twice Hank 1951
Raton Pass Treadwell - Lawyer 1951
Sugarfoot Auction Merchant 1951
Storm Warning Mr. Rainey 1951
Atom Man vs. Superman Prof. Stone [Chs. 3-4] 1950
The Great Jewel Robber Canadian Desk Sergeant 1950
The Lone Ranger Sheriff McClure 1949
Saratoga Trunk Man with Lantern 1945
An American Romance Mill Gateman 1944
Shine on Harvest Moon Disturbed Patron 1944
And the Angels Sing Squad Car Policeman 1944
Lost Angel Reporter 1943
Swing Shift Maisie Plant Guard / Plant Guard (Uncredited) 1943
Farm Hands Uncle George 1943
The Desperadoes Armed Townsman 1943
Air Raid Wardens Plant Watchman 1943
A Stranger in Town Courtroom Spectator 1943
Journey for Margaret Air-Raid Warden at Fire 1942
Northwest Rangers Gambler 1942
Baby Face Morgan Payoff Victim in Montage 1942
The Omaha Trail Man without Oxen to Sell 1942
Sabotage Squad Foreman / Dynamite Truck Driver 1942
The Talk of the Town Sergeant 1942
Cairo Cavity Rock Townsman / Egyptian with Trampolines 1942
Jackass Mail Miner 1942
Dr. Broadway Jim - Policeman 1942
Fingers at the Window Citizen 1942
Kid Glove Killer Truck Driver Eating at Eddire's 1942
I Was Framed Policeman 1942
My Favorite Blonde Train Official 1942
Mokey Policeman 1942
Klondike Fury Medical Board Member 1942
Nazi Agent Reporter 1942
Don't Talk Police Sergeant 1942
Dr. Kildare's Victory Accident Bystander 1942
The Vanishing Virginian Juror 1942
Don Winslow of the Navy Mill Henchman [Chs. 5-6] / Lead Henchman at Mill [Ch. 5] 1942
Pacific Blackout Sergeant 1941
Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. Cutter Captain 1941
Steel Against the Sky Undetermined Secondary Role 1941
Sullivan's Travels Policeman at Beverly Hills Station 1941
Holt of the Secret Service Agent Jim Layton 1941
Shadow of the Thin Man Policeman in Molly's Office 1941
Unholy Partners Newspaperman Listening to Teletype Report 1941
Honky Tonk Poker Player on Train 1941
Lady Be Good Bailiff 1941
Blossoms in the Dust Mill Worker 1941
Caught in the Draft Operation Manager 1941
The Getaway Policeman Outside Dance Hall 1941
Coffins on Wheels Father in Waiting Room 1941
Love Crazy Policeman 1941
Meet John Doe Mayor's Secretary 1941
The Round Up Poker Player 1941
White Eagle Mr. Gardner 1941
The Wild Man of Borneo (scenes deleted) 1941
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Patrol Cop 1940
Santa Fe Trail Abolitionist in Armory 1940
Go West Man at Saloon Door 1940
You, the People Policeman 1940
Remedy for Riches Police Patrolman-Driver 1940
Little Nellie Kelly Second Court Clerk 1940
The Green Archer Cop 1940
Sky Murder Man in Monrose's Office 1940
I Love You Again Observer of Man Overboard 1940
Deadwood Dick Tom Sharp 1940
We Who Are Young Turnkey 1940
Sporting Blood Bank Guard 1940
Adventures of Red Ryder Colonel Lang / Colonel Lang [Ch. 1] 1940
New Moon Bondsman 1940
A Way in the Wilderness Prisoner 1940
Women in Hiding Policeman 1940
Phantom Raiders Officer on the Orchid 1940
Florian Policeman 1940
Gangs of Chicago Policeman at Crime Scene 1940
Edison, the Man Broker 1940
Covered Wagon Days Captain Hudson 1940
Two Girls on Broadway Doorman 1940
Dark Command Jury Foreman 1940
Son of the Navy Desk Sgt. Flaherty 1940
My Little Chickadee Barfly Drinking Panther 1940
The Ghost Comes Home Townsman at Banquet 1940
The Man from Dakota Confederate Captain 1940
Chasing Trouble Callahan's Boss 1940
Know Your Money Walters 1940
Wolf of New York Cop 1940
Nick Carter, Master Detective Deputy 1939
The Stranger from Texas Marshal Ritchie 1939
Another Thin Man Detective 1939
Bad Little Angel Fireman 1939
Smashing the Money Ring Guard Muldoon 1939
Fast and Furious Turnkey 1939
Thunder Afloat Fisherman 1939
Dick Tracy's G-Men Forest Ranger 1939
Western Caravans Rancher 1939
Man of Conquest Undetermined Secondary Role 1939
Union Pacific Sergeant 1939
Broadway Serenade Frank 1939
Let Us Live Detective Carson 1939
Sergeant Madden Guard in Jail 1939
I Was a Convict McGee, a Guard 1939
Rollin' Westward Poker Player 1939
Texas Stampede Owens 1939
St. Louis Blues Actor 1939
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt Precinct Night Sergeant 1939
Stand Up and Fight Joe, Arnold's Henchman / Joe 1939
Sweethearts Party Guest 1938
Gang Bullets Detective Craig 1938
The Spider's Web Police Desk Sergeant 1938
West of the Santa Fe Crane 1938
Red Barry Detective O'Hara 1938
Juvenile Court Cop in PAL Office 1938
Boys Town Train Guard 1938
You Can't Take It with You Court Attendant 1938
Think It Over Detective 1938
Fast Company Policeman 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Tom Stedman (Ch's 14-15) 1938
Young Fugitives Legion Commander 1938
The Main Event Detective 1938
Professor Beware Cop 1938
International Crime Policeman 1938
Go Chase Yourself Jack - Raffle Seller in Bank 1938
Assassin of Youth Doctor 1938
Man-Proof Ticket Man 1938
The Shadow Circus Doctor 1937
Paid to Dance Butler 1937
Springtime in the Rockies Jed Thorpe 1937
The Old Wyoming Trail Hammond (as Eddie Hearn) / Hammond 1937
Trouble at Midnight DeHoff 1937
Ali Baba Goes to Town Sentry 1937
Life Begins with Love Detective 1937
Something to Sing About Studio Guard 1937
It Happened in Hollywood Cop 1937
Bad Guy Policeman Driving Kitty 1937
Souls at Sea Courtroom Spectator 1937
Exclusive Policeman 1937
It Can't Last Forever Federal Man 1937
Anything for a Thrill Collins 1937
A Star Is Born Sanitarium Attendant 1937
A Family Affair Minor Role 1937
Penrod and Sam 2nd G-Man 1937
Sandflow Liveryman 1937
Devil's Playground Surgeon 1937
The Mighty Treve Second Dog Show Judge 1937
The Boss Rider of Gun Creek Mal MacGregor 1936
The Accusing Finger Bailiff 1936
The Big Show Studio Man 1936
Mad Holiday Policeman 1936
The Man I Marry Chauffuer 1936
15 Maiden Lane Detective Thomas 1936
I Cover Chinatown Herbert - Tourist Husband 1936
The President's Mystery Meeting Moderator 1936
Ride 'Em Cowboy Man at Dance 1936
The Unknown Ranger Jim Wright 1936
Lady Luck Bill - a Cop 1936
Missing Girls Police Officer 1936
His Brother's Wife Laboratory Technician 1936
High Tension Businessman 1936
San Francisco Parishioner 1936
Easy Money Cop 1936
The Cattle Thief Chet 1936
Avenging Waters Foreman Jim 1936
Moonlight Murder Police Surgeon 1936
Silly Billies Mark - Martin's Brother 1936
King of the Pecos Eli Jackson 1936
Foolproof Policeman 1936
Red River Valley Sheriff Ed 1936
The Preview Murder Mystery Officer / Officer (Uncredited) 1936
The Leathernecks Have Landed Marine Officer 1936
The Lawless Nineties Townsman 1936
The Bridge of Sighs Police Clerk 1936
Black Gold Oilman Lease Holder 1936
The Mysterious Avenger Cattleman 1936
Bulldog Courage Clayton - Henchman / Henchman Clayton 1935
A Tale of Two Cities Leader at Bastille 1935
The Rainmakers Farmer 1935
Confidential Insp. Stone 1935
Streamline Express Mack - Purser 1935
Red Salute Border Patrolman 1935
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Barney Craven 1935
Diamond Jim Job Applicant 1935
Page Miss Glory Detective 1935
Westward Ho Townsman 1935
Ladies Crave Excitement Guard 1935
Public Hero Number 1 Policeman in Pursuing Car 1935
Let 'em Have It Desk Sergeant 1935
The Headline Woman Headwaiter 1935
The Miracle Rider Emil Janss 1935
Naughty Marietta Mercenary Scout 1935
Behind the Green Lights Detective Brewster 1935
The Whole Town's Talking Policeman Announcing Carpenter 1935
Forsaking All Others Party Guest 1934
Sing Sing Nights Governor's Aide 1934
Mystery Mountain Lake 1934
Flirting with Danger San Rico Plant Supervisor 1934
In Old Santa Fe Tracy Henchman 1934
Against the Law Fireman 1934
Lady by Choice Detective 1934
Wake Up and Dream Reporter 1934
Belle of the Nineties Croupier 1934
Young and Beautiful Movie Director 1934
King Kelly of the U.S.A. Mop Salesman 1934
Law of the Wild Spectator 1934
Fighting Through Lennie Lenihan 1934
The Cat's-Paw Radio Listener 1934
The Count of Monte Cristo Signalman 1934
Paris Interlude Reporter 1934
Fighting Hero Bert Hawley 1934
Whom the Gods Destroy Balkan Passenger 1934
Burn 'Em Up Barnes Henchman Parker [Chs. 2-5] 1934
The Thin Man Detective 1934
Monte Carlo Nights Detective 1934
Stolen Sweets Ship's Captain 1934
The Show-Off Automobile Attendant 1934
Cross Country Cruise Bus Passenger / Bus Passenger (Uncredited) 1934
Fugitive Lovers Detective 1934
The Mystery Squadron Sheriff [Chs. 2-3, 12] / Sheriff 1933
Son of a Sailor Admiral 1933
Roman Scandals Roman Citizen 1933
Eskimo Captain's Mate 1933
I'm No Angel Court Clerk 1933
Golden Harvest Pierce 1933
Penthouse Detective 1933
Her First Mate Ferry Captain 1933
Fighting with Kit Carson Henchman Morgan / Morgan 1933
Ann Carver's Profession Dinner Party Guest 1933
Unashamed Mr. Ogden's Secretary 1932
The Last of the Mohicans Col. Munro / Munro 1932
State's Attorney Court Reporter 1932
The Texas Tornado Fanner Durkin 1932
The Shadow of the Eagle Col. Nathan Gregory / Colonel Nathan Gregory 1932
The Local Bad Man Ben Murdock 1932
Sunset Trail Bank Teller 1932
The Rainbow Trail Jim Lassiter 1932
Emma Haskins' Assistant 1932
Local Boy Makes Good Relay Caller 1931
Bad Girl Male Nurse 1931
The Galloping Ghost Clay College Coach Harlow 1931
Broadminded Man at Fire Escape Window 1931
Ex-Bad Boy Assistant Manager 1931
How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 6: 'the Big Irons' Mr. Hearn - Office Worker 1931
A Son of the Plains Buck Brokaw 1931
Smart Money Reporter 1931
The Vanishing Legion Jed Williams 1931
Up for Murder Policeman 1931
Ladies' Man Maitre D' 1931
Dirigible Admiral's Aide 1931
Clearing the Range Jim Fremont 1931
The Painted Desert Tex (as Guy Edward Hearn) / Tex 1931
The Avenger Captain Paul Lake 1931
Looser Than Loose Gillstrom's Assistant 1930
One Night at Susie's Policeman / Policeman (Uncredited) 1930
The Spoilers Lieutenant 1930
Hell's Heroes Frank Edwards 1929
The Drake Case Edmonds / Butler (as Eddie Hearn) / Butler 1929
The Donovan Affair Nelson 1929
The Big Hop Pilot 1928
Hot Heels Gambler 1927
Winners of the Wilderness Gen. George Washington 1927
The General Union Officer 1926
With Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo Fred Warren 1926
Perils of the Rail Jack Hathaway 1926
One of the Bravest Dan Kelly 1926
The Sign of the Claw Robert Conway 1926
Sherlock's Home 'Hurricane' Sherlock - Prizefighter 1924
Keeping Up with Lizzie Dan Pettigrew 1921
All Dolled Up James Montgomery Johnson 1921
Daredevil Jack Cyril Dennison 1920
The Lost Express Francis Murphy 1917
Idle Wives Richard 1916
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