James Conaty

IVA Star Rating : 63

Birth Name

James Thomas Conaty


Friday, 13 December 1895


Sunday, 18 December 1955

Actor Filmography

The Naked Hills Man in Hotel Lobby 1956
Miracle in the Rain Newsman at Desk 1956
Serenade Opera Attendee 1956
Never Say Goodbye Restaurant Patron 1956
Anything Goes Ship's Passenger 1956
Ransom! Bank Teller 1956
The Benny Goodman Story Escort 1956
Sincerely Yours Concert Attendee 1955
Lucy Gallant Spectator at Fashion Show 1955
Illegal Restaurant Patron 1955
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Actor Filmography

The Naked Hills Man in Hotel Lobby 1956
Miracle in the Rain Newsman at Desk 1956
Serenade Opera Attendee 1956
Never Say Goodbye Restaurant Patron 1956
Anything Goes Ship's Passenger 1956
Ransom! Bank Teller 1956
The Benny Goodman Story Escort 1956
Sincerely Yours Concert Attendee 1955
Lucy Gallant Spectator at Fashion Show 1955
Illegal Restaurant Patron 1955
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing Reverend McEven 1955
My Sister Eileen Walgreen's Employee 1955
The Gun That Won the West Townsman at Fort 1955
The Last Command Party Guest 1955
The Private War of Major Benson R.O.T.C. Drill Observer 1955
The Naked Street Judge #3 1955
Not as a Stranger Nightclub Patron 1955
The Shrike Restaurant Patron 1955
Finger Man Club Patron 1955
The Cobweb Concertgoer / Concertgoer (Uncredited) 1955
Daddy Long Legs Art Gallery Patron 1955
Top of the World Club Patron 1955
Cell 2455, Death Row Juror 1955
High Society Piano Recital Guest 1955
Strange Lady in Town Party Guest 1955
Hit the Deck Audience Member 1955
The Big Combo Nightclub Patron 1955
There's No Business Like Show Business Party Guest 1954
The Other Woman Party Guest 1954
Athena Party Guest 1954
The Human Jungle Patron at 'The Hut' 1954
Woman's World Executive Reception Guest 1954
Living It Up Man in Hotel Lobby 1954
The Caine Mutiny Dignitary on Dais at Graduation Ceremony 1954
Them! Washington Official 1954
The High and the Mighty Mrs. Joseph's Doctor 1954
The Long Wait Man Leaving Hotel 1954
The Forty-Niners Judge 1954
Three Coins in the Fountain Party Guest 1954
Playgirl Restaurant Patron 1954
Paris Playboys Diner at Sidewalk Cafe / Party Guest 1954
Dangerous Mission Party Guest / Dancer 1954
Tennessee Champ Fight Fan 1954
The Long, Long Trailer Trailer Show Attendee 1954
Duffy of San Quentin Prison Board Member 1954
The Eddie Cantor Story Committee Man 1953
Man in the Attic Theatre Patron 1953
The Glass Web Man in Lounge 1953
Paris Model Party Guest 1953
A Lion Is in the Streets Speaker Introducing Snowden 1953
The War of the Worlds Man at Pacific Institute of Science and Technology 1953
Champ for a Day Fight Spectator 1953
The Band Wagon First Nighter 1953
Second Chance Extra 1953
Let's Do It Again Nightclub Patron 1953
South Sea Woman Court-Martial Officer 1953
Affair with a Stranger Restaurant Patron 1953
Dream Wife Consulate Officer / Party Guest / Wedding Gust 1953
The 49th Man Elevator Passenger / FBI Agent 1953
The Girl Next Door Party Guest 1953
City Beneath the Sea Man at The Rum Pot Athletic Club 1953
Small Town Girl Party Guest 1953
The Girl Who Had Everything Horse Auction Spectator 1953
Destination Gobi Admiral 1953
Confidentially Connie Faculty Member 1953
Call Me Madam Guest at Sally's Party 1953
Never Wave at a WAC Party Guest 1953
The Bad and the Beautiful Party Guest 1953
The Jazz Singer Party Guest 1952
The Steel Trap Airplane Passenger 1952
Kansas City Confidential Man at Craps Table 1952
Battle Zone Man at Bar 1952
Something for the Birds Secretary - Fathers and Sons / Party Guest 1952
Just for You Party Guest 1952
Four Star Playhouse Gambler 1952
Because You're Mine Officer at Party 1952
Adventures of Superman Crime Committee Member 1952
Affair in Trinidad Party Guest 1952
The Story of Will Rogers Man in Audience 1952
Washington Story Senator 1952
Glory Alley Meeting Attendee 1952
The Sellout Amboy's Customer 1952
Lovely to Look At Fashion Show Attendee 1952
Red Planet Mars Secretary of the Navy 1952
The Narrow Margin Tenant in Apartment House Hallway 1952
Kid Monk Baroni Nightclub Patron 1952
The Atomic City Man in Hotel Lobby 1952
With a Song in My Heart Nightclub Patron / Plane Passenger 1952
Hong Kong Hotel Guest 1952
Deadline - U.S.A. Supper Club Patron 1952
The Belle of New York Supper Club Patron 1952
This Woman Is Dangerous Gambling House Patron / Gambling House Patron (Uncredited) 1952
Room for One More Official at Boy Scout Ceremony 1952
Scandal Sheet Detective 1952
Boots Malone Man at Horse Auction 1952
Stars and Stripes Forever Man at Dancing Masters Convention Concert 1952
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair Sulky Race Spectator 1952
About Face Officer at Graduation 1952
The Unknown Man Assistant District Attorney 1951
Two Tickets to Broadway Deli Customer 1951
Golden Girl Townsman in Audience 1951
I Love Lucy Theatre Patron 1951
The Lady Pays Off Luncheon Guest 1951
The Day the Earth Stood Still General at Pentagon 1951
Saturday's Hero Party Guest / Alumni Dinner Guest 1951
Angels in the Outfield Steakhouse Diner 1951
Rhubarb Sporting Goods Store Customer 1951
Jim Thorpe -- All-American Attendee at Sports Dinner 1951
The Guy Who Came Back Nightclub Patron 1951
Meet Me After the Show Nightclub Patron 1951
Bright Victory Military Officer 1951
The Hoodlum Parole Officer W.D. Allen 1951
No Questions Asked Theatregoer 1951
As Young as You Feel Luncheon Guest 1951
According to Mrs. Hoyle Nightclub Patron 1951
The Fat Man Man in Airport Lounge 1951
Goodbye, My Fancy Party Guest / Party Guest (Uncredited) 1951
Fighting Coast Guard Naval Officer 1951
Ghost Chasers Seance Participant 1951
Follow the Sun Doctor 1951
The Great Caruso Backstage Well-Wisher 1951
I Can Get It for You Wholesale Ball Guest 1951
Lullaby of Broadway Theatre Patron 1951
Royal Wedding Royal Attendant 1951
You're in the Navy Now Officer at Officer's Club 1951
Call Me Mister Officer in Audience 1951
The Company She Keeps Train Station Passenger 1951
The Mating Season Man in Hotel Lobby / Party Guest 1951
For Heaven's Sake Nightclub Patron / Racetrack Patron 1950
Watch the Birdie Dignitary on Dais 1950
Mr. Music Party Guest / Man in Audience 1950
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone Train Passenger 1950
The Second Face Pool Party Guest 1950
One Too Many Nightclub Benefit Attendee 1950
Emergency Wedding Medical Board Committee Man 1950
Again... Pioneers Man at Meeting 1950
Chain Gang Pop's Influential Friend 1950
Blues Busters Nightclub Patron 1950
Hot Rod Will 1950
Walk Softly, Stranger New Year's Eve Celebrant 1950
Right Cross Nightclub Patron 1950
Pretty Baby Caravan Club Patron 1950
Bunco Squad Bride's Father in Film 1950
Born to Be Bad Charity Ball Guest / Charity Ball Guest (Uncredited) 1950
The Toast of New Orleans Restaurant Patron 1950
The Petty Girl Nightclub Patron 1950
The Admiral Was a Lady Bank Guard 1950
Three Little Words Minor Role 1950
The Second Woman Country Club Guest 1950
The Next Voice You Hear... Man Outside Church 1950
My Friend Irma Goes West Man Being Deputized 1950
Bright Leaf Member Tobacco Board of Directors 1950
Love That Brute Party Attendant 1950
Rocketship X-M Doctor Taking Lisa's Blood Pressure 1950
Lucky Losers Investor 1950
Champagne for Caesar Backstage Extra at Hollywood Bowl 1950
The Reformer and the Redhead Man in Crowd at Speech 1950
I Was a Shoplifter Passerby 1950
The Secret Fury Wedding Guest 1950
Chain Lightning Willis' Butler 1950
Key to the City Elevator Passenger 1950
Woman in Hiding Man at Bus Depot / Conventioneer 1950
East Side, West Side Del Rio Club Patron 1949
Holiday Affair Man Entering Nightclub 1949
Undertow Gambler 1949
And Baby Makes Three Wedding Guest 1949
Pioneer Marshal Guest 1949
The Great Lover Ship Passenger 1949
All the King's Men Party Guest / Party Guest (Uncredited) 1949
Red, Hot and Blue Restaurant Patron 1949
Any Number Can Play Casino Patron 1949
The Fountainhead Party Guest 1949
Tulsa Party Guest 1949
The Lady Gambles Nightclub Patron 1949
The Stratton Story Restaurant Patron 1949
The Younger Brothers Parole Board Member 1949
Flamingo Road Customer at Lutie Mae's 1949
Johnny Stool Pigeon Courtroom Extra 1949
Adventure in Baltimore Townsman at Dance 1949
My Dream Is Yours Cocoanut Grove Party Guest 1949
Hideout Man at Radio Broadcast 1949
Alias Nick Beal Man at Press Conference 1949
Bad Boy Hotel Guest 1949
A Woman's Secret Ship Passenger / Ship's Passenger (Uncredited) 1949
The Barkleys of Broadway Audience Member 1949
Knock on Any Door Nightclub Dance Extra 1949
Ladies of the Chorus Party Guest 1948
That Wonderful Urge Reporter 1948
Let's Live a Little Banker 1948
Strike It Rich Oilman 1948
The Snake Pit Opera Attendant 1948
Million Dollar Weekend Mourner at Funeral 1948
The Saxon Charm Restaurant Patron 1948
An Innocent Affair Venetian Room Patron 1948
Lulu Belle Nightclub Patron 1948
The Velvet Touch First Nighter 1948
Easter Parade Passerby on Street 1948
Race Street Racetrack Spectator / Nightclub Patron 1948
Stage Struck Nightclub Patron 1948
Give My Regards to Broadway Nightclub Extra 1948
Hazard Roulette Croupier 1948
Smart Woman Juror 1948
Homecoming Party Guest 1948
Who Killed 'Doc' Robbin? Bailiff 1948
My Dog Rusty Townsman at Rally 1948
B.F.'s Daughter Man at 'Hamlet' Play 1948
High Wall Bar Patron 1947
Road to Rio Wedding Guest 1947
The Judge Steps Out Lawyer 1947
Out of the Past Bartender in Acapulco 1947
Christmas Eve Reporter 1947
This Time for Keeps Nightclub Patron 1947
Blondie in the Dough Premier Biscuit Co. Board Member 1947
The Foxes of Harrow Club Member at Craps Table 1947
Lured Concertgoer 1947
Song of the Thin Man Nightclub Patron 1947
Down to Earth Party Guest 1947
Singapore Bar Patron 1947
They Won't Believe Me Man at Piano Concert 1947
Dear Ruth Bus Passenger 1947
Possessed Jury Foreman 1947
Honeymoon Nightclub Dance Extra / Gallery Extra 1947
Violence United Defenders Committee Man 1947
Danger Street Party Extra 1947
The Farmer's Daughter Party Guest 1947
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman Party Guest 1947
Nora Prentiss Patient in Dr. Talbot's Office 1947
Ladies' Man Nightclub Dance Extra 1947
The Locket Party Guest 1946
The Best Years of Our Lives Dinner Guest 1946
San Quentin Father Riley 1946
The Falcon's Adventure Patio Club Patron 1946
The Razor's Edge Party Guest 1946
The Show-Off Man in Appleton's Office 1946
Undercurrent Restaurant Patron 1946
Sioux City Sue Studio Executive 1946
Criminal Court Club Patron 1946
Plainsman and the Lady Man at Pony Express Dedication 1946
Lady Luck Gambler at Sky's the Limit Club 1946
Deception Well-Wisher at Concert 1946
The Jolson Story Man in Audience / Nightclub Patron 1946
The Bachelor's Daughters Floorwalker 1946
The Killers Onlooker at Green Cat 1946
The Big Sleep Nightclub Patron 1946
The Time of Their Lives Party Guest 1946
Mr. Ace Party Guest 1946
Two Guys from Milwaukee Dignitary at Penn Station 1946
Night and Day Nightclub Party Guest 1946
Don't Gamble with Strangers Casino Patron 1946
Without Reservations Train Passenger 1946
A Night in Casablanca Hotel Guest 1946
Her Kind of Man Nightclub Patron 1946
They Made Me a Killer Restaurant Patron 1946
Gilda Gambler 1946
The Hoodlum Saint Mayor 1946
Swing Parade of 1946 Club Patron 1946
Strange Impersonation Doctor at Nora's Presentation 1946
To Each His Own Man at Dance 1946
Fear Man in Police Station 1946
Young Widow Night Club Patron / Nightclub Patron (Uncredited) 1946
Breakfast in Hollywood Audience Member at Table 1946
Black Market Babies Party Guest 1945
Club Havana Nightclub Patron 1945
Saratoga Trunk Man in Hotel Lobby 1945
Allotment Wives Nightclub Guest 1945
Hold That Blonde! Dinner Guest 1945
Johnny Angel Harbor Board Member 1945
The Lost Weekend Man in Nightclub Washroom 1945
Week-End at the Waldorf Hotel Guest 1945
Pride of the Marines Naval Officer 1945
Guest Wife Bar Patron 1945
The Affairs of Susan Party Guest / Party Guest (Uncredited) 1945
Bedside Manner Bertha's Husband 1945
Thrill of a Romance Nightclub Patron / Hotel Lounge Patron 1945
Diamond Horseshoe Nightclub Extra 1945
The Horn Blows at Midnight Hotel Guest 1945
Dillinger Restaurant Customer 1945
It's in the Bag! Nightclub Patron 1945
Hangover Square Concertgoer 1945
I Love a Mystery Restaurant Patron 1945
Wonder Man Pelican Club Patron 1945
Together Again Man with Woman in Leonardo's 1944
Experiment Perilous Art Exhibition Guest 1944
Bowery to Broadway Lamb's Club Patron 1944
Something for the Boys Officer at Show 1944
Laura Party Guest 1944
Strange Affair Nightclub Patron / Nightclub Patron (Uncredited) 1944
San Diego I Love You Board Member 1944
Greenwich Village Man in Audience 1944
In the Meantime, Darling Officer at Dance & Staff Meeting 1944
Kansas City Kitty Diner at Club 71 1944
Maisie Goes to Reno Nightclub Patron / Nightclub Patron (Uncredited) 1944
Abroad with Two Yanks Party Guest Extra 1944
Step Lively Man in Audience 1944
The Adventures of Mark Twain Man in Audience 1944
A Fig Leaf for Eve Theatre Patron 1944
Marine Raiders Officer in Pub 1944
Sensations of 1945 Well-Wisher 1944
Christmas Holiday Concert Patron 1944
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret Man on Courthouse Steps 1944
Cowboy and the Senorita Bonanza Club Patron 1944
Show Business Nightclub Patron 1944
Pin Up Girl Officer in Nightclub 1944
Her Primitive Man Racetrack Spectator 1944
Up in Arms Nightclub Patron 1944
Action in Arabia Cafe Patron 1944
Song of Russia Party Guest 1944
Captain America Victim [Ch. 1] 1944
Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout Business Man 1944
The Falcon and the Co-eds Audience Member 1943
Government Girl Party Guest 1943
The Chance of a Lifetime Parole Board Member / Parole Board Member (Uncredited) 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Delmonico's Diner 1943
Thank Your Lucky Stars Audience Extra 1943
Wintertime Nightclub Patron 1943
The Seventh Victim Party Guest / Party Guest (Uncredited) 1943
The Fallen Sparrow Nightclub Patron 1943
Phantom of the Opera Operagoer 1943
Heaven Can Wait Man in Park with Top Hat 1943
The Man from Down Under Ringsider 1943
The Falcon in Danger Jimsy - Casino Patron 1943
The Sky's the Limit Officer at Dinner 1943
Dixie Man in Audience 1943
Above Suspicion Minor Role 1943
Lady of Burlesque Man in Audience 1943
Mission to Moscow Dinner Guest 1943
Crash Dive Hotel Desk Clerk 1943
The Crystal Ball Party Guest 1943
December 7th Wounded Officer 1943
Pittsburgh Wedding Guest 1942
Silver Queen Poker Player 1942
The Major and the Minor Officer 1942
The Palm Beach Story Nightclub Dance Extra / Store Employee 1942
The Big Street Nightclub Patron / Nightclub Patron (Uncredited) 1942
Priorities on Parade Hartley Office Employee 1942
They All Kissed the Bride Executive in M.J.'s Outer Office 1942
My Favorite Spy Nightclub Patron 1942
Ship Ahoy Passenger 1942
The Night Before the Divorce Party Guest 1942
Roxie Hart Lawyer's Assistant 1942
Frisco Lil Blackjack Player 1942
The Fleet's In Courtroom Spectator 1942
Louisiana Purchase Senator 1941
Honolulu Lu Night Club Patron 1941
I Wake Up Screaming Nightclub Patron 1941
Secrets of the Lone Wolf Jewel Buyer 1941
Lady Be Good Party Guest 1941
Dive Bomber Party Guest 1941
My Life with Caroline Alpine Charity Bazaar Guest 1941
Too Many Blondes Nightclub Patron 1941
Kiss the Boys Goodbye Party Guest 1941
Sunset in Wyoming Party Guest 1941
Broadway Limited Conductor 1941
They Met in Argentina Board Member 1941
Ziegfeld Girl Man in Audience / Man in Audience (Uncredited) 1941
Sleepers West Train Passenger 1941
The Round Up Casino Patron 1941
Free and Easy Racetrack Spectator 1941
Andy Hardy's Private Secretary Officer on Stage at Graduation 1941
Back Street Casino Patron 1941
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Nightclub Patron 1941
Michael Shayne: Private Detective Casino Patron 1940
Lady with Red Hair Actor at Rehearsal 1940
Eyes of the Navy Officer at Briefing 1940
Christmas in July Co-Worker in Office 1940
Angels Over Broadway Nightclub Patron 1940
City for Conquest Championship Fight Spectator 1940
Boom Town Man Working in McMasters' Office 1940
Girls of the Road Rev. Jackson 1940
My Love Came Back Party Guest 1940
The Man Who Talked Too Much Wilson's Attorney 1940
Girl in 313 Waiter 1940
Edison, the Man Party Guest 1940
An Angel from Texas Nightclub Table Extra 1940
Two Girls on Broadway Man in Radio Audience / Nightclub Patron 1940
Forty Little Mothers Alumni Dinner Guest 1940
The Man with Nine Lives Doctor Spectator 1940
Star Dust Premiere Attendee 1940
Road to Singapore Yacht Party Guest 1940
Johnny Apollo Courtroom Spectator / Horse Parlor Patron 1940
Too Many Husbands Nightclub Patron 1940
Broadway Melody of 1940 Seated Nightclub Patron 1940
The Fighting 69th Officer at Briefing 1940
He Married His Wife Nightclub Patron 1940
The Earl of Chicago Lord 1940
Slightly Honorable Senator / Senator (Uncredited) 1939
Everything Happens at Night Officer Boarding Ship 1939
The Amazing Mr. Williams Citizens Committee Man 1939
The Roaring Twenties Nightclub Patron 1939
At the Circus Party Guest 1939
The Monroe Doctrine Representative at Clay's Speech 1939
Espionage Agent Ball Guest 1939
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Ship Passenger 1939
Stronger Than Desire Doctor 1939
Good Girls Go to Paris Nightclub Patron 1939
Union Pacific Senate Secretary 1939
Buck Rogers Kane Councilman / Kane's Councilman 1939
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Man in Montage 1939
Three Smart Girls Grow Up Wedding Guest 1939
Tail Spin Nightclub Patron / Nightclub Patron (Uncredited) 1939
Made for Each Other Co-Worker 1939
Torchy Blane in Chinatown Club Member 1939
Kentucky Dance Extra 1938
The Cowboy and the Lady Gambling House Patron 1938
Five of a Kind Laughing Man at Charity Screening 1938
Straight Place and Show Country Club Patron 1938
Fugitives for a Night Extra at Jericho Club 1938
Carefree Country Club Guest 1938
Rich Man, Poor Girl Nightclub Extra / Nightclub Patron 1938
Penrod's Double Trouble Dinner Guest 1938
They're Always Caught Reporter 1938
Strange Glory Senate Committee Man 1938
Woman Against Woman Guest at Senator Kingsley's Party / Guest at Sen. Kingsley's Party 1938
Blond Cheat Nightclub Patron 1938
Hold That Kiss Dog Show Attendee 1938
Under Western Stars Fairview Country Club Guest 1938
Mr. Moto's Gamble Boxing Spectator 1938
In Old Chicago Hub Patron 1938
Port of Missing Girls Bartender 1938
Hitting a New High Guest 1937
Hollywood Hotel Man at Premiere / Man at Restaurant / Guest at Orchid Room 1937
Missing Witnesses Assistant Defense Counsel 1937
The Man Without a Country Party Guest 1937
Second Honeymoon Party Guest 1937
Night Club Scandal Night Club Patron 1937
Fight for Your Lady Wrestling Spectator 1937
Romance of Radium American Scientist 1937
Boots and Saddles Cantina Patron 1937
Life Begins in College Tailor 1937
Danger - Love at Work Man Leaving Hotel 1937
Dangerously Yours Ship Passenger 1937
It Happened in Hollywood Party Guest 1937
One Hundred Men and a Girl Concert Attendee 1937
That Certain Woman George - Hotel Desk Clerk 1937
Confession Officer at Charity Ball 1937
Vogues of 1938 Nightclub Patron 1937
Forty Naughty Girls Man in Audience 1937
The Emperor's Candlesticks Bidder 1937
Meet the Missus Husband 1937
Make Way for Tomorrow Hotel Dining Room Guest 1937
Marked Woman Graham's Trial Assistant 1937
Swing High, Swing Low Butch's Customer 1937
When's Your Birthday? Nightclub Table Extra 1937
The Holy Terror Naval Officer 1937
Under Cover of Night Man in Subway 1937
Three Smart Girls Extra in Restaurant 1936
Sinner Take All Roulette Player 1936
Love on the Run Valet at Wedding 1936
15 Maiden Lane Hotel Desk Clerk 1936
The Big Game Man at Dance 1936
Rhythm on the Range Train Passenger in Dining Car 1936
One Rainy Afternoon First Nighter / First Nighter (Uncredited) 1936
Special Investigator Nightclub Patron 1936
Times Square Playboy Board Member 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Auditor 1936
The Great Ziegfeld Hotel Guest 1936
The Milky Way Todd Fight Spectator 1936
Two in the Dark Hotel Dining Room Guest 1936
If You Could Only Cook Restaurant Patron 1935
I Dream Too Much Audience Extra 1935
Thanks a Million Hotel Guest in Lobby 1935
It's in the Air James - Calvin's Friend 1935
In Caliente Nightclub Patron 1935
Reckless Wedding Guest 1935
A Night at the Ritz Dinner Guest 1935
The Roadhouse Murder Asst. Defense Attorney 1932
Scarface Nightclub Patron 1932
Love Affair Customer 1932
Peach O'Reno Juror 1931
The Public Defender Country Club Guest 1931
Reaching for the Moon Office Worker 1931
The Truth About Youth Nightclub Patron 1930
Cheer Up and Smile Nightclub Patron 1930
Show Girl in Hollywood Story Editor in Buelow's Office / Story Editor 1930
Linda Party Guest 1929
Weary River Attorney at Trial 1929
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