Hank Bell

IVA Star Rating : 57
Hank Bell was an American film actor. He appeared in 371 films between 1920 and 1950. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and died in Hollywood, California, from a heart attack.

Hank Bell was an American film actor. He appeared in 371 films between 1920 and 1950. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and died in Hollywood, California, from a heart attack.

Birth Name

Henry Branch Bell


Thursday, 21 January 1892


Saturday, 04 February 1950

Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Biography Various 1987
Stoogemania Juror 1986
Man with the Steel Whip Stage Driver 1954
Montana Belle Townsman 1952
Trail Guide Townsman 1952
Fancy Pants Barfly 1950
Gunslingers Hollister 1950
Over the Border Sheriff 1950
Copper Canyon Townsman 1950
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Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Biography Various 1987
Stoogemania Juror 1986
Man with the Steel Whip Stage Driver 1954
Montana Belle Townsman 1952
Trail Guide Townsman 1952
Fancy Pants Barfly 1950
Gunslingers Hollister 1950
Over the Border Sheriff 1950
Copper Canyon Townsman 1950
Red Desert Hank - Stage Driver 1949
Roseanna McCoy Man at Country Fair 1949
The Fighting Kentuckian Militiaman at Festival 1949
Brimstone Shotgun Guard 1949
Lust for Gold Townsman 1949
Outcasts of the Trail Stage Driver Ralph 1949
Streets of Laredo Texas Ranger Hank 1949
Frontier Investigator Old-Timer 1949
Big Jack Driver 1949
The Last Bandit Bert - Sheriff 1949
The Valiant Hombre El Paso Sheriff 1948
Loaded Pistols Hank 1948
Whispering Smith Posse Member 1948
The Plunderers Buck - Stagecoach Driver / Man in Mob 1948
The Untamed Breed Wagon Driver 1948
Black Eagle Deputy 1948
Return of the Bad Men Deputy 1948
The Gallant Legion Ranger Hank / Hank - Texas Ranger 1948
Old Los Angeles Stagecoach Driver 1948
California Firebrand Hank - Wagon Driver 1948
Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains Flapjack 1948
Tornado Range West Valley Cowman 1948
Albuquerque Townsman at Stage Depot 1948
Cheyenne Takes Over Cabin Henchman 1947
Merton of the Movies Extra in Casting Office Line 1947
Along the Oregon Trail Dozer at Trading Post 1947
Wyoming Rancher 1947
Hoppy's Holiday Townsman 1947
Gunfighters Deputy 1947
Duel in the Sun McCanles Ranch Hand 1947
The Egg and I Reveler at Country Dance / Reveler at Country Dance (Uncredited) 1947
Law of the Lash Sleeping Townsman 1947
Trail Street Pedestrian Passing Newspaper Office 1947
California Wagon Driver 1947
The Devil's Playground Poker Player 1946
Plainsman and the Lady Yard Master 1946
My Darling Clementine Opera House Patron 1946
Rustler's Round-Up Rancher 1946
That Texas Jamboree Old Cowhand 1946
The Wife of Monte Cristo Minor Role 1946
The Virginian Rider with News of Teacher 1946
The Cherokee Flash Townsman 1945
Saratoga Trunk Cowhand 1945
Rough Riders of Cheyenne Hank 1945
Sunset in El Dorado Hank - Stage Driver 1945
Along the Navajo Trail Old-Timer 1945
Stagecoach Outlaws Hank - Second Stage Driver 1945
Along Came Jones Posse Rider 1945
Oregon Trail Townsman 1945
Flame of the West Hank 1945
Bells of Rosarita Farmer 1945
Flame of Barbary Coast Hank 1945
Salome, Where She Danced Stagecoach Driver 1945
Eve Knew Her Apples Farmer 1945
Great Stagecoach Robbery Stagecoach Driver 1945
His Brother's Ghost Farmer 1945
The Topeka Terror Stagecoach Driver 1945
Under Western Skies Townsman 1945
She Gets Her Man Clem 1945
Jeep-Herders Hank, Ranch Foreman / Hank - Ranch Foreman 1945
Belle of the Yukon 1st Bartender 1944
Oath of Vengeance Homesteader 1944
Firebrands of Arizona Townsman 1944
Code of the Prairie Jim - Stagecoach Driver 1944
Tall in the Saddle Hotel Clerk 1944
San Fernando Valley Carnival Sheriff 1944
Brand of the Devil Hank - Bartender 1944
The Great Moment Onlooker 1944
Fuzzy Settles Down Barfly 1944
Mystery Man Deputy Ed 1944
Boss of Boomtown Barfly 1944
Valley of Vengeance Dad Jones 1944
Jam Session Stagecoach Driver in Movie 1944
Thundering Gun Slingers Hank - Bartender 1944
Raiders of Sunset Pass Old Cowhand 1943
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek Homecoming Spectator 1943
Klondike Kate Pete - Miner 1943
Overland Mail Robbery Stage Driver 1943
Devil Riders Jed Clark -Stage Driver / Jed Clark 1943
Man from Music Mountain Adobe Joe 1943
Return of the Rangers Wagon Driver 1943
Blazing Frontier Bartender 1943
Fired Wife Mailman 1943
Wagon Tracks West Barfly 1943
A Lady Takes a Chance Mustached Gold City Cowboy 1943
Cattle Stampede Stagecoach Driver / Stagecoach Driver Hank 1943
The Law Rides Again Tex - Henchman / Henchman Tex 1943
Appointment in Berlin Dutchman 1943
Song of Texas Replaced Driver / Hank 1943
Cowboy Commandos Pete 1943
Hit the Ice Sleigh Driver 1943
The Desperadoes Poker Player 1943
Western Cyclone Bartender 1943
The More the Merrier Singing Man on Apartment Stairway 1943
West of Texas New Ranger 1943
Death Rides the Plains Bartender 1943
Calling Wild Bill Elliott Stage Driver / Stagecoach Driver 1943
Hangmen Also Die! Driver 1943
King of the Cowboys Parade Spectator 1943
Fugitive of the Plains Stage Driver 1943
Land of Hunted Men Stage Driver 1943
Prairie Chickens Sidewalker Sweeper / Band Drummer 1943
The Moon Is Down Villager 1943
Bad Men of Thunder Gap Townsman 1943
Haunted Ranch Army Enlistee 1943
Fighting Frontier Jim Turner 1943
The Rangers Take Over Bartender Jack / Jack 1942
The Valley of Vanishing Men Wounded Prospector 1942
The Ox-Bow Incident Red 1942
Heart of the Golden West Captain Prentiss 1942
Arizona Stage Coach Stage Passenger / Stagecoach Passenger 1942
Apache Trail Man in Stage Office 1942
Law and Order Townsman 1942
The Silver Bullet Hank 1942
The Sombrero Kid Poker Player 1942
Perils of the Royal Mounted Townsman) / Martin - Trapper / Martin 1942
Rolling Down the Great Divide Jim 1942
Boot Hill Bandits Stagecoach Driver Hank / Hank - Stagecoach Driver 1942
Rock River Renegades Bill Davis - Stage Driver / Bill Davis 1942
Billy the Kid Trapped Barfly 1942
Raiders of the West Kansas MacFarland 1942
Shut My Big Mouth Stagecoach Driver 1942
South of Santa Fe Bartender 1942
Stagecoach Buckaroo Bartender 1942
Ride 'Em Cowboy Napping Cowpoke with Rake 1942
Valley of the Sun Hank - Shotgun Guard / Hank 1942
Wild Bill Hickok Rides Train Passenger 1942
Thunder River Feud Stage Driver / Stagecoach Driver 1942
Dude Cowboy Spectator 1941
Red River Valley Hank 1941
Go West, Young Lady Jerry the Bartender / Jerry - the Bartender 1941
They Died with Their Boots On 1st Michigan Officer 1941
The Great Man's Lady Man #1, Hoyt City / Man #1 - Hoyt City 1941
Jesse James at Bay Charlie Davis 1941
Roaring Frontiers Hank - Stagecoach Driver 1941
Down Mexico Way Barbeque Guest 1941
Tonto Basin Outlaws Slim 1941
Texas Hank - King Ranch Foreman 1941
Riders of the Timberline Logger 1941
Badlands of Dakota Townsman 1941
Wide Open Town Man Who Reports Herd Coming / Barfly Telling Steve About Herd 1941
Love at First Fright Gun Checker 1941
The Shepherd of the Hills Man with Mustache 1941
The Son of Davy Crockett Bartender 1941
The Medico of Painted Springs Stage Driver 1941
Nevada City 1st Stagecoach Driver / 3rd Stagecoach Driver 1941
Wrangler's Roost Stage Driver #2 1941
The Return of Daniel Boone Wagon Driver 1941
Border Vigilantes Liveryman 1941
North from the Lone Star Bartender Walrus 1941
Las Vegas Nights Plaintiff 1941
Outlaws of the Rio Grande Fight Spectator 1941
Western Union Telegraph Worker 1941
The Phantom Cowboy Coates - Stage Driver 1941
The Pinto Kid Hank 1941
White Eagle Parks 1941
Trail of the Vigilantes Buckboard Driver 1940
Young Bill Hickok Hank 1940
Rangers of Fortune Townsman 1940
Colorado Deputy 1940
Wyoming Rancher 1940
The Westerner Deputy 1940
Boom Town Hank - Man in Dance Hall 1940
Oklahoma Renegades Townsman 1940
The Tulsa Kid Barfly 1940
Stage to Chino Suspenders Customer 1940
Stagecoach War Townsman 1940
The Carson City Kid Stage Driver 1940
Prairie Law Slim - Juror #3 1940
Rocky Mountain Rangers Townsman with Bushy Handlebar Mustache / Townsman 1940
20 Mule Team First Barfly Counting Bill's Money 1940
The Man from Tumbleweeds Stage Driver 1940
Young Buffalo Bill Stage Shotgun Guard / Stagecoach Shotgun Guard 1940
Covered Wagon Trails Prairieville Sheriff 1940
Hi-Yo Silver Rancher 1940
Riders of Pasco Basin Townsman 1940
Dark Command Townsman 1940
Virginia City Barfly 1940
Rancho Grande Hank - Ranch Hand 1940
My Little Chickadee Townsman 1940
Pioneers of the Frontier New Settler 1940
Chip of the Flying U Man on Porch 1940
Westbound Stage Tim - Stagecoach Driver 1939
Henry Goes Arizona Rancher Jesse 1939
Taming of the West Marshal Bates 1939
Geronimo Cherrycow 1939
Overland Mail Rattlesnake - Relay Rider 1939
Teacher's Pest Wagon Driver 1939
Oklahoma Frontier Corporal 1939
The Fighting Gringo Wallace Henchman Shot by Wade 1939
Frontier Marshal Townsman with Large Mustache 1939
Overland with Kit Carson 'Broken-Hand' Fitzpatrick (Ch. 1) 1939
The Oregon Trail Clear Water Barfly / Clear Water Barfly [Ch. 3] 1939
Heritage of the Desert Wedding Guest 1939
Western Caravans Deputy Hank 1939
Spoilers of the Range Sheriff Hank 1939
Frontier Pony Express Laramie Station Agent 1939
Silver on the Sage Deputy 1939
Rough Riders' Round-up Border Patrolman 1939
Let Freedom Ring Stage Driver 1939
Texas Stampede Hank 1939
Rio Grande Hank 1938
West of the Santa Fe Hank 1938
The Renegade Ranger Barfly 1938
The Texans Soldier 1938
I'm from the City Cowboy Near Pig Cage 1938
South of Arizona Hank - Stagecoach Driver 1938
Flaming Frontiers Hank #2 [Chs. 7, 9, 15] 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Store Clerk (Ch's 2, 15) 1938
Border G-Man Cowhand 1938
Gun Law Townsman Taking Tom's Gun 1938
The Girl of the Golden West Deputy Sheriff 1938
Border Wolves Wagon Driver 1938
Cattle Raiders Townsman 1938
The Lone Ranger Wagon Train Man (Ch. 1) 1938
The Buccaneer Pirate 1938
West of Rainbow's End Henchman Joe 1938
Wells Fargo Medical Attendant 1937
Outlaws of the Prairie Ranger Jim 1937
Thunder Trail Barfly 1937
Rustlers' Valley Square Dance Caller 1937
Wild West Days Townsman 1937
Goofs and Saddles Gang Member 1937
One Man Justice Texas Rider 1937
North of the Rio Grande Saloon Waiter 1937
Two-Fisted Sheriff Jury Foreman 1937
Way Out West Barfly 1937
Borderland Barfly 1937
Valley of Terror Sheriff Judson 1937
Dodge City Trail Red 1936
The Plainsman Capt. Wood's Medic 1936
Hopalong Cassidy Returns Barfly 1936
End of the Trail Rough Rider 1936
Cavalcade of the West Man in Stock Footage Montage 1936
Ride 'Em Cowboy Race Spectator 1936
The Texas Rangers Hank Wallace, Texas Ranger 1936
The Lion's Den Henchman 1936
The Phantom Rider Stage Driver (Ch. 1) 1936
Rhythm on the Range Rodeo Cowboy 1936
Disorder in the Court Juror - Back Row 1936
Three on the Trail Dancer at Party 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Unemployed Farmer in Line and Courtroom 1936
Comin' 'Round the Mountain Handlebar Mustache Man in Drag for Matador Skit 1936
Robin Hood of El Dorado Posse Man 1936
Red River Valley Rancher 1936
Song of the Saddle Townsman 1936
Yellow Dust Henchman / Card Player 1936
Lucky Terror Deputy Hank 1936
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Tolliver Clan Member 1936
Roarin' Guns Rancher 1936
Lawless Riders Man at Candy Kisses Booth 1935
The Cheyenne Tornado Sheriff 1935
Thunder Mountain Barfly 1935
Westward Ho Mark Wyatt 1935
The Man from Guntown Ranch Hand Bob 1935
Trails End Cowhand 1935
Call of the Wild Waiter 1935
Dante's Inferno Carnival Worker 1935
Men of Action Construction Worker 1935
The Roaring West Stage Driver 1935
The Arizonian Man Paying Fine in Courtroom 1935
The Outlaw Deputy Henchman 1935
Border Vengeance Sheriff 1935
Border Brigands Henchman Sisk 1935
The Silver Bullet Gambler 1935
Stone of Silver Creek Barfly 1935
The Miracle Rider Land Grabber [Ch. 1] 1935
Born to Battle Clem - Henchman 1935
Life Begins at 40 Townsman 1935
Blazing Guns Vigilante Sam 1935
North of Arizona Barfly 1935
Rustlers of Red Dog Miner (Ch. 1) 1935
The Cactus Kid Barfly 1935
The Westerner Rodeo Spectator 1934
The Prescott Kid Townsman 1934
Thunder Over Texas Square Dancer 1934
The Dude Ranger Party Guest 1934
Law of the Wild Townsman [Chs. 6-7] 1934
The Man from Hell Henchman 1934
Fighting Through Hank - Henchman / Hank 1934
The Red Rider Townsman 1934
Smoking Guns Henchman 1934
Blue Steel Stage Driver 1934
Honor of the Range Barfly 1934
Laughing Boy Cowboy 1934
Ridin' Thru Henchmnan 1934
Wheels of Destiny Settler 1934
Massacre Cowboy Selling Rope 1934
Sagebrush Trail Henchman 1933
Gun Justice Rivers Rider 1933
Fargo Express Hank - Stage Guard 1933
Stage Mother Mustached Man With Badge 1933
The Trail Drive Henchman Hank 1933
Man of the Forest Ranch Hand 1933
The Fighting Parson Henchman 1933
The Fiddlin' Buckaroo Henchman 1933
The Man from Monterey Morgan Rider 1933
Unknown Valley Joshua Townsman / Townsman 1933
The Thrill Hunter Studio Western Cowboy 1933
The Whirlwind 2nd Rodeo Announcer 1933
The Dude Bandit Hank 1933
Treason Randall Rider 1933
The Wyoming Whirlwind Henchman Hank 1932
The Fighting Champ Barfly / Spectator 1932
Law and Lawless Henchman 1932
Young Blood Deputy Bill 1932
Gold Prospector 1932
Outlaw Justice Henchman 1932
The Big Stampede Sonora Vaquero 1932
Come on, Tarzan Hank - Cowhand 1932
Broadway to Cheyenne Rancher 1932
Guns for Hire Duke Monahan 1932
Beyond the Rockies Whiskey Bill 1932
The Night Rider Rancher 1932
The Texas Bad Man Posse Rider 1932
A Man's Land Triple X Hand with Walrus Mustache 1932
Two-Fisted Law Barfly 1932
Texas Pioneers Army Scout 1932
Law of the West Marshal Dan Carruthers 1932
Whistlin' Dan Cantina Barfly 1932
Lawless Valley Rustler Hank / Hank - Rustler 1932
Single-Handed Sanders Hank Perkins 1932
Law and Order Barfly 1932
South of Santa Fe Henchman 1932
Ghost City Joe Meek - Blacksmith 1932
Thunderbolt Chuck 1931
The Range Feud Townsman at Meeting 1931
Freighters of Destiny Henchman 1931
The Hurricane Horseman Posse Member 1931
Oklahoma Jim Barfly 1931
Near the Trail's End Pete - Cowhand 1931
Sundown Trail Cowhand 1931
The Man from Death Valley Deputy 1931
The Montana Kid Deputy Hank 1931
Law of the Rio Grande Wolf Hardy Gang Member 1931
Wild Horse Cowboy Who Refuses to Ride 1931
Alias the Bad Man Arkansas 1931
In Old Cheyenne Cowhand Burke / Burke - Cowhand 1931
The Fighting Sheriff Poker Player 1931
Pueblo Terror Henchman Hank 1931
Ten Nights in a Bar-Room Barfly 1931
Fighting Thru; or, California in 1878 Barfly 1930
Min and Bill Sailor in Barbershop 1930
Breed of the West Sheriff Cole 1930
Billy the Kid Henchman Polka Dot 1930
The Land of Missing Men 1st Stableman 1930
Shadow Ranch Barfly 1930
Under Montana Skies Show Spectator 1930
Canyon Hawks Advice Giver / Barfly 1930
Abraham Lincoln Townsman in Offut's Store 1930
The Border Legion Kells Gang Member 1930
Near the Rainbow's End Sheriff Hank / Sheriff Hank Bradley 1930
Under a Texas Moon Cannon Loader 1930
Bar-L Ranch Sheriff 1930
Rio Rita Texas Ranger 1929
The Fighting Terror 1929
The Last Round-Up John Dunlap 1929
Outlawed Deputy 1929
Arizona Days Rustler 1928
The Devil's Saddle Henchman 1927
The Last Outlaw Henchman 1927
Code of the Cow Country Red Irwin 1927
The Land Beyond the Law Henchman 1927
Between Dangers Henchman 1927
Senor Daredevil Cowhand 1926
The Scrappin' Kid Slim Hawks 1926
The Set-Up Henchman 1926
The Calgary Stampede Cowhand at Rodeo 1925
The Pony Express Townsman 1925
Border Vengeance Henchman 1925
Riders of the Purple Sage Barfly 1925
The Deadwood Coach Character 1924
Hit and Run Cafe Customer 1924
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