George Magrill

IVA Star Rating : 60
George Magrill was an American film actor. He appeared in 326 films between 1923 and 1952. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, was married to Ramona Oliver, and had a daughter named Marilynn. Magrill died in Los Angeles, California.

George Magrill was an American film actor. He appeared in 326 films between 1923 and 1952. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, was married to Ramona Oliver, and had a daughter named Marilynn. Magrill died in Los Angeles, California.


Friday, 05 January 1900


Saturday, 31 May 1952

Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Cyclotrode 'X' Fiske 1966
Torpedo of Doom Jamison - Chauffeur 1966
Satan's Satellites Thug Standing on Boxcar 1958
The War of the Worlds Traffic Cop 1953
Tropic Zone Minor Role 1953
Off Limits Boxing Match Spectator 1952
Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd Pirate 1952
The Steel Trap Waiter 1952
Operation Secret Train Brakeman 1952
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Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Cyclotrode 'X' Fiske 1966
Torpedo of Doom Jamison - Chauffeur 1966
Satan's Satellites Thug Standing on Boxcar 1958
The War of the Worlds Traffic Cop 1953
Tropic Zone Minor Role 1953
Off Limits Boxing Match Spectator 1952
Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd Pirate 1952
The Steel Trap Waiter 1952
Operation Secret Train Brakeman 1952
Something for the Birds Restaurant Patron 1952
The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima Villager 1952
Carrie Customer at Slawson's 1952
Zombies of the Stratosphere First Train Heavy [Ch. 1] 1952
Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Worker 1952
Red Planet Mars Pitchman 1952
The Sniper Cop at Darr Murder Scene 1952
Hoodlum Empire Man at Bill's Speech 1952
At Sword's Point Regent Guard 1952
Lone Star Townsman 1952
The Greatest Show on Earth Circus Man 1952
The Big Night Fight Fan 1951
Two Tickets to Broadway Deli Customer 1951
Golden Girl Quincy Miner 1951
Detective Story Policeman 1951
Anne of the Indies Pirate at Inn 1951
Bannerline Second Cop at Fire 1951
The Well Construction Worker 1951
Angels in the Outfield Baseball Fan 1951
The People Against O'Hara Court Attendant 1951
Rhubarb Policeman at Ballpark 1951
Iron Man Alex's Cornerman 1951
Meet Me After the Show Court Bailiff 1951
Bonanza Town Krag Henchman 1951
The Prince Who Was a Thief Guard 1951
Strangers on a Train Policeman at Merry-Go-Round 1951
No Questions Asked Policeman 1951
The Fat Man Detective 1951
Home Town Story Electric Company Worker 1951
I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. Minor Role 1951
Don Daredevil Rides Again Carson [Ch. 6] 1951
M Man in Mob 1951
The Company She Keeps Man in Racetrack Montage 1951
Sierra Passage Barfly 1950
Short Grass Fenton Henchman 1950
Highway 301 Policeman 1950
Stage to Tucson Barfly 1950
One Too Many Truck Driver Drinking Coca-Cola in Bar 1950
Experiment Alcatraz Prison Guard 1950
Dial 1119 Policeman 1950
The Jackpot Police Stenographer 1950
Dark City Policeman 1950
Big Town George 1950
Mister 880 Carnival Barker 1950
Pretty Baby Trainman 1950
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Road Gang Guard 1950
Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion Corporal 1950
Edge of Doom Policeman 1950
Three Little Words Piano Mover 1950
The Skipper Surprised His Wife Naval Officer 1950
711 Ocean Drive Boulder Dam Tourist 1950
Tarzan and the Slave Girl Lionian Brave 1950
Rogues of Sherwood Forest Sherwood Man 1950
Armored Car Robbery Policeman 1950
Shadow on the Wall Prison Guard 1950
The Invisible Monster Henchman Sam [Ch. 4-5] / Sam - Thug-Truck Driver [Chs.4-5] 1950
The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady Policeman at Parade 1950
The Good Humor Man Police Detective 1950
Federal Agent at Large Oliver 1950
When Willie Comes Marching Home Chief Petty Officer 1950
Woman in Hiding Stagehand 1950
Samson and Delilah Courtier / Soldier 1949
Bodyhold Wrestling Fan 1949
Tension Policeman 1949
Adam's Rib Subway Conductor 1949
Dear Wife Cop 1949
Chicago Deadline Handler / Handler (Uncredited) 1949
The Woman on Pier 13 Warehouse Thug 1949
Sword in the Desert Seaman 1949
Rope of Sand Guard / Driver 1949
Scene of the Crime Detective 1949
House of Strangers Cop 1949
Sorrowful Jones Horse Player 1949
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend Hoodlum 1949
Tulsa Firefighter 1949
Force of Evil Policeman #7 1949
Ma and Pa Kettle Deputy 1949
Flaxy Martin Court Officer 1949
Miss Mink of 1949 Cop 1949
Hollow Triumph Stansyck Hood 1949
Joan of Arc English Knight 1948
Smart Girls Don't Talk Policeman 1948
Cry of the City Cop 1948
A Southern Yankee Confederate Soldier 1948
Four Faces West Jim - Saloon Waiter 1948
Superman Bank Robber 1948
So You Want to Be a Detective Basrroom Thug 1948
The Fuller Brush Man Interrogation Room Cop 1948
Secret Service Investigator Police Officer 1948
River Lady Logger 1948
Adventures in Silverado Townsman 1948
Silent Conflict Boulder Inn Bartender 1948
Arch of Triumph Taxi Driver 1948
Tenth Avenue Angel Brakeman 1948
G-Men Never Forget Staley - Trent's Pal in Apartment Looting [Ch. 3] 1948
Good News Well-Wisher at Football Game 1947
Pirates of Monterey Pirate 1947
Where There's Life General's Aide 1947
Her Husband's Affairs Policeman Trying 'Off Again' Cream at Banquet 1947
Body and Soul Fight Stadium Cop 1947
The Invisible Wall Police Detective 1947
Merton of the Movies Gateman - Mammoth Studios 1947
Unconquered Ship's Agent 1947
Nightmare Alley Sideshow Spectator Wearing Straw Hat 1947
Monsieur Verdoux Night Club Patron 1947
News Hounds Man Working Out at Gym 1947
Heaven Only Knows One of Byron's Gunmen 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Wolf Man 1947
Michigan Kid Driver 1947
Under the Tonto Rim Tonto Rim Gang Guard 1947
The Romance of Rosy Ridge Northerner 1947
High Barbaree Vendor 1947
A Likely Story Expressman 1947
Tarzan and the Huntress Native Guard 1947
Twilight on the Rio Grande U.S. Customs Officer / US Customs Officer 1947
Nora Prentiss Customer at Newstand 1947
The Brasher Doubloon Policeman 1947
California Stranger 1947
The Sea of Grass Homesteader 1947
Renegade Girl Guard 1946
Love Laughs at Andy Hardy Moving Man with Trunk 1946
Lady in the Lake Policeman / Policeman (Uncredited) 1946
The Crimson Ghost Henchman Fiske [Ch. 3] 1946
The Strange Woman Poster's Workman 1946
The Jolson Story Gaffer 1946
Monsieur Beaucaire Prison Guard 1946
Under Nevada Skies Henchman 1946
Daughter of Don Q Cop at Quantero Home 1946
The Mysterious Mr. M Harper 1946
My Pal Trigger George 1946
Two Smart People Renif Taxi Driver 1946
Desert Command El Maghreb 1946
Without Reservations Taxi Driver 1946
Her Kind of Man Man in Booth 1946
The Phantom Thief Officer Kowalski 1946
From This Day Forward Minor Role 1946
The Madonna's Secret Policeman 1946
The Fighting Guardsman Wounded Soldier 1946
They Were Expendable Man in Admiral's Office 1945
The Spider Policeman 1945
Dick Tracy Detective at Starling's Interrogation 1945
Yolanda and the Thief Chauffeur 1945
Fallen Angel Cop at Murder Scene 1945
Johnny Angel Man 1945
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood Actor 1945
Her Highness and the Bellboy Jake's Joint Patron 1945
Radio Stars on Parade Henchman 1945
Oregon Trail Henchman 1945
On Stage Everybody Stagehand 1945
Santa Fe Saddlemates Man in Hall 1945
Dillinger Train Conductor 1945
Sudan Guard 1945
It's a Pleasure Ticket Taker at Train Station 1945
Wonder Man Policeman 1945
Music for Millions Soldier Concertgoer 1944
The Doughgirls Soldier in Lobby 1944
The Unwritten Code Man in Church 1944
Mystery of the River Boat Salon Audience Member 1944
The Conspirators Policeman Firing at Vincent's Car 1944
Girl Rush Henchman 1944
One Mysterious Night Police Guard / Police Guard (Uncredited) 1944
Greenwich Village First Bartender at Danny's Den 1944
Cry of the Werewolf Front Door Police Guard 1944
The Seventh Cross Guard at Concentration Camp 1944
Louisiana Hayride State Trooper 1944
The Hairy Ape Saloon Brawler 1944
Meet the People Welder 1944
The Story of Dr. Wassell U.S. Sailor 1944
The Black Parachute Guerilla 1944
Double Indemnity Man 1944
The Girl in the Case Steve 1944
Cobra Woman Guard 1944
An American Romance Steel Worker 1944
Uncertain Glory Execution Guard 1944
Up in Arms Sailor 1944
Cover Girl Naval Officer in Audience 1944
Four Jills in a Jeep Bill - Radio Operator 1944
Captain America Mechanic Thug [Ch. 7] 1944
None Shall Escape Policeman 1944
The Fighting Seabees Extra 1944
The Lodger Policeman 1944
The Racket Man George the Private / George 1944
And the Angels Sing Club Patron 1944
Whistling in Brooklyn Brooklyn Dodger Fan 1943
Gangway for Tomorrow Worker 1943
Swing Fever Taxi Driver 1943
The Chance of a Lifetime Policeman / Policeman (Uncredited) 1943
Destroyer Marine 1943
The Man from Down Under Bettor 1943
Secret Service in Darkest Africa Arab Thug at Sub Base Winch [Ch.3] 1943
Batman Henchman at Sphinx Club 1943
Appointment in Berlin Nazi Pilot 1943
Good Luck, Mr. Yates Soldier 1943
Coney Island Tough Guy at Harem Show 1943
Jitterbugs Riverboat Passenger 1943
Daredevils of the West Citizen 1943
Chatterbox Film Crewman 1943
Edge of Darkness Nazi Soldier 1943
Don Winslow of the Coast Guard Henchman Slauder [Ch. 13] 1943
Assignment in Brittany Nazi Sentry 1943
The McGuerins from Brooklyn Herbert 1942
Underground Agent Spike's Friend 1942
Sabotage Squad Workman 1942
The Big Street Mug at Mindy's / Mug at Mindy's (Uncredited) 1942
Wake Island Second Civilian 1942
It Happened in Flatbush Fan in Stands 1942
Tortilla Flat Cannery Worker 1942
Tarzan's New York Adventure Circus Roustabout 1942
This Gun for Hire Policeman 1942
Fingers at the Window Policeman 1942
Two Yanks in Trinidad Mug 1942
Reap the Wild Wind Mike 1942
Butch Minds the Baby Henchman 1942
Nazi Agent Thug 1942
Don't Talk Guard 1942
Captain Midnight Henchman Red [Chs. 5-7] 1942
A Tragedy at Midnight Cop 1942
Brooklyn Orchid Cab Driver 1942
A Yank on the Burma Road A Spinaldi Brother 1942
Call Out the Marines Marine Brawler 1942
Over My Dead Body 2nd Arresting Policeman 1942
Pacific Blackout Soldier 1941
Design for Scandal Miner 1941
Rise and Shine Henchman 1941
Holt of the Secret Service Crimp Henchman 1941
South of Tahiti Sailor 1941
This Woman Is Mine Seaman 1941
Two in a Taxi Sam 1941
The Getaway Prison Guard 1941
Love Crazy Sanitarium Guard 1941
The Spider Returns Henchman 1941
The Sea Wolf Crewman 1941
Meet Boston Blackie Georgie 1941
Buck Privates Patrol Car Driver 1941
Tall, Dark and Handsome Joe, at Bar 1941
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Spike - Henchman with Bordine 1940
Gallant Sons Bartender 1940
North West Mounted Police Indian 1940
The Gay Caballero Deputy Sheriff 1940
Glamour for Sale Mugg 1940
Mystery Sea Raider Man on Wharf 1940
Millionaires in Prison Guard in Yard 1940
Winners of the West Henchman / Henchman [Chs. 2, 7] 1940
New Moon Guard 1940
Florian Soldier 1940
Ski Patrol Russian Soldier 1940
I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby Henchman 1940
Hi-Yo Silver Fort Gate Sentry 1940
Young Tom Edison Train Passenger 1940
The Man from Dakota Confederate Sergeant 1940
A Chump at Oxford Tow-Truck Driver 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Policeman 1940
Swanee River Agitator 1940
Slightly Honorable Reporter / Reporter (Uncredited) 1939
Oklahoma Frontier Trooper 1939
Tropic Fury Mug 1939
Our Leading Citizen Workman 1939
Conspiracy Policeman in Radio Room 1939
The Magnificent Fraud Attendant 1939
Million Dollar Legs Bystander 1939
6, 000 Enemies Henchman 1939
It Could Happen to You Construction Worker 1939
Missing Daughters Mugg 1939
Tell No Tales Alex 1939
Union Pacific Surveyor 1939
Chasing Danger Legionaire Guard 1939
Hotel Imperial Austrian Sentry 1939
Mr. Moto in Danger Island Officer 1939
The Flying Irishman New York Airport Workman 1939
Mexicali Rose Henchman 1939
Sergeant Madden Policeman 1939
King of Chinatown Second Gangster 1939
Flying G-Men Henchman 1939
The Phantom Creeps Thug-Pilot / Schooner Crewman 1939
Disbarred Cop 1939
Smashing the Spy Ring Guard 1938
Ride a Crooked Mile Truck Driver 1938
Road Demon Guard 1938
Say It in French Taxi Driver 1938
The Great Waltz Revolutionary 1938
The Mad Miss Manton Policeman 1938
Red Barry Roadblock Policeman 1938
Dick Tracy Returns Fertilizer Warehouse Thug 1938
Give Me a Sailor Orderly 1938
Sky Giant Cadet Newman 1938
Blockade Guerrilla Fighter 1938
Riders of the Black Hills Pilot 1938
The Fighting Devil Dogs Jamison 1938
Gangs of New York Henchman 1938
Yellow Jack Cavalryman 1938
Crime School Guard 1938
Mr. Moto's Gamble Policeman 1938
Romance in the Dark Tough Man in Audience 1938
Who Killed Gail Preston? Policeman 1938
Born to Be Wild Hank 1938
The Lone Ranger Sentry 1938
City Girl Plainclothesman 1938
Wells Fargo Northerner 1937
Rosalie Assistant Army Coach 1937
Missing Witnesses Acme Disposal Worker 1937
Danger Patrol Nitro Handler 1937
Navy Blue and Gold Cadet Prankster 1937
The Last Gangster Warehouse Gangster 1937
Stand-In Head Juicer 1937
The Perfect Specimen Cop at Mrs. Wicks Home 1937
It Happened in Hollywood Stagehand 1937
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air Nightclub Doorman 1937
She Had to Eat G-Man 1937
It Could Happen to You Thug 1937
The Last Train from Madrid Militiaman 1937
It May Happen to You Policeman 1937
Meet the Missus Policeman 1937
There Goes My Girl Bit Role 1937
Behind the Headlines Gang Member 1937
They Gave Him a Gun Soldier 1937
Night Key Henchman 1937
Shall We Dance Room Steward 1937
King of Gamblers Tough Waiter 1937
Secret Agent X-9 Freighter Crewman [Chs. 9-10] 1937
23 1/2 Hours Leave Waiter - Soldier 1937
Maid of Salem Sailor / Sailor (Uncredited) 1937
They Wanted to Marry Marcel 1937
The Holy Terror Sailor 1937
Racing Lady Racetrack Bettor 1937
The Plough and the Stars Minor Role 1936
Night Waitress Gangster Tied Up in Boat 1936
Laughing at Trouble Deputy 1936
Fugitive in the Sky G-Man 1936
Wanted! Jane Turner Henchman 1936
Under Your Spell Angry Man 1936
Legion of Terror Townsman / Klansman 1936
The Gay Desperado Movie Theatre Brawler 1936
Sworn Enemy Steamer's Trainer 1936
Star for a Night Moving Man 1936
Two-Fisted Gentleman Tiger 1936
Charlie Chan at the Race Track Detective 1936
Jailbreak Convict 1936
The Bride Walks Out Ship Clerk at Dock 1936
San Francisco A Marine 1936
The Last Outlaw Reporter 1936
Flash Gordon Ming's Soldier 1936
The First Baby Rollerdrome Attendant 1936
Too Many Parents Chauffeur 1936
Love Before Breakfast Sailor 1936
Follow the Fleet Quartermaster 1936
The Bohemian Girl Torturer 1936
You May Be Next! Mike--Policeman 1936
Tough Guy G-Man 1936
Professional Soldier Soldier 1935
Man of Iron Factory Worker 1935
Three Little Beers Street Cop 1935
Escape from Devil's Island Guard 1935
The Rainmakers Hobo 1935
Barbary Coast Man Who Falls into Water 1935
Danger Ahead George 1935
Dante's Inferno Ship's Officer 1935
Love Me Forever Henchman 1935
Ladies Crave Excitement Employment Clerk 1935
The Nitwits Cop 1935
Murder in the Fleet Sailor on Watch / Sailor on Watch (Uncredited) 1935
Strangers All Policeman 1935
The Miracle Rider Henchman 1935
The Wedding Night Wedding Guest with Plate 1935
Night Life of the Gods Masseur 1935
The Phantom Empire Lt. Paul [Ch. 5] 1935
Under Pressure Miner 1935
Rustlers of Red Dog Army Sergeant 1935
Mills of the Gods Workman 1934
The Merry Widow Policeman 1934
Tailspin Tommy Henchman Bailey [Chs. 4, 6-7] 1934
The Cat's-Paw Gangster 1934
The Girl from Missouri First Taxi Driver 1934
Here Comes the Navy Sailor on Macon 1934
Call It Luck Cop 1934
Charlie Chan's Courage Heavy 1934
Journal of a Crime Ambulance Man 1934
Keep 'Em Rolling Skeptical Soldier 1934
Pirate Treasure Andy - Lottie Carson Crewman (Ch. 4 & 11-12) 1934
Murder on the Campus Reporter at Murder Scene 1933
The Mystery Squadron Henchman 1933
The Chief Fireman 1933
Broadway Thru a Keyhole Member of Rocci's Mob 1933
The Wolf Dog Pete 1933
Midshipman Jack Ship's Engineer 1933
Penthouse Crelliman's Butler 1933
Disgraced Undwood's Chauffeur 1933
Melody Cruise Deck Chair / Dance Floor Passenger 1933
The Phantom of the Air Henchman 1933
Elmer, the Great Game Spectator 1933
The Whispering Shadow Mitchell - Henchman #2 [Ch. 2] 1933
The Three Musketeers El Maghreb 1933
Gabriel Over the White House Gangster 1933
King Kong Member of Ship's Crew 1933
Men Must Fight Stretcher Bearer 1933
The Lost Special Lefty 1932
Scarlet Dawn Revolutionary 1932
Flaming Gold Cargo Ship's Crewman 1932
Hold 'Em Jail Cop 1932
Crooner Nightclub Brawler 1932
Devil and the Deep Submarine Crewman 1932
My Pal, the King Palace Guard 1932
Roar of the Dragon Sailor 1932
The Texas Bad Man Harry - Texas Ranger 1932
Night Court Strong Arm Man 1932
The Beast of the City Sam's Henchman 1932
Ladies of the Big House Inmate - Fingerprint Scene 1931
Side Show Roustabout 1931
The Galloping Ghost Sherman / Adams / Thompson 1931
Danger Island Henchman 1931
The Sin Ship Crewman 1931
The Secret 6 Police Guard at Jailhouse 1931
The Front Page Policeman 1931
Mr. Lemon of Orange Henchman 1931
Dance, Fools, Dance Luva's Henchman 1931
Men on Call Coast Guardsman 1931
New Moon Ivan 1930
Cheer Up and Smile Gangster Robbing Pierre's 1930
The Big House Convict in Yard 1930
Born Reckless Former Ballplayer Recruit at Boot Camp 1930
Condemned! Convict Clerk 1929
Marianne Military Policeman 1929
Hawk of the Hills 1929
The Desert of the Lost Henchman 1927
Snowed In 1926
The Vanishing American The First Nophaie 1926
Wild Horse Mesa Benton (Bent) Manerube 1925
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