Harry Semels

IVA Star Rating : 55
Harry Semels was an American film actor. He appeared in over 315 film between 1917 and 1946.

Harry Semels was an American film actor. He appeared in over 315 film between 1917 and 1946.


Sunday, 20 November 1887


Saturday, 02 March 1946

Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
The Three Stooges Family Album (archive footage) 1998
Biography Various 1987
Stoogemania District Attorney 1986
Riding High Bettor on Broadway Bill 1950
The Searching Wind Madrid Waiter 1946
A Night in Casablanca Hotel Chef 1946
Badman's Territory Bettor 1946
The Kid from Brooklyn Ringsider at First Fight 1946
The Diary of a Chambermaid Townsman / Townsman (Uncredited) 1946
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Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
The Three Stooges Family Album (archive footage) 1998
Biography Various 1987
Stoogemania District Attorney 1986
Riding High Bettor on Broadway Bill 1950
The Searching Wind Madrid Waiter 1946
A Night in Casablanca Hotel Chef 1946
Badman's Territory Bettor 1946
The Kid from Brooklyn Ringsider at First Fight 1946
The Diary of a Chambermaid Townsman / Townsman (Uncredited) 1946
The Harvey Girls Townsman at Saloon 1946
San Antonio Mexican 1945
Yolanda and the Thief Native Man 1945
Road to Utopia Lombardi - Spitting Passenger 1945
State Fair Follies Spectator 1945
A Thousand and One Nights Leader of Caravan 1945
That's the Spirit Theatre Patron 1945
The Unseen Hurdy-Gurdy Man 1945
Honeymoon Ahead 2nd Convict 1945
It's in the Bag! Chef 1945
Eve Knew Her Apples Tony 1945
I Love a Mystery Mr. G's Doorkeeper Servant 1945
Can't Help Singing Peon 1944
Together Again Nightclub Patron 1944
Bowery to Broadway Rowdy Drunk 1944
The Princess and the Pirate Pirate 1944
The Conspirators Customs Assistant 1944
Strange Affair Man in Police Lineup / Man in Police Lineup (Uncredited) 1944
Casanova Brown Vegetable Man 1944
Cry of the Werewolf Gypsy 1944
Wilson Man Seated Next to Judge Everton 1944
Make Your Own Bed Pedestrian 1944
The Black Parachute Harl - Guerilla 1944
An American Romance Steel Worker 1944
Shine on Harvest Moon Golden Horseshoe Audience Member / Waiter 1944
Sailor's Holiday King's Guard 1944
Action in Arabia Rashid's Guard 1944
Passage to Marseille Cayenne Prison Colony Guard 1944
Jack London Ship Lookout 1943
The Chance of a Lifetime Jerome Wagner / Jerome Wagner (Uncredited) 1943
Doughboys in Ireland Pastry Chef 1943
Dizzy Pilots Sky Aircraft Co. Representative 1943
A Lady Takes a Chance Greek 1943
Secret Service in Darkest Africa Burier 1 [Ch. 8] 1943
The Falcon in Danger Excited Man 1943
Pilot #5 Barber in Vito's Outer Office 1943
Back from the Front German Sentry 1943
Slightly Dangerous Italian at Concert 1943
After Midnight with Boston Blackie Greek Florist 1943
They Got Me Covered Laughing Reporter in Montage 1943
The Hard Way Passerby / Passerby (Uncredited) 1943
Journey Into Fear Nightclub Patron 1943
Reunion in France R.R. Mechanic 1942
Road to Morocco Jolla's Warrior 1942
The Pied Piper Train Passenger 1942
Pierre of the Plains Man with Accordion 1942
Tarzan's New York Adventure Circus Roustabout 1942
Moontide Waiter 1942
Two Yanks in Trinidad Waiter 1942
Woman of the Year Mug 1942
Wild Bill Hickok Rides Saloon Bouncer 1942
A Yank on the Burma Road Partner 1942
Arizona Terrors Cantina Manager 1942
Shadow of the Thin Man Italian at Wrestling Match Calling Nora's Hat 'Screwy' 1941
She's Oil Mine Referee 1941
Honky Tonk Pallbearer 1941
General Nuisance Latin America Delagate / Latin American Delegate 1941
Accent on Love Tenant 1941
Barnacle Bill Tony 1941
Dutiful But Dumb Villager 1941
Tall, Dark and Handsome Charlie, Party Guest 1941
Little Nellie Kelly Immigrant at Citizenship Ceremony 1940
The Devil's Pipeline Albu 1940
Seven Sinners Antro's Henchman 1940
North West Mounted Police Half-breed Archer 1940
The Great Dictator Jewish Fruit Stand Proprietor 1940
He Stayed for Breakfast Comrade / Communist 1940
Kit Carson Aide 1940
Foreign Correspondent Man in Sidewalk Crowd 1940
Pier 13 Ship Arrival 1940
They Drive by Night Leo 1940
New Moon Bondsman 1940
Phantom Raiders Cafe Bartender 1940
Alias the Deacon Townsman 1940
And One Was Beautiful Courtroom Spectator 1940
Strange Cargo Convict 1940
Granny Get Your Gun Juror 1940
I Take This Woman Man in Clinic 1940
Crashing Thru Man Who Reports Gunfight 1939
Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President Neighbor 1939
The Amazing Mr. Williams Race Track Spectator 1939
Overland Mail Pancho 1939
Ninotchka Gurganov - Neighbor Spy 1939
Rovin' Tumbleweeds Peanut Vendor 1939
Thunder Afloat Cook on Tugboat 1939
Midnight Policeman 1939
Star Reporter Mike 1939
King of the Turf Coffee Pot Proprietor 1939
Woman Doctor Worried Father 1939
Three Little Sew and Sews Count Alfred Gehrol 1939
The Girl Downstairs Crook at Train Station 1938
Flirting with Fate Member of Sancho's Band 1938
The Spider's Web Henchman with Steve on Bus 1938
The Sisters Sailor on Ship 1938
You Can't Take It with You Man 1938
Marie Antoinette Townsman at Execution 1938
I Am the Law Strong-Arm Hood at Lindsay's House 1938
The Gladiator Hamburger Man 1938
I'll Give a Million Man in Cafe 1938
Prison Break Tuna Fisherman at Party 1938
Blockade Seaman 1938
The Marines Are Here Marine 1938
Swiss Miss Organ Grinder 1938
Yellow Jack Cuban Carriage Driver 1938
International Crime Violinist 1938
State Police Albert Morton 1938
The Girl of the Golden West Peon Servant 1938
King of the Newsboys Grocer 1938
When G-Men Step In Charles 1938
A Slight Case of Murder Partygoer 1938
Wee Wee Monsieur Landlord 1938
Wells Fargo Minor Role 1937
Rosalie Conspirator 1937
Missing Witnesses Tony - Italian Shop Owner 1937
Candid Cameramaniacs 19th Century Photographer with Moustache 1937
Hollywood Round-Up Tony Papalini 1937
Conquest Minor Role 1937
The Trigger Trio Nick Popupopolis 1937
Partners in Crime Off-Stage Bit 1937
Life Begins with Love Radical 1937
The Girl Said No Vocal Coach 1937
Hot Water Barber 1937
My Dear Miss Aldrich Cafeteria Dining Customer 1937
Big City First Counterman 1937
The Firefly French Soldier 1937
Western Gold Barber 1937
Bad Guy Manelli 1937
Confession Porter on Train 1937
High, Wide and Handsome Bartender 1937
It Could Happen to You Fatso 1937
Sing and Be Happy Peddler 1937
The Last Train from Madrid Guard 1937
Hotel Haywire Flower Peddler 1937
Kid Galahad Waiter Restraining McGraw 1937
The Grand Hooter Ricardo 1937
The Soldier and the Lady Tartar / Tartar (Uncredited) 1937
Midnight Taxi Joe, Counterman / Joe - Counterman 1937
New News Prince Albert / Prince Humbert 1937
Swing It Professor Angelo 1937
A Family Affair Convention Delegate with Mustache 1937
Swing High, Swing Low Chief of Police 1937
Nancy Steele Is Missing! Joe Scarpa 1937
More Than a Secretary Apartment Custodian with Hose 1936
Along Came Love Orangeade Stand Proprietor 1936
Ellis Island Pietro Lonelli 1936
The Charge of the Light Brigade Sepoy Chief 1936
The Gay Desperado Manuel 1936
The Luckiest Girl in the World Bum 1936
Am I Having Fun! Maharajah of Gezzi 1936
Anthony Adverse Lottery Celebrant 1936
Pepper Chauffeur 1936
The Case of the Velvet Claws A.G. 'Kicky' Kickopopolos / A. G. 'Kicky' Kickopopolos 1936
The Bride Walks Out Furniture Mover 1936
Ticket to Paradise Vagrant 1936
Human Cargo Barreto 1936
Disorder in the Court District Attorney 1936
Counterfeit Italian 1936
One Rainy Afternoon Clerk / Clerk (Uncredited) 1936
Half Shot Shooters General 1936
Under Two Flags Sgt. Malinas 1936
Till We Meet Again Spy 1936
Give Us This Night Prisoner 1936
Movie Maniacs Cecil Z. Swinehardt - Director 1936
I'll Name the Murderer Luigi 1936
Exclusive Story Tony 1936
Rose of the Rancho Blacksmith 1936
I Don't Remember 'Doctor' in Gambling Hall 1935
Coronado Hotel Guest 1935
Three Little Beers Third Gardener 1935
Escape from Devil's Island Rougon 1935
Crime and Punishment Porter 1935
Barbary Coast Lookout 1935
The Last Outpost Amrak 1935
I Live My Life Greek Following Kay / Greek Following Kay (Uncredited) 1935
Alibi Racket Mr. Rinelli 1935
Born to Gamble Henchman 1935
Ginger Customer at Bar 1935
Love Me Forever Cafe Customer 1935
The Glass Key Street Speaker 1935
Mister Dynamite Gambler 1935
Les Misérables Cochepaille 1935
Stone of Silver Creek R. J. Simmons 1935
Roaring Roads Harry - Man on the Road 1935
The Revenge Rider Henchman Rankin 1935
Let's Live Tonight Gardener 1935
The Wedding Night Wedding Guest 1935
Folies Bergère de Paris Bartender 1935
The Whole Town's Talking Italian Visitor 1935
Bordertown Silver Slipper Cashier 1935
Mills of the Gods Undetermined Secondary Role 1934
Sons of Steel Ryan 1934
Flirting with Danger Spanish Waiter 1934
Broadway Bill Conductor Bettor on Broadway Bill 1934
The Marines Are Coming Waiter 1934
I'll Fix It Garbage Man 1934
Marie Galante Steamship Crew Member 1934
I Sell Anything Statue Smasher 1934
Our Daily Bread Italian Shoemaker 1934
Rocky Rhodes Dick Boggs 1934
British Agent Soviet Committeeman 1934
Death on the Diamond Barber Customer 1934
Dames Newspaper Seller in 'I Only Have Eyes for You' Number 1934
Down to Their Last Yacht Ship Passenger 1934
Pursued Cafe Proprietor 1934
Name the Woman Waiter 1934
Murder in the Private Car Evil Eye 1934
Money Means Nothing Toy Vendor 1934
The Murder in the Museum Gat Werner 1934
Twentieth Century Poster Artist 1934
A Very Honorable Guy Greek 1934
Viva Villa! Soldier 1934
It Happened One Night Bus Passenger 1934
The Meanest Gal in Town Handcar Driver with Lulu 1934
Bombay Mail Platform Conductor 1934
I Am Suzanne! Balcony Spectator 1933
Flying Down to Rio Billboard Worker 1933
The Bowery Artist 1933
Lady for a Day The Greek - 'Fly on Sugar' Winner 1933
Torch Singer Waiter in Bistro 1933
Deluge Ugly Gang Member 1933
Voltaire Undetermined Supporting Role 1933
Storm at Daybreak Serbian Villager 1933
Baby Face Speakeasy Drunk 1933
Hold Your Man Neighbor in Hallway 1933
Damaged Lives Waiter 1933
The Barbarian Pyramids Guide 1933
The Thrill Hunter Henchman Lou Norton / Lou Norton 1933
Elmer, the Great Waiter 1933
Central Airport Havana Airfield Worker 1933
Pick-up Movie Theater Patron 1933
Smoke Lightning Man in Café 1933
Drum Taps Pete - Henchman / Henchman Pete 1933
Tonight Is Ours Assassin #2 1933
The Wyoming Whirlwind Henchman Pete 1932
Young Blood Tony Murullo 1932
Virtue Tony 1932
Texas Buddies Ken Kincaid 1932
Vanity Street Italian Street Workman 1932
Tiger Shark Crewman 1932
Broadway to Cheyenne Louie Walsh 1932
American Madness Depositor 1932
Beauty Parlor Jewish Manicure Customer 1932
Texas Pioneers Renegade 1932
Strangers of the Evening Gravedigging Thug 1932
Mason of the Mounted Rancher 1932
Ghost Valley Pawnee 1932
This Is the Night Man in the Manhole 1932
Shopworn Construction Workman 1932
The Big Timer New Rochelle Panhandler 1932
South of the Rio Grande Bandido Leader 1932
Sin's Pay Day Louie Joe 1932
The Gay Caballero Waiter 1932
The Beast of the City Police Dispatcher 1932
Sally of the Subway Leopold Von Trump 1932
Night Beat Enricco Pommetti 1931
Safe in Hell Jury Member 1931
Suicide Fleet Havana Merchant 1931
Bad Company Henchman 1931
The Yellow Ticket Jailer 1931
Platinum Blonde Waiter 1931
An American Tragedy Juror 1931
Smart Money Gambler 1931
Dishonored Waiter 1931
Mr. Lemon of Orange Pool Hall Proprietor 1931
The Drums of Jeopardy Karlov's Henchman 1931
Dance, Fools, Dance Emilio 1931
Fighting Caravans Brawler 1931
Command Performance Sergeant of the Guard 1931
Captain Thunder Barfly 1930
Hell's Angels Anarchist 1930
The Spoilers Miner 1930
The Bad Man Jose 1930
Women Everywhere Legionnaire Officer 1930
The Cuckoos Gypsy 1930
Those Who Dance Hood 1930
Condemned! Solitary Confinement Guard 1929
The Delightful Rogue Hymie 1929
Big News Reno Henchman 1929
Hawk of the Hills Sheckard 1929
The Royal Rider Parvene 1929
Weary River Telephone Informer / Friend at Barney's 1929
Riley the Cop French Policeman 1928
The Battle of the Sexes Mr. Judson's Barber 1928
Beware of Blondes Portugee Joe 1928
The Noose Waiter 1928
The Last Command A Soldier 1928
Her Wild Oat Lunch Counter Customer 1927
Sunrise Carnival Gallery Man with Pig 1927
Corporal Kate Doughboy 1926
The House Without a Key Saladine 1926
For Alimony Only Cop 1926
The Demon Joseph Lomax 1926
The Crackerjack Guard 1925
America Hikatoo 1924
Plunder Jude Deering 1923
Hurricane Hutch Jim Tiegerley 1921
The Phantom Foe The Phantom Foe 1920
The Black Secret 1919
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