Harry Hayden

IVA Star Rating : 55
Harry Hayden was a Canadian-American actor. He was a highly prolific actor, with more than 280 screen credits.

Harry Hayden was a Canadian-American actor. He was a highly prolific actor, with more than 280 screen credits.


Wednesday, 08 November 1882


Sunday, 24 July 1955

Actor Filmography

MGM Parade Warden 1955
The Desperado School Master / Auctioneer 1954
Stories of the Century Parson Jenkins 1954
Money from Home First Race Judge 1953
Hot News Doctor 1953
Topper Dillon 1953
Charade Barber 1953
The Last Posse Davis / Davis, a Traveling Salesman 1953
Tonight We Sing Mr. Granek 1953
Mr. & Mrs. North Sheriff Jackson 1952
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Actor Filmography

MGM Parade Warden 1955
The Desperado School Master / Auctioneer 1954
Stories of the Century Parson Jenkins 1954
Money from Home First Race Judge 1953
Hot News Doctor 1953
Topper Dillon 1953
Charade Barber 1953
The Last Posse Davis / Davis, a Traveling Salesman 1953
Tonight We Sing Mr. Granek 1953
Mr. & Mrs. North Sheriff Jackson 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Mr. Henderson 1952
Adventures of Superman Carl Wagoner 1952
Hopalong Cassidy Doctor 1952
O. Henry's Full House A.J. Crump (segment "The Gift of the Magi") 1952
Carrie O'Brien 1952
My Little Margie Stephen Wilson 1952
When in Rome Girdle Salesman / Mr. Wigland - the Girdle Salesman 1952
Double Dynamite J.L. McKissack 1951
Street Bandits William Carrington, mouthpiece 1951
Disc Jockey Western Character 1951
The Red Skelton Hour Man Wearing 'Dick' Campaign Button, Theater Manager-Opening Sketch 1951
So You Want to Be a Bachelor Charlie Peckinpah - Joe's Father - in - Law 1951
Angels in the Outfield Dr. Jordan, Bridget's Doctor 1951
Racket Squad Mr. Connors 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Jesse Faraday 1951
Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill Man on Train 1950
The Stu Erwin Show Harry Johnson, Harry 1950
To Please a Lady Bainsville Track Owner 1950
The Magnavox Theater Man on Train 1950
Union Station Skelly - Conductor / Conductor Skelly 1950
Pier 23 Dr. Earl J. Tomkins 1950
Kill the Umpire Hotel Manager 1950
The Traveling Saleswoman J.L. King 1950
Dangerous Assignment Conductor 1950
Captain China Shipping Line Owner / Ship Line Owner 1950
Gun Crazy Mr. Mallenberg 1950
Prison Warden Mr. Greene 1949
Intruder in the Dust Mr. Mallison 1949
Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff Lawrence Crandall 1949
The Doolins of Oklahoma Train Conductor 1949
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend Train Conductor 1949
Adventure in Baltimore Chairman 1949
Joe Palooka in the Big Fight Commissioner Harris 1949
The Lone Wolf and His Lady Shamus O'Brien 1949
Badmen of Tombstone John Mattson 1949
Every Girl Should Be Married Gogarty 1948
Family Honeymoon Railroad Conductor 1948
An Act of Murder Mr. Hart 1948
Rusty Leads the Way Harry Ainesworth 1948
Smart Girls Don't Talk Ballistics Expert 1948
Out of the Storm Chief Ryan 1948
Good Sam Banker 1948
The Velvet Touch Mr. Crouch / Mr. Couch 1948
The Dude Goes West Horace Hotchkiss 1948
Silver River Shaeffer - Bank Manager 1948
Fighting Father Dunne Mr. Dunfee 1948
Docks of New Orleans Oscar Swenstrom 1948
The Judge Steps Out Judge Davis 1947
Out of the Past Canby Miller 1947
Merton of the Movies Mr. Gashwiler 1947
Key Witness Custer Bidwell 1947
The Unfinished Dance Murphy 1947
Variety Girl Manager - Grauman's Chinese Theatre / Manager at Grauman's Chinese 1947
The Perils of Pauline Stage Manager 1947
For the Love of Rusty Mr. Hebble 1947
Millie's Daughter Cummings 1947
The Beginning or the End Harried Editor 1947
Easy Come, Easy Go Bank Teller 1947
My Brother Talks to Horses Mr. Gibley 1947
California Barrett 1947
The Secret Heart Minister 1946
Till the Clouds Roll By Charles Frohman 1946
If I'm Lucky Governor Quilby 1946
The Killers George 1946
Notorious Defense Counsel 1946
Till the End of Time Ed Tompkins 1946
Two Sisters from Boston Uncle Jonathan 1946
The Bride Wore Boots Clergyman 1946
Without Reservations Harry Randall 1946
They Made Me a Killer Pat Travers - Garage Owner / Pat Travers 1946
So Goes My Love Mr. Phister (senior) 1946
The Virginian Ben 1946
The Blue Dahlia Mr. Hughes - Assistant Hotel Manager 1946
The Hoodlum Saint Samuels - Charities Board Executive 1946
The Sailor Takes a Wife Merchant 1945
Ziegfeld Follies Warden ('Pay the Two Dollars') 1945
The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry Slavin 1945
Guest Wife Elkins, the Bank Examiner 1945
Incendiary Blonde Horace Biggs - Process Server 1945
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous Arthur Manleder 1945
Phantoms, Inc. Gus Conklin 1945
Dangerous Partners The Coroner 1945
A Medal for Benny Pepster 1945
Frisco Sal Hotel Clerk 1945
Carolina Blues Mayor Gameleg 1944
The Thin Man Goes Home Train Conductor 1944
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Judge 1944
The Woman in the Window Pharmacist 1944
The Big Noise Digby / Mr. Digby of the Patent Office 1944
Barbary Coast Gent Elias Porter 1944
Hail the Conquering Hero Doc Bissell 1944
The Great Moment Judge Shipman 1944
Since You Went Away First Train Conductor 1944
Bathing Beauty Jonathan 1944
Up in Mabel's Room Justice of the Peace 1944
Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid Businessman / Anderson 1944
It Happened Tomorrow Bartender 1944
Up in Arms Dr. Weavermacher 1944
The Lady and the Monster Dr. Martin 1944
Weird Woman Prof. Septimus Carr / Dean Septimus Carr 1944
And the Angels Sing Newspaper Editor 1944
True to Life Radio Pop 1943
My Kingdom for a Cook Mr. Carter 1943
The Unknown Guest George Nadroy 1943
You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith Judge 1943
Best Foot Forward Prof. Morton / Prof. Walter Morton 1943
Salute to the Marines Dr. Craig 1943
The Good Fellows Postman 1943
All by Myself Mr. Blake 1943
Du Barry Was a Lady Husband Checking Wife's Coat 1943
Three Hearts for Julia Steve 1943
Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour Mr. Tom Jennifer 1943
Shantytown Politician 1943
She Has What It Takes Mr. Jason 1943
Slightly Dangerous Doctor 1943
Hello Frisco, Hello Burkham 1943
Submarine Alert Larson 1943
The Meanest Man in the World Mr. Chambers, Rental Agent / Realtor 1943
How's About It? Martin 1943
Springtime in the Rockies Mr. Brown 1942
Youth on Parade Dr. Witherspoon 1942
You Can't Escape Forever Judge Hardaker 1942
Get Hep to Love Judge Ramsey 1942
Careful, Soft Shoulders New Hotel Guest 1942
The Palm Beach Story Prospect 1942
The War Against Mrs. Hadley Reporter / Stevens, Washington Chronicle Reporter 1942
Tales of Manhattan 'Soupy' Davis (Robinson sequence) 1942
Her Cardboard Lover Attorney Representing the Hotel 1942
Joan of Ozark Mayor Fadden 1942
The Pride of the Yankees Department Store Manager 1942
Sweater Girl Doctor 1942
Calling Dr. Gillespie Coronet Car Salesman / Auto Salesman 1942
The Magnificent Dope Frank Mitchel 1942
Night in New Orleans Dr. Brady, Coroner's Physician / Dr. Brady, Coroner's Physician (Uncredited) 1942
Yankee Doodle Dandy Dr. Llewellyn 1942
Whispering Ghosts Conroy 1942
You're Telling Me Judge 1942
Larceny, Inc Metropolitan Mission Leader 1942
This Gun for Hire Man in Restaurant Recognizing Gates 1942
Lone Star Ranger Sheriff 1942
Rings on Her Fingers Conductor 1942
Yokel Boy Bank President 1942
We Were Dancing Court Clerk 1942
Valley of the Sun Governor 1942
Pardon My Stripes Warden Jones 1942
Remember the Day Mr. Roberts 1941
The Night of January 16th Williamson 1941
Week-End in Havana Passenger 1941
The Stork Pays Off District Attorney 1941
Last of the Duanes Banker 1941
New Wine Box-Office Clerk at Carnegie Hall 1941
Blossoms in the Dust Senator / Texas Senator 1941
Hold That Ghost Jenkins 1941
The Parson of Panamint Timothy Hadley 1941
Mountain Moonlight Lawyer Talbot 1941
Puddin' Head Studio Executive / Radio Sponsor 1941
The Getaway Train Conductor 1941
Barnacle Bill Minister 1941
Sleepers West Lyons - Conductor 1941
Footsteps in the Dark Mr. Willis - Warren's Assistant 1941
A Man Betrayed Langworthy 1941
High Sierra John - Druggist 1941
The Mad Doctor Ticket Clerk / Ticket Clerk (Uncredited) 1940
Christmas in July Mr. Waterbury 1940
Slightly Tempted Justice of the Peace 1940
Knute Rockne All American Committee Member 1940
I Want a Divorce Buell / Mr. Buell 1940
Boom Town Architect / Smith - the Architect 1940
I Love You Again Mr. Wayne - Man in Bar on Ship 1940
The Great McGinty Poll Watcher at Barber Shop 1940
We Who Are Young CPA Test Examiner 1940
Manhattan Heartbeat Pawnbroker 1940
You're Not So Tough Lacey 1940
Lillian Russell Mr. Sloane 1940
Saps at Sea Mr. Sharp 1940
The Courageous Dr. Christian Gossiper on phone 1940
Double Alibi Coroner 1940
Black Friday Prison Doctor 1940
He Married His Wife Prisoner 1940
City of Chance Husband - in Montage 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Dan 1940
Swanee River Erwin 1940
The Cisco Kid and the Lady Sheriff 1939
The Honeymoon's Over Roger Burton 1939
Barricade Shanghai Telegraph Manager / Telegraph Manager 1939
Blondie Brings Up Baby Elderly Man 1939
Bad Little Angel Mr. Simms - Man in Jim's Office 1939
Mutiny in the Big House Mr. Scott 1939
At the Circus Conductor 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington First Radio Announcer 1939
Here I Am a Stranger Landlord 1939
The Rains Came Rev. Elmer Simon 1939
Hidden Power Downey 1939
The Under-Pup Lawyer 1939
Flight at Midnight Hank Neary 1939
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew Dr. Spence 1939
They All Come Out Educational Director 1939
Frontier Marshal Mayor Henderson 1939
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever Mr. MacMahon - Investor 1939
The House of Fear Coroner 1939
Charlie Chan in Reno Chemistry Professor / Professor 1939
Should a Girl Marry? Dr. Willard 1939
Invitation to Happiness Reporter 1939
Rose of Washington Square Dexter 1939
Inside Story Doctor 1939
I Was a Convict Business Account 1939
Society Smugglers Dr. Charles Lee / Dr. Lee 1939
Wife, Husband and Friend Hotel Manager 1939
The Wrong Way Out Mr. Brown - Windy's Father 1938
Kentucky Racing Secretary 1938
Angels with Dirty Faces Pharmacist 1938
The Law West of Tombstone Government Indian Agent 1938
The Arkansas Traveler Banker 1938
Service de Luxe Minister 1938
Straight Place and Show Grouch at Racetrack 1938
Meet the Girls Ship's Doctor 1938
I'll Give a Million Gilman 1938
Little Tough Guy Superintendent 1938
Sky Giant Justice of the Peace 1938
Delinquent Parents Mayor Wharton 1938
Four Men and a Prayer Mike / Cherrington's Secretary 1938
In Old Chicago Johnson 1938
Double Danger Dr. Hilliard 1938
Saleslady Steele 1938
Wells Fargo Postal Clerk 1937
Danger Patrol Minister at Gabby's Funeral 1937
Love Is on the Air Mr. Butler 1937
Give Till It Hurts Respirator Demonstrator 1937
Atlantic Flight Photographer / News Photographer 1937
Soak the Poor Store Owner 1937
Artist and Models Early 1937
Exclusive City Editor 1937
Ever Since Eve President of the Purity League 1937
Hoosier Schoolboy Mr. Townsend 1937
As Good as Married Auto Salesman 1937
Melody for Two Mr. Armstrong 1937
Marked Woman Man Bringing Graham Coroner's Report 1937
Maytime Opera Director 1937
Midnight Court Stolen Car Victim 1937
John Meade's Woman Gallatin 1937
Love Is News Salesman 1937
A Doctor's Diary Father 1937
Black Legion Jones 1937
God's Country and the Woman Barnes 1937
Mysterious Crossing Joe - Train Conductor 1936
College Holiday Mr. Smith 1936
The Accusing Finger Clerical Employee 1936
The Man I Marry Minister 1936
Killer at Large William Bentley 1936
The Case of the Black Cat Reverend Stillwell 1936
Wedding Present Man in Crowd 1936
The Luckiest Girl in the World Manager 1936
Public Enemy's Wife Justice of the Peace 1936
Fury Lem - Jailer 1936
The Princess Comes Across Master of Ceremonies 1936
I Married a Doctor Professor George Mott 1936
Foolproof Stewart Walden 1936
Two Against the World Dr. Martin Leavenworth 1936
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