Howard Vernon

IVA Star Rating : 59
Howard Vernon was a Swiss actor. In the 1960s, he became a favourite actor of Spanish horror director Jesús Franco and began starring in many low-budget horror films produced in Spain or France, often portraying a mad doctor named "Dr. Orloff".

Howard Vernon was a Swiss actor. In the 1960s, he became a favourite actor of Spanish horror director Jesús Franco and began starring in many low-budget horror films produced in Spain or France, often portraying a mad doctor named "Dr. Orloff".

Birth Name

Mario Walter Lippert


Wednesday, 15 July 1908


Thursday, 25 July 1996

Actor Filmography

Actor Filmography

Die 1000 Glotzböbbel vom Dr. Mabuse Nr. 12 2018
Cinemassacre's Monster Madness Drácula 2007
Call Him Jess Self 2000
Dr. Wong's Virtual Hell Cagliostro 1999
The Rock of Acapulco Le vieil homme 1996
In the Eye of the Snake Old Jean 1991
Delicatessen Frog Man 1991
Black Sin Manes 1990
Howl of the Devil Eric 1988
Der Tod des Empedokles oder: Wenn dann der Erde Grün von neuem Euch erglänzt Hermokrates 1987
Faceless Dr. Orloff / Docteur Orloff 1987
Last Summer in Tangiers Maître Schmidt, un avocat suisse 1987
Angel of Death Josef Mengele / Dr. Josef Mengele 1987
Terminus Monsieur (voice) / Monsieur 1987
Sac de noeuds Le docteur Belin - un médecin hémiplégique 1985
El siniestro doctor Orloff Dr. Orloff 1984
Revenge in the House of Usher Roderic Usher / Eric Usher 1982
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne Dr. Lanyon 1981
Zombie Lake The Mayor 1981
Sonne, Wein und harte Nüsse Lefebvre 1979
Fine Manners Le directeur de la prison 1979
From Hell to Victory SS Major Karl 1979
Women in Cellblock 9 Dr. Milton Costa / Dr. Milton 1978
The Musician Killer Anton Varga / Anton 1976
Seven Women for Satan Karl, Zaroff's servant 1975
Love and Death General Leveque 1975
The Garden That Tilts Paul 1975
Les intrigues de Sylvia Couski 1975
Les gloutonnes Cagliostro 1975
The Mark of Zorro Governor Hayes / Gov. Hayes 1975
The Tiger Brigades Von Vogt 1974
Lorna the Exorcist Maurizius / Maurizius (Lornas Butler) 1974
Celestine, Maid at Your Service Le duc / Grandfather 1974
A Virgin Among the Living Dead Uncle Howard / Howard - Christina's Uncle 1973
Al otro lado del espejo Padre 1973
Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac Le docteur / Police Doctor 1973
La maldición de Frankenstein Cagliostro 1973
Fifteen Year Old Captain Korda 1973
The Day of the Jackal Cabinet Member 1973
Les démons Lord Malcolm De Winter 1973
Daughter of Dracula Count Karlstein / Dracula 1972
Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein Drácula / Dracula 1972
Robinson und seine wilden Sklavinnen Yakube / Actor in Adult Movie / Film Director's Assistant 1972
The French Sex Murders Professor Waldemar / Professor Theodore Waldemar 1972
Jungfrauen-Report Medieval de-fliowerer / Anna's Father / The Inquisitor 1972
She Killed in Ecstasy Prof. Jonathan Walker 1971
The Devil Came from Akasava Valet Humphrey 1971
Love Me Strangely Maître Wasserman - l'administrateur de biens 1971
The Invisible Dead Professor Orloff / Le professeur Orloff 1970
The Blood Rose Professeur Römer 1970
The Bloody Judge Jack Ketch 1970
Sex Charade General 1970
Marquis de Sade's Justine Clément 1969
Castle of the Creeping Flesh Graf Saxon 1968
Succubus Admiral Kapp 1968
Mayerling Prince Montenuevo / Prince of Montenuovo 1968
Only a Coffin Dam Gaillimh 1967
Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre Ricardo Solesta 1967
L'inconnu de Shandigor Yvan / Yank / Bobby Gun 1967
The Night of the Generals Herr Schusslig, Suspect in Erika Müller's Murder 1967
Triple Cross German Embassy Official 1966
The Mad Dog Fred 1966
The Diabolical Dr. Z Dr. Vicas 1966
The Game Is Over Lawyer 1966
The Poppy Is Also a Flower Dr. Pineau 1966
Residencia para espías Radek 1966
Train d'enfer Le 'professeur' / Le professeur 1965
What's New Pussycat Doctor 1965
Alphaville Prof. Leonard Nosferatu aka von Braun / Prof. Leonard Nosferatu - aka von Braun 1965
The Train Dietrich 1964
Black Angel of the Mississippi Ray Terris 1964
Vice and Virtue SS General / S.S. General 1963
Shades of Zorro El General (credit only) / El General 1962
Zorro the Avenger The General Clarence / The General 1962
La mano de un hombre muerto Baron Max von Klaus / Max von Klaus 1962
The Awful Dr. Orlof Dr. Orloff 1962
Léon Morin, Priest The colonel 1961
Première brigade criminelle (Dossier Interpol M.A.T. 444) Steven Hals 1961
Third Side of the Coin Narrator 1961
The Secret Ways Colonel Hidas 1961
Interpol contre X (Dossier AST-555) L'inspecteur Jackson 1960
Division Brandenburg Secret Service Man 1960
The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse No. 12 1960
Death at Dawn 1960
Atomic Agent William Dantoren / acteur 1959
Pensione Edelweiss Général Funck 1959
Dr. Crippen lebt 1958
Until the Last One Philippe Dario - le trapéziste 1957
Bob le Flambeur McKimmie / McKimmie, the Sponsor 1956
08/15 at Home CIC-Offizier Ted 1955
Napoleon Lord Liverpool 1955
Royal Affairs in Versailles L'acheteur anglais 1954
Poison Ivy Rudy Saltierra / Rudy Saltiera 1953
Rheingold Theatre Peters 1953
The Girl in the Bikini Éric 1952
Boîte de nuit Charles 1951
Adventures of Captain Fabian Emile 1951
Captain Blackjack Schooner Captain 1950
The Fighting Pimpernel Comte de Tournai 1950
Secret Document: Vienna Colonel von Pennwitz 1950
The Man on the Eiffel Tower Inspector 1950
Du Guesclin Lancaster 1949
Le Silence de la Mer Werner von Ebrennac 1949
The Lame Devil Lord Palmerston 1948
Les jeux sont faits Le chef milicien 1947
The Royalists Le capitaine Gérard 1947
They Are Not Angels Un officier allemand 1947
Devil and the Angel 1946
Mr. Orchid Le lieutenant Fleischer, l'officier allemand 1946
Nuits d'alerte L'aviateur anglais 1946
Clandestine 1946
A Friend Will Come Tonight Robert Langlois, le muet 1946
Jericho Un officier allemand 1946
Angel and Sinner Un Prussien 1945
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