Larry J. Blake

Larry J. Blake was an American actor from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York.

Larry J. Blake was an American actor from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York.


Friday, 24 April 1914


Tuesday, 25 May 1982

Actor Filmography

Time After Time Guard 1979
Project U.F.O. LAPD Bunco Detective (as Larry Blake) 1978
Washington: Behind Closed Doors Police Captain 1977
Demon Seed Cameron 1977
Search For the Gods Jailer 1975
The Strongest Man in the World Pete 1975
Little House on the Prairie Asa Dunn 1974
Herbie Rides Again Police Officer 1974
The Whiz Kid and the Mystery at Riverton Police Chief 1974
Kojak Desk Lt. 1973
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Actor Filmography

Time After Time Guard 1979
Project U.F.O. LAPD Bunco Detective (as Larry Blake) 1978
Washington: Behind Closed Doors Police Captain 1977
Demon Seed Cameron 1977
Search For the Gods Jailer 1975
The Strongest Man in the World Pete 1975
Little House on the Prairie Asa Dunn 1974
Herbie Rides Again Police Officer 1974
The Whiz Kid and the Mystery at Riverton Police Chief 1974
Kojak Desk Lt. 1973
The Stone Killer Police Commissioner 1973
The Rookies Auctioneer 1972
Bonnie's Kids (as Larry Blake) 1972
Circle of Fear Mr. Mobley 1972
Kung Fu Dave Etling, Foreman 1972
Sanford and Son Mr. Watkins 1972
The Waltons Charley 1971
Diamonds Are Forever Water Balloon Game Barker-Operator 1971
McMillan & Wife Politician 1971
Cannon Grant Sylvester 1971
Night Gallery Charles Crowley (segment "Cool Air") (as Larry Blake) 1970
Which Way To The Front? Engineer 1970
The Young Lawyers Jail Guard 1969
The Immortal Auctioneer 1969
Hook, Line and Sinker Chief of Police 1969
Marcus Welby, M.D. Capt. Merriman, Dispatcher, Plant Manager, Urologist 1969
The Love Bug 1968
Here's Lucy Fireman, Firman, Franklin, Man, Manager Drive-In Movie, Passerby, Policeman, Sam 1968
Adam-12 Booking Officer, Off. Williams, Officer Quinn 1968
Hang 'em High Prisoner in Compound (as Larry Blake) 1968
Ironside Auctioneer, Welks 1967
The Jerry Lewis Show 1967
The Second Hundred Years Thompson 1967
Mission: Impossible Eckhart 1966
T.H.E. Cat First Hood 1966
Family Affair Guide 1966
That Darn Cat! Police Officer (uncredited) 1965
The F.B.I. Dispatcher, McKenzie 1965
The Big Valley Clerk, Man 1965
My Mother the Car Police Sergeant 1965
That Funny Feeling Policeman (as Larry Blake) 1965
Gomer Pyle: USMC 2nd Detective 1964
Daniel Boone Auctioneer 1964
The Munsters The Desk Sergeant 1964
The Great Adventure Doyle (as Larry Blake) 1963
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre Metcalf 1963
The Bill Dana Show (as Larry Blake) 1963
Burke's Law Robert Taggart 1963
The Fugitive Barney - Strip Club Proprietor, Charlie 1963
Arrest and Trial Barker 1963
Vacation Playhouse Hard Hat 1963
Going My Way Sgt. O'Brien 1962
The Lucy Show Medicine Man 1962
The Beverly Hillbillies Cab Driver 1962
Wide Country The Desk Sergeant 1962
The Virginian Barker, Clay, Farnum, Fight Manager, Keel 1962
Saints and Sinners Tom Parnell (as Larry Blake), Tom Parnell 1962
Alcoa Premiere Reporter 1961
The Bob Newhart Show Himself 1961
Straightaway Charles 1961
Frontier Circus Interlocuter 1961
The Dick Van Dyke Show Cop 1961
Hazel Murphy, Tom Forbes 1961
The Dick Powell Theatre Doorman, Lou Kallen, Manager, Morse (as Larry Blake), Pit Boss 1961
The Joey Bishop Show Detective, Hawkins, Hotel Detective 1961
The Defenders Lampi 1961
Holiday Lodge T.L. Bradshaw 1961
Portrait of a Mobster John Murphy (as Larry Blake) 1961
The Case of the Dangerous Robin (as Larry Blake) 1960
Harrigan and Son Victor Hicks 1960
Klondike Ship Captain 1960
The Jim Backus Show Detective Forrest, Tim Becker 1960
Surfside 6 Ed Williamson (as Larry Blake), Square Deal Brady (as Larry Blake) 1960
My Three Sons Police Sergeant 1960
The Tom Ewell Show Miami Passenger (as Larry Blake) 1960
Checkmate The Clerk 1960
Thriller Larry The Bartender 1960
COronado 9 Harry Matthews, Sam 1960
Elmer Gantry 1960
Who Was That Lady? Tenant 1960
Johnny Midnight Jerry Pollack (as Larry Blake) 1960
Shotgun Slade Train Passenger 1959
Mr. Lucky Dave Gray 1959
This Man Dawson (as Larry Blake), Mack (as Larry Blake) 1959
Hawaiian Eye Jack Field 1959
Dennis the Menace Operator 1959
The Twilight Zone Freddie 1959
Lock Up Mr. Braun 1959
The Dennis O'Keefe Show Master Sergeant 1959
Tightrope Casper 1959
Rawhide Guard 1959
Flight 1958
Pursuit 1958
Cimarron City Wilson 1958
77 Sunset Strip Ace, Clarence 1958
Man with a Camera Joe Klemer 1958
Lawman Mr. Parker, Chuck Slade, Jennings 1958
Yancy Derringer Jailer 1958
Bronco Tom Lafferty 1958
Peter Gunn Cafe Owner, Manager 1958
Mike Hammer Bailey 1958
Colt .45 Tim Corey 1957
Harbor Command Harper 1957
The Real McCoys Sheriff 1957
Man Of A Thousand Faces David T. Stone 1957
The Restless Gun Cattle Auctioneer 1957
Perry Mason Officer, Plainclothesman, Smith 1957
The Thin Man Chief Bender 1957
M Squad Gino Machetti (as Larry Blake) 1957
Wagon Train Booley Herbert, Chief White Cloud (as Larry Blake), Otto (as Larry Blake), Professor Widdam (as Larry Blake), Tom Jackson (as Larry Blake) 1957
Sugarfoot Officer O'Brien 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Deputy, Robert April 1957
Escape from San Quentin Mack 1957
Band Of Angels Auctioneer 1957
Beginning of the End Illinois Highway Patrolman 1957
The Adventures of McGraw Officer Vines (as Larry Blake), Police Lieutenant 1957
Date with the Angels Dean Caldwell 1957
Leave It to Beaver The Instructor 1957
The Silent Service Richardson 1957
Code 3 Jim Fitzgerald, Wielenski 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Akana, Posse Leader 1957
Panic! Motorist 1957
The O. Henry Playhouse 1957
Blondie Editor 1957
Rumble on the Docks Officer Fitz 1956
You Can't Run Away from It Detective 1956
The Man Is Armed Ray Perkins 1956
Broken Arrow Captain Allison, Dominick 1956
Hey, Jeannie! Charlie Martin 1956
The Werewolf Hank Durgis 1956
Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers Motorcycle Cop (as Larry Blake) 1956
While The City Sleeps Tim - Police Desk Sergeant (as Larry Blake) 1956
State Trooper Harvey Steen (as Larry Blake) 1956
The NBC Comedy Hour Himself, Himself - Actor 1956
Inside Detroit Max Harkness (as Larry Blake) 1956
Teen-Age Crime Wave Connors 1955
The Twinkle In God's Eye Deputy sheriff 1955
Crossroads 1955
The 20th Century-Fox Hour 1955
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Studs Corey (as Larry Blake) 1955
Celebrity Playhouse Joe 1955
Ford Star Jubilee (as Larry Blake) 1955
Gunsmoke Budge, Crooder, Man, Mr. Hoover, Shell 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Collins, Dusty Wilson, Mr. Kenton, Stagecoach Passenger 1955
Creature with the Atom Brain Reporter #2 1955
Son of Sinbad 1955
Damon Runyon Theater Mickey Stone 1955
The Millionaire Bartender 1955
TV Reader's Digest O'Brien, Reynolds 1955
Professional Father Donald Peterson 1955
So This Is Hollywood Ace Brophy 1955
The Magical World of Disney Police Chief, Police Officer (archive footage), Police Officer, Track Timekeeper, Drummer, Officer Ed Mercer, Pete 1954
Climax! 1954
December Bride Man 1954
Studio 57 (unconfirmed) 1954
Lassie Al Bronson 1954
It's a Great Life 1st Agent 1954
The Whistler 1954
The Man Behind the Badge Merkel 1953
Topper Roger Hartley 1953
The Pride of the Family Frank (as Larry Blake), Frank (as Joseph Vieira), Frank 1953
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (as Joseph Vieira) 1953
The Danny Thomas Show Police Officer, R. J. Titus 1953
The Loretta Young Show (as Larry Blake), Mr. Van Zandt 1953
Cruisin' Down the River Dave Singer (as Larry Blake) 1953
Remains to Be Seen Detective Minetti (as Larry Blake) 1953
The Blue Gardenia Music Shop Clerk 1953
I'm the Law Police Capt. Symes 1953
General Electric Theater (as Larry Blake), Fred Barnet, Patrolman, Ring Announcer 1953
You Are There Emmett Fletcher 1953
Angel Face Detective Lt. Ed Brady 1953
Stop, You're Killing Me Police Captain 1952
Mr. & Mrs. North Lt. McGuire, Marty 1952
Cavalcade of America Police Sergeant, Rider 1952
Death Valley Days Mac, Milt Baxter, Pat Garrett 1952
Four Star Playhouse 1st Reporter, Milkman 1952
Adventures of Superman Rausch, the Henchman, Steve Martin 1952
High Noon Gillis - Saloon Owner (uncredited) 1952
Gang Busters Special Agent Donald E. Tyler 1952
Chevron Theatre (as Larry Blake) 1952
Dangerous Assignment August, Linter, Nagovich 1952
Dragnet Officer Suder 1951
Mark Saber Griff 1951
Schlitz Playhouse (as Larry Blake) 1951
Iron Man Ralph Crowley 1951
Boston Blackie Cauliflower Ear (as Larry Blake) 1951
Rhubarb Police Radio Voice 1951
Hollywood Opening Night (as Larry Blake) 1951
Racket Squad Deputy Henry Jamison 1951
Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison Tim Castle 1951
One Too Many Walt Williams 1950
The Jack Benny Program Convict (as Larry Blake) 1950
The Frank Sinatra Show Himself - Sketch Actor (as Larry Blake) 1950
Lux Video Theatre Frank (as Larry Blake), Kilrain, Valcourt 1950
The Colgate Comedy Hour Himself - Comedian, Judge 1950
Stars Over Hollywood (as Larry Blake) 1950
Sunset Blvd. 1st Finance Man (as Larry Blake) 1950
Destination Big House Pete Weiss 1950
The Blonde Bandit Police Capt. Ed Roberts 1950
Holiday Affair Plainclothesman 1949
The Lucky Stiff Louie Perez (as Larry Blake) 1949
Flamingo Road Martin (uncredited) 1949
French Leave Schultyz (as Larry Blake) 1948
The Hunted Hollis Smith (as Larry Blake) 1948
Call Northside 777 1948
Second Chance Det. Sgt. Sharpe (as Larry Blake) 1947
Backlash Det. Lt. Jerry McMullen (as Larry Blake) 1947
The Beginning or the End Tough Military Policeman 1947
The Trap Rick Daniels (as Larry Blake) 1946
Strange Journey Karl (as Larry Blake) 1946
The Undercover Woman Simon Gillette 1946
The Boys from Syracuse Announcer 1940
Two Thoroughbreds Truck Driver 1939
They Made Her a Spy Ben Dawson (as Larry Blake) 1939
Sudden Money Interviewer 1939
Young Fugitives Silent Sam (as Larry Blake) 1938
Air Devils John P. 'Horseshoe' Donovan (as Larry Blake) 1938
Nurse from Brooklyn Larry Craine 1938
State Police Trigger Magee (as Larry Blake) 1938
The Jury's Secret Bill Sheldon 1938
Trouble at Midnight Tony Michaels (as Larry Blake) 1937
The Road Back Weil 1937
Secret Agent X-9 Chief FBI Agent Wheeler (as Larry Blake) 1937
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