Roy Barcroft

IVA Star Rating : 53
Roy Barcroft was an American character actor famous for playing villains in B-Westerns and other genres. From 1937 to 1957, he appeared in more than 300 films for Republic Pictures. Film critic Leonard Maltin acclaimed Barcroft as "Republic Pictures' number one bad guy".

Roy Barcroft was an American character actor famous for playing villains in B-Westerns and other genres. From 1937 to 1957, he appeared in more than 300 films for Republic Pictures. Film critic Leonard Maltin acclaimed Barcroft as "Republic Pictures' number one bad guy".

Birth Name

Howard Clifford Ravenscroft


Sunday, 07 September 1902


Friday, 28 November 1969

Actor Filmography

The Republic Pictures Story The Purple Monster (clip from The Purple Monster Strikes (1945)) 1991
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Crooked Businessman 1976
Monte Walsh Proprietor 1970
The Reivers Ed (The Judge) 1969
Gaily, Gaily Dr. Gorson 1969
Three Guns for Texas Marshal Ezzard Speaks 1968
Rosemary's Baby Sun-Browned Man 1968
Bandolero! Bartender 1968
Cimarron Strip Lawman, Salesman 1967
The Way West Mr. Masters 1967
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Actor Filmography

The Republic Pictures Story The Purple Monster (clip from The Purple Monster Strikes (1945)) 1991
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Crooked Businessman 1976
Monte Walsh Proprietor 1970
The Reivers Ed (The Judge) 1969
Gaily, Gaily Dr. Gorson 1969
Three Guns for Texas Marshal Ezzard Speaks 1968
Rosemary's Baby Sun-Browned Man 1968
Bandolero! Bartender 1968
Cimarron Strip Lawman, Salesman 1967
The Way West Mr. Masters 1967
Peril from the Planet Mongo Ming Throne-Room Adjutant / Arborian sentry 1966
Texas Across the River Morton 1966
The Road West George Reap 1966
Iron Horse Dan Barrington 1966
Destination Inner Space Skipper 1966
Billy the Kid Versus Dracula Sheriff Griffin 1966
Gunpoint Dr. Beardsley 1966
Sakima and the Masked Marvel Kern 1966
D-Day on Mars The Purple Monster 1966
Purple Death from Outer Space Ming Soldier 1966
The Wild Wild West Sheriff, Sikes 1965
Laredo Deputy, Marshal Ezzard Speaks 1965
A Man Called Shenandoah Drew Narramore 1965
Profiles in Courage Judge 1964
Daniel Boone Higgens 1964
Slattery's People General Mark Sorensen 1964
He Rides Tall Blacksmith 1964
The Great Adventure Dr. Anthony Thompson 1963
The Lucy Show Chief of Police Tinker 1962
Empire Charlie Hooper 1962
The Virginian Bill Goforth, Mr. Tait 1962
Six Black Horses Mustanger 1962
Alcoa Premiere The Texan 1961
Frontier Circus Gore, Pete Andrews 1961
Ben Casey Rudick 1961
When the Clock Strikes Sheriff Mitchell 1961
Gunslinger Taggert 1961
Ten Who Dared Jim Baker 1960
Freckles John McLean 1960
The Andy Griffith Show Clint Biggers 1960
National Velvet Sam Watkins 1960
Overland Trail Carson City Marshal 1960
Shotgun Slade Jim Haggerty, Tom Preston 1959
Hotel de Paree Beartracks Conlon 1959
Johnny Ringo Pat Merlin 1959
Hennesey Adm. William A. Stacey 1959
Laramie Deputy Marshal Bill Littlefield, Doc Longley, Frazer, Fred T. Cotter, Marshal, Platte County Sheriff, Sheriff Douglas, Sheriff 1959
Riverboat Carley 1959
Bonanza Dave Wilkins, Deputy Tom Hacker, Frank, Sheriff 1959
The Deputy Cowper 1959
Adventure Showcase Sgt. Hennessy 1959
Escort West Sgt. Doyle 1959
Rawhide Adams, Casey, Cliff Stanton, Sanders, Sheriff 1959
U.S. Marshal Doc Shuman 1958
77 Sunset Strip Sheriff 1958
Lawman Luke Tennant, Stagecoach Driver Feeney, Stagecoach Driver 1958
The Rough Riders John Ames 1958
The Rifleman Stevens 1958
The Texan Bishop 1958
Frontier Doctor Al Bixby 1958
Rescue 8 Kolb 1958
Bronco Martin 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Frank Hagen, George Belden 1958
Frontier Justice Carl Neuman 1958
Satan's Satellites Central Communications 1958
Man Without a Gun Amos Crail, Drew 1957
Colt .45 Customer 1957
Tombstone Territory Flint Anson 1957
26 Men Barker, Effrim, Luke Baxter, Marshal Bill Stevens, Two-Ton 1957
Casey Jones Sheriff Ray Barton 1957
The Court of Last Resort Dobson 1957
Trackdown Sheriff Gaines, Sheriff Kent 1957
Domino Kid Ed Santlin / Ed Sandlin 1957
Maverick Marshal, The Cattleman 1957
Perry Mason Murphy 1957
M Squad Kenny Fowler / Pat Wilson 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Flannigan, Jake Trueblood, Jim Sherwood, John Griffin, Judge Carter, Lewt Cutter, Marshal, Sgt. Barsky, Shep Montrose, Sheriff Swink, Simon 1957
Band of Angels Gillespie 1957
Last Stagecoach West Park Ketchum 1957
The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm J.P. Flemming 1957
Gun Duel in Durango Mr. Blaisdell 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Clem, Sam Rogers, Sheriff Fuller, Sheriff, Tom Olsen 1957
Men of Annapolis Mr. Parker 1957
Zane Grey Theatre Marshal Carl Neuman, Mike - Ranch Foreman, Pat Merlin, Rady Smith 1956
Circus Boy Matt Flint 1956
The Sheriff of Cochise Judge Vincent 1956
Gun Brothers Sheriff Jorgen 1956
The Last Hunt Maj. Smith 1956
State Trooper Chief Barron 1956
At Gunpoint Townsman in Saloon 1955
The Adventures of Spin and Marty Col. Logan 1955
Fury Jep 1955
Oklahoma! Marshal 1955
My Friend Flicka Jud Hoskins 1955
The Adventures of Champion Emmett Kane, Matthew McNab 1955
The Spoilers The Marshal 1955
Cheyenne Sheriff Clem Willoughby 1955
Gunsmoke Roy, Jonas, Luke, Pop, Asa, Cotter, Farr, Jake 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Big Tim Callahan, Mitch Moyer 1955
The Mickey Mouse Club 'The Adventures of Spin and Marty' serial, Col. Jim Logan - Spin and Marty serial 1955
The Cobweb Police Lieutenant Ferguson / Police Lieutenant Ferguson (Uncredited) 1955
Man Without a Star Sheriff Olson 1955
The Millionaire Sergeant Bailey 1955
The Magical World of Disney Betting Horse Renter, Himself - Narrator, Narrator, Sheriff Bodie Hampton 1954
Rogue Cop Lt. Vince D. Bardeman 1954
Two Guns and a Badge Bill Sterling - Rancher 1954
Lassie 1st Hunter, Mr. Harris 1954
Man with the Steel Whip Sheriff [Chs. 8, 10-12] 1954
The Desperado Martin Novack 1954
Public Defender Sam Flint 1954
Annie Oakley Carter Holmes, Clint Hackett, Deacon McCanles, Gang leader, Jess Craddock, Pat Donnelly, Stark, Steve Stryker 1954
The Man Behind the Badge Captain Pulasky 1953
Shadows of Tombstone Mike 1953
El Paso Stampede Henchman Floyd Garrett 1953
City Detective Nelson 1953
Bandits of the West Bud Galloway 1953
Down Laredo Way Cooper 1953
City That Never Sleeps Mechanical Man Attraction Hawker 1953
Savage Frontier William Oakes 1953
Iron Mountain Trail Mate Orrin 1953
Old Overland Trail John Anchor 1953
Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe Baker 12 Radioman, Guard #4, Point Barrow Radioman, Radar Control Radioman, Radar Station Radioman, Radio Announcer 1953
Marshal of Cedar Rock Henry Mason 1953
Planet Outlaws Kane Officer 1953
Ride the Man Down Russ Schultz 1952
Montana Belle Jim Clark 1952
South Pacific Trail Link Felton 1952
The WAC from Walla Walla Mr. Prentiss 1952
Desperadoes' Outpost Jim Boylan 1952
Cavalcade of America Herbert Wheelock 1952
Tropical Heat Wave Whitney 1952
Adventures of Superman Duke 1952
Hopalong Cassidy Constable Tom Gorham 1952
Cowboy G-Men Pete Culp, Caretaker Lady Luck Mine, Sidewinder 1952
Old Oklahoma Plains Arthur Jensen 1952
Zombies of the Stratosphere Central Control Radio Operator [Chs. 1, 11] / Ross [Ch. 4] 1952
Thundering Caravans Ed Brill 1952
Black Hills Ambush Bart / Henchman Bart 1952
Wild Horse Ambush Harkins / Big John Harkins 1952
Border Saddlemates Steve Baxter 1952
Oklahoma Annie Curt Walker 1952
Leadville Gunslinger Chet Yonker / Pete Yonker 1952
Death Valley Days Captain Shaw, Doc Willis, Ed Turner, Frank Taylor, Jim Butler, Major Lewis, Mayor Engley, Sheriff Sam Jackson 1952
Hoodlum Empire Morris Draper 1952
Captive of Billy the Kid Piute 1952
Radar Men from the Moon Retik 1952
Desert of Lost Men Henchman Link / Link 1951
Pals of the Golden West Ward Sloan 1951
Street Bandits Monk Walter 1951
Honeychile Walter Judson 1951
Utah Wagon Train Hank Driscoll 1951
Arizona Manhunt Pete Willard 1951
Fort Dodge Stampede Henchman Pike Hardin / Pike Hardin 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson Jud Hadley 1951
Rodeo King and the Senorita Steve Lacey 1951
Government Agents vs Phantom Legion Coast Guard Dispatcher [Ch. 8] 1951
The Dakota Kid Henchman Turk Smith 1951
Wells Fargo Gunmaster Henchman Brick Mason / Brick Mason 1951
In Old Amarillo Clint Burnside 1951
Don Daredevil Rides Again Douglas Stratton 1951
Insurance Investigator Duke Wallace 1951
Night Riders of Montana Henchman Brink / Brink Stiles 1951
Missing Women Ballgame Announcer 1951
The Missourians Nick Kovacs 1950
Under Mexicali Skies Henchman Hays Lawson / Hays Lawson 1950
North of the Great Divide Banning 1950
Flying Disc Man from Mars Mota [Ch. 1] 1950
Rustlers on Horseback Leo Straykin 1950
Prisoners in Petticoats Radio Newscaster 1950
Surrender Deputy Gerard 1950
Vigilante Hideout Muley Price 1950
Desperadoes of the West Henchman Hacker / Hacker 1950
The Savage Horde Fergus 1950
Rock Island Trail Barnes 1950
Salt Lake Raiders Brit Condor 1950
Women from Headquarters Undetermined Secondary Role 1950
The Arizona Cowboy Henchman Mike Slade / Mike Slade - Henchman 1950
The Vanishing Westerner Sand Sanderson 1950
Code of the Silver Sage Hulon Champion 1950
Federal Agent at Large Nels Berger 1950
Gunmen of Abilene Brink Fallon 1950
Powder River Rustlers Henchman Bull Macons 1949
Pioneer Marshal Clip Pearson 1949
Radar Patrol vs. Spy King Police Dispatcher [Ch. 3] 1949
Ranger of Cherokee Strip Mark Sanders 1949
San Antone Ambush Henchman Roberts / Roberts - Henchman 1949
The Lone Ranger Baxter Crowe, Marshal Roy Dillon, Sheriff Maxwell 1949
Down Dakota Way Mack McKenzie 1949
The James Brothers of Missouri Ace Marlin 1949
South of Rio Lon Bryson 1949
Outcasts of the Trail Jim Judd 1949
Law of the Golden West Clete Larrabee 1949
Frontier Investigator Flint Fleming 1949
Prince of the Plains Regan - Henchman / Henchman Regan 1949
Ghost of Zorro Hank Kilgore 1949
Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc. Spade Gordon 1949
Sheriff of Wichita Sam Stark 1949
The Far Frontier Bart Carroll / Henchman Bart 1948
Renegades of Sonora George Keeler 1948
Sundown in Santa Fe Tracy Gillette 1948
Grand Canyon Trail Dave Williams (Regan Henchman) / Dave Williams - Regan Henchman 1948
Desperadoes of Dodge City Homesteader 1948
Out of the Storm Arty Sorenson 1948
Angel in Exile Undetermined Role 1948
Sons of Adventure Leslie Bennett - Director / Leslie Bennett 1948
Daredevils of the Clouds RCMP Broadcaster 1948
Marshal of Amarillo Ben Dolan 1948
Eyes of Texas Vic Rabin 1948
Train to Alcatraz Guard Grady 1948
The Timber Trail Big Bart 1948
Secret Service Investigator Al Turk - Henchman / Detective O'Hara / Al Turk 1948
Old Los Angeles Clyborne 1948
The Bold Frontiersman Smiling Jim 1948
Lightnin' in the Forest Police Lieut. Bain 1948
Madonna of the Desert Buck Keaton 1948
Oklahoma Badlands Henchman Sanders / Sanders 1948
G-Men Never Forget Commissioner Angus Cameron / Vic Murkland / Vic Murkland - Commissioner Angus Cameron 1948
The Main Street Kid Torrey 1948
Bandits of Dark Canyon Jeff Conley 1947
The Fabulous Texan Standifer 1947
The Wild Frontier Barton's Gunman / Henchman 1947
Along the Oregon Trail Jake Stoner 1947
Marshal of Cripple Creek Link / Henchman Sweeney 1947
Jesse James Rides Again Frank Lawton 1947
Wyoming Sheriff Niles 1947
Blackmail Spice Kellaway 1947
Springtime in the Sierras Matt Wilkes 1947
Rustlers of Devil's Canyon Land Agent Clark 1947
Web of Danger Monks, Worker 1947
That's My Man Henchman 1947
Oregon Trail Scouts Bill Hunter 1947
Spoilers of the North Moose McGovern 1947
Vigilantes of Boomtown McKean 1947
Last Frontier Uprising Henchman Boyd Blackwell / Boyd Blackwell - Henchman 1947
Son of Zorro Boyd - Henchman / Henchman Boyd 1947
Stagecoach to Denver Big Bill Lambert 1946
Affairs of Geraldine Studio Actor 1946
Plainsman and the Lady Cowboy 1946
The Mysterious Mr. Valentine The Blackmailer 1946
The Last Crooked Mile Man on Street 1946
Daughter of Don Q Mel Donovan 1946
Night Train to Memphis Chad Morgan 1946
My Pal Trigger Hunter - Henchman / Henchman Hunter 1946
Traffic in Crime Insp. Tip Hogan 1946
Sun Valley Cyclone Blackie Blake 1946
Home on the Range Henchman 1946
Alias Billy the Kid Matt Conroy 1946
Crime of the Century Various Voices 1946
The Madonna's Secret Undetermined Role 1946
The Phantom Rider The Marshal [Ch. 1] / The Marshal 1946
Song of Mexico Visitor 1945
Wagon Wheels Westward Dave McKean Posing as John Larkin 1945
The Cherokee Flash Jeff Carson 1945
An Angel Comes to Brooklyn Undetermined Role 1945
Colorado Pioneers Bull Reagan 1945
Girls of the Big House Police Dispatcher (voice) / Police Dispatcher 1945
Dakota Poli's Driver 1945
Marshal of Laredo Denver Jack 1945
Sunset in El Dorado Buster Welch 1945
Along the Navajo Trail Rusty Channing 1945
The Purple Monster Strikes The Purple Monster 1945
Trail of Kit Carson Doc Ryan 1945
Bells of Rosarita Henchman Maxwell / Mazxwell - Henchman 1945
Santa Fe Saddlemates John Gant 1945
The Vampire's Ghost Capt. Jim Barrett 1945
Lone Texas Ranger Hands Weber 1945
Corpus Christi Bandits Wade Larkin 1945
Manhunt of Mystery Island Capt. Mephisto 1945
The Topeka Terror Ben Jode 1945
The Big Bonanza Sheriff Dan Pendleton 1944
Firebrands of Arizona Deputy Ike 1944
Sheriff of Sundown Jack Hatfield 1944
Lights of Old Santa Fe Ken Ferguson 1944
Storm Over Lisbon Burly Deresco Aide 1944
Code of the Prairie Professor Graham aka David Larson / Professor Graham 1944
Cheyenne Wildcat Dandy Joe Meeker 1944
Stagecoach to Monterey J. Rodney Stevens 1944
Haunted Harbor Carter / Kane 1944
Port of 40 Thieves Portrait of Hartford Chaney III 1944
The Girl Who Dared David Scott 1944
Man from Frisco Key Man 1944
Rosie the Riveter Man at Soda Fountain / Award Presentation M.C. 1944
Call of the South Seas Steve Landrau 1944
The Laramie Trail Dick Rapidan 1944
Hidden Valley Outlaws Gilbert J. Leland 1944
The Fighting Seabees Seabee Barcroft 1944
Hands Across the Border Deputy 1944
Raiders of Sunset Pass Henchman Lefty Lewis 1943
In Old Oklahoma Oil Worker on Train 1943
Canyon City Jeff Parker 1943
Overland Mail Robbery David Patterson 1943
False Colors Sheriff Clem / Sheriff 1943
Man from Music Mountain Cattlemen Henchman 1943
The Man from the Rio Grande Ace Holden - Henchman / Henchman Ace Holden 1943
Wagon Tracks West Henchman Laird 1943
Six Gun Gospel Durkin - Henchman / Henchman Durkin 1943
The Masked Marvel Kerr 1943
The Stranger from Pecos Sheriff Ben / Sheriff 1943
Bordertown Gun Fighters Jack Gatling 1943
Riders of the Rio Grande Sarsaparilla / Sarsaparilla Cherokee 1943
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case Prison Guard 1943
Calling Wild Bill Elliott Captain Carson 1943
Chatterbox Dynamite Man on Work Crew 1943
Cheyenne Roundup Slim Layton 1943
Sagebrush Law Mark Carter 1943
Hoppy Serves a Writ Todd Colby / Colby 1943
Idaho Townsman Slugging Bud 1943
Carson City Cyclone Joe Newman / Prosecutor Joe Newman 1943
Ridin' Down the Canyon Henchman 1942
Dawn on the Great Divide Chuck Loder 1942
The Valley of Vanishing Men Deputy Jed 'Luke' Lucas 1942
The Old Chisholm Trail Ed Phillips 1942
Tennessee Johnson Officer on Crutches 1942
Pirates of the Prairie Lew Harmon 1942
Silver Queen Dan Carson 1942
West of the Law Ludlow 1942
Sunset Serenade Bart Reynolds - Henchman 1942
Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die Pool Player 1942
Stardust on the Sage Murphy / Henchman Murphy 1942
Romance on the Range Pete / Pete, Henchman 1942
Land of the Open Range Gil Carse / Gill Carse 1942
Sunset on the Desert Deputy Nelson 1942
Nazi Agent Chief Petty Officer 1942
Below the Border Ed Scully 1942
Riders of the Badlands Captain Martin / Captain Rogers 1941
West of Cimarron Captain Hawks 1941
They Died with Their Boots On Officer 1941
The Masked Rider Henchman Luke 1941
Jesse James at Bay Henchman Vern Stone 1941
The Bandit Trail Joel Nesbitt 1941
King of the Texas Rangers Ross - Henchman [Chs. 1-7] / Ross 1941
Outlaws of Cherokee Trail Val Lamar 1941
Wide Open Town Red / Henchman Red 1941
Riders of Death Valley Henchman Dirk / Dirk - Henchman 1941
Sheriff of Tombstone Saloon Boss 1941
Sky Raiders Coast Guardsman [Ch. 12] 1941
Pals of the Pecos Keno 1941
White Eagle Poker Pendleton 1941
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Cop at Newspaper Truck Vandalism 1940
Santa Fe Trail Engineer 1940
East of the River Policeman 1940
Trailing Double Trouble Jim Moreland 1940
Ragtime Cowboy Joe Henchman Putt 1940
Stage to Chino Dude Elliot / Dude Elliott 1940
Deadwood Dick Marshal Jim Bridges' Imposter / Marshal Jim Bridges' Imposter (Ch. 10) 1940
Winners of the West Logan - Henchman / Logan 1940
Hidden Gold Hendricks 1940
Bad Man from Red Butte Henchman Hank 1940
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Ming's Soldier / Arborian Sentry / Ming's Soldier [Ch 6, 10-12] / Arborian Sentry [Ch 6] 1940
Rancho Grande Madden 1940
The Showdown Bowman 1940
West of Carson City Bill Tompkins 1940
Yukon Flight Lodin - Henchman / Henchman Lodin 1940
Crashing Thru Green - Henchman / Henchman Green 1939
Another Thin Man Slim - a Guard / Slim 1939
Riders of the Frontier Ed Carter / Outlaw Ed Carter 1939
They All Come Out Federal Marshal 1939
Renegade Trail Stiff-Hat Bailey 1939
The Oregon Trail Colonel Custer 1939
Daredevils of the Red Circle Mine Superintendent 1939
S.O.S. Tidal Wave 1939
Man from Texas Henchman Drifter 1939
Silver on the Sage Ewing / Henchman Ewing 1939
Mexicali Rose Mac McElroy 1939
Fast and Loose Reilly - Casino Patron / Reilly - Casino Bodyguard 1939
The Phantom Creeps AMI Agent Parker / Parker - AMI Agent 1939
The Frontiersmen Sutton (Buster in credits) / Sutton 1938
The Stranger from Arizona Henchman Thane 1938
The Crowd Roars Photographer 1938
Heroes of the Hills Robert Beaton 1938
Prison Break Captain of the Prison Guard 1938
Flaming Frontiers Ben Hollister - Henchman 1938
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars Martian Soldier [Ch. 2] 1938
Blondes at Work Attorney Meadows 1938
Rosalie Conspirator 1937
SOS Coast Guard Goebel 1937
Night Key Alarm Technician 1937
Dick Tracy Wing Air Crewman 1937
Join the Marines Marine 1937
The President's Mystery Townsman 1936
Flash Gordon Throne Guard 1936
A Woman Commands Cossack 1932
Mata Hari Extra 1931
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