Lloyd Ingraham

Actor · Director · Writer
IVA Star Rating : 50
Lloyd Chauncey Ingraham was an American film actor and director.

Lloyd Chauncey Ingraham was an American film actor and director.

Birth Name

Lloyd Chauncey Ingraham


Monday, 30 November 1874


Wednesday, 04 April 1956

Actor Filmography

The Savage Horde Sam Jeffries 1950
The Doolins of Oklahoma Marshal Nix 1949
West of Sonora Old Townsman 1948
Slave Girl Opener of the Chest 1947
Time Out of Mind Retired Sea Captain 1947
Sister Kenny Farmer 1946
Gunman's Code Townsman 1946
Lover Come Back Partner 1946
The Caravan Trail Deputy Sully 1946
Frontier Gal Card Dealer 1945
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Actor Filmography

The Savage Horde Sam Jeffries 1950
The Doolins of Oklahoma Marshal Nix 1949
West of Sonora Old Townsman 1948
Slave Girl Opener of the Chest 1947
Time Out of Mind Retired Sea Captain 1947
Sister Kenny Farmer 1946
Gunman's Code Townsman 1946
Lover Come Back Partner 1946
The Caravan Trail Deputy Sully 1946
Frontier Gal Card Dealer 1945
Frontier Feud Si Peters 1945
Lawless Empire Mr. Murphy 1945
Adventures of Rusty Minister 1945
Dangerous Intruder Attorney Lloyd S. Clark 1945
The Cheaters Henry L. Pidgeon 1945
Phantoms, Inc. High School Principal 1945
Springtime in Texas Dan Larkin 1945
That's the Spirit Guest 1945
It's in the Bag! Frederick F. Trumble 1945
Sudan Old Man 1945
The Man Who Walked Alone Ryan 1945
San Diego I Love You Barber 1944
The Merry Monahans Judge 1944
West of the Rio Grande Trooper Meade 1944
The Desert Hawk Yussef ben Khan - Vizir [Ch. 1] 1944
Range Law Judge Cal Bowen 1944
Hot Rhythm Brown 1944
Partners of the Trail Doc Applegate 1944
The Mystery of the 13th Guest Grandfather Morgan 1943
Blazing Guns Governon Brighton 1943
The Seventh Victim La Sagesse Watchman / La Sagesse Watchman (Uncredited) 1943
So This Is Washington Inventor with Parachute 1943
First Comes Courage Old Norwegian 1943
Petticoat Larceny Pier Passerby 1943
Mr. Lucky Dorothy's Chauffeur 1943
Confessions of a Vice Baron J.M. Randall, alias Dr. Havens (edited from 'Race Suicide') (archive footage) / J.M. Randall - alias Dr. Havens (edited from 'Race Suicide') 1943
Sarong Girl Judge 1943
The Avenging Rider Poker Player 1943
Bombardier Colonel 1943
This Land Is Mine Man with Paper on Street 1943
Murder in Times Square Pedestrian 1943
The Boss of Big Town Inspector Torrence 1942
Army Surgeon Bit 1942
Tennessee Johnson Vice President at End 1942
Strictly in the Groove McClelland 1942
Red River Robin Hood Rancher 1942
Highways by Night Timekeeper 1942
Bandit Ranger Doc 1942
Mexican Spitfire's Elephant Stage Doorman at the Villa Luigi 1942
The Silver Bullet Coroner 1942
Timber! Doctor 1942
Thundering Hoofs Telegrapher #2 1942
The Phantom Plainsmen Doctor 1942
The Spoilers Kelly 1942
Stagecoach Buckaroo Ezra Simpson 1942
Valley of the Sun Man on Street 1942
Today I Hang Judge 1942
Dude Cowboy Pop Stebbins 1941
Jesse James at Bay Card Player 1941
Unexpected Uncle Tuba Player in Johnny's Band 1941
Outlaws of Cherokee Trail Murdered Man 1941
Bad Man of Deadwood Printer Harry / Harry 1941
The Iron Claw Managing Editor / Managing Editor [Ch. 1-2 - 5] 1941
Cyclone on Horseback Valley City Doctor 1941
Paper Bullets 1st Judge 1941
Invisible Ghost Psychiatrist 1941
Robbers of the Range Williams 1941
City of Missing Girls Fowler / District Attorney Fowler 1941
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob Announcer of Piano Winner 1941
Souls in Pawn Dr. Ingram 1940
Pride of the Bowery Camp Doctor / Doctor 1940
Trail of the Vigilantes Rancher 1940
Pony Post Doctor Nesbet 1940
Little Men Judge 1940
Melody Ranch Ed - Bartender 1940
The Green Archer Worthington 1940
The Old Swimmin' Hole Mr. Park 1940
Dulcy Businessman in Meeting 1940
Wagon Train Mayor of Pecos / Pecos Mayor 1940
Triple Justice Sam - Susan's Father 1940
Colorado Henry Sanford 1940
When the Daltons Rode Second Train Engineer 1940
Lucky Partners Owner of the Pocomo Journal / Pocomo Journal Owner 1940
The Ranger and the Lady Dr. Corbin 1940
Son of Roaring Dan Judge 1940
Adventures of Red Ryder Sheriff Luke Andrews [Ch. 1] / Sheriff Luke Andrews 1940
Prairie Law Hank - Jury Foreman 1940
Bad Man from Red Butte Turner 1940
20 Mule Team Stockholder 1940
Enemy Agent Barber 1940
Dark Command Townsman 1940
Forgotten Girls Judge 1940
My Little Chickadee Townsman Wanting to Form Posse 1940
Isle of Destiny Rev. Doctor 1940
The Shadow Judge 1940
Legion of the Lawless Second Speaker at Meeting 1940
Reno Sin City Speaker 1939
Destry Rides Again Express Agent with Box of Rabbits 1939
The Marshal of Mesa City Mayor Sam Bentley 1939
The Roaring Twenties Woodrow WIlson in Montage 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Committeeman 1939
Oklahoma Frontier Judge Harris / Henchman Cheyenne 1939
The Day the Bookies Wept Man with Binoculars 1939
Dick Tracy's G-Men Judge Stoddard 1939
In Name Only Hospital Elevator Operator 1939
I Stole a Million Sympathetic Man 1939
Should Husbands Work? Judge 1939
S.O.S. Tidal Wave Doctor 1939
The Zero Hour Doctor 1939
Street of Missing Men Emergency Hospital Doctor 1939
Code of the Streets Police Ballistics Lab Man 1939
East Side of Heaven Executive 1939
The Flying Irishman Doctor Attending Mrs. Corrigan 1939
Trouble in Sundown Judge David Bennett 1939
Love Affair Doctor 1939
I Was a Convict Mission Bell Auto Camp Manager 1939
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Mayor / Wedding Guest 1939
Water Rustlers Judge 1939
Shine on Harvest Moon Doc Brady 1938
Swing, Sister, Swing Station Agent 1938
Gun Packer Chief E. B. Holmes 1938
The Storm Old Man 1938
A Man to Remember Funeral Observer 1938
There Goes My Heart Silent Banker 1938
Crime Takes a Holiday Judge 1938
Billy the Kid Returns Conway's Deputy 1938
The Gladiator Committee Member 1938
Man from Music Mountain George Harmon 1938
Painted Desert Charles M. Banning 1938
Prison Break Parole Board Member 1938
Reformatory Doctor Blakely 1938
The Singing Cowgirl Dr. Slocum 1938
Songs and Saddles Judge Harrison 1938
Gun Law Pop Perkins 1938
Vivacious Lady Mr. Noble - Library Committee Member 1938
The Feud Maker Hank Younger 1938
Race Suicide Dr. J.M. Randall 1938
Roll Along, Cowboy Banker Wilson 1937
Tramp Trouble Neighbor 1937
The Big Shot Man Recognizing The Big Shot 1937
Riders of the Dawn Dad Moran 1937
Three Legionnaires Russian Street Singer 1937
Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin Doctor 1937
Oh, Doctor Dr. Bower 1937
Captains Courageous Skipper of Ship 1937
Lightnin' Crandall Judge 1937
Park Avenue Logger Mike Curran 1937
The Gambling Terror Mr. Nestor / Old Man 1937
Battle of Greed Virginny 1937
Stormy Trails Dad Curlew 1936
Empty Saddles Lem Jessup - alias Jim Grant 1936
Ten Laps to Go Dan - Hard-of-Hearing Mechanic / Dan, Hard-of-Hearing Mechanic 1936
Conflict Adams, Newspaper City Editor 1936
Captain Calamity Trader Jim 1936
Racing Blood Restaurant Customer 1936
Legion of Terror Newspaper Man 1936
Undercover Man Judge Forbes 1936
Missing Girls The Judge 1936
The Vigilantes Are Coming John Colton 1936
Ghost Patrol Professor Brent 1936
Prison Shadows The Prison Warden 1936
The Bride Walks Out Neighbor on Stairs 1936
Winds of the Wasteland Man Showing Stage to Barbara 1936
The Border Patrolman Man at Swimming Pool 1936
Go-Get-'Em, Haines Ship Captain Ward 1936
Everyman's Law Jim Morgan 1936
Too Much Beef Dynamite Murray 1936
Hearts in Bondage Timekeeper 1936
The Lonely Trail Tucker 1936
Burning Gold Calico 1936
Rogue of the Range Doctor 1936
Love on a Bet Bertram, Driver Who is Late for Dinner / Bertram - Driver Who is Late for Dinner 1936
Red River Valley Rancher 1936
Sutter's Gold San Francisco Committee Man 1936
The Lawless Nineties Tom - Telegraph Interceptor 1936
The Bridge of Sighs Trial Judge 1936
The Milky Way Barbershop Customer 1936
Modern Times Frustrated Cafe Patron 1936
Roarin' Guns Rancher at Meeting 1936
Trail of Terror Warden 1935
Trigger Tom Pop Slater 1935
Never Too Late Chief of Detectives Winter 1935
Timber War Terry O'Leary 1935
The Rider of the Law Colonel Carver 1935
Between Men Sir George / Sir George Thorne 1935
Frontier Justice Dr. Close / Doctor Close 1935
Thunder Mountain Dissident Miner at Bar 1935
Westward Ho State Official 1935
Sundown Saunders Doctor 1935
Branded a Coward Joe Carson 1935
So Red the Rose Officer 1935
The Hoosier Schoolmaster Townsman 1935
The Headline Woman Coroner 1935
Gun Smoke Eli Parker 1935
Social Error Apartment Tenant / Apartment Tenant with Steak 1935
The Cowboy Millionaire Ben Barclay 1935
The Ghost Rider Rufe Rascobb / Rufe 1935
On Probation Horne 1935
Circumstantial Evidence Judge Robertson 1935
Rainbow Valley Warden Powell 1935
The Perfect Clue Dinner Guest 1935
One More Spring Undetermined Role 1935
Northern Frontier Prof. Braden 1935
Sons of Steel Draftsman 1934
Sing Sing Nights Warden of Sing Sing / Prison Warden 1934
The World Accuses The Judge 1934
Tomorrow's Youth Doctor 1934
The Curtain Falls Lansing - the Banker 1934
Our Daily Bread Uncle Anthony 1934
The Dude Ranger John Beckett / Lawyer John Beckett 1934
Contented Calves Building Superintendent 1934
The Lost Jungle Dirigible Captain 1934
In Love with Life Forbes 1934
Fighting to Live Judge Simmons 1934
I'll Tell the World Army Officer 1934
The Gold Ghost Wally's Father, George 1934
Beggars in Ermine Steel Worker 1934
Sixteen Fathoms Deep Capt. Athos 1934
Merrily Yours Mr. Dean 1933
One Man's Journey Townsman at Farewell Meeting 1933
Morning Glory Minor Role 1933
Mary Stevens, M.D. SS Bellocona's Captain 1933
I Love That Man Ace - Blackjack Dealer 1933
Song of the Eagle Police Captain 1933
The World Gone Mad Baird - Newspaper Editor 1933
Silent Men Sheriff Vic Green 1933
Blondie Johnson Judge 1933
Revenge at Monte Carlo Luis del Valle 1933
Drum Taps Bill Carey - Eileen Carey's Grandfather 1933
Officer Thirteen Judge Dane 1932
The Midnight Warning Adolph Klein 1932
Madison Square Garden Ring Announcer 1932
Slightly Married Judge 1932
The Crusader Warden John Alton 1932
Thirteen Women Inspector 1932
Cornered Judge 1932
Beauty Parlor District Attorney 1932
Get That Girl John, the Gardener 1932
State's Attorney Police Coroner 1932
Sinister Hands John Frazer 1932
Texas Gun Fighter Banty 1932
X Marks the Spot Defense Attorney Harris 1931
A House Divided Doctor 1931
The Phantom of Paris Prison Warden 1931
Never the Twain Shall Meet Mr. Muckridge 1931
The Lady Who Dared Farrell 1931
The Great Meadow Elly Harmon 1931
The Naughty Flirt Judge Drake 1930
The Spoilers Judge Stillman 1930
The Last of the Duanes Mr. Garrett 1930
Common Clay Judge Blake 1930
Mammy Deputy Sheriff 1930
Montana Moon John Prescott / Mr. Prescott 1930
A Lady to Love Father McKee 1930
Wide Open Doctor / The Doctor 1930
Untamed Dowling / Henry Dowling 1929
Night Parade Tom Murray 1929
So Long Letty Judge 1929
Mister Antonio Bit Role 1929
The Rainbow Man Colonel Lane 1929
The Galloping Fish Process Server 1924
Scaramouche Quintin de Kercadiou 1923
The Mother and the Law The Judge 1919
Intolerance Judge of the Court 1916
Broncho Billy's Capture The Expressman 1913

Director Filmography

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