Frank Hagney

IVA Star Rating : 62

Birth Name

Francis Sydney Hagney


Thursday, 20 March 1884


Monday, 25 June 1973

Actor Filmography

The Fastest Guitar Alive Drunk 1967
The Silencers Drunk 1966
The Rare Breed Cattle Buyer 1966
Apache Rifles Townsman 1964
Daniel Boone Indian Chief, Settler 1964
McLintock! Elmer - Bartender 1963
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters Miner 1963
Donovan's Reef Chief Petty Officer 1963
Come Blow Your Horn Bit Role 1963
Ride the High Country Miner 1962
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Actor Filmography

The Fastest Guitar Alive Drunk 1967
The Silencers Drunk 1966
The Rare Breed Cattle Buyer 1966
Apache Rifles Townsman 1964
Daniel Boone Indian Chief, Settler 1964
McLintock! Elmer - Bartender 1963
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters Miner 1963
Donovan's Reef Chief Petty Officer 1963
Come Blow Your Horn Bit Role 1963
Ride the High Country Miner 1962
The Westerner Al 1960
The Jayhawkers! Jayhawker 1959
The Deputy Bartender, Townsman 1959
Last Train from Gun Hill Craig's Man Waiting in Horseshoe 1959
The Hanging Tree Townsman 1959
The Buccaneer Baratarian Pirate 1958
Lawman Gang Member 1958
The Rifleman Nils Swenson 1958
Hell's Five Hours Guard 1958
Return to Warbow Convict 1958
Baby Face Nelson Plant Guard 1957
The Hard Man Posse Man 1957
Goodyear Theatre Convict 1957
The Californians Miner 1957
Perry Mason 1st Workman, Second Man, Watchman 1957
Wagon Train Jail Prisoner 1957
Sugarfoot Townsman 1957
3:10 to Yuma Townsman in Contention 1957
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Bartender 1957
The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm Townsman 1957
The Phantom Stagecoach Rider 1957
The Guns of Fort Petticoat Blacksmith 1957
Public Pigeon No. 1 Convict 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Hostler Jerry, Station Agent 1957
Zombies of Mora Tau Capt. Peters / Capt. Jeremy Peters - a Zombie 1957
The Desperados Are in Town Bartender / Bouncer 1956
Friendly Persuasion Lemonade Vendor 1956
The Ten Commandments Hebrew at Golden Calf 1956
Showdown at Abilene Roughneck 1956
Gun Brothers Trapper 1956
Crashing Las Vegas Guard 1956
The Rawhide Years Riverboat Passenger 1956
The Harder They Fall Referee 1956
Fury at Gunsight Pass Townsman 1956
Invasion of the Body Snatchers Townsman 1956
A Lawless Street Dingo Brion 1955
Teen-Age Crime Wave Bailiff 1955
A Man Alone Dorfman 1955
Lucy Gallant Townsman 1955
Crossroads Guard, Policeman, Townsman 1955
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Seattle Slim 1955
Frontier Haskell 1955
Cheyenne Townsman 1955
The Spoilers Sourdough at Hearing 1955
Jail Busters Frank - Barber 1955
Gunsmoke Barfly Getting Sheriff 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Bartender, Cowboy Running Into Bar, McLowery Gunman 1955
Wichita Barfly / Lookout 1955
A Bullet for Joey Nightclub Bartender 1955
Stranger on Horseback Bartender 1955
Timberjack Barfly 1955
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops Usher / Ticket Taker 1955
The Silver Chalice Ruffian 1954
The Human Jungle Minor Role 1954
Three Hours to Kill Cass 1954
King Richard and the Crusaders Mobster 1954
Demetrius and the Gladiators Guard 1954
Duffy's Tavern Bit Tout 1954
Wyoming Renegades Jones 1954
Public Defender Charlie, Guard, Mac 1954
Rose Marie Woodsman in Saloon 1954
Riot in Cell Block 11 Convict Roberts 1954
Ride Clear of Diablo Miner 1954
Waterfront Andrews' Friend 1954
Stories of the Century Greek George Allen 1954
The Joe Palooka Story Bar Brawler 1954
The Wild One Official 1953
The Stranger Wore a Gun Deputy Sheriff 1953
Ride, Vaquero! Bartender 1953
The Last Posse Posse Rider Cord 1953
Hannah Lee: An American Primitive Fred 1953
A Perilous Journey Miner 1953
Kansas Pacific Workman 1953
Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd Pirate 1952
Botany Bay Guard 1952
Hans Christian Andersen Townsman 1952
Hangman's Knot Drifter 1952
Limelight Extra in Dress Circle 1952
Hopalong Cassidy Henchman Grimes 1952
The Duel at Silver Creek Will 1952
Cripple Creek Smelter 1952
The San Francisco Story Palmer 1952
Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick Oil Driller 1952
The Pace That Thrills Race Flagman 1952
The Big Trees Glen / Glen - Lumberman with Rifle 1952
Scandal Sheet Onlooker at Murder Scene 1952
Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere Henchman [Ch. 14] 1951
My Favorite Spy Camel-Herder 1951
Man in the Saddle Ned Bale 1951
The Son of Dr. Jekyll Man in Bar / Man in a Bar (Uncredited) 1951
Anne of the Indies Pirate on Molly O'Brien 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Publican 1951
Here Comes the Groom Passenger on Airplane 1951
The Lady and the Bandit Turpin's Hangman 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson Little Pete 1951
Racket Squad Bit Man 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Carl, Earl 1951
The Scarf Floozy's Boyfriend 1951
The Range Rider Henchman Twister 1951
Santa Fe Railroad Worker 1951
Soldiers Three Scot 1951
Stage to Tucson Territorial Townsman 1950
Blues Busters Joe, the Bouncer 1950
The Stu Erwin Show Plumber 1950
Silver Raiders Steve - Mine Guard 1950
Let's Dance Police Sergeant 1950
Dick Tracy Mountain 1950
Triple Trouble Convict 1950
Atom Man vs. Superman Impatient Man at Bridge [Ch. 1] 1950
Fortunes of Captain Blood Guard 1950
Lucky Losers Joe 1950
Kill the Umpire Guard 1950
Appointment with Danger Motorcycle Cop 1950
The Yellow Cab Man Truck Driver 1950
The Cisco Kid Henchman Connors, Henchman Lon 1950
Copper Canyon Travis Man 1950
South Sea Sinner Undetermined Secondary Role 1950
Samson and Delilah Gristmill Guard 1949
On the Town Policeman 1949
All the King's Men Stark Strong-Arm Man / Stark Strong-Arm Man (Uncredited) 1949
Reign of Terror Bakery Guard 1949
The Lone Ranger Fights with Clint, Mike Carney 1949
The Big Steal Madden the Guard 1949
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend Hoodlum 1949
Batman and Robin Plant Guard [Ch. 14] 1949
Tulsa Doorman at Gambling Emporium 1949
Grand Canyon Henchman 1949
Streets of Laredo Texas Ranger 1949
Fighting Fools Tough Customer Tearing Up Program 1949
The Fighting O'Flynn Soldier 1949
I Shot Jesse James Livery Stableman 1949
Knock on Any Door Suspect 1949
The Paleface Greg 1948
Whispering Smith Frank - Wrecking Crew Member 1948
Thunder in the Pines Lumberjack in Saloon 1948
Joan of Arc Soldier #3 1948
Kiss the Blood Off My Hands Seaman 1948
The Untamed Breed Rancher 1948
The Three Musketeers Executioner of Lyons 1948
An Innocent Affair Mover 1948
Harpoon Big Red Dorsett 1948
Johnny Belinda Man Reciting Lord's Prayer 1948
The Babe Ruth Story Doorman 1948
Night Has a Thousand Eyes Truckman 1948
A Southern Yankee Horseman 1948
Superman Car 1 Henchman 1948
Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' Townsman 1948
River Lady Sands 1948
The Big Clock Ice Man 1948
Road to Rio Roustabout 1947
Where the North Begins Fergus 1947
Unconquered Jake - Bartender 1947
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap Barfly 1947
Wild Harvest Alperson Crew Member 1947
Too Many Winners Joe 1947
California Stranger 1947
The Sea of Grass Poker Game Spectator 1947
It's a Wonderful Life Potter's Bodyguard 1946
The Imperfect Lady Man With Travers 1946
The Verdict Ex-Pugilist Juryman 1946
Easy to Wed Truck Driver 1946
Two Sisters from Boston Stagehand 1946
Night in Paradise Townsperson 1946
The Kid from Brooklyn Arena Usher 1946
Kitty Stevedore 1946
Girl on the Spot Mug 1946
Adventure Boss 1945
Spook to Me Blackie 1945
Saratoga Trunk Soule Gang Leader 1945
Confidential Agent Miner 1945
Senorita from the West Moving Man 1945
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood Cop 1945
Scotland Yard Investigator Constable 1945
Along Came Jones Townsman 1945
Flame of Barbary Coast Henchman 1945
It's in the Bag! Nightclub Tough in Fight 1945
The Power of the Whistler Man Delivering Cake 1945
Bring on the Girls Flunky 1945
The Big Show-Off Rude Night Club Patron 1945
The Man in Half Moon Street Bobby 1945
Can't Help Singing Gunman 1944
Destiny Third Motorcycle Cop 1944
Music for Millions Policeman 1944
Lost in a Harem Majordomo 1944
Frenchman's Creek Cornishman / Cornish Man 1944
The Seventh Cross Man on Street 1944
The Adventures of Mark Twain Crew Chief 1944
Louisiana Hayride Bartender in Film 1944
Once Upon a Time Assistant Cyclist 1944
Meet the People Shipyard Gateman 1944
Detective Kitty O'Day Spike 1944
Shine on Harvest Moon Bouncer 1944
The Lodger Policeman 1944
Swing Fever Bag Puncher 1943
Crazy House Studio Cop 1943
Blazing Frontier Sheriff Ward Tragg 1943
The Renegade Henchman Saunders / Saunders 1943
The Man from Down Under Military Policeman 1943
Two Tickets to London Second Mate 1943
Hitler's Madman Engineer 1943
Calling Wild Bill Elliott Henchman 1943
She Has What It Takes Trainer 1943
Don Winslow of the Coast Guard Henchman Muller [Ch. 13] 1943
Corregidor Lieutenant #2 1943
Stand by for Action Sailor 1942
The McGuerins from Brooklyn Savoy Hotel Doorman 1942
Tennessee Johnson Heckler 1942
Gentleman Jim Mug 1942
Sin Town Bartender 1942
Tomorrow We Live Kohler (as Frank S. Hagney) / Kohler 1942
The Glass Key Strongarm Thug Escorting Sloss 1942
Boss of Hangtown Mesa Town Tough 1942
Timber! Lumberjack 1942
Tumbleweed Trail Sheriff 1942
Men of Texas Road Agent 1942
In Old California Angry Citizen in Lynch Mob 1942
My Favorite Spy Kelly's Patron 1942
Sunday Punch Dennis Riley - First Referee 1942
House of Errors Black 1942
Juke Box Jenny Cabbie 1942
Reap the Wild Wind Cutler Man in Barrell Room 1942
True to the Army Torchy 1942
This Time for Keeps Electrical Lineman 1942
Too Many Women Laborer 1942
Captain Midnight Henchman 1942
Broadway Big Shot Butch 1942
Texas Man Hunt Walter Jensen 1942
The Lone Rider Fights Back George Clarke 1941
Among the Living Neighbor 1941
Swamp Woman Guard 1941
The Corsican Brothers Torture Cell Guard / Torture Cell Guard (Uncredited) 1941
Mr. Celebrity Patrick J. Dugan - Private Detective / Dugan 1941
Man at Large Dancehall Patron with Picture 1941
Unexpected Uncle Truck Driver 1941
The Smiling Ghost Ryan 1941
The Lone Rider Ambushed Blackie Dawson 1941
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Drunk 1941
Desperate Cargo Butch - the Bouncer 1941
Law of the Range Deputy 1941
The Getaway Prison Guard Bringing Crane to Warden 1941
Billy the Kid Man in Saloon 1941
The Lone Rider in Ghost Town O'Shea 1941
Federal Fugitives Henchman Butch 1941
Mr. District Attorney Henchman 1941
The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio Henchman Marty 1941
The Lone Rider Rides On Frank Mitchell 1941
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Warehouse Truck Loader 1940
Misbehaving Husbands Gooch Mulligan 1940
South of Suez Waiter 1940
Gallant Sons Card Player Who Doesn't Know French 1940
Melody Ranch Man Who Asks for Quiet / Saloon Bouncer Who Asks for Quiet 1940
Tugboat Annie Sails Again Stranded Ship's Engineer 1940
Seven Sinners 'Junior' - Antros Henchman 1940
Rangers of Fortune Townsman 1940
Boom Town Man Abandoned by Whitey 1940
Dark Command Tough Yankee #2 1940
Son of the Navy Vegetable Truck Driver 1940
Midnight Limited Detective Joe O'Neill 1940
Northwest Passage Capt. Grant 1940
The Man from Dakota Wagon Guard 1940
The Invisible Man Returns Bill 1940
The Shadow Cranston's Kidnapper 1940
Tower of London Soldier 1939
Timber Stampede Champ - Henchman 1939
It Could Happen to You Burglar 1939
Captain Fury Guard 1939
Unmarried Second Referee 1939
The Kid from Kokomo Old Man in Fistfight 1939
Mandrake, the Magician Harris 1939
Pardon Our Nerve Gunboat Briggs 1939
Flying G-Men Henchman 1939
Devil's Island Guard 1939
Angels with Dirty Faces Sharpie 1938
The Storm Brawler 1938
The Spider's Web Henchman 1938
Stablemates Poolroom Owner 1938
Mysterious Mr. Moto Bouncer at Purple Peter 1938
Dick Tracy Returns Silm 1938
Army Girl Soldier 1938
Professor Beware Sailor 1938
The Adventures of Robin Hood Man-at-Arms 1938
The Secret of Treasure Island Ambulance Driver 1938
Walking Down Broadway Baggage Man 1938
The Bad Man of Brimstone Horntoad 1937
Wise Girl Mike's Fight Opponent 1937
Sh! The Octopus Sinister Plotter 1937
Clipped Wings Terrell 1937
Saturday's Heroes Trainer Giving Rubdown 1937
Madame X Jailer 1937
Big City Comet Cab Driver 1937
Windjammer Slum 1937
Riders of the Dawn Henchman Butch 1937
Hollywood Cowboy Gillie - Henchman / Gillie 1937
Behind the Headlines Gang Member 1937
Night Key Henchman 1937
The Prince and the Pauper Beggar 1937
Park Avenue Logger Logger 1937
You Only Live Once Plainclothesman 1937
Woman-Wise Fighter 1937
Secret Valley Brodie - Henchman 1937
A Man Betrayed Roundhouse 1936
Conflict Mike Malone 1936
Wild Horse Round-Up Henchman Steve Clark 1936
Ghost-Town Gold Wild Man Kamatski / Joe Kamatski 1936
The Magnificent Brute Worker 1936
The Big Broadcast of 1937 Cowboy 1936
The Black Coin Purcell - Henchman [Chs. 11-14] 1936
Kelly the Second Louie 1936
Wildcat Trooper Jim Foster 1936
Parole! Truck Driver 1936
Gun Grit Henry Hess / Henry Hess - an FBI Chief 1936
Heroes of the Range Lightning Smith 1936
Robin Hood of El Dorado Deputy Phil 1936
Here Comes Trouble Ox 1936
Modern Times Shipbuilder 1936
Valley of the Lawless Garlow 1936
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell Slout 1936
Diamond Jim Mug 1935
Western Frontier Link 1935
The Daring Young Man Convict 1935
The Informer Policeman 1935
Les Misérables Galley Prisoner 1935
Naughty Marietta Mercenary Scout 1935
The Best Man Wins Bouncer 1935
6 Day Bike Rider Referee 1934
Treasure Island Pirate 1934
I Give My Love Burly Soldier 1934
The Red Rider Barfly 1934
Green Eyes Motorcycle Policeman 1934
Honor of the Range Boots 1934
The House of Rothschild Man in 1780 Sequence 1934
The Meanest Gal in Town Angry Truck Driver 1934
Roman Scandals Lucius - Josephus' Charioteer 1933
Sitting Pretty Bar Bouncer 1933
Dancing Lady Policeman 1933
The Chief Fireman 1933
Tillie and Gus Jury Foreman 1933
I Love That Man Frank - Label's Henchman 1933
Hold Your Man Policeman Arresting Ruby 1933
Song of the Eagle Flynn, a Henchman 1933
Terror Aboard First Mate 1933
Parachute Jumper Marine 1933
Face in the Sky Minor Role 1933
Fast Life Henchman 1932
If I Had a Million Mike - Carnival Bouncer 1932
You Said a Mouthful Holt's Manager 1932
The Golden West Chief Grey Eagle 1932
Pack Up Your Troubles Doughboy 1932
Ride Him, Cowboy Henry Sims - aka The Hawk / Henry Sims / The Hawk 1932
Tom Brown of Culver Fight Manager / Harry - Daffy Diner 1932
The Rider of Death Valley Gambler 1932
Thunderbolt Deputy Blackie 1931
A House Divided Big Bill 1931
The Champ Manuel Quiroga - Mexican Champ 1931
I Like Your Nerve Rocci - Assassin 1931
The Squaw Man Deputy Clark 1931
Hell Bound Hood 1931
Sit Tight Olaf 1931
Fighting Caravans Renegade 1931
No Limit Battling Hannon 1931
The Criminal Code Prison Guard in Yard 1930
The Phantom of the West Sheriff Jim H. Ryan 1930
River's End Mountie 1930
Billy the Kid Bert Grant 1930
Oh, Yeah? Hot Foot 1929
Masked Emotions Lagune 1929
The Glorious Trail Gus Lynch 1928
Midnight Madness Harris - Childers' Henchman 1928
Burning Daylight Johnson 1928
The Rawhide Kid J. Francis Jackson 1928
Her Wild Oat Workman 1927
All Aboard Ali Ben Ome 1927
The Last Trail Henchman Cal Barker 1927
The General Confederate Recruiter 1926
Fangs of Justice Walter Page 1926
The Ice Flood Pete the Bully 1926
The Sea Beast Daggoo 1926
Braveheart Ki-Yote 1925
Breed of the Border Sheriff Wells 1924
The Lighthouse by the Sea Chief Henchman 1924
Lightning Romance Arizona Joe 1924
Roaring Rails Red Burley 1924
Hit and Run Tough Guy 1924
Go Get 'Em Hutch 1922
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