George Chesebro

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IVA Star Rating : 33
George Chesebro was an American film actor. He appeared in more than 400 films between 1915 and 1954, beginning in two reelers starring Texas Guinan. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and died in Los Angeles, California.

George Chesebro was an American film actor. He appeared in more than 400 films between 1915 and 1954, beginning in two reelers starring Texas Guinan. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and died in Los Angeles, California.

Birth Name

George Newell Chesebro


Sunday, 29 July 1888


Thursday, 28 May 1959

Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Henchman Fighting Gene Autry 1976
D-Day on Mars Shaw 1966
The Lone Ranger Story Doc Drummond 1955
Pals and Gals Quirt 1954
The Boy from Oklahoma Barfly 1954
Woman They Almost Lynched Townsman 1953
The Silver Whip Townsman 1953
Last of the Comanches Pete 1953
Winning of the West Man at Trading Post 1953
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Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Henchman Fighting Gene Autry 1976
D-Day on Mars Shaw 1966
The Lone Ranger Story Doc Drummond 1955
Pals and Gals Quirt 1954
The Boy from Oklahoma Barfly 1954
Woman They Almost Lynched Townsman 1953
The Silver Whip Townsman 1953
Last of the Comanches Pete 1953
Winning of the West Man at Trading Post 1953
Montana Belle Deputy 1952
The Kid from Broken Gun Henchman Rankin: clips from 'The Fighting Frontiersman' 1952
Junction City Sheriff Jeff Clinton 1952
Montana Territory Weasel 1952
The Sniper Shooting Gallery Concessionaire 1952
The Frontier Phantom Bartender Cy (as George Cheesboro) / Cy - Bartender 1952
The Black Lash Man on Wagon 1952
Indian Uprising Townsman 1952
The Legend of the Lone Ranger Doc Drummond 1952
The Kid from Amarillo El Loco 1951
Cyclone Fury Bret Fuller 1951
Bonanza Town Hod 1951
The Thundering Trail Charlie Jones (as George Cheeseboro) / Charlie Jones 1951
The Texas Rangers Sheriff 1951
Snake River Desperadoes Josh Haverly 1951
Kentucky Jubilee Barker 1951
The Groom Wore Spurs Sam Taylor 1951
Oh! Susanna Drunk 1951
Night Riders of Montana Hank Jamison / Jamison 1951
Al Jennings of Oklahoma Poker Player 1951
California Passage Townsman 1950
Trail of Robin Hood George Chesebro 1950
Lightning Guns Townsman 1950
Frisco Tornado Stage Guard 1950
Streets of Ghost Town Bill Donner 1950
Desperadoes of the West Becker (Ch. 9) 1950
Fast on the Draw Sam Ellison 1950
Crooked River Dad Ellison 1950
West of the Brazos Deputy 1950
Texas Dynamo Kroger 1950
The Savage Horde Al 1950
Colorado Ranger Jenkins 1950
Salt Lake Raiders Ben - Stage Driver / Stage Driver Ben 1950
Marshal of Heldorado Zeke - Townsman 1950
Gunslingers Jeff Nugent 1950
The Arizona Cowboy 1st Deputy 1950
Hostile Country Henry H. Oliver 1950
The Traveling Saleswoman Wounded Man 1950
Gunmen of Abilene Martin 1950
Punchy Cowpunchers Jeff Dillon 1950
Renegades of the Sage Worker 1949
Horsemen of the Sierras Ellory Webster 1949
Ranger of Cherokee Strip Horseman 1949
The Lone Ranger Doc Drummond, Jim Wortham 1949
Roll, Thunder, Roll! Ben Garson 1949
Brimstone 1st Bartender 1949
The Wyoming Bandit Ride 1949
Lust for Gold Townsman 1949
The Doolins of Oklahoma Deputy 1949
Desert Vigilante Bill Martin 1949
Trails End Joe Stuart 1949
Death Valley Gunfighter Wagon Driver Sam / Sam 1949
Ghost of Zorro Mob Leader (Ch's 8-9) 1949
The Last Bandit Rolley Beggs 1949
Challenge of the Range Lon Collins 1949
Badmen of Tombstone Miner 1949
Frontier Revenge Colonel Winston 1948
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James Jim - Station Agent [Chs. 1, 3, 6] / Jim, Station Agent [Chs. 1, 3, 6] 1948
Trail to Laredo Walt Morgan 1948
The Gallant Legion Renegade 1948
Best Man Wins Creditor 1948
Fury at Furnace Creek Card-Player 1948
West of Sonora Sheriff Jeff Clinton 1948
Adventures in Silverado Henchman 1948
Tornado Range Lance King 1948
Stage to Mesa City Tom Padgett 1948
Check Your Guns Banker Farrell 1948
Cheyenne Takes Over Fake Wayne Dawson / Wayne Dawson (fake) 1947
Shadow Valley Ben Gunnison 1947
The Fighting Vigilantes Price Taylor 1947
The Black Widow J. Carter 1947
Black Hills Land Agent Henry Allen 1947
Return of the Lash Big Jim Kirby 1947
Riders of the Lone Star Faro 1947
Jesse James Rides Again Gus Simmons (Ch. 5) 1947
Wyoming Henchman Wolff 1947
Song of the Wasteland Fred Brooks 1947
The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West Walt 1947
Out West Quirt 1947
Law of the Canyon Sheriff Coleman 1947
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley Henchman E. J. White 1947
West of Dodge City Hod Barker 1947
The Lone Hand Texan Scanlon 1947
Vigilantes of Boomtown Henchman Dink / Dink 1947
Over the Santa Fe Trail Luttrell 1947
South of the Chisholm Trail Doc Walker 1947
Son of Zorro Tom 1947
Singin' in the Corn Texas 1946
Stagecoach to Denver Henchman Blackie Grubb / Blackie Grubb 1946
The Fighting Frontiersman Henchman Rankin 1946
Wild West Commissioner 1946
Terror Trail Henchman Drag 1946
Landrush Henchman Bill 1946
Santa Fe Uprising Relay Station Man 1946
Overland Riders Townsman 1946
Daughter of Don Q Art Warehouse Thug 1946
Two-Fisted Stranger Doyle 1946
That Texas Jamboree Luke 1946
Sun Valley Cyclone Shorty 1946
Rainbow Over Texas Henchman 1946
Badman's Territory Johnny 1946
Terrors on Horseback Luke Gordon 1946
Gentlemen with Guns Ed Slade 1946
Gunning for Vengeance Henchman Mike 1946
The Phantom Rider Stegecoach Guard (Ch. 5) 1946
Wagon Wheels Westward Henchman Butch Posing as Tom Sutton 1945
Texas Panhandle Henchman Slash 1945
The Cherokee Flash Townsman 1945
The Daltons Ride Again Citizen 1945
Lawless Empire Henchman Lenny 1945
Colorado Pioneers Hank Disher 1945
Marshal of Laredo Chief Deputy 1945
Sunset in El Dorado Drunk Prospector 1945
Outlaws of the Rockies Henchman Bill Jason 1945
The Purple Monster Strikes Shaw 1945
Secret Agent X-9 Blindfolded Man 1945
Trail of Kit Carson Poker Player 1945
Federal Operator 99 Solko 1945
Gangster's Den Dent 1945
Santa Fe Saddlemates Fred Loder 1945
The Master Key Fireman Dragging Hose 1945
Salome, Where She Danced Miner 1945
Sheriff of Cimarron Mine Owner 1945
Marshal of Reno Barfly 1944
The Drifter Blackie - Henchman / Blackie 1944
The Great Alaskan Mystery Brandon's Henchman 1944
Thundering Gun Slingers Dave Carson 1944
Arizona Whirlwind Henchman Ace / Ace 1944
Marshal of Gunsmoke Henchman Burns 1944
The Phantom Marsden 1943
Death Valley Rangers Red - Henchman / Red - 1943
Boss of Rawhide Henchman Joe Gordon / Joe Gordon 1943
Devil Riders Curley 1943
Raiders of Red Gap Sheriff Evans 1943
Oklahoma Outlaws Henchman 1943
Blazing Frontier Tragg Deputy Slade 1943
Black Market Rustlers Slade 1943
The Renegade Bart Goodwin 1943
Batman Brennan [Ch. 1-3] / Brennan 1943
Cowboy Commandos Henchman Fred 1943
Death Rides the Plains Trent 1943
Fugitive of the Plains Henchman Baxter / Baxter 1943
Thundering Trails Charlie 1943
Two Fisted Justice Decker, Gang-Boss / Decker 1943
The Valley of Vanishing Men Taggart - Henchman / Taggart 1942
Tumbleweed Trail Henchman Kurt Bachman 1942
Perils of the Royal Mounted Gaspard - Henchman / Gaspard 1942
Boot Hill Bandits Stack Stoner / Henchman Stack Stoner 1942
Rolling Down the Great Divide Saloon Henchman 1942
Jesse James, Jr. Bull - Henchman 1942
Billy the Kid Trapped Deputy Curley 1942
Thunder River Feud Dick Taggert / Dick Taggart 1942
The Lone Star Vigilantes Henchman 1942
Riders of the Badlands Posse Member 1941
Go West, Young Lady Henchman 1941
Holt of the Secret Service Rankin / Rankin [Chs. 11-15] 1941
Roaring Frontiers Red Thompson- Bartender / Bartender Red 1941
The Lone Rider Ambushed Pete 1941
Saddle Mountain Roundup Blackie 1941
The Medico of Painted Springs Joe 1941
Hands Across the Rockies Juror 1941
Wrangler's Roost Miller (Saloon Owner, Posing as Black Bart) 1941
Billy the Kid Hickey Gang Member 1941
The Lone Rider in Ghost Town Jed 1941
The Pioneers Wilson - Henchman / Henchman Wilson 1941
The Spider Returns Henchman 1941
Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals Sheriff 1941
Pals of the Pecos Slim 1941
Outlaws of the Rio Grande Henchman Pete 1941
White Eagle Blackie 1941
Billy the Kid's Range War Henchman with Dynamite 1941
Trail of the Silver Spurs Wilson / The Gunman 1941
The Wildcat of Tucson Henchman Bart 1940
Thundering Frontier Henchman Dirk 1940
West of Pinto Basin Lane - Henchman / Henchman Lane (as George Cheseboro) 1940
Melody Ranch Henchman 1940
Riders of Black Mountain Bart - Wounded Henchman / Wounded Henchman Bart 1940
Colorado Sergeant 1940
Gun Code Henchman Bart 1940
Billy the Kid Outlawed Henchman Tex Carson (as George Cheseboro) / Henchman Tex Carson 1940
Wild Horse Range Ed Baker 1940
Frontier Crusader Trail Boss 1940
Lightning Strikes West 2nd Sheriff 1940
The Kid from Santa Fe Kent 1940
Texas Stagecoach Gunman 1940
Land of the Six Guns Taylor 1940
20 Mule Team Worker 1940
The Man from Tumbleweeds Bank Robber 1940
Pinto Canyon Pete Childers, aka Peterson 1940
Young Buffalo Bill Dice Table Croupier 1940
Shooting High Man Getting a Shave 1940
Covered Wagon Trails Carter - Henchman 1940
Riders of Pasco Basin Henchman Reading Paper 1940
Virginia City Southerner 1940
Wild Horse Valley Henchman Raymer 1940
Pioneers of the West Henchman 1940
The Cheyenne Kid Henchman Davis / Davis 1940
Pioneers of the Frontier Storekeeper Appleby 1940
Pioneer Days Roper - Henchman 1940
The Stranger from Texas Henchman Barker 1939
Destry Rides Again Barfly 1939
Smashing the Money Ring Convict Printer 1939
Oklahoma Frontier Barfly 1939
Those High Grey Walls Guard 1939
Range War Henchman 1939
New Frontier Deputy 1939
Wall Street Cowboy Henchman 1939
The Man from Sundown Townsman 1939
Daughters Courageous Mike 1939
Law of the Wolf Duke Williams 1939
Daredevils of the Red Circle Sheffield [Chs. 1, 11] / Sheffield 1939
Mandrake, the Magician Baker 1939
Dodge City Townsman 1939
Let Us Live Prison Visitor's Room Guard 1939
Southward Ho! Townsman 1939
Rough Riders' Round-up Mosby / Henchman Mosby 1939
The Oklahoma Kid Deputy 1939
Flying G-Men Red 1939
Song of the Buckaroo Henchman Fargo 1939
Fangs of the Wild Brad Colby 1939
The Little Adventuress Tout 1938
Rio Grande Kruger 1938
Santa Fe Stampede Henchman 1938
Adventure in Sahara Velich 1938
The Mexicali Kid Joe Collins 1938
Juvenile Court Cop in Chase Car 1938
Starlight Over Texas Ashley Hill 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Deputy Metaxa 1938
Squadron of Honor Legionnaire 1938
The Main Event Arena Guard 1938
Outlaws of Sonora Henchman Slim 1938
Call of the Rockies Henchman Monk 1938
Cattle Raiders Brand - Cattle Buyer 1938
The Purple Vigilantes Eggers 1938
Outlaws of the Prairie Townsman 1937
Springtime in the Rockies Thad Morgan 1937
The Old Wyoming Trail Hank Barstow 1937
Murder in Greenwich Village Detective / Police Detective 1937
The Game That Kills Waiter 1937
Prairie Thunder Matson 1937
It Happened in Hollywood Bank Robber 1937
Ridin' the Lone Trail Barfly 1937
SOS Coast Guard L.H. Degado - Chief Thug [Ch. 5] 1937
The Devil's Saddle Legion Red Frayne 1937
It Can't Last Forever Studs 1937
Empty Holsters Cutter Smith 1937
Two-Fisted Sheriff Ed - Prosecutor / Prosecutor Ed 1937
Sweetheart of the Navy Sailor 1937
Hills of Old Wyoming Peterson - Henchman / Peterson 1937
Motor Madness Henchman Mitchell 1937
Parole Racket Henchman 1937
Borderland Tom Parker - Henchman / Tom Parker 1937
The Roaming Cowboy Water Poisoner Henchman / Henchman Water Poisoner 1937
Dodge City Trail Henchman 1936
Trail Dust Saunders 1936
Roarin' Lead Captain Gardner 1936
The Cowboy Star Furniture Delivery Man 1936
The Big Show Henchman 1936
Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island Draker - Island Operations Chief / Draker, Island Operations Chief 1936
Vengeance of Rannah Ambush Party Leader 1936
Legion of Terror Foreman 1936
Code of the Range Henchman 1936
The Traitor Lynch Mob Leader 1936
Pinto Rustlers Henchman Spade 1936
The Speed Reporter Blackie Smith 1936
Roamin' Wild Henchman Tip 1936
Caryl of the Mountains Constable Jim O'Brien 1936
The Millionaire Kid Henchman 1936
Red River Valley Bull Dural 1936
The Return of Jimmy Valentine Nick 1936
Lucky Terror Jim Thornton 1936
The Lawless Nineties Green - Henchman / Henchman Green 1936
The Mysterious Avenger Henchman Foley 1936
Skull and Crown Henchman "Dude" / Dude - Henchman 1936
Custer's Last Stand Lt. Frank Roberts / Lieutenant Frank Roberts 1936
Fast Bullets 1936
Gallant Defender Joe Swale / Henchman Joe Swale 1935
Never Too Late Dude Hannigan - Second Henchman At Auction 1935
The Live Wire Jacquard 1935
Wild Mustang Deputy Tex Carter 1935
Confidential Sardo - Walsh's Henchman 1935
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Henchman Connors 1935
The Adventures of Rex and Rinty Henchman Anderson / Anderson 1935
The Man from Guntown Henchman Carnes 1935
Danger Ahead Taylor - First Mate 1935
The Laramie Kid Ed Larkin 1935
Rough Riding Ranger Henchman Bald 1935
The Silver Bullet Slim Walker 1935
Toll of the Desert Carter - Henchman / Henchman Carter 1935
Fighting Caballero Devil Jackson 1935
Silent Valley Rustler 1935
The Miracle Rider Crossman - Janss Hand [Ch. 1, 3, 8, 11-12] / Crossman 1935
Queen of the Jungle Ken Roberts 1935
Cyclone of the Saddle Cherokee Charlie / Cherokee 1935
The Cowboy and the Bandit Foreman of Bar-X 1935
Pals of the Range Zed 1935
Wolf Riders Al Pierce / Al Pearce 1935
Coyote Trails Jim / Henchman Jim 1935
North of Arizona Henchman Dick Smith / Dick Smith 1935
Horses' Collars Henchman 1935
Unconquered Bandit Cleyburn Henchman Dick 1935
The Cactus Kid Henchman 1935
The Phantom Cowboy Buck Houston 1935
Mystery Mountain Anderson - Rattler Henchman / Rattler Henchman Anderson 1934
In Old Santa Fe Nick - Henchman / Henchman Nick 1934
The Fighting Trooper Renee 1934
Law of the Wild Henchman Parks [Ch. 1] 1934
Fighting Hero Deputy 1934
Rawhide Mail Henchman Porky / Porky - Henchman 1934
The Murder in the Museum White-Hatted Reporter at Grilling 1934
Mystery Ranch Kern / Holdup man 1934
Western Racketeers Fargo Roberts 1934
The Border Menace Chuck Adams 1934
The Man Trailer Expressman 1934
Stolen Sweets Ship's Purser 1934
The Boss Cowboy Jack Kearns aka Jack Wells / Jack Kearns - aka Jack Wells 1934
The Whirlwind Rider Frank Kellogg 1934
The Big Chance Thug 1933
Crashin' Broadway Henchman 1933
Tombstone Canyon Deputy Jess 1932
The Fighting Champ Nifty Harmon 1932
Lucky Larrigan Rustler Mike 1932
Gorilla Ship Smith - First Mate 1932
Alias Mary Smith Mac 1932
Dynamite Denny Yardmaster 1932
Behind Stone Walls Druggett - Blackmailing Butler 1932
The County Fair Gunner 1932
Mark of the Spur John Beckett 1932
45 Calibre Echo Henchman 1932
Docks of San Francisco Vance's Henchman 1932
Dragnet Patrol Chief Federal Officer 1931
Soul of the Slums Flop House Employee 1931
Lariats and Six-Shooters 1931
Chinatown After Dark Varonoff's Henchman 1931
The Sky Spider Marsh 1931
I Like Your Nerve Captain of the Guards 1931
First Aid Swank 1931
The Sheriff's Secret 1931
The Kid from Arizona Henchman 1931
Air Police Curley - Joe's Henchman 1931
Wild West Whoopee 1931
Millie Juror 1931
The Valiant Liberty Bondsman 1929
Show Boat Steve Baker 1929
The Chinatown Mystery 1928
The Silent Avenger Bill Garton> 1927
Money to Burn Manuel Ortego 1926
The Block Signal Bert Steele 1926
Wolfblood Dick Bannister 1925
The Hope Diamond Mystery John Gregge / Jean-Baptiste Tavanier 1921
The Jungle Princess Stanley Morton 1920

Director Filmography

Wolfblood 1925
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