Jack Cheatham

IVA Star Rating : 49

Birth Name

John Preston Cheatham


Friday, 28 December 1894


Tuesday, 30 March 1971

Actor Filmography

The Great Dan Patch Minnesota State Fair Racing Official 1949
Flaxy Martin Police Dispatcher 1949
On Our Merry Way Cop 1948
The Invisible Wall Cop 1947
The Unsuspected Policeman 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Baggage Man 1947
The Hat Box Mystery Policeman 1947
Killer at Large Brandon 1947
Hard Boiled Mahoney Police Sergeant 1947
Danger Street Policeman 1947
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Actor Filmography

The Great Dan Patch Minnesota State Fair Racing Official 1949
Flaxy Martin Police Dispatcher 1949
On Our Merry Way Cop 1948
The Invisible Wall Cop 1947
The Unsuspected Policeman 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Baggage Man 1947
The Hat Box Mystery Policeman 1947
Killer at Large Brandon 1947
Hard Boiled Mahoney Police Sergeant 1947
Danger Street Policeman 1947
Time Out of Mind Clacquere 1947
It's a Wonderful Life Cop Arresting Violet 1946
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball Cop 1946
The Dark Mirror Policeman 1946
Crack-Up Museum Attendant / Museum Attendant (Uncredited) 1946
The Killers Police Driver 1946
In Fast Company Cop 1946
The Hoodlum Saint Jailer 1946
The Gay Cavalier Creditor 1946
The Kid from Brooklyn Joe Eddelson 1946
Tomorrow Is Forever Policeman 1946
Deadline at Dawn Policeman 1946
Girl on the Spot Cop 1946
They Were Expendable Commander 1945
The Crime Doctor's Warning The Turnkey 1945
Secret Agent X-9 Constable 1945
Fashion Model Motorcycle Cop 1945
Mystery of the River Boat Policeman 1944
Crime by Night Deputy 1944
A Fig Leaf for Eve Arresting Policeman 1944
Flight for Freedom Doorman 1943
Don Winslow of the Coast Guard Truck Driver [Chs. 8-9] 1943
Murder in Times Square Policeman 1943
Quiet Please: Murder Policeman 1942
The Boss of Big Town Detective 1942
The Living Ghost Police Officer Finnegan 1942
Criminal Investigator Druggist 1942
Men of Texas Townsman in Barber Shop 1942
Let's Get Tough! Recruiting Officer 1942
Men of San Quentin Court Gate Guard 1942
This Gun for Hire Policeman 1942
Saboteur Detective Outside Movie Theater 1942
The Dawn Express Max - the Bartender 1942
Yokel Boy Cop 1942
Man with Two Lives Barfly 1942
Black Dragons Policeman 1942
Broadway Big Shot Tim 1942
Law of the Timber Lumberjack 1941
Holt of the Secret Service Agent Frank [Chs. 3-5, 8-9, 15] 1941
Hard Guy Arresting Police Officer 1941
Sea Raiders Duke / Duke [Ch. 1] 1941
Two Latins from Manhattan Police Officer 1941
No Greater Sin Policeman 1941
Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime Desk Sergeant 1941
Sunset in Wyoming 1st Club Attendant 1941
Criminals Within Agent Martin 1941
The Black Cat Moving Man #1 / 1st Moving Man 1941
Strange Alibi Guard in Warden's Office 1941
Roar of the Press Reporter 1941
Meet John Doe Cop with Desk Sergeant 1941
Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery Jack, Desk Sergeant 1941
White Eagle Henchman-Informant 1941
Caught in the Act Police Detective 1941
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Pete - Steelmill Watchman 1940
Ellery Queen, Master Detective Desk Sergeant 1940
Phantom of Chinatown Stakeout Cop / Hospital Stakeout Cop 1940
The Green Archer Cop / Detective Charlie 1940
Junior G-Men First Cop at Building Collapse / First Cop at Building Collapse [Ch. 6] 1940
Before I Hang Patrolman Olson 1940
Stranger on the Third Floor Detective 1940
Haunted House Jailer 1940
Boys of the City Policeman 1940
The Marshal of Mesa City Bailiff 1939
Back Door to Heaven Police Officer 1939
The Main Event Official 1938
International Crime Officer Frank McKay 1938
Test Pilot Attendant 1938
In Old Chicago Minor Role 1938
Port of Missing Girls Crewman 1938
Missing Witnesses 1st Detective 1937
Paid to Dance Radio Cop 1937
Boy of the Streets Police Officer Gratton 1937
The Last Gangster Guard 1937
Murder in Greenwich Village Cop / Police Officer 1937
Partners in Crime Policeman 1937
All Over Town Policeman in Theater 1937
Windjammer Handsome - Signalman 1937
Slaves in Bondage Bubble Club Manager 1937
A Dangerous Adventure Workman 1937
Exclusive Rioter 1937
Boots of Destiny Jack - Bartender 1937
A Fight to the Finish Cabbie 1937
The Devil Is Driving Plainclothesman 1937
Bank Alarm Policeman 1937
Angel's Holiday Fireman 1937
Turn Off the Moon Cop 1937
Night Key Henchman 1937
I Promise to Pay Plainclothesman 1937
Secret Agent X-9 Henchman Sebastian [Chs. 8, 11-12] 1937
Murder Goes to College Garage Superintendent 1937
Dick Tracy Agent at Floral Truck 1937
She's Dangerous Keeper 1937
You Only Live Once Prison Hospital Guard 1937
Sinner Take All Police Officer 1936
Happy-Go-Lucky Shore Patrolman 1936
Laughing at Trouble Townsman in Mob 1936
Country Gentlemen Soldier 1936
15 Maiden Lane Detective 1936
Wedding Present Ambulance Attendant 1936
Ride, Ranger, Ride Jailer Nelson 1936
Love Begins at 20 Jack - Detective 1936
Ghost Patrol Justice Agent 1936
Crash Donovan Radio Patrolman 1936
Prison Shadows Cop 1936
Crashing Through Danger Cop 1936
The Drag-Net Cop 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Policeman 1936
Road Gang Guard 1936
The Petrified Forest Deputy 1936
Next Time We Love Taxi Driver 1936
I'll Name the Murderer Police Officer Burns 1936
Just My Luck Worker 1935
If You Could Only Cook Cop 1935
One-Way Ticket Cop 1935
His Fighting Blood Constable Clark, RCMP 1935
The Public Menace Policeman 1935
Skybound Joe - Patrol Flyer 1935
Red Salute Border Patrolman 1935
The Affair of Susan Policeman 1935
The Adventures of Rex and Rinty First Policeman [Ch. 1] 1935
Here Comes the Band Simmons' Burly 1935
The Murder Man Investor 1935
Manhattan Moon Henchman 1935
Captured in Chinatown Cop 1935
Branded a Coward 2nd Bartender 1935
Alibi Ike Operator 1935
Let 'em Have It Penitentiary Guard 1935
Motive for Revenge Policeman Duffy 1935
Kentucky Blue Streak Cop at Race Track 1935
Mister Dynamite Detective 1935
The Case of the Curious Bride Detective Byrd 1935
Behind the Green Lights Police Operator 1935
Car 99 Radio Sgt. Meyers 1935
Mutiny Ahead Sailor Wheeler - Diver 1935
The Whole Town's Talking Guard with Warden 1935
The Fighting Pilot Barnes / Barnes - Secret Service 1935
Sing Sing Nights Prison Guard 1934
Night Alarm Policeman at Warehouse Fire 1934
Mystery Mountain Cowboy [ch. 6 & 7] 1934
The St. Louis Kid Detective Picking Up Eddie in Jail 1934
Death on the Diamond Pool Player 1934
Something Simple Police Officer 1934
Straight Is the Way Mechanic 1934
The Girl from Missouri Electrician 1934
Murder in the Private Car Circus Foreman 1934
Burn 'Em Up Barnes Policeman [Chs. 6-7] 1934
Racketeer Round-up Butch 1934
The Murder in the Museum Detective Jack 1934
The Thin Man Detective 1934
Monte Carlo Nights Detective on Train 1934
The Road to Ruin Detective 1934
The Crime of Helen Stanley Motorcycle Officer 1934
Upperworld Detective 1934
A Very Honorable Guy Second Cop 1934
Woman Unafraid Police Radio Monitor 1934
The Countess of Monte Cristo Doorman 1934
Wharf Angel Sailor on 'The Coyote' 1934
Gambling Lady Policeman Posing for Picture 1934
The Moth 1st Desk Sergeant 1934
Murder on the Campus Policeman 1933
The Mystery Squadron Henchman [Ch. 7] 1933
The Sin of Nora Moran Policeman 1933
Blind Adventure Arresting Constable 1933
Hold Your Man Policeman 1933
Corruption Jackson - the Cop 1933
The Sphinx Homicide Squad Member 1933
Justice Takes a Holiday Police Officer 1933
Clancy of the Mounted Constable 1933
Air Hostess Jack - Mechanic 1933
The Devil Is Driving Policeman 1932
The Gambling Sex Gambling Club Cashier 1932
A Strange Adventure Police Guard at Front Door 1932
Virtue Police Desk Sergeant 1932
The Pride of the Legion Police Sgt. Johnson 1932
The King Murder Detective at Pearl's Apartment 1932
Alias Mary Smith Cop 1932
Beauty Parlor James - Maitre D' 1932
Sinister Hands Police Officer Kennedy 1932
Night Beat Jackson Heights Newspaper Reporter 1931
Dragnet Patrol Rumrunner 1931
The Fighting Marshal Prison Guard Mathews 1931
Secret Service Union Telegrapher 1931
Shanghaied Love Lynch 1931
Arizona Army Football Coach 1931
Doughboys Guard House Sentry 1930
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