Richard Alexander

IVA Star Rating : 55
Richard Alexander was an American film character actor.

Richard Alexander was an American film character actor.


Wednesday, 19 November 1902


Wednesday, 09 August 1989

Actor Filmography

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Yukon 1976
The Cheyenne Social Club Barfly 1970
Pistols 'n' Petticoats Church Member 1966
A Big Hand for the Little Lady Barfly 1966
Spaceship to the Unknown Prince Barin (archive footage) / Prince Barin 1966
Deadly Ray from Mars Prince Barin 1966
The Bounty Killer Townsman 1965
The Great Race Barfly 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter Trial Spectator 1965
36 Hours Man Paying Respects 1964
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Actor Filmography

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Yukon 1976
The Cheyenne Social Club Barfly 1970
Pistols 'n' Petticoats Church Member 1966
A Big Hand for the Little Lady Barfly 1966
Spaceship to the Unknown Prince Barin (archive footage) / Prince Barin 1966
Deadly Ray from Mars Prince Barin 1966
The Bounty Killer Townsman 1965
The Great Race Barfly 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter Trial Spectator 1965
36 Hours Man Paying Respects 1964
The Gun Hawk Barfly 1963
McHale's Navy Gambler 1962
The Dakotas Miner 1962
Ada Member of the State Legislature 1961
Whispering Smith Barfly, Townsman 1961
Bonanza Trial Spectator 1959
The Deputy Barfly, Bartender 1959
The Young Land Juror 1959
Alias Jesse James Jeremiah Cole 1959
The Last Hurrah Mourner Given Cigar at Wake 1958
Behind Closed Doors Stefanovic 1958
Yancy Derringer Barfly 1958
The Rifleman Nils Swenson, Blacksmith, Nels Swenson 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Nels Svenson 1958
The Big Country Party Guest 1958
Buchanan Rides Alone Barfly 1958
The Sheepman Barfly 1958
Cole Younger, Gunfighter Barfly 1958
Day of the Badman Townsman 1958
Mike Hammer Barber 1958
Tombstone Territory Townsman 1957
Les Girls Stagehand 1957
The Night the World Exploded Workman 1957
The Buster Keaton Story Tough Guy 1957
Hollywood or Bust Western Actor 1956
Flesh and the Spur Bartender 1956
Flagpole Jitters Cop 1956
The Spoilers Miner 1955
Gunsmoke Trial Spectator 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Crummy Newton 1955
King of the Carnival Tent Worker 2 1955
The Road to Denver Bartender #2 1955
Buffalo Bill, Jr. Joe the Blacksmith 1955
Timberjack Barfly 1955
The Two Gun Teacher Luke Barstow 1954
The Bounty Hunter Gambler 1954
Broken Lance Extra Outside Courtroom 1954
The Long, Long Trailer Bald Shopper in Bungalette Trailer 1954
Annie Oakley George Todd (as Dick Alexander) 1954
Trader Tom of the China Seas Gorth 1954
So Big Bidder 1953
Those Redheads from Seattle Barfly 1953
The Band Wagon Stagehand 1953
The Stranger Wore a Gun Townsman 1953
Pack Train Bartender-Charlie 1953
South Sea Woman Bouncer at Krastner's 1953
Dangerous When Wet Egyptian Channel swimmer 1953
A Perilous Journey Crying Miner 1953
Woman They Almost Lynched Townsman 1953
Hopalong Cassidy Duke - Handyman, Rancher 1952
Woman of the North Country Townsman 1952
I Dream of Jeanie Cop 1952
Montana Territory Buzzard 1952
Night Stage to Galveston Patrol Headquarters Leader 1952
Death Valley Days Dusty, Jim Byron 1952
Meet Danny Wilson Nightclub Patron 1952
Cyclone Fury Henchman in Johnny's Hotel Room 1951
Silver Canyon Henchman Luke Anders 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Luke Barstow 1951
The Scarf Barfly 1951
The Range Rider Henchman Barker, Henchman Jeff, Henchman Paul, Spud 1951
Inside Straight Asst. Foreman 1951
One Too Many Truck Driver Drinking Coca-Cola in Bar 1950
Across the Badlands Burly Tough Guy 1950
Dick Tracy Angel 1950
The Gene Autry Show 'Dog-Iron' Ned, Tex, Beefy Camp Henchman 1950
Rock Island Trail Morrow's Henchman 1950
Father of the Bride Moving Man with Screen 1950
Cargo to Capetown Deck Crewman 1950
Copper Canyon Excited Townsman 1950
The Fighting Kentuckian Militiaman 1949
The Lone Ranger Hogjaw, Jed, Meeker 1949
Lust for Gold Townsman 1949
Hellfire Blacksmith 1949
Canadian Pacific Railroad Worker 1949
Big Jack Bandit 1949
Rimfire Karl Weber 1949
The Life of Riley Cheerful Finance Company Bouncer 1949
Loaded Pistols Big Balding Man at Dance 1948
Joan of Arc Man on Boulevard 1948
False Paradise Sam - Henchman / Miner-Henchman Buck 1948
Two Guys from Texas Dick 1948
A Southern Yankee Bartender 1948
Silver River Sweeney Henchman 1948
The Dead Don't Dream Duke / Duke - Handyman 1948
Silent Conflict 1st. Rancher / Rancher #1 1948
Arch of Triumph Gestapo Agent 1948
Louisiana Blacksmith 1947
Unconquered Slave 1947
The Wild Frontier Bartender 1947
Heaven Only Knows One of Byron's Gunmen 1947
Jesse James Rides Again Clem (Ch. 1) 1947
King of the Range Henchman Smitty / Smitty, hefty worker-henchman 1947
Northwest Outpost Large Convict 1947
Song of Scheherazade Theater Attendant 1947
North of the Border Henchman Tiny (as Dick Alexander) / Tiny Mueller 1946
'Neath Canadian Skies Pete Davis (as Dick Alexander) / Pete Davis 1946
Spook Busters Ivan 1946
Canyon Passage Miner 1946
Night in Paradise Temple Guard 1946
The Fighting Guardsman Bearded Man 1946
The Daltons Ride Again Henchman 1945
The Royal Mounted Rides Again Blackie LaRock (Ch. 1) 1945
Flaming Bullets Dick 1945
Senorita from the West Masseur 1945
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood Eddie 1945
Boston Blackie's Rendezvous 1st Bruiser 1945
Renegades of the Rio Grande Pete Jackson - Henchman / Henchman Pete Jackson (as Dick Alexander) 1945
The Master Key Flamingo Club Bouncer 1945
Salome, Where She Danced Shotgun Guard 1945
The House of Fear Ralph King 1945
His Brother's Ghost Henchman 1945
I Was a Criminal 1st Passport Official 1945
Can't Help Singing Pioneer 1944
Lost in a Harem Executioner 1944
The Princess and the Pirate Holdup Thug 1944
Storm Over Lisbon Doorman 1944
Gunsmoke Mesa Henchman Lear / Lear 1944
Three Little Sisters Charlie Nichols 1944
Raiders of Ghost City Henchman 1944
Trigger Trail Henchman Waco (as Dick Alexander) / Henchman Waco 1944
Man from Frisco Workman 1944
Spook Town Henchman 1944
Boss of Boomtown The Yuma Kid (as Dick Alexander) / The Yuma Kid 1944
Call of the South Seas Bailey 1944
Oklahoma Raiders Henchman Duggan (as Dick Alexander) / Henchman Duggan 1944
Raiders of the Border Steve Rollins - Henchman (as Dick Alexander) / Steve Rollins - Henchman 1944
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Mongol Guard 1944
Klondike Kate Bill 1943
Is Everybody Happy? Audience Member Punching Jerry 1943
Return of the Rangers Henchman Sam Kane 1943
The Chance of a Lifetime Carpet Man / Carpet Man (Uncredited) 1943
Don't Be a Sucker Listener to Soapbox Orator 1943
Du Barry Was a Lady Marching Rebel Behind King Louis 1943
Hangmen Also Die! Slugger in Theater 1943
King of the Cowboys Joe the Prop Man / Joe - Prop Man 1943
Lady in a Jam Fighter - Long White Beard 1942
In Old California Clem - Dawson's Henchman 1942
Romance on the Range Henchman 1942
Reap the Wild Wind Stoker Boss 1942
Raiders of the Range Bull - Saloon Brawler 1942
The Ghost of Frankenstein Villager / Villager of Frankenstein at Council Meeting 1942
Code of the Outlaw Moragan 1942
Paris Calling German Guard 1941
The Corsican Brothers Castle Guard / Castle Guard (Uncredited) 1941
Double Trouble Seaman 1941
Sea Raiders Jenkins 1941
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break Burly Man 1941
Burma Convoy Truck Driver in Bar 1941
Badlands of Dakota Coach Driver with Rifle / Poker Player Who Challenges Jim 1941
Man from Montana Henchman Kohler (as Dick Alexander) / Henchman Kohler 1941
The Iron Claw Henchman 1941
Wild Geese Calling Alaskan 1941
Riders of Death Valley Henchman Pete Grump / Pete Grump - Henchman 1941
Broadway Limited Would-Be Kidnapper 1941
In the Navy Big Bruiser 1941
The Lady from Cheyenne Henchman 1941
The Great Dictator Tomainian Prison Guard in 1918 1940
Rangers of Fortune Water Thug 1940
Wyoming Gus - Henchman 1940
Son of Roaring Dan Big Taylor (as Dick Alexander) / Big Taylor 1940
Covered Wagon Days Border Guard 1940
Dark Command Phil - Guerrilla Guarding Seton 1940
Boss of Bullion City Steve Hogan 1940
Strange Cargo Guard 1940
Death Rides the Range Big Nick Harden 1939
Destry Rides Again Cowboy 1939
Tower of London 2nd Gate Guard Greeting Tom Clink 1939
The Kansas Terrors Nico 1939
Frontier Marshal Curly Bill's Henchman 1939
Captain Fury Guard 1939
They Asked for It Mollens 1939
Chasing Danger Warrior 1939
Union Pacific Card Player 1939
Flying G-Men Sam Blaine 1939
Charlie Chan in Honolulu Crewman 1939
Disbarred Counterman 1939
Reefer Madness Pete Daley - Dope Pusher 1938
Santa Fe Stampede Henchman Joe Moffit 1938
Mars Attacks the World Prince Barin 1938
Back of the Mike Sam Hix 1938
The Storm Sailor / Brawler 1938
Where the Buffalo Roam Sellers 1938
The Mysterious Rider Big Tom Hudson 1938
Marie Antoinette Man with Pike 1938
The Gladiator Tough Guy 1938
On the Great White Trail Doc Howe 1938
Six-Shootin' Sheriff Big Boy - Bar X Rider / Bar X Rider Big Boy 1938
Joy of Living Angry Man in Revolving Door / Angry Man in Revolving Door (Uncredited) 1938
The Adventures of Marco Polo Ahmed's Aide 1938
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars Prince Barin [Chs. 6-15] / Prince Barin 1938
The Ship That Died Crewman of Marie Celeste / Crewman of Mary Celeste 1938
The Buccaneer Pirate 1938
Where the West Begins Barnes 1938
Outlaws of the Prairie Rufe Lupton 1937
Zorro Rides Again Brad Dace - aka El Lobo / El Lobo 1937
SOS Coast Guard Thorg 1937
The Big Shot Gate Guard 1937
Think Fast, Mr. Moto Ivan - Doorman 1937
The Toast of New York Stabbed Actor in Play 1937
Flying Fists Fritz 1937
Two-Fisted Sheriff Henchman Bull / Bull - Henchman 1937
Mystery Range Luke Bardos 1937
The Feud of the Trail Holcomb Brother 1937
Jungle Jim Seaman crying Man Overboard (chapter one) 1937
Love on the Run Wilhelm - Baron's Henchman 1936
The Plainsman Lattimer's Third Teamster 1936
Wild Brian Kent Phil Hansen / Phil Hansen - restaurant manager 1936
The Public Pays Drunken Hood Who Knocks Over Milk Wagon 1936
Rocket Ship Prince Barin 1936
Bengal Tiger Strong Man 1936
Everyman's Law Barber 1936
The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand First Mate Olaf [Chs.11-12,14] 1936
Flash Gordon Prince Barin [Chs. 5-13] / Prince Barin 1936
Silly Billies John Little 1936
The Story of Louis Pasteur Burly Farmer 1936
Follow the Fleet Paradise Ballroom Waiter 1936
Drift Fence Henchman Seth Haverly 1936
Dangerous Waters Hays 1936
Modern Times Prison Cellmate / Cellmate 1936
Roarin' Guns Bull Langdon / 'Bull' Langdon 1936
A Tale of Two Cities Executioner 1935
The Fighting Marines Ivan - Henchman [Chs. 1-4, 7-9] 1935
Annie Oakley Crown Prince Wilhelm 1935
The Big Broadcast of 1936 Salvo 1935
The Crusades Crusading Warrior 1935
She Gets Her Man Barton - A Gangster 1935
Riding Wild Henchman Ed Barker (Jim in credits) 1935
Men of the Hour Police Lieutenant 1935
Fighting Shadows Bull Maddigan 1935
The Call of the Savage Navigator (archive footage) / Navigator 1935
The Miracle Rider Buffalo Hunter [Ch. 1] 1935
The Cowboy and the Bandit Scarface Jennings / Scarface 1935
Born to Battle Nate 1935
Rumba Cop 1935
Coyote Trails Mack Larkin 1935
Romance in Manhattan Man at East River 1935
Unconquered Bandit Night Hawk Henchman Pat 1935
Cowboy Holiday Deputy Walt Gregor (as Dick Alexander) / Deputy Walt Gregor 1934
March of the Wooden Soldiers King's Guard 1934
Kentucky Kernels Hank Wakefield 1934
We Live Again Warden 1934
Cleopatra General Philodemas (as Dick Alexander) / Gen. Philodemas 1934
Law of the Wild Lewis R. Lou Salters [Ch. 1] (as Dick Alexander) / Lewis R. Lou Salters [Ch. 1] 1934
The Scarlet Empress Count von Breummer 1934
Them Thar Hills Moonshiner 1934
Voice in the Night Lineman Restraining Jackson 1934
George White's Scandals Iceman 1934
Queen Christina Peasant in Crowd 1934
Sixteen Fathoms Deep Martin - Burly Crewman 1934
The Fighting Code Sheriff Olson 1933
Roman Scandals Valerius' Soldier 1933
Diplomaniacs Bouncer 1933
Destination Unknown Alex 1933
Below the Sea Sailor 1933
The Sign of the Cross Viturius 1933
Laughter in Hell Construction Boss 1933
Scarlet Dawn Pyotyr 1932
Flaming Gold Truck Driver in Cantina 1932
Skyscraper Souls Man Tom Bumps Into 1932
The Texas Bad Man Gene - Texas Ranger 1932
Daring Danger Bull Bagley 1932
Heroes of the West Frontiersman at Beginning of Each Episode 1932
Two-Fisted Law Zink Yokum / Henchman Zeke Yokum 1932
Love Bound Larry - the Randolph Chauffeur 1932
Law and Order Kurt Northrup 1932
Sunset Trail One-Shot / Henchman One-Shot 1932
The Law of the Tong Davy Jones 1931
A House Divided Sailor 1931
One Man Law Sorenson 1931
Suicide Fleet Crew Member 1931
The Hurricane Horseman Bull Carter - Henchman 1931
Shanghaied Love Eric 1931
Too Many Cooks Undetermined Role 1931
Young Donovan's Kid Ben Murray 1931
A Connecticut Yankee Sagramore's Knight 1931
Dirigible Radio Operator 1931
The Front Page Jacobi 1931
The Sunrise Trail Henchman 1931
Are You There? 1930
See America Thirst McGann's Henchman 1930
Rough Waters Little 1930
Redemption Policeman 1930
All Quiet on the Western Front Westhus 1930
City Girl Mac 1930
Rio Rita Gonzales 1929
Tide of Empire Gold Miner with Whip 1929
The Sin Sister Bob Newton - Trader 1929
The Viking Sigurd 1928
The Docks of New York Lou's Sweetheart 1928
The Cameraman The Big Sea Lion 1928
The Godless Girl Prison Guard 1928
The Mysterious Lady General's Aide 1928
The Leopard Lady Hector - Lion Tamer 1928
Annie Laurie One of the MacDonalds 1927
The King of Kings Roman Soldier 1927
Old Ironsides Seaman 1926
Brown of Harvard Football Fan 1926
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