Buck Bucko

IVA Star Rating : 44

Birth Name

Rudolph Hunter Bouckou


Monday, 16 November 1891


Monday, 06 August 1962

Actor Filmography

The Gambler Wore a Gun Barfly 1961
Outlaws Townsman, Barfly 1960
Inherit the Wind Townsman 1960
One Foot in Hell Townsman 1960
Rio Bravo Barber 1959
Lone Texan Townsman 1959
The Sheepman Townsman 1958
Cole Younger, Gunfighter Barfly 1958
Trackdown Townsman 1957
Sugarfoot Horn Blower, Juror 1957
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Actor Filmography

The Gambler Wore a Gun Barfly 1961
Outlaws Townsman, Barfly 1960
Inherit the Wind Townsman 1960
One Foot in Hell Townsman 1960
Rio Bravo Barber 1959
Lone Texan Townsman 1959
The Sheepman Townsman 1958
Cole Younger, Gunfighter Barfly 1958
Trackdown Townsman 1957
Sugarfoot Horn Blower, Juror 1957
Black Patch Townsman 1957
The Lawless Eighties Townsman 1957
The Iron Sheriff Juror 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Juror 1957
The Storm Rider Hearse 1957
Drango Townsman 1957
Westward Ho, the Wagons! Wagon Train Member 1956
Rebel in Town Townsman 1956
Secret of Treasure Mountain Posse Member 1956
The Wild Dakotas Wagon Train Member 1956
At Gunpoint Guard 1955
Last of the Desperados Townsman 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Townsman 1955
Celebrity Playhouse Townsman 1955
Apache Ambush Pioneer 1955
They Rode West Trooper 1954
The Black Dakotas Townsman 1954
Dawn at Socorro Casino Patron 1954
The Desperado Trail Herder 1954
River of No Return Council City Barfly 1954
Phantom of the Rue Morgue Murder Scene Spectator 1954
Stories of the Century Barfly 1954
Vigilante Terror Townsman 1953
So Big Man at Auction 1953
Thunder Over the Plains Westman Rider 1953
City of Bad Men Fight Spectator 1953
Conquest of Cochise Townsman 1953
Powder River Townsman 1953
The Abbott and Costello Show Henchman 1952
Ride the Man Down Barfly 1952
Montana Belle Barfly 1952
The Lusty Men Rodeo Official 1952
Cowboy G-Men Hooded Man, Townsman 1952
The Duel at Silver Creek Townsman 1952
Montana Incident Henchman 1952
Carson City Train Passenger 1952
The Half-Breed Townsman 1952
Outlaw Women Stagecoach Guard 1952
Man from the Black Hills Posse Rider 1952
Night Stage to Galveston Texas Ranger 1952
Waco Gang Member 1952
Trail Guide Barfly 1952
Flaming Feather Barfly 1952
Lone Star Crayden Man 1952
The Roy Rogers Show Townsman 1951
The Bushwhackers Gunman 1951
Cave of Outlaws Townsman 1951
Whistling Hills Barfly 1951
The Hills of Utah Miner 1951
The Dakota Kid Rancher 1951
The Texas Rangers Pinkerton Man 1951
Nevada Badmen Posse Rider 1951
In Old Amarillo Barfly 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Townsman 1951
Wanted: Dead or Alive Shack Guard 1951
Night Riders of Montana Rancher 1951
Al Jennings of Oklahoma Posse Member 1951
Short Grass Fenton Henchman 1950
Trail of Robin Hood McCall Worker 1950
Kansas Raiders Raider 1950
Two Flags West Confederate Soldier 1950
Desperadoes of the West Rocks 1950
Winchester '73 Townsman 1950
West of the Brazos Townsman 1950
The Baron of Arizona Vigilante 1950
The Outriders Wagon Driver 1950
Singing Guns Miner 1950
The Traveling Saleswoman Townsman 1950
Copper Canyon Townsman 1950
Montana Townsman 1950
The Fighting Kentuckian Buck - a Kentuckian 1949
The James Brothers of Missouri Townsman 1949
Rim of the Canyon Townsman 1949
The Doolins of Oklahoma Joe 1949
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend Townsman 1949
The Younger Brothers Cedar Creek Barfly 1949
Big Jack Townsman 1949
Death Valley Gunfighter Miner 1949
Rustlers Barfly 1949
Law of the West Poker Player 1949
Belle Starr's Daughter Starr Ranch Hand 1948
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James Henchman [Ch. 2] 1948
The Denver Kid Henchman 1948
Son of God's Country Henchman 1948
Red River Cowhand 1948
Blazing Across the Pecos Messenger 1948
Guns of Hate Barfly 1948
The Gallant Legion Ranger / Texas Ranger 1948
Adventures in Silverado Posse Member 1948
Panhandle Barfly 1948
Fighting Mustang Cowboy 1948
Albuquerque Wayne's Man 1948
Western Heritage Townsman 1948
Wild Horse Mesa Barfly 1947
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap Townsman 1947
Under the Tonto Rim Tonto Rim Gang Member 1947
Wyoming Nester 1947
Cheyenne Barfly 1947
Bells of San Angelo Mine Henchman 1947
Code of the West Barfly 1947
The Sea of Grass Townsman 1947
Son of Zorro Townsman / Henchman 1947
Wild Country Barfly 1947
Lone Star Moonlight Reception Cowhand 1946
Trigger Fingers Henchman 1946
Rustler's Round-Up Townsman 1946
Sunset Pass Man Who Helps Lolita with Luggage 1946
Under Arizona Skies Rustler 1946
Bad Bascomb Gang Member 1946
The Fighting Guardsman Bandit 1946
Frontier Gal Barfly 1945
The Cherokee Flash Henchman 1945
Rough Riders of Cheyenne Carson Ranch Hand 1945
Fighting Bill Carson Townsman 1945
The Lost Trail Barfly 1945
Bandits of the Badlands Henchman 1945
Trail of Kit Carson Barfly 1945
Santa Fe Saddlemates Townsman 1945
Springtime in Texas Townsman 1945
Renegades of the Rio Grande Henchman 1945
The Picture of Dorian Gray Beater 1945
Sheriff of Cimarron Townsman 1945
Gun Smoke Buck - Townsman 1945
The Topeka Terror Settler 1945
The Big Bonanza Barfly 1944
Nevada Barfly 1944
Oath of Vengeance Kirby Cowhand 1944
Alaska Miner 1944
Ghost Guns Stage Driver Zeke / Zeke - Stage Driver 1944
Raiders of Ghost City Henchman 1944
Silver City Kid Townsman 1944
Call of the Rockies Miner 1944
Forty Thieves Henchman 1944
Trial by Trigger Townsman 1944
Thundering Gun Slingers Man with Mule 1944
Roaring Guns Farmer 1944
Texas Masquerade Night Rider 1944
Gun to Gun Barfly 1944
The Woman of the Town Barfly 1943
Devil Riders Townsman 1943
The Man from the Rio Grande Barfly 1943
Raiders of Red Gap Henchman 1943
Beyond the Last Frontier Barfly 1943
The Kansan Cowhand 1943
Frontier Badmen Henchman 1943
Six Gun Gospel Poker Player 1943
The Sky's the Limit Cowboy 1943
The Stranger from Pecos Barfly 1943
Bordertown Gun Fighters Townsman 1943
Colt Comrades Vigilante 1943
Buckskin Frontier Townsman 1943
Death Rides the Plains Barfly 1943
Daredevils of the West Citizen / Gulch Heavy 1943
Calling Wild Bill Elliott Townsman 1943
The Ghost Rider Barfly 1943
Carson City Cyclone Townsman 1943
The Valley of Vanishing Men Raider 1942
Along the Sundown Trail Henchman 1942
The Sombrero Kid Barfly 1942
The Cyclone Kid Barfly 1942
Sunset on the Desert Townsman 1942
Billy the Kid Trapped Barfly 1942
Road Agent Townsman 1941
Go West, Young Lady Posse Rider 1941
Back in the Saddle Rancher 1941
West of Pinto Basin Deputy Clem 1940
Melody Ranch Henchman 1940
Three Men from Texas Henchman 1940
The Carson City Kid Posse Rider 1940
Gaucho Serenade Henchman 1940
Destry Rides Again Barfly 1939
In Old Monterey Townsman 1939
In Old Caliente Vaquero 1939
The Law West of Tombstone Barfly 1938
Sunset Trail Barfly 1938
The Texans Soldier 1938
Rollin' Plains Brawler 1938
Outlaws of Sonora Barfly 1938
The Old Wyoming Trail Henchman Holding Elsie 1937
Prairie Thunder Lynch's Henchman 1937
Western Gold Townsman 1937
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge Cowhand 1937
The Painted Stallion Bucko (Ch's 3 & 5) 1937
Law of the Ranger Henchman 1937
Borderland Texas Ranger 1937
Sandflow Cowhand 1937
Guns of the Pecos Cowhand 1937
Rebellion Henchman 1936
The Fugitive Sheriff Henchman 1936
The Three Mesquiteers Henchman 1936
Guns and Guitars Henchman 1936
Avenging Waters Cowboy Giving Stampede Alert 1936
Border Caballero Barfly 1936
Lucky Terror Spectator 1936
Silver Spurs Henchman 1936
Bulldog Courage First Stagecoach Driver 1935
Lawless Riders Deputy 1935
Heir to Trouble Posse Rider 1935
The Law of the 45's Rontell Henchman in Cantina 1935
The Ivory-Handled Gun Cowhand 1935
Western Courage Cowhand 1935
The Eagle's Brood Vaquero 1935
Stormy Cowhand 1935
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Rancher 1935
The Man from Guntown Henchman 1935
The Roaring West Saloon Gambler [ch. 12] 1935
Riding Wild Nester 1935
Border Brigands Henchman 1935
Gun Smoke Henchman 1935
Desert Mesa Henchman 1935
When a Man's a Man Barfly 1935
Square Shooter Baxter Rider 1935
Rustlers of Red Dog Guard (Ch. 7) 1935
Horses' Collars Barfly 1935
The Westerner Jailer 1934
Outlaw's Highway Henchman 1934
Rocky Rhodes Barfly 1934
Law of the Wild Townsman 1934
The Red Rider Rider 1934
Smoking Guns Henchman 1934
Blue Steel Townsman 1934
Honor of the Range Posse Member 1934
The Man Trailer Henchman 1934
The Fighting Ranger Texas Ranger 1934
The Fighting Code Henchman 1933
Gun Justice Barfly 1933
Strawberry Roan Camp Cowboy 1933
The Trail Drive Blake Rider 1933
Gordon of Ghost City Rider 1933
The Fighting Parson Barfly 1933
The Fiddlin' Buckaroo Henchman Buck 1933
The Man from Monterey Morgan Rider 1933
King of the Arena Spectator 1933
The Lone Avenger Townsman 1933
Unknown Valley Joshua Townsman / Townsman 1933
The Thrill Hunter Studio Western Cowboy 1933
The Dude Bandit Posse Rider 1933
Scarlet River Henchman in Shack 1933
Phantom Thunderbolt Henchman 1933
The Mysterious Rider Cowhand 1933
Tombstone Canyon Barfly 1932
Forbidden Trail Townsman / Nester 1932
Young Blood Posse Rider Buck 1932
Between Fighting Men Buck - Henchman 1932
Wild Girl Vigilante 1932
The Fourth Horseman Settler 1932
Guns for Hire Cabin Henchman 1932
The Night Rider Barfly 1932
The Vanishing Frontier Vaquero 1932
The Texas Bad Man Henchman 1932
Heroes of the West Townsman 1932
The Man from Hell's Edges Barn Henchman 1932
The Texas Tornado Guard at Rustler Camp 1932
Whistlin' Dan Spud - Henchman 1932
Lawless Valley Rustler 1932
Hell-Fire Austin Buck 1932
Texas Gun Fighter Henchman 1932
Lovers Courageous Cowboy 1932
The Fighting Fool Cowhand 1932
The Rainbow Trail Henchman 1932
Without Honor Henchman 1932
Cavalier of the West Man in Saloon / Barfly 1931
Branded Men Henchman 1931
Border Law Ranger 1931
Range Law Posse Rider 1931
Oklahoma Jim Barfly 1931
Arizona Terror Buck 1931
Sundown Trail Ranch Hand 1931
A Holy Terror Wranger 1931
Alias the Bad Man Buck - Henchman 1931
The Two Gun Man Cowboy in Saloon 1931
Pueblo Terror Deputy 1931
The Avenger Murietta Vaquero / Townsman 1931
Red Fork Range Henchman Buck 1931
Fighting Thru; or, California in 1878 Posse Rider 1930
Breed of the West Cowhand 1930
The Utah Kid Henchman 1930
Billy the Kid Cowhand 1930
The Oklahoma Cyclone Gomez's Henchman 1930
The Lone Rider Henchman 1930
Mountain Justice Henchman 1930
The Fighting Legion Jim 1930
Covered Wagon Trails Henchman 1930
The Wagon Master Henchman 1929
The Lawless Legion Henchman 1929
West of Santa Fe Henchman 1928
Greased Lightning Cowhand 1928
The Devil's Saddle Henchman 1927
The Land Beyond the Law Ranch Hand 1927
Galloping On Townsman 1925
Riding for Life Hobbles Horses / Henchman 1925
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