Lester Dorr

IVA Star Rating : 73
Lester Dorr was an American actor who between 1917 and 1975 appeared in well over 500 productions on stage, in feature films and shorts, and in televised plays and weekly series. His extensive filmography attests to his versatility as a supporting actor and reliability as a bit player. Although Dorr's screen roles are at times credited, the great... read more

Lester Dorr was an American actor who between 1917 and 1975 appeared in well over 500 productions on stage, in feature films and shorts, and in televised plays and weekly series. His extensive filmography attests to his versatility as a supporting actor and reliability as a bit player. Although Dorr's screen roles are at times credited, the great majority of his work is uncredited, consisting of characters who have limited dialogue or appear briefly as extras.

Birth Name

Harry Lester Dorr


Monday, 08 May 1893


Monday, 25 August 1980

Actor Filmography

The Republic Pictures Story The Lightning (clip from The Flying Devil Dogs (1938)) 1991
At Long Last Love Doorman 1975
Hello, Dolly! Workman 1969
Hotel Cy - Elevator Operator 1967
A Fine Madness Mr. Smeeton 1966
Sakima and the Masked Marvel First Reporter 1966
Green Acres Mr. Collins 1965
Fluffy Gambler 1965
Mary, Mary Husband in Elevator 1963
Burke's Law Lovely's Butler 1963
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Actor Filmography

The Republic Pictures Story The Lightning (clip from The Flying Devil Dogs (1938)) 1991
At Long Last Love Doorman 1975
Hello, Dolly! Workman 1969
Hotel Cy - Elevator Operator 1967
A Fine Madness Mr. Smeeton 1966
Sakima and the Masked Marvel First Reporter 1966
Green Acres Mr. Collins 1965
Fluffy Gambler 1965
Mary, Mary Husband in Elevator 1963
Burke's Law Lovely's Butler 1963
Dr. Kildare Mr. Benson 1961
Stagecoach West McGonigle, Station Agent 1960
Inherit the Wind Dr. John 1960
Vice Raid Malone's Secretary / Malone's Receptionist 1959
Take a Giant Step High School Janitor 1959
Shotgun Slade Harry Smithson 1959
Dennis the Menace Forestry Dept. Clerk 1959
Arson for Hire Cab Dispatcher 1959
The Untouchables Certified Public Accountant 1959
Man with a Camera Diner Proprietor 1958
Bat Masterson Land Office Clerk 1958
Lawman Hotel Clerk, Charlie the Hotel Laramie Desk Clerk, Charlie 1958
Onionhead Hotel Clerk 1958
Bronco Tailor 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Will Grey 1958
Hot Rod Gang Dryden Philpot / Dryden Philpott 1958
The Bonnie Parker Story Informant 1958
Superman Flies Again Man at Well 1958
Marjorie Morningstar Elevator Operator 1958
Too Much, Too Soon Jimmy - Hotel Doorman 1958
Shirley Temple's Storybook Alfred Potter 1958
Missile Monsters Crane / Male Secretary (bit) 1958
Tombstone Territory Bartender 1957
Harbor Command Mr. Jackson 1957
Alcoa Theatre Buyer #1 1957
The Californians Al 1957
Perry Mason Bailiff, Bartender, Photographer 1957
Bachelor Father Beach Inspector 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Luke - Telegrapher 1957
Wire Service Airport Official 1956
Conflict Mayor Norman Cox 1956
Hey, Jeannie! Bailiff 1956
The First Traveling Saleslady Salesman 1956
So Your Wife Wants to Work Harry 1956
Highway Patrol Mac Benson, Ralph Langley 1955
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Wes 1955
The Great Gildersleeve Man 1955
Cheyenne Hotel Clerk 1955
The Girl Rush Carnival Barker 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Hotel Clerk, Mose, Telegrapher, Tony 1955
Seven Angry Men Henry David Thoreau 1955
East of Eden City Official at Parade 1955
The Millionaire Court Clerk 1955
3 Ring Circus Shell-Game Victim 1954
Father Knows Best Poker plaer, Poker player 1954
The Human Jungle Rudy - Salesman 1954
Medic Bartender 1954
Killers from Space Gas Station Attendant / Station Attendant 1954
Take the High Ground! Army Doctor 1953
The Man Behind the Badge Bob Castle 1953
Run for the Hills Reporter Outside Elevator 1953
The 49th Man Lindsley - Lab Tech 1953
Abbott and Costello Go to Mars Customer 1953
General Electric Theater Drummer 1953
Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd Waiter at Pub 1952
The Blazing Forest Train Conductor 1952
Somebody Loves Me Waiter 1952
Adventures of Superman Bus Driver, Man at Well 1952
Bonzo Goes to College Mailman 1952
Denver & Rio Grande Dealer 1952
Death Valley Days Sam Porter 1952
The Greatest Show on Earth Midway Game Barker 1952
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair Heckler at Fair 1952
Two Tickets to Broadway Man on Escalator 1951
I Love Lucy Train Passenger 1951
Boston Blackie Tommy 1951
The Strip Police Surgeon 1951
The Law and the Lady Newspaperman 1951
Ace in the Hole Father Diego 1951
No Questions Asked Reuben - Elevator Operator 1951
Follow the Sun Locker Room Attendant 1951
The Redhead and the Cowboy Ugly One 1951
Valentino Cynic at Cemetery 1951
Night Riders of Montana Drummer 1951
Where Danger Lives Postville Deputy 1950
The Jack Benny Program Pondering Husband 1950
Flying Disc Man from Mars Crane [Ch. 7, 11] / Crane 1950
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Plumber, The Waiter 1950
I'll Get By Song Plugger 1950
Three Secrets Matthews, Crosley's Houseman 1950
Treasury Men in Action Waiter 1950
Covered Wagon Raid Bartender Pete 1950
The Big Hangover Alumni Dinner Waiter 1950
The Yellow Cab Man Pedestrian 1950
Quicksand Baldy 1950
The Great Rupert Eddie - the Bartender 1950
Copper Canyon Guard 1950
The Blonde Bandit Ticket Taker 1950
South Sea Sinner Party Guest 1950
The Heiress Groom 1949
Samson and Delilah Victim 1949
On the Town Subway Passenger 1949
Without Honor Neighbor 1949
Roseanna McCoy Barker 1949
The Lone Ranger Moley Sanders 1949
Red, Hot and Blue Drugstore Manager / Workman 1949
The Fountainhead Minor Role 1949
The Crooked Way Taxi Driver 1949
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Townsman 1949
Alias Nick Beal Commercial Fisherman 1949
The Dark Past First Man in Police Line-Up 1948
Whispering Smith Woody, Train Brakeman 1948
Joan of Arc Peasant 1948
The Countess of Monte Cristo Clerk 1948
Embraceable You Smiley, Bookie 1948
Night Has a Thousand Eyes Mr. Byers 1948
Beyond Glory Officer Training School Sergeant 1948
The Woman in Brown Andreas Molnar 1948
Big Town Scandal Man Passing Steve in Hallway 1948
Silver River Mr. Taylor 1948
On an Island with You Photographer 1948
April Showers Hotel Clerk 1948
The Big Clock Cabby 1948
Roses Are Red Reporter 1947
Cass Timberlane Salesman 1947
Robin Hood of Texas Photographer / Newspaper Photographer 1947
The Perils of Pauline Reporter 1947
Blaze of Noon Sam 1947
The Big Fix Cocktail waiter 1947
Pursued Dingle's Casino Boss 1947
California Mike 1947
That Brennan Girl Apartment House Clerk 1946
The Best Years of Our Lives Bar Patron 1946
Swell Guy Barfly 1946
G.I. War Brides Steward 1946
Mr. Ace Reporter at Party 1946
Bowery Bombshell Feather-Fingers 1946
Deadline for Murder Stickman 1946
The Kid from Brooklyn Reporter at Train 1946
Breakfast in Hollywood Waiter 1946
The Shadow Returns William Monk 1946
Life with Blondie John 1945
The Great American Mug Pete Ramson 1945
Duffy's Tavern Painter 1945
Anchors Aweigh Assistant Director 1945
You Came Along Reporter 1945
Circumstantial Evidence Prisoner 1945
The Jade Mask Michael Strong 1945
Enemy of Women Hanussen the Medium 1944
Shadow of Suspicion Reporter 1944
Wilson Reporter 1944
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret Joe - Newspaper Reporter 1944
Buffalo Bill Clerk at Council Bluffs 1944
Four Jills in a Jeep Master Sergeant 1944
Strange Confession Soldier 1944
Lady in the Dark Reporter 1944
The Mystery of the 13th Guest Carter 1943
Here Comes Kelly Pool Hall Patron / Jimmy's Cornerman 1943
Danger! Women at Work Soldier 1943
Destroyer 1st Ship Fitter 1943
The Masked Marvel Reporter #1 [Chs. 1,12] / Reporter #1 1943
Batman Agent on Plane [Ch. 10] / Agent on Plane 1943
Confessions of a Vice Baron Eddie's Henchman (edited from 'Smashing the Vice Trust') 1943
Wolves of the Range Bank Teller 1943
Hitler's Madman Sergeant 1943
Hangmen Also Die! Aldrich Krapke 1943
My Son, the Hero Roulette Player 1943
A Stranger in Town Electric Company Technician 1943
Dixie Dugan Citizen 1943
City Without Men Coast Guard Officer 1943
Gentleman Jim Reporter 1942
My Heart Belongs to Daddy Taxi Dispatcher 1942
Stand by All Networks Bartender 1942
For Me and My Gal Stage Manager 1942
The Spirit of Stanford Reporter 1942
The Secret Code Otto H. Stahl [Chs.6-8] / Otto Stahl 1942
Sabotage Squad Harry, 3rd Barber / Middle Barber [script name: Harry] 1942
Wake Island Marine in Trench 1942
The Pride of the Yankees Disappointed Fan #1 1942
Little Tokyo, U.S.A. Clerk 1942
Lady in a Jam Carter's Assistant Manager 1942
Dr. Broadway Pickpocket 1942
Sunday Punch Photographer 1942
Mystery of Marie Roget Subordinate to Prefect 1942
Fingers at the Window Photographer 1942
So's Your Aunt Emma! Herman 'Duke' Miles, Hammond Goon 1942
Don't Lie 1st Circus Attendant 1942
Alias Boston Blackie Henry - Desk Clerk 1942
Sleepytime Gal Reporter 1942
The Mad Doctor of Market Street Crewman 1942
Young America Chamber of Commerce Clerk 1942
A Tragedy at Midnight Maxim's Headwaiter 1942
Pardon My Stripes Bookie 1942
Right to the Heart Gas Station Attendant 1942
Blue, White and Perfect Porter 1942
Babes on Broadway Reed's Writer 1941
Remember the Day Photographer 1941
Road to Happiness Rankin's Chauffeur 1941
Paris Calling Gendarme 1941
Design for Scandal Court Clerk 1941
Unholy Partners Circulation Manager 1941
Moon Over Her Shoulder Lester - the Desk Clerk 1941
Three Girls About Town Reporter 1941
You Belong to Me Photographer 1941
Henry Aldrich for President Barker 1941
The Officer and the Lady Concessionaire 1941
Two Latins from Manhattan Information Attendant 1941
You'll Never Get Rich Photographer at Crystal Room 1941
Unfinished Business Yes Man 1941
Blossoms in the Dust Court Attendant 1941
Whistling in the Dark Dispatcher 1941
Moon Over Miami Second Customer at Texas Tommy's 1941
Tight Shoes Club Patron 1941
Hello, Sucker Minor Role 1941
The People vs. Dr. Kildare Onlooker Giving Whiskey 1941
Under Age Pearson 1941
Model Wife Waiter 1941
South of Panama Joe 1941
Roar of the Press Swithboard Operator 1941
I Wanted Wings Evaluating Officer 1941
Scattergood Baines Stanley 1941
The Reluctant Dragon Slim 1941
No, No, Nanette Travel Agent 1940
Mexican Spitfire Out West Harry 1940
Rodeo Dough Rodeo Official 1940
Dulcy Reporter 1940
The Return of Frank James Reporter 1940
Pier 13 Ship Steward 1940
Girls of the Road Lecherous Driver 1940
Sailor's Lady Assistant Paymaster 1940
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante Photographer 1940
Pop Always Pays Auto Salesman 1940
The Saint Takes Over Welcoming Committee Man 1940
I Take This Oath Cotton Club Doorman 1940
Two Girls on Broadway Reporter 1940
Son of the Navy Patrolman at Altercation 1940
Danger Ahead Henchman Lefty 1940
Mexican Spitfire Slippy - a Fugitive 1940
The Shadow Henchman 1940
Gone with the Wind Minor Role 1940
The Cisco Kid and the Lady Army Telegraph Operator 1939
Sued for Libel Pomeroy's Butler 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Taylor's Stooge 1939
Fast and Furious Day Clerk 1939
Those High Grey Walls Convict 1939
The Day the Bookies Wept Horse Seller to Colonel March 1939
The Girl from Rio Second Hotel Desk Clerk 1939
They All Come Out Clerk in Atlanta 1939
Coast Guard Second Officer 1939
Behind Prison Gates Floyd 1939
Overland with Kit Carson Indian Chief 1939
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Reporter 1939
Stronger Than Desire First Reporter on Telephone 1939
Help Wanted Workman 1939
It Could Happen to You Reporter 1939
Captain Fury Paymaster's Assistant 1939
Mandrake, the Magician Gray - Gas Station Henchman [Chs. 8-9] / Gray 1939
Mr. Moto in Danger Island Real Ambulance Intern 1939
Society Lawyer Police Photographer 1939
Pardon Our Nerve Reporter 1939
Cafe Society Waiter 1939
Star Reporter Wilkins - Reporter / Wilkins 1939
Fast and Loose Driver 1939
Flying G-Men Pete 1939
Four Girls in White Ambulance Orderly 1939
North of Shanghai Wycoff 1939
Ride 'em, Cowgirl Announcer / Rodeo Announcer 1939
Convict's Code Bank Teller 1939
Homicide Bureau Gangster Shot by Brown 1939
Sweethearts Dance Director 1938
Comet Over Broadway Amateur Actor 1938
Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus Circus Usher 1938
Reefer Madness Joe - Bartender 1938
Sharpshooters Newsman 1938
Sunset Murder Case Editor 1938
Exposed Slim 1938
The Spider's Web Frank Martin 1938
Five of a Kind Television Crew Director 1938
Crime Takes a Holiday Police Radio Technician 1938
Mr. Wong, Detective Coroner 1938
Straight Place and Show Photographer 1938
Juvenile Court Druggist 1938
Streamlined Swing Railroad Detective 1938
Meet the Girls Steward 1938
Three Loves Has Nancy Newstand Man 1938
You Can't Take It with You Reporter 1938
I Am the Law Reporter 1938
Come on, Leathernecks! Henchman 1938
The Crowd Roars Photographer 1938
The Chaser Injured Man 1938
Squadron of Honor Attendant 1938
The Main Event Buck 1938
One Wild Night Bank Officer 1938
Hollywood Handicap Turf Club Representative 1938
The Fighting Devil Dogs The Lightning 1938
The Saint in New York Jacob S. 'Jake' / 'John' Irbell / 'John' Irbell (Uncredited) 1938
Gangs of New York Newspaper Reporter 1938
Kentucky Moonshine Reporter 1938
Swiss Miss Townsman 1938
Billy Rose's Casa Mañana Revue Billy Rose's Show Manager 1938
International Crime Radio Operator 1938
Wide Open Faces News Photographer 1938
Test Pilot Pilot 1938
Mr. Moto's Gamble Reporter 1938
Spirit of Youth Bob - Newspaper Columnist 1938
Arson Gang Busters Henchman 1938
State Police Police Dispatcher 1938
When G-Men Step In Man on Phone 1938
Prison Nurse Prisoner in Hospital 1938
Hawaiian Buckaroo Photographer 1938
I Met My Love Again Hotel Desk Clerk 1938
The Spy Ring Firing Range Radio Operator 1938
Here's Flash Casey Miller 1938
Wells Fargo Minor Role 1937
Hollywood Hotel Casting Assistant 1937
Missing Witnesses Ship's Office Clerk 1937
Candid Cameramaniacs Sneaky Cameraman at Wedding 1937
Boy of the Streets Oldham's Secretary 1937
She Married an Artist Reporter 1937
Expensive Husbands Reporter 1937
Hollywood Round-Up Louis Lawson 1937
Love Takes Flight Talking Reporter 1937
Partners in Crime Reporter 1937
Sunday Night at the Trocadero Columnist 1937
The Girl Said No Dick Barnes - Theatre Manager 1937
Charlie Chan on Broadway Photographer 1937
It Happened in Hollywood Reporter 1937
Big City Petty Officer 1937
Cash and Carry President's Secretary 1937
It's All Yours Cabbie 1937
The Firefly French Officer 1937
SOS Coast Guard Hospital Radium-Tech 1937
Bad Guy Intern 1937
Atlantic Flight Hospital Attendant 1937
Sea Racketeers Coast Guardsman 1937
Windjammer Reporter / Announcer 1937
Stella Dallas Man on Train 1937
The Californian Townsman 1937
Topper Bank Teller 1937
Easy Living Stock Investor 1937
Hoosier Schoolboy Noble Hotel Manager 1937
The 13th Man Police Lab Man Dave Elliott 1937
Riding on Air Daily Star Reporter 1937
Dangerous Holiday Movie Set Carpenter, Billy's Father 1937
Bank Alarm Radio News Commentator 1937
Big Business Townsman Investor 1937
Hollywood Cowboy Joe Garvey - Pllot 1937
Captains Courageous Corridor Steward 1937
Criminals of the Air 'Trigger' 1937
Nobody's Baby Bus Passenger / Waiter 1937
Way Out West Cowboy 1937
Park Avenue Logger Office Worker 1937
Nancy Steele Is Missing! Reporter 1937
Love Is News Salesman 1937
Dick Tracy Mr. Perry 1937
Secret Valley Doc - Henchman 1937
Smashing the Vice Trust Eddie's Henchman 1937
The Mandarin Mystery Reporter at Dock 1936
Beware of Ladies Newspaperman 1936
Sinner Take All Reporter 1936
Ten Laps to Go Motor Vehicle Bureau Clerk 1936
Great Guy Canning's Chauffeur / Canning's Chauffeur (Uncredited) 1936
Red Lights Ahead Charles - the Chauffeur 1936
Go West Young Man Reporter 1936
Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island Dirigible 'California' Officer [Ch. 14] 1936
Country Gentlemen Soldier - Investor 1936
Wild Brian Kent Croupier 1936
Born to Fight Party Guest 1936
Phantom Patrol RCMP Officer 1936
Sea Spoilers 1st Radio Man 1936
The President's Mystery Townsman 1936
Ride 'Em Cowboy Townsman 1936
The Devil Is a Sissy Intern 1936
Bulldog Edition Post Delivery Truck Driver 1936
Sitting on the Moon Broadcast Booth Engineer 1936
Sing, Baby, Sing Kansas City News Vendor 1936
Postal Inspector Truck Driver 1936
Jailbreak Hotel Clerk 1936
Crash Donovan Patrolman 1936
It Couldn't Have Happened (But It Did) Fingerprint Expert 1936
Spendthrift Reporter 1936
Public Enemy's Wife Reporter at Courthouse 1936
The Border Patrolman Garage Attendant 1936
Below the Deadline Oscar 1936
The Crime Patrol Henchman 1936
The Mine with the Iron Door Minor Role 1936
The Girl from Mandalay New Year's Party Participant 1936
On the Wrong Trek Bit Part 1936
The Drag-Net Night Club Patron 1936
Snowed Under Man in Producer's Office 1936
Brilliant Marriage Art Critic 1936
The Lucky Corner Crowd extra 1936
Boulder Dam Job Applications Teller 1936
Love on a Bet Reporter 1936
The Preview Murder Mystery Reporter / Reporter (Uncredited) 1936
The Criminal Within Party Guest 1936
Follow the Fleet Sailor in Dress Whites 1936
The Bridge of Sighs Man in Crowd Outside the Thornton 1936
I'll Name the Murderer Driver 1936
Black Gold Collins 1936
The Pinch Singer Audience extra 1936
Show Them No Mercy! Milkman 1935
The Fighting Marines Co-Pilot [Ch. 1] 1935
False Pretenses Desk Clerk 1935
Case of the Missing Man Reporter 1935
Metropolitan Press Agent 1935
I Live for Love Assistant Ticket Seller 1935
Special Agent Gas Station Attendant 1935
Red Salute League Speaker 1935
Here Comes the Band Audience Member 1935
She Gets Her Man Photographer 1935
Make a Million First Drunken Donor 1935
Shanghai Ship Steward 1935
Front Page Woman Waiter 1935
Born to Gamble Dice Player 1935
Shadows of the Orient Steve's Henchman 1935
Code of the Mounted Mountie at HQ 1935
Sprucin' Up First pedestrian 1935
The Four Star Boarder Bit Role 1935
Thicker Than Water Man at Auction 1935
Poker at Eight Nightclub Dancer 1935
Mutiny Ahead Sailor - Messenger 1935
When a Man's a Man Train Passenger 1935
Helldorado Newspaper Reporter 1935
The Secret Bride Frustrated Reporter 1934
Sing Sing Nights Newspaper Reporter 1934
Night Alarm Reporter in White Hat 1934
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round Steward Pounding on Door 1934
The Curtain Falls Seven Eleven Club Customer 1934
Washee Ironee Pedestrian 1934
King Kelly of the U.S.A. Mop Salesman 1934
Dames Elevator Starter 1934
The Man with Two Faces Elevator Operator 1934
Friends of Mr. Sweeney Ladies' Table Dealer 1934
Service with a Smile Sign Salesman 1934
Name the Woman Reporter 1934
Going Bye-Bye! Man in Courtroom 1934
The Personality Kid Ritzy's Trainer 1934
Fog Over Frisco Reporter / Reporter (Uncredited) 1934
Smarty Court Recorder 1934
A Modern Hero Flint's Chauffeur 1934
Upperworld Steward 1934
Merry Wives of Reno Hotel Lobby Guest 1934
Registered Nurse Ambulance Attendant 1934
Journal of a Crime Cartier's Secretary 1934
Jimmy the Gent Chalmers 1934
I've Got Your Number Telephone Man with Gloves 1934
As the Earth Turns Villager at Dance 1934
The House on 56th Street Ship's Steward 1933
Female Shooting Gallery Onlooker / Shooting Gallery Onlooker (Uncredited) 1933
The Bowery Cynic 1933
Goodbye Again Albany Hotel Desk Clerk 1933
Torch Singer Man in Radio Station 1933
This Day and Age Newspaper Reporter in Courtroom 1933
Turn Back the Clock Joe's Aide 1933
The Little Giant Investment Clerk 1933
Central Airport Hotel Desk Clerk #3 1933
Grand Slam Man Asked to Buy Cards 1933
Hard to Handle Ed - Photographer 1933
The Death Kiss Hotel Desk Clerk 1933
If I Had a Million Pedestrian at Accident 1932
Just Dogs Dogs 1932
Scandal for Sale Newspaper Radio Operator 1932
Union Depot Sailor 1932
Riders of the Purple Sage Judkins 1931
The Fox Hunt Singer 1931
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