Stanley Andrews

IVA Star Rating : 66
Stanley Andrews was an American actor perhaps best known as the voice of Daddy Warbucks on the radio program Little Orphan Annie and later as "The Old Ranger", the first host of the syndicated western anthology television series, Death Valley Days.

Stanley Andrews was an American actor perhaps best known as the voice of Daddy Warbucks on the radio program Little Orphan Annie and later as "The Old Ranger", the first host of the syndicated western anthology television series, Death Valley Days.

Birth Name

Stanley Andrzejewski


Friday, 28 August 1891


Monday, 23 June 1969

Actor Filmography

Bat Masterson Townsman 1958
Cry Terror! Older Executive 1958
Cole Younger, Gunfighter The Judge 1958
26 Men Jeb Howard, Jeremiah Kolb, Telegraph Agent 1957
Casey Jones Sheriff 1957
The Real McCoys Mr. Pell 1957
Maverick Sheriff Galt, Sheriff 1957
Untamed Youth Farmer Collingwood 1957
Gun for a Coward Old Nester 1956
Circus Boy Sheriff Hicks, Sheriff, Pop Warren 1956
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Actor Filmography

Bat Masterson Townsman 1958
Cry Terror! Older Executive 1958
Cole Younger, Gunfighter The Judge 1958
26 Men Jeb Howard, Jeremiah Kolb, Telegraph Agent 1957
Casey Jones Sheriff 1957
The Real McCoys Mr. Pell 1957
Maverick Sheriff Galt, Sheriff 1957
Untamed Youth Farmer Collingwood 1957
Gun for a Coward Old Nester 1956
Circus Boy Sheriff Hicks, Sheriff, Pop Warren 1956
Frontier Gambler Constable Philo Dewey / Philo Dewey 1956
The Three Outlaws Railroad President 1956
Star in the Dust Ben Smith 1956
Fury Dr. Henry Fulmer, Jed Stanton 1955
The Twinkle in God's Eye Sheriff 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Farmer McMahon 1955
The Adventures of Champion Colonel Jesse Putnam 1955
Judge Roy Bean Tutt Clemens 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Col. Jack Wade 1955
Tales of the Texas Rangers Marshal MacDonald, Sheriff, Will Thompson 1955
The Night Holds Terror Mr. Courtier 1955
Science Fiction Theatre Sheriff Edgar Simpson 1955
Buffalo Bill, Jr. Caleb Boomer, Central City Sheriff, Col. Shaw, Henry Cameron, Jess Sundy, Silas Greeley 1955
Treasure of Ruby Hills Marshal Garvey 1955
The Steel Cage Roy, Head Guard, segment "The Hostages" / Roy - Head Guard (segment "The Hostages") 1954
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Ed. Whitmire, Mayor Travis, Sheriff, Silas Clarkson 1954
Dawn at Socorro Old Man Ferris / Old Man Tom Ferris 1954
Adventures of the Falcon Constantine, Lash 1954
Southwest Passage Constable Bartlett 1954
Waterfront Captain Allen 1954
Stories of the Century Henry Livingston 1954
Annie Oakley Chet Osgood, Clay Griffin, Dan Peddicord, Fred Agnew, George Lacy, Mayor Alex Warner, Mr. Trumble, Old Doc Shaw, Pappy Doyle, Pop Hackett, Snowy Kringle 1954
All the Brothers Were Valiant Matthew Shore's Father 1953
Those Redheads from Seattle Sheriff 1953
Appointment in Honduras Capt. McTaggart 1953
The Man Behind the Badge Chief Deputy Joe Cochrane, Chief 1953
Topper Mr. Gilford, Mr. Meeker 1953
The Loretta Young Show Uncle Ben 1953
The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd Trapper 1953
El Paso Stampede Marshal Zeke Banning 1953
Dangerous Crossing Ship's Pilot 1953
Ride, Vaquero! Gen. Sheridan 1953
Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders Anderson [Chs.1-5, 10] / Anderson 1953
Powder River Townsman 1953
General Electric Theater Judge Mathews 1953
The Bad and the Beautiful Sheriff 1953
The Abbott and Costello Show Judge Henry Q. Crumbcake 1952
Ride the Man Down Phil Evarts 1952
Montana Belle Marshal Combs 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Grimes 1952
Four Star Playhouse John 1952
Hopalong Cassidy Albert Biggs, Jesse Williams, Tom Smith (archive footage) 1952
Adventures of Superman The Sheriff, Sam Garvin 1952
Cowboy G-Men Agent Davis, Judge Webster 1952
Fargo Judge Bruce 1952
Woman of the North Country Captain 1952
Thundering Caravans Henry Scott 1952
Carson City Mine Owner on Train 1952
My Little Margie Slauson 1952
Kansas Territory Governor (as Stan Andrews) / Governor 1952
Talk About a Stranger Mr. Wetzell - Orange Grower / Mr. Wetzell 1952
Man from the Black Hills Pop Fallon 1952
Death Valley Days Old Ranger, The Old Ranger, Host, Old Ranger - Host 1952
Waco Judge 1952
Lone Star Mr. Thompson 1952
The Greatest Show on Earth Spectator 1952
Chevron Theatre The King's Captain 1952
The Living Bible Family Friend 1952
The Roy Rogers Show Sheriff Sam Fuller 1951
Superman and the Mole-Men The Sheriff 1951
Utah Wagon Train Sheriff 1951
Hot Lead Prison Warden Lewis 1951
Sky King Jim Herrick, Josh Bradford, Old Dan Grable, Pop Benson 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson Blythe, Sheriff Amos, Sheriff 1951
Hollywood Opening Night Lars Peterson 1951
The Amos 'n Andy Show Insurance Company Official 1951
Silver Canyon Major Weatherly 1951
Racket Squad Howard Paulsen, Wright 1951
The Texas Rangers Marshal Gorey 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Clem Morgan 1951
Saddle Legion Chief John Layton 1951
The Range Rider Sheriff, Tom Benton - Banker, Tom O'Hara, Tom Pinckert, U.S. Marshal Collins, Webb Carver, Colonel, Cyrus Underhill, Doctor, Elias Carter, Elmer Jensen, Grandfather Johnson, Jim Harris, King Morgan, Pop Simpson, Sheriff Lawson 1951
The Lemon Drop Kid Judge Wilkinson 1951
Vengeance Valley Mead Calhoun 1951
Al Jennings of Oklahoma Marshal Ken Slattery 1951
Short Grass Pete Lynch 1950
Stage to Tucson Sheriff Winters 1950
Under Mexicali Skies Race Announcer 1950
Where Danger Lives Dr. Matthews 1950
Two Flags West Col. Hoffman 1950
Across the Badlands Sheriff Crocker 1950
Stars Over Hollywood Lars Peterson, Purvis, The King's Captain 1950
Streets of Ghost Town Dusty Creek Sheriff 1950
The Gene Autry Show Banker Ben Tansey, Big Jim Watson, Carl Meachem, Colonel Town, Judge Alfred Stone, Judge Hiram Stone, Judge Lockwood, Rancher Sam Blair, Sheriff, Thad Trigg - Prospector 1950
Trigger, Jr. Rancher Wilkins 1950
Rock Island Trail Businessman 1950
Colt .45 Sheriff 1950
Salt Lake Raiders Chief Marshal 1950
Outcast of Black Mesa Sheriff Grasset 1950
Riding High Veterinarian 1950
The Arizona Cowboy Jim Davenport 1950
Cargo to Capetown Capt. Richards 1950
Space Patrol Barrow 1950
The Cisco Kid Mr. Conlan, Sheriff Frank 1950
Tyrant of the Sea Officer 1950
Mule Train Chalmers 1950
West of Wyoming Simon Miller 1950
The Traveling Saleswoman Dr. Stephen Monroe 1950
Blonde Dynamite Mr. Jennings 1950
Copper Canyon Joe the Bartender 1950
The Nevadan Deputy Morgan 1950
Tough Assignment Chief Investigator Patterson 1949
The Lone Ranger Dave Engels, Deacon Caleb, Ed Range, Job Burke, Joshua Blaine, Sheriff Hollister, Warden Roberts 1949
Brimstone Edward Winslow 1949
Trail of the Yukon Rogers 1949
Look for the Silver Lining Producer 1949
The Doolins of Oklahoma Coffeyville Sheriff 1949
Roughshod Sam Ellis 1949
Fighting Fools Boxing Commissioner 1949
Blondie's Big Deal Mr. Forsythe 1949
The Last Bandit Jeff Baldwin 1949
Brothers in the Saddle Sheriff Oakley 1949
The Man from Colorado Roger MacDonald 1949
Last of the Wild Horses Rancher Pete Ferguson 1948
The Paleface Commissioner Emerson 1948
The Valiant Hombre Sheriff George Dodge 1948
Leather Gloves Mr. Hubbard 1948
My Dear Secretary Mr. McNally - Publisher 1948
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James Jim Powell [Ch.1] 1948
The Return of Wildfire Pop Marlowe 1948
A Southern Yankee Secret Service Agent 1948
Northwest Stampede Bowles 1948
Jinx Money Mr. Morgan 1948
Sinister Journey Tom Smith 1948
The Fuller Brush Man Det. Ferguson 1948
Best Man Wins Sheriff Dingle 1948
The Dead Don't Dream Jesse Williams 1948
State of the Union Senator 1948
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Mr. Murphy 1948
Docks of New Orleans Theodore Von Scherbe 1948
I Remember Mama Minister 1948
The Man from Texas Sheriff 1948
Panhandle Tyler 1948
Perilous Waters Capt. Porter 1948
Road to Rio Capt. Harmon 1947
The Fabulous Texan Vigilante Leader 1947
Desire Me Emile (fishing boat captain) 1947
Michigan Kid Sheriff of Rawhide 1947
Killer Dill Mr. Jones - Underwear Customer 1947
Robin Hood of Texas Mr. Hamby - Saddle Shop Owner 1947
Framed Detective 1947
Blaze of Noon Bartender 1947
High Barbaree Farmer 1947
Millie's Daughter Detective 1947
Trail Street Ferguson 1947
Easy Come, Easy Go Detective 1947
California Willoughby 1947
The Sea of Grass Bill the Sheriff 1947
It's a Wonderful Life Mr. Welch 1946
Scared to Death Pathologist 1946
San Quentin Head Guard 1946
Till the Clouds Roll By Doctor 1946
Wake Up and Dream Conductor 1946
Mr. Ace Tomahawk Club Boss 1946
Smoky Rancher 1946
Bad Bascomb Col. Cartright 1946
The Virginian Rancher 1946
The Hoodlum Saint Chronicle Publisher 1946
God's Country Howard King 1946
Two Years Before the Mast Policeman 1946
Adventure Bit Part (unconfirmed) / Bit Part 1945
The Daltons Ride Again Tex Walters 1945
Road to Utopia Joe - Official at Ship 1945
Code of the Lawless Chadwick Hilton, Sr. 1945
Trail to Vengeance Sheriff Morgan 1945
Keep Your Powder Dry Colonel Greeting Cadets 1945
Between Two Women Slipper Room Patron 1945
Wing and a Prayer Marine General 1945
Lake Placid Serenade Executive 1944
Practically Yours Shipyard Official 1944
Music for Millions Doctor in Hospital 1944
Faces in the Fog Iverson, Juror / Iverson - Juror 1944
Vigilantes of Dodge City General Wingate 1944
The Princess and the Pirate Captain 'Mary Ann' / Captain of the 'Mary Ann' 1944
Atlantic City Rogers 1944
Sensations of 1945 Mr. Collins 1944
Man from Frisco Chief Campbell 1944
Tucson Raiders Governor York 1944
The Hitler Gang Otto Meissner 1944
Follow the Boys Australian Officer 1944
Rosie the Riveter General 1944
It Happened Tomorrow Policeman 1944
Main Street Today Citizen at Committee Meeting 1944
True to Life Frank, Bakery Foreman 1943
In Old Oklahoma Mason - Indian Agent 1943
Canyon City Johnson, Water Co. presidient / Johnson - Water Co. Presidient 1943
Riding High Reynolds 1943
The Adventures of a Rookie Gen. Ames 1943
Dixie Mr. Masters 1943
It's a Great Life Attorney Schuster #2 1943
Bombardier Congressman 1943
Daredevils of the West Colonel Andrews [Ch. 1, 12] / Colonel Andrews 1943
Crash Dive Shipwrecked Captain 1943
Flight for Freedom Prosperous Gent 1943
The Ox-Bow Incident Bartlett 1942
Keep 'Em Sailing Mitchell 1942
The Navy Comes Through Judge Advocate 1942
The Major and the Minor Conductor #1 1942
Mr. Blabbermouth! Nazi 1942
To the Shores of Tripoli Doctor 1942
The Postman Didn't Ring Postal Insp. Brennan / Stanley Andrews 1942
Ten Gentlemen from West Point Capt. Sloane 1942
My Gal Sal Mr. Dreiser 1942
The Yukon Patrol Thomas Merritt, Sr. 1942
Reap the Wild Wind Turnkey 1942
Canal Zone Cmdr. Merrill 1942
Valley of the Sun Major at Court Martial 1942
The Bugle Sounds Veterinarian 1942
The Fleet's In Lt. Commander 1942
Mr. and Mrs. North Policeman 1942
North to the Klondike Tom Allen 1942
Borrowed Hero Mr. Taylor, Defense Attorney / Taylor 1941
Man at Large FBI Chief Ed Ruby 1941
Wild Geese Calling Delaney 1941
Lady Scarface Police Capt. L. Andrews / Police Captain L. Andrews 1941
Time Out for Rhythm James Anderson 1941
Strange Alibi Lieutenant-Detective Pagle / Lt. Pagle 1941
Dead Men Tell Insp. Vessey / Inspector Vesey 1941
Las Vegas Nights Sheriff 1941
In Old Colorado George Davidson 1941
Meet John Doe Weston 1941
Play Girl Joseph Shawhan 1941
The Son of Monte Cristo Turnkey 1941
The Mark of Zorro Commanding Officer 1940
So You Won't Talk Press Foreman 1940
Brigham Young Hyrum Smith 1940
King of the Royal Mounted Tom Merritt Sr. [Ch. 1] / Tom Merritt Sr. 1940
Colorado Col. Gibbons / Colonel Gibbons 1940
The Westerner Sheriff 1940
Kit Carson Larkin 1940
Maryland Dr. John Trimble 1940
Hi-Yo Silver Captain Smith / Colonel Jeffries 1940
Johnny Apollo Welfare Secretary 1940
Strange Cargo Constable 1940
Little Old New York Patrol Captain 1940
Convicted Woman Prosecutor 1940
The Blue Bird Wilhelm 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Colonel 1940
The Green Hornet Police Commissioner [Chs. 1, 5, 8, 9, 13] / Police Commissioner 1940
Charlie McCarthy, Detective Freight Captain 1939
Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President George - Policeman / George, Policeman 1939
Geronimo Colombus Delano 1939
The Housekeeper's Daughter Police Captain 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Senator Hodges 1939
Golden Boy Driscoll, Fight Official / Driscoll - Fight Official 1939
Coast Guard Comdr. Hooker 1939
Beau Geste Maris 1939
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever James Willet 1939
Racketeers of the Range Sam - Continental Packing Boss 1939
Union Pacific Doctor Harkness 1939
The Lady's from Kentucky Doctor 1939
First Offenders District Attorney 1939
Hotel Imperial Col. Paloff 1939
Homicide Bureau Police Commissioner 1939
Pirates of the Skies Maj. Smith 1939
Shine on Harvest Moon Pa Jackson / 'Pa' Jackson 1938
Kentucky Presiding Judge 1938
Road Demon Chairman Colton 1938
Blondie Mr. Hicks 1938
Adventure in Sahara Col. Rancreux 1938
The Lady Objects Baker 1938
Stablemates Track Steward 1938
Prairie Moon Frank Welch 1938
The Mysterious Rider William Bellounds 1938
Hold That Co-ed Belcher - Committeeman 1938
Juvenile Court Mayor 1938
You Can't Take It with You Attorney to Kirby at Arraignment 1938
Spawn of the North Partridge 1938
Alexander's Ragtime Band Colonel 1938
I'll Give a Million Captain / Yacht Captain 1938
Speed to Burn Police Chief 1938
Three Comrades Officer Giving Toast 1938
Cocoanut Grove Truant Officer 1938
Tip-Off Girls Police Sergeant 1938
When G-Men Step In Preston 1938
Forbidden Valley Hoke Lanning 1938
The Lone Ranger Capt. Smith - aka Col. Jeffries / Captain Smith aka Colonel Jeffries 1938
The Buccaneer Collector of the Port 1938
The Bad Man of Brimstone Clergyman 1937
Checkers Deputy 1937
She Married an Artist Editor 1937
Blossoms on Broadway Chairman 1937
Conquest Prince Mirska 1937
Madame X Gendarme Testifying in Court 1937
Dangerously Yours Houston, the Customs Inspector 1937
Big City Detective Bennett 1937
Double or Nothing Police Lieutenant 1937
The Man Who Cried Wolf A Judge 1937
Souls at Sea First Mate 1937
High, Wide and Handsome Lem Moulton 1937
Easy Living Police Captain Jackson 1937
Born Reckless Police Commissioner 1937
The Last Train from Madrid Secret Service Man 1937
The Man Who Found Himself Insp. Grey / Inspector Grey 1937
Her Husband Lies District Attorney 1937
Nancy Steele Is Missing! Warden - 1936 1937
John Meade's Woman Westley / Mr. Westley 1937
A Doctor's Diary Dr. Wilson 1937
She's Dangerous Franklin Webb 1937
Devil's Playground Salvage Boat Commander 1937
Happy-Go-Lucky Capt. Matzdorf 1936
Let's Make a Million Cliff Spaulding 1936
Pennies from Heaven Detective Stephens 1936
The Plainsman Officer 1936
Wild Brian Kent Tony Baxter 1936
Craig's Wife Police Officer Davis / Police Officer Davis (Uncredited) 1936
Alibi for Murder Earl Quillan / Earl Quillan (Uncredited) 1936
In His Steps Broderick 1936
The Devil Is a Sissy Doctor 1936
The Texas Rangers First Higgins Henchman 1936
White Fang Sgt. Drake / Police Sergeant Drake 1936
Parole! Williams 1936
Counterfeit Duffield 1936
Florida Special Armstrong, the Railroad President 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town James Cedar 1936
Foolproof Coroner's Inquest Judge 1936
Sutter's Gold Senator Rand 1936
Desire Customs Inspector 1936
Drift Fence Clay Jackson 1936
Dangerous Waters Steamship Company Agent 1936
You May Be Next! Naval Commander 1936
Dangerous Intrigue Mr. Mitchell 1936
Nevada Cawthorne 1935
In Old Kentucky Steward 1935
Escape from Devil's Island Steve Harrington 1935
Peter Ibbetson Judge 1935
3 Kids and a Queen Federal Man 1935
It's in the Air Investigator 1935
She Couldn't Take It Attorney Wyndersham 1935
Here's to Romance Father 1935
The Big Broadcast of 1936 Gordoni's Servant with Dog 1935
The Crusades Amir / Soldier Announcing Peter Has Been Captured 1935
Wanderer of the Wasteland Sheriff Collinshaw 1935
Diamond Jim Gambler 1935
Anna Karenina Husband - Third Couple 1935
Annapolis Farewell Officer in Brigg's Office 1935
Orchids to You Judge at Flower Show 1935
She Gets Her Man Kelly 1935
Woman Wanted Jury Foreman 1935
Curly Top Orphanage Trustee 1935
The Murder Man Police Commissioner 1935
Men Without Names Jim, the Fingerprint Man 1935
College Scandal Jim (Fingerprint Man) 1935
So Red the Rose Cavalry Captain 1935
People Will Talk Willis McBride 1935
Alias Mary Dow Detective 1935
Goin' to Town Engineer 1935
Stolen Harmony Patrol Chief 1935
Private Worlds Dr. Barnes 1935
The Call of the Savage Emperor Mena [Ch. 12] / Emperor Mena 1935
Mississippi Gambler with 4 Aces 1935
It Happened in New York Plainclothesman 1935
Times Square Lady Doctor at Hockey Game 1935
Transient Lady Judge 1935
After Office Hours Theatre Patron 1935
All the King's Horses Count Batthy 1935
Wings in the Dark Jack - an Officoa; 1935
Evelyn Prentice Judge 1934
Roman Scandals Official 1933
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