Ethan Laidlaw

IVA Star Rating : 64
Ethan Allen Laidlaw was an American film actor. He appeared in more than 350 films and made more than 500 appearances on television, mainly uncredited in Westerns, between 1923 and 1962.

Ethan Allen Laidlaw was an American film actor. He appeared in more than 350 films and made more than 500 appearances on television, mainly uncredited in Westerns, between 1923 and 1962.

Birth Name

Ethan Allen Laidlaw


Saturday, 25 November 1899


Saturday, 25 May 1963

Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Wall of Noise Stable Attendant 1963
The Caretakers Patient in Violent Ward 1963
Irma la Douce Butcher 1963
Son of Flubber Courtroom Well-Wisher 1963
To Kill a Mockingbird Townsman 1962
Pressure Point Bund Meeting Speaker 1962
The Virginian Shooting Contestant, Townsman 1962
Shootout at Big Sag Bartender 1962
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Party Member at Convention 1962
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Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Wall of Noise Stable Attendant 1963
The Caretakers Patient in Violent Ward 1963
Irma la Douce Butcher 1963
Son of Flubber Courtroom Well-Wisher 1963
To Kill a Mockingbird Townsman 1962
Pressure Point Bund Meeting Speaker 1962
The Virginian Shooting Contestant, Townsman 1962
Shootout at Big Sag Bartender 1962
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Party Member at Convention 1962
Alcoa Premiere Rodeo Spectator 1961
North to Alaska Worker Unloading Boat 1960
Klondike Barfly 1960
Stagecoach West Townsman, Trial Spectator 1960
The Westerner Ranch Hand 1960
Outlaws Townsman, Barfly, Trial Spectator, Courtroom Spectator, Diner Patron, Juror 1960
The Tall Man Townsman 1960
Tate Barfly 1960
Pony Express Sam 1960
Johnny Ringo Council Member 1959
Law of the Plainsman Barfly, Gang Member, Townsman 1959
The Deputy Townsman 1959
Bonanza Townsman, Miner, Barfly, Bartender 1959
Last Train from Gun Hill Saloon Patron 1959
The Gunfight at Dodge City Card Player 1959
Alias Jesse James James Gang Member 1959
The Untouchables Guzik Henchman in Office, Harry Bladick, Ice House Watchman, Murder Witness, Pindar Employee, Railroad Worker, Reporter 1959
Black Saddle Townsman, Barfly, Miner 1959
The Buccaneer Soldier who Calls Jackson 'Old Hawk Face' 1958
Man with a Camera Miner 1958
Bat Masterson Barfly, Henchman, Imposter, Townsman 1958
Yancy Derringer Hancock, Outlaw, Henchman 1958
The Rifleman Townsman, Barfly, Cowboy at Funeral, Crown Henchman, Diner Patron, Train Passenger 1958
The Texan Barfly, Diner Patron, Worker 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Barfly, Henchman, Townsman, Wrangler 1958
The Fiend Who Walked the West Juror 1958
Saddle the Wind Barfly 1958
Sea Hunt Fisherman 1958
The Hard Man Townsman 1957
Decision at Sundown Townsman 1957
Tombstone Territory Townsman 1957
Alcoa Theatre Deputy 1957
Trackdown Townsman, Barfly, Bartender, Bill, Poker Player 1957
Domino Kid Barfly 1957
The Californians Townsman, Barfly, Juror, Miner, Russian, Sailor, Vigilante, Worker 1957
The Restless Gun Barfly 1957
Perry Mason Workman 1957
Slaughter on 10th Avenue Courtroom Spectator 1957
The Brothers Rico Cab Driver 1957
Gun Glory Gunman 1957
The Night the World Exploded Plant Worker 1957
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Bartender 1957
The Buster Keaton Story Backstage Prop Man 1957
The Quiet Gun Townsman 1957
Whirlybirds Hook Henchman 1957
Reprisal! Juror 1956
Zane Grey Theatre Townsman, Worker Unloading Freight, Barfly 1956
The Ten Commandments Elder of Joseph 1956
The Best Things in Life Are Free Stagehand 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Barfly, Policeman, Townsman, Trial Spectator 1956
The First Traveling Saleslady Juror 1956
Canyon River Barfly 1956
Autumn Leaves Restaurant Patron 1956
Pardners Townsman 1956
The Leather Saint Fisherman 1956
The Maverick Queen Henchman in Saloon 1956
Hot Blood Court Bailiff 1956
Ransom! Townsman in Crowd 1956
The Court Jester King's Soldier 1955
Kismet Policeman 1955
A Lawless Street Barfly 1955
Lucy Gallant Townsman 1955
Oklahoma! Cowboy at Auction 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Rodeo Spectator 1955
Count Three and Pray Townsman 1955
The Spoilers Barfly at Street Shootout 1955
Gunsmoke Townsman, Barfly, Cowboy 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Townsman, Barfly, Gang Member, Henchman, Clanton Henchman, Cowboy, Cowhand, Clanton Man, Gunman, Lynch Mob Member, Pierce Cowhand, Clanton Gunman, Courtroom Spectator, Brawler, Brocius Gang Member, Cade - Townsman, Carney Henchman, Charlie Anders, Circle Bar Cowhand, Bartender, Bar-W Man, Big T Man Shooting Flag, Big T Man, Billings Gang Member, 2nd Man on Trail, Allen, Audience Member / Pruitt Henchman, Barfly Reaching for Gun, Clanton Rider, Clark, Conrad Gang Member, Courtroom Spectator / Clanton Henchman, Deputy, Diamond T Cowhand, Drunk, Ethan, Fight Spectator, Granger, Gunman Backed Into Saloon, Gunman In Streets, Poker Game Spectator, Purvis Gang Member, Rider With Callum, Sebastian Henchman, Skunky Biggett, Snakey W Cowhand, Soldier Posting Notice, Thompson's Hired Man, Townsman Getting Wyatt, Townsman in Office, MacMurray Henchman, Man at Cowboy Camp, Mike, Miner, Mr. Frome - Buffalo Hunter, Muleskinner, Outlaw at Camp, Hannegan Henchman, Hoodlum Shooting on Street, Joe - Denby Man, Trial Spectator, Wade Gunman, White Cap, Windy, Worker Assembling Guns 1955
Apache Ambush Townsman 1955
The Scarlet Coat Executioner 1955
Man Without a Star Barfly 1955
Many Rivers to Cross Punishment Party Member 1955
Ten Wanted Men Barfly 1955
The Violent Men Gunman 1955
Prince of Players Barfly 1955
Destry Barfly 1954
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Townsman 1954
The Black Dakotas Townsman 1954
The Raid Townsman 1954
Broken Lance Mac Andrews Henchman 1954
Rails Into Laramie Barfly 1954
Wyoming Renegades Shotgun 1954
Battle of Rogue River Saunders 1954
The Boy from Oklahoma Townsman 1954
The Far Country Miner 1954
Red Garters Militia Captain 1954
Calamity Jane Barfly 1953
Thunder Over the Plains Townsman 1953
Those Redheads from Seattle Seaman on Ship 1953
Gun Fury Barfly 1953
Saginaw Trail Prologue Trapper 1953
The Man from the Alamo Franklin Citizen / Citizen 1953
The Great Sioux Uprising Bartender 1953
Houdini Workman 1953
Tarzan and the She-Devil Guard 1953
Powder River Lame Jack Banner 1953
Sangaree Guard at Bristol's Warehouse 1953
Siren of Bagdad Tribesman at Magic Show 1953
Law and Order Second Townsman Gawking at Clarissa 1953
Spies and Guys Enemy Soldier 1953
The Silver Whip Stage Driver 1953
The Lawless Breed Clerk Charlie 1952
Against All Flags Townsman 1952
Invasion, U.S.A. Russian Sea Captain 1952
The Pathfinder Settler 1952
The Raiders Miner 1952
Hurricane Smith Old Tom 1952
The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima Villager 1952
Carrie Waiter at Slawson's 1952
Scarlet Angel Crew Member in Saloon 1952
The Rough, Tough West Henchman 1952
Montana Territory Frank Parrish 1952
Without Warning! Cab Company Man in Montage 1952
Death Valley Days Townsman, Trapper, Bartender, Deputy, Family Member, Juror, Mexican Soldier, Party Guest 1952
The Marrying Kind Picnicker 1952
Flaming Feather Ed Poke 1952
Bend of the River Barfly 1952
The Cimarron Kid Phillips 1952
The Greatest Show on Earth Hank 1952
Indian Uprising Townsman 1952
Warpath Trooper 1951
Valley of Fire Townsman 1951
Callaway Went Thataway Cowboy Actor on Frontier Town set 1951
Ten Tall Men Aide 1951
Anne of the Indies Pirate Bo'sun 1951
The Mob Man Leaving Phone Booth 1951
Iron Man Miner 1951
The Mark of the Renegade Grandee 1951
China Corsair Sailor 1951
In Old Amarillo Henchman 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Ben Lesley 1951
Double Crossbones Pirate 1951
Ridin' the Outlaw Trail Henchman 1951
The Great Missouri Raid Jim Cummings 1951
Frenchie Townsman 1950
Kansas Raiders Raider 1950
Where Danger Lives Postville Cowboy 1950
Let's Dance Stagehand 1950
The Killer That Stalked New York Observer on Street 1950
Union Station Police Detective 1950
The Flame and the Arrow Guard 1950
Winchester '73 Stationmaster 1950
Fortunes of Captain Blood Crew Member 1950
The Traveling Saleswoman Mike Jenkins 1950
Key to the City Longshoreman 1950
Copper Canyon Ethan - Deputy 1950
The Nevadan Hotel Guest 1950
Punchy Cowpunchers Barfly 1950
South Sea Sinner Mack - Sailor 1950
Samson and Delilah Tax Collector 1949
Horsemen of the Sierras Henchman 1949
Roseanna McCoy A Hatfield 1949
The Gal Who Took the West O'Hara Cowhand Bringing Grant's Message 1949
Barbary Pirate Dock Hand 1949
The Doolins of Oklahoma Deputy 1949
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend Old Man Basserman 1949
Laramie Henchman 1949
The Lost Tribe Henchman 1949
Red Canyon Ranch Hand 1949
Alias Nick Beal Commercial Fisherman 1949
Song of India Communications Sergeant 1949
Ladies of the Chorus Audience Member 1948
The Paleface Terris' Henchman 1948
Whispering Smith Wrecking Crew Member 1948
Joan of Arc Jean d'Aulou - Her Squire / Jean d'Aulon, Joan's squire 1948
The Gentleman from Nowhere Henchman 1948
Station West Townsman 1948
Trail to Laredo Card Player 1948
Four Faces West Deputy 1948
The Dude Goes West Pecos Henchman 1948
Relentless Miner 1948
The Senator Was Indiscreet Man 1947
The Fabulous Texan State Policeman 1947
Buckaroo from Powder River Ben Trask 1947
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap Cowboy 1947
Lured Man in Dance Hall 1947
Down to Earth Stagehand 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Helmsman 1947
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Soldier in Show 1947
The Perils of Pauline Stagehand 1947
Cheyenne Barfly 1947
The Web Plainclothesman 1947
Spoilers of the North Fisherman 1947
Time Out of Mind Ship's Officer 1947
South of the Chisholm Trail Rancher 1947
California Reb 1947
Singin' in the Corn Silk Stevens 1946
The Return of Monte Cristo Horse Cab Driver 1946
Magnificent Doll Sanders 1946
Three Little Pirates Pirate Dirk 1946
Landrush Henchman 1946
The Killers Train Conductor 1946
Rustler's Round-Up Louie Todd 1946
The Stranger Todd 1946
Badman's Territory Lt. Patton 1946
Renegades Saloon Dealer / Townsman 1946
Mr. Noisy Ballplayer in Hotel Room 1946
From This Day Forward Worker 1946
Roaring Rangers Man Reporting Durango's Capture 1946
Two Years Before the Mast Clark - Sailor 1946
The Fighting Guardsman Jacques 1946
The Daltons Ride Again Henchman 1945
Saratoga Trunk Cowboy 1945
Lawless Empire Henchman Duke 1945
Road to Utopia Saloon Brawler 1945
Blazing the Western Trail Henchman Santry 1945
West of the Pecos Vigilante Henchman 1945
A Thousand and One Nights Merchant 1945
Bad Men of the Border Gus - Bartender 1945
Wanderer of the Wasteland Gambler 1945
Counter-Attack Russian Officer 1945
Rough, Tough and Ready Sailor 1945
Frisco Sal Court Bailiff 1945
The Body Snatcher Pub Patron 1945
Belle of the Yukon Townsman 1944
Greenwich Village Jailer 1944
The Singing Sheriff Duke 1944
Mr. Skeffington Cop 1944
Show Business Stagehand 1944
An American Romance Steel Mill Worker 1944
Jam Session Jackson 1944
Uncertain Glory Member of Mobile Guard 1944
Oklahoma Raiders Deputy Williams 1944
Marshal of Gunsmoke Pete Larkin 1944
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Thief 1944
Klondike Kate Self-Nominated Jury Foreman 1943
The Lone Star Trail Steve Bannister 1943
The Man from Down Under Parade Spectator 1943
Fugitive from Sonora Hack Roberts 1943
Coney Island Henchman 1943
Border Buckaroos Henchman Hank Dugan / Hank Dugan 1943
The Desperadoes Cass 1943
Prairie Chickens Albertson Henchman 1943
The Outlaw Deputy 1943
Pittsburgh Man Outside Theatre 1942
Behind the Eight Ball Thug 1942
Little Joe, the Wrangler Henchman Larkin 1942
The Forest Rangers Lumberjack 1942
Lucky Legs Duke 1942
Overland Mail Jake - Henchman 1942
The Omaha Trail Oxen Train Bullwhacker 1942
Sabotage Squad Strong-Arm Man / Office Henchman 1942
The Big Street Fight Spectator 1942
Timber! Henchman 1942
Men of Texas Raider 1942
Gang Busters Ludoc's Bartender [Chs. 5, 7-8] 1942
Reap the Wild Wind Tony 1942
Stagecoach Express Henchman Lou / Lou - Henchman 1942
The Adventures of Martin Eden Second Mate 1942
Valley of the Sun Johnson 1942
Cowboy Serenade Fred Carson 1942
Don Winslow of the Navy Henchman Spike / Spike - Henchman 1942
The Lone Star Vigilantes Corporal Benson, Henchman 1942
Riders of the Badlands Henchman Bill / Bill 1941
Among the Living Guard 1941
The Great Man's Lady Man in Saloon / Barfly 1941
Riders of the Purple Sage Henchman Jack 1941
Texas Ringsider 1941
Last of the Duanes Bland Henchman 1941
Badlands of Dakota Gambler 1941
Six-Gun Gold Henchman 1941
Wide Open Town Paradise Waiter / Waiter-Henchman at Jail 1941
Riders of Death Valley Henchman Rusty / Rusty - Henchman 1941
Law of the Range Henchman Jeff Hobart 1941
The Big Store Piano Mover 1941
Hands Across the Rockies Bartender 1941
Men of the Timberland Lumberjack 1941
Lady from Louisiana Lottery Thug 1941
The Lady from Cheyenne Saloon Waiter 1941
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie Outlaw 1941
The Sea Wolf Crewman 1941
Las Vegas Nights Plaintiff 1941
The Penalty Worker 1941
Outlaws of the Panhandle Construction Worker 1941
Meet Boston Blackie Brakeman 1941
Wyoming Wildcat Henchman 1941
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Jenkins, aka Jennings 1940
Give Us Wings Fish Fry Brawler 1940
Charter Pilot Cop 1940
Law and Order Kurt Daggett 1940
North West Mounted Police Constable Adams 1940
The Gay Caballero Henchman 1940
Wagon Train Pat Hays - Henchman / Henchman Pat Hays 1940
Junior G-Men Watchman / Watchman [Chs. 5-6] 1940
When the Daltons Rode Rigby Henchman 1940
The Tulsa Kid Nick Carson - Henchman / Henchman Nick Carson 1940
Captain Caution Prisoner in Brig 1940
Stage to Chino Wheeler 1940
Son of Roaring Dan Matt Gregg 1940
Girls of the Road Brakeman 1940
Queen of the Mob Court Officer 1940
Lucky Cisco Kid Henchman 1940
A Fugitive from Justice Policeman in First Montage 1940
An Angel from Texas Davis Henchman 1940
Dark Command Guerrilla 1940
Virginia City Union Soldier 1940
The Marines Fly High Barnes 1940
Double Alibi Policeman in Cellar 1940
Invisible Stripes Cop Outside Police Station 1939
Two-Fisted Rangers Rand Henchman 1939
The Night of Nights Roustabout in Play 1939
Cowboys from Texas Duke Plummer 1939
Allegheny Uprising One of Jim's Black Boys 1939
Blackmail Oil Worker 1939
Dick Tracy's G-Men Pete 1939
Dust Be My Destiny Cop in Montage 1939
Colorado Sunset Brent 1939
Behind Prison Gates Prison Guard 1939
Frontier Marshal Tough 1939
They Shall Have Music Film Delivery Man 1939
Western Caravans Henchman Scanlon 1939
Man of Conquest Fighter with Houston 1939
Three Texas Steers Morgan / Henchman Morgan 1939
Union Pacific Irishman 1939
Lucky Night Bouncer in Dusty's 1939
Blue Montana Skies Henchman 1939
The Return of the Cisco Kid Luke 1939
Spoilers of the Range Bartender 1939
The Night Riders Andrews 1939
Hotel Imperial Sentry 1939
My Son Is a Criminal Policeman 1939
Home on the Prairie Henchman Carter 1939
Jesse James Barshee's Henchman 1939
Secrets of a Nurse Policeman 1938
Just Around the Corner Police Detective with Machine Gun 1938
The Cowboy and the Lady Man in Rodeo Stands 1938
Rhythm of the Saddle Tex Robinson 1938
Hold That Co-ed Campus Policeman 1938
Juvenile Court Police Car Driver 1938
I'm from the City Jeff, Ranch Foreman 1938
Penrod's Double Trouble Bus Driver 1938
Racket Busters Martin's Henchman 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Williams - Stagecoach Guard (Ch.1) 1938
Border G-Man Henchman Curly / Curly 1938
Gun Law Henchman Joe 1938
Crime School Guard Peterson 1938
Tip-Off Girls Truck Driver 1938
King of the Newsboys Hood 1938
Call the Mesquiteers Train Brakeman Henley 1938
Born to Be Wild Henchman 1938
Everybody Sing Extra as Policeman 1938
Romance Road Trapper 1938
The Bad Man of Brimstone Jury Member 1937
Tim Tyler's Luck Patrol Guard Rocky / Patrol Guard Rocky Klemp [Ch. 9] 1937
Paid to Dance Dance Hall Customer 1937
Conquest Minor Role 1937
The Game That Kills Cab Driver 1937
All Over Town Policeman on Street 1937
Escape by Night Hood 1937
Bad Guy Bouncer at Ball 1937
The Toast of New York Sheriff's Deputy 1937
Goofs and Saddles Tex - Rustler Boss 1937
One Man Justice Henchman 1937
A Fight to the Finish Henchman Johnson 1937
Two-Fisted Sheriff Henchman Burke / Burke - Henchman 1937
This Is My Affair Barfly 1937
San Quentin Guard on Road Gang 1937
Night Key Henchman 1937
I Promise to Pay Radio Cop 1937
Motor Madness Henchman 1937
You Only Live Once Tony aka Tommy - a Guard 1937
Come and Get It Lumberjack 1936
Legion of Terror Townsman 1936
The Magnificent Brute Steelworker 1936
Mummy's Boys Peters - a Sailor 1936
The Gay Desperado Movie Theatre Brawler 1936
Sea Spoilers Louie 1936
Ramona Bill 1936
The Last of the Mohicans Colonialist Defending Fort Henry 1936
High Tension Winch Operator 1936
The Final Hour Magellon's Pool Hall Henchman 1936
Hearts in Bondage Union Seaman 1936
Special Investigator Larring 1936
Panic on the Air Ed - Cillani Henchman / Ed 1936
Two in Revolt Bill Donlan 1936
Silly Billies Trigger 1936
Yellow Dust Henchman Bogan 1936
Too Tough to Kill Henchman 1935
Escape from Devil's Island Guard 1935
Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery Henchman 1935
Powdersmoke Range Fin Sharkey 1935
Love Me Forever Henchman 1935
The Arizonian Henchman in Saloon 1935
The Awakening of Jim Burke Workman 1935
Les Misérables Gendarme at Bishop's Home 1935
Fighting Shadows Brannan 1935
Princess O'Hara Dutch 1935
I'll Love You Always Cab Driver 1935
Transient Lady Court Clerk 1935
Captain Hurricane Man on Freighter 1935
The Whole Town's Talking Police Switchboard Operator 1935
The Silver Streak Man at Station 1934
Tailspin Tommy Bart Dirk, Henchman 1934
Bachelor Bait Policeman 1934
Pirate Treasure Curt 1934
The Fighting Code Cassidy 1933
Perils of Pauline Fake Museum Watchman 1933
Broadway Thru a Keyhole Member of Rocci's Mob 1933
To the Last Man Colby Man 1933
Gordon of Ghost City Henchman Pete / Pete 1933
The Woman I Stole Lentz's Henchman 1933
I Loved You Wednesday Signalman 1933
International House General's Henchman 1933
Speed Demon Red 1933
The Phantom of the Air Durkin--Henchman #21 1933
Murders in the Zoo Policeman Reardon / Policeman Reardon (Uncredited) 1933
King Kong First Mate 1933
Parole Girl Guard 1933
The Fourth Horseman Henchman 1932
Out of Singapore 2nd Mate Miller 1932
The Roadhouse Murder Turnkey 1932
Girl Crazy Custerville Cowboy 1932
The Expert Policeman 1932
The Beast of the City Nightclub Patron 1932
The Fighting Marshal Henchman 1931
A Melon-Drama Gangster 1931
The Tip-Off Henchman 1931
Monkey Business Cabbie at Barn 1931
I Like Your Nerve Guard 1931
Politics Policeman in Park 1931
Dugan of the Badlands Dan Kirk 1931
City Streets Killer at Prison 1931
Gun Smoke Gangster 1931
Beyond Victory Soldier in Prelude 1931
Dishonored Russian Corporal 1931
Hook Line and Sinker Gangster 1930
Pardon My Gun Tex 1930
Paradise Island Rowdy Sailor 1930
The Big House Trustee 1930
A Royal Romance Cossack Guard 1930
Love Comes Along Sailor 1930
The Virginian Posse Man 1929
Dangerous Curves Roustabout 1929
Thunderbolt Detective 1929
Outlawed McCasky 1929
Partners in Crime Henchman 1928
Breed of Courage Brack McQuinn 1927
The Silent Rider Red Wender 1927
The Temptress Caballero 1926
Out of the West Bide Goodrich 1926
Lightning Hutch Detective [Chs. 2-3] / Kosloff Henchman [Ch. 4 onwards] 1926
Crack o' Dawn Red Riley 1925
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