Richard Cramer

IVA Star Rating : 39

Birth Name

Richard Earl Cramer


Wednesday, 03 July 1889


Tuesday, 09 August 1960

Actor Filmography

The Sellout The Jailer 1952
Santa Fe Missouri Bartender 1951
The Baron of Arizona Townsman Watching Beavis Return to Arizona 1950
Batman and Robin Newspaper Office Worker [Ch. 7] 1949
The Road to Hollywood Movie Villain, from 'Dream House' 1947
Border Feud Bartender 1947
Law of the Lash Jake, the Bartender / Jake 1947
Wild Country Guard #1 1947
Wild West Williams 1946
Scarlet Street Principal Keeper 1945
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Actor Filmography

The Sellout The Jailer 1952
Santa Fe Missouri Bartender 1951
The Baron of Arizona Townsman Watching Beavis Return to Arizona 1950
Batman and Robin Newspaper Office Worker [Ch. 7] 1949
The Road to Hollywood Movie Villain, from 'Dream House' 1947
Border Feud Bartender 1947
Law of the Lash Jake, the Bartender / Jake 1947
Wild Country Guard #1 1947
Wild West Williams 1946
Scarlet Street Principal Keeper 1945
Song of Old Wyoming Hodges 1945
Teen Age Dutch (a gangster) (edited from: Slaves in Bondage) 1943
The Desperadoes Poker Player 1943
Don Winslow of the Coast Guard Captain Holding [Ch. 1] 1943
Sagebrush Law Bert - Bartender 1943
Two Fisted Justice Bartender Ed 1943
Trail Riders Bartender Jake 1942
Pirates of the Prairie Bartender 1942
Police Bullets Martin 1942
Tomorrow We Live Headwaiter at the Dunes 1942
Arizona Stage Coach Bartender Joe 1942
Eagle Squadron Man 1942
Texas Trouble Shooters Bartender Mike 1942
The Spoilers Deputy 1942
Maisie Gets Her Man 'Indian' in Third Booth with Mirror / 'Indian' in Third Booth with Mirror (Uncredited) 1942
Men of San Quentin Convict 1942
Boot Hill Bandits Corn Hawkins - Bartender (as Dick Cramer) / Corn Hawkins 1942
Rock River Renegades Ed / Bartender Ed 1942
Billy the Kid Trapped Gus - Bartender 1942
Broadway Big Shot Reilly 1942
Billy the Kid's Round-Up Bartender Harry / Harry 1941
Double Trouble Detective Hogan 1941
Underground Rustlers Charlie - Bartender 1941
The Sea Wolf Bartender 1941
Footsteps in the Dark Detective Bringing Vernon 1941
Road Show Roustabout 1941
White Eagle 2nd Bartender 1941
Tall, Dark and Handsome Cop at Headquarters 1941
The Lone Rider Rides On Bartender 1941
Billy the Kid's Gun Justice Bartender 1940
West of Pinto Basin Bartender 1940
Gallant Sons Courtroom Guard 1940
Trailing Double Trouble Jake - Bartender 1940
Queen of the Yukon Henchman 1940
Arizona Frontier Graham 1940
Millionaires in Prison Guard Finding Keats' Menu 1940
The Golden Trail Bottles - Bartender 1940
Wagons Westward Slim - Henchman 1940
Land of the Six Guns Mexican Joe 1940
Saps at Sea Nick Grainger 1940
Forty Little Mothers Hiring Boss 1940
Half a Sinner Mugg 1940
Alice in Movieland Movie Set Crewman 1940
Strange Cargo Guard 1940
Northwest Passage Sheriff Packer 1940
I Take This Woman Man with Packages in Subway 1940
A Chump at Oxford Minor Role 1940
Pioneer Days Jim - Bartender 1940
West of Carson City Messenger 1940
The Shadow Voice of 'The Black Tiger' 1940
Legion of the Lawless Bartender 1940
El Diablo Rides Bartender 1939
Buried Alive Guard 1939
The Flying Deuces Laundry Truck Driver / Legionnaire Truck Driver 1939
Daughter of the Tong FBI Man 1939
Frontier Marshal Bella Union Bartender 1939
Bad Boy George 1939
S.O.S. Tidal Wave Short-Order Cook 1939
Lucky Night $35 Passerby 1939
Dodge City Hotel Desk Clerk 1939
Sergeant Madden Detective 1939
Rollin' Westward 1939
In Old Montana Sheepman 1939
Feud of the Range Tom Gray 1939
The Mysterious Miss X Husband 1939
Streamlined Swing Railroad Detective 1938
Panamint's Bad Man Gambler 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Apache Killer (Ch's 6-7) 1938
Phantom Ranger Barton 1938
Six-Shootin' Sheriff 2nd Bartender / Second Bartender 1938
Songs and Bullets Outlaw Leader 1938
Knight of the Plains Clem Peterson 1938
Law of the Underworld Policeman 1938
Rolling Caravans Saloon Owner Sam 1938
Thunder in the Desert Tramp 1938
The Painted Trail Bartender Dick 1938
The Rangers' Round-Up Burton 1938
The Buccaneer Pirate 1938
Love Is a Headache Process Server 1938
Crashing Hollywood Detective Barging Into Makeup Room 1938
Wells Fargo Miner 1937
Clipped Wings Moran - Jones' Henchman / Moran, Jones' Henchman 1937
Courage of the West Murphy 1937
Luck of Roaring Camp Gambler 1937
Night Club Scandal Prison Guard 1937
Where Trails Divide Ike Jones 1937
The Wrong Road Detective 1937
Radio Patrol Charlie / Police Dispatcher 1937
Sky Racket Detective in Chase Car 1937
A Bride for Henry Bicycle Owner 1937
Heroes of the Alamo Delgate 1937
Rough Riding Rhythm Murdered Sheriff Hartley / Hartley - Murdered Sheriff 1937
The Rangers Step In 1st Right-of-Way Buyer 1937
Slaves in Bondage Dutch Hendricks 1937
The Red Rope Buck Fendy 1937
North of the Rio Grande Juror #2 - Smoking Cigar / Juror #2 1937
Rhythm in the Clouds First Detective 1937
Two-Fisted Sheriff Henchman Taggart / Taggart - Henchman 1937
Border Cafe Rustler 1937
Turn Off the Moon Cop 1937
Guns in the Dark Poker Player 1937
Woman Chases Man Second Subway Man 1937
The Trusted Outlaw Rogan 1937
Trail of Vengeance Joe - Rancher 1937
Lightnin' Crandall Peters 1937
Midnight Court Policeman 1937
The Outer Gate Jury Foreman 1937
Bars and Stripes Policeman Arresting Johnny 1937
Man of the People Heckler 1937
The Roaming Cowboy Dan Morgan 1937
After the Thin Man Iceman 1936
What Becomes of the Children? Detective 1936
The Phantom of the Range Sheriff 1936
Rip Roarin' Buckaroo Sheriff 1936
End of the Trail Bartender 1936
The Black Coin Hank Flaherty - Thug [Chs. 3, 10, 12-15] 1936
Santa Fe Bound Stanton 1936
Prison Shadows Ring Announcer / Prison Guard 1936
For the Service Henchman 1936
The Speed Reporter Chuck Ballard, alias Brad Franklin 1936
Pinto Rustlers Raines 1936
Robin Hood of El Dorado Bartender 1936
Three Godfathers Prospector Dancing with Blackie 1936
Sutter's Gold Miner 1936
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell Road Crew Foreman 1936
Just My Luck Waiter at Nick's 1935
Trail of Terror Muggs 1935
The Fighting Coward Henchman 1935
Riddle Ranch Jim Riddle 1935
Way Up Thar Graham 1935
The Judgement Book Ross Rankin 1935
The Spanish Cape Mystery Gunman 1935
Frontier Justice Gilbert Ware 1935
Cappy Ricks Returns Head Slugger 1935
Happiness C.O.D. Delivery Man 1935
She Gets Her Man Bookkeeper 1935
Danger Ahead Detective Hogan 1935
A Scream in the Night Inspector Green (as Dick Cramer) / Inspector Green 1935
The Outlaw Tamer Posse Sheriff 1935
The Phantom Cowboy Hank Morgan 1935
Dizzy & Daffy Nick, Farmers Baseball Team Manager 1934
Tailspin Tommy Kelly 1934
Law of the Wild Frank Nolan 1934
Million Dollar Ransom Gangster Gossip / Gangster Gossip (Uncredited) 1934
The Cat's-Paw Police Sergeant Escorting Strozzi 1934
The Red Rider Joe Portos 1934
Cross Streets Liquor Hijacker in Park 1934
I Can't Escape Joe - Bartender / Pimp 1934
Burn 'Em Up Barnes Detective 1934
Rawhide Mail Hal Drummond 1934
The Loudspeaker Angry automat patron 1934
Hollywood Party Scientific Pedant 1934
Monte Carlo Nights Detective 1934
The Vanishing Shadow Dorgan 1934
Western Racketeers The Coroner 1934
Fugitive Lovers Police Lieutenant 1934
The Mystery Squadron Mine Lookout 1933
Good-bye Love False Department of Justice Agent 1933
Saturday's Millions Reporter 1933
Storm at Daybreak Stepan, Dushan's Servant / Stepan - Dushan's Servant 1933
The Kiss Before the Mirror Bill - a murderer 1933
Song of the Eagle Philadelphia Boss 1933
Alimony Madness Anderson - Process Server 1933
Private Jones Pete Smith 1933
The Fatal Glass of Beer Officer Posthlewhistle / Canadian Mounted Police Officer Posthlewhistle 1933
Don't Play Bridge with Your Wife Stoneage Bridge Player / King Henry VIII / Mr. Roberts 1933
Rasputin and the Empress Revolutionary Given Birdcage 1932
Behind Jury Doors Gus Mauger 1932
The King Murder Henchman 1932
The Fourth Horseman Man Shot Off Bar 1932
Pack Up Your Troubles Uncle Jack 1932
Scram! Judge Beaumont 1932
Radio Patrol Police Dispatcher 1932
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain Detective Baldwin 1932
The Tenderfoot Lefty Duran - Racketeer 1932
The Spot on the Rug Laughing Jake 1932
The Rider of Death Valley Claim Salesman 1932
The Big Timer Mr. Murdock 1932
Lawless Valley Bull Lemoyne 1932
Law and Order Cheating Gambler 1932
45 Calibre Echo Saloon Owner 1932
Dream House Movie Villain (as Rychard Cramer) / Movie Villain 1932
Night Beat Detective Featherstone 1931
The Pocatello Kid Pete Larkin 1931
Blonde Crazy Cabbie 1931
In Line of Duty Hugh Fraser 1931
Lariats and Six-Shooters 1931
Platinum Blonde Speakeasy Proprietor 1931
An American Tragedy Deputy Sheriff Kraut 1931
Dancing Dynamite Kelsey 1931
Sporting Blood Charlie, a Gambling Mobster 1931
Hell-Bent for Frisco Nick 1931
Up for Murder Desk Sergeant 1931
Ladies' Man 1931
Air Police Pascal 1931
The Painted Desert Provney 1931
Sit Tight Kidnapper 1931
The Last Parade Counter Man 1931
Ladies Last Arresting Policeman 1930
A Soldier's Plaything Cheating Poker Player 1930
Moby Dick Sailor 1930
Sweet Mama Elmer 1930
Those Who Dance Steve Daley 1930
Captain of the Guard Danton 1930
Mammy Detective 1930
Murder on the Roof Joe Larkin 1930
The Bishop Murder Case Detective in Park 1929
The Lost Zeppelin Radio Announcer 1929
The Trespasser Reporter 1929
Illusion Magus 1929
Big News Hood 1929
Chinatown Nights Bartender Who Throws Joan into Street 1929
Weary River Prison Radio Announcer 1929
The Barker Carnival Bull 1928
Across to Singapore Mate at Nathan Ross 1928
Burning Daylight Minor Role 1928
Sharp Shooters Cafe Mug 1928
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