Tom Coleman

IVA Star Rating : 61

Birth Name

Thomas Arthur Coleman


Tuesday, 12 January 1897


Wednesday, 28 January 1959

Actor Filmography

The True Story of Lynn Stuart Bailiff at Coroner's Inquest 1958
Slim Carter Crew Member 1957
Gun Battle at Monterey Bartender 1957
Chicago Confidential Businessman 1957
The Land Unknown Man at Briefing 1957
Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend Joe 1957
The Buster Keaton Story Audience Member 1957
Mister Cory Waiter 1957
The Wings of Eagles Spectator at Screening 1957
Top Secret Affair Houseman 1957
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Actor Filmography

The True Story of Lynn Stuart Bailiff at Coroner's Inquest 1958
Slim Carter Crew Member 1957
Gun Battle at Monterey Bartender 1957
Chicago Confidential Businessman 1957
The Land Unknown Man at Briefing 1957
Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend Joe 1957
The Buster Keaton Story Audience Member 1957
Mister Cory Waiter 1957
The Wings of Eagles Spectator at Screening 1957
Top Secret Affair Houseman 1957
Three Brave Men Man at Co-Operative Meeting 1956
The Best Things in Life Are Free Party Waiter 1956
Davy Crockett and the River Pirates Townsman 1956
Somebody Up There Likes Me Reporter at Sparring Session 1956
The Killing Racetrack Spectator 1956
The Rawhide Years Saloon Patron 1956
Top Gun Townsman 1955
Good Morning, Miss Dove Pallbearer for Mrs. Holloway 1955
I Died a Thousand Times Cabbie 1955
Illegal Restaurant Patron 1955
My Friend Flicka Townmsan 1955
The McConnell Story Officer 1955
The Spoilers Saloon Patron 1955
Cheyenne Bartender 1955
The Night Holds Terror Reporter 1955
An Annapolis Story Football Game Spectator 1955
The Big Tip Off Baseball Game Spectator 1955
The Prodigal Citizen 1955
Six Bridges to Cross Man 1955
3 Ring Circus Circus Spectator 1954
Four Guns to the Border Townsman 1954
Dawn at Socorro Lordsburg Townsman 1954
The Student Prince Footman 1954
All American Bar Patron 1954
Public Defender Courtroom Spectator, Doctor, Pedestrian 1954
Riot in Cell Block 11 Prison Guard 1954
Loophole Bank Examiner 1954
The Far Country Miner 1954
Tumbleweed Townsman 1953
Escape from Fort Bravo Confederate Prisoner 1953
The Robe Citizen 1953
Here Come the Girls Detective 1953
The Caddy Golf Spectator 1953
The Band Wagon Waiter 1953
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Observer in Park 1953
No Escape Elevator Operator 1953
The Desert Song Legionnaire 1953
Scared Stiff Man in Hotel Hallway 1953
By the Light of the Silvery Moon Barber 1953
Woman They Almost Lynched Townsman 1953
The Stars Are Singing Reporter 1953
Jalopy Crew Member 1953
Rogue's March Soldier on Ship 1953
My Pal Gus Man at Bar 1952
The Blazing Forest Party Guest 1952
The Iron Mistress Casino Patron 1952
The Prisoner of Zenda Dignitary 1952
Adventures of Superman Museum Patron 1952
The Merry Widow Washington Party Guest 1952
Holiday for Sinners Passerby on Street 1952
Pat and Mike Waiter at Lindy's 1952
Glory Alley Boxing Spectator 1952
Hold That Line Football Fan Spectator 1952
Something to Live For Bartender 1952
Here Come the Nelsons Rodeo Judge 1952
About Face Train Passenger 1952
Hot Lead Train Conductor 1951
Journey Into Light Parishioner 1951
The People Against O'Hara Man at Toby's Eulogy 1951
Criminal Lawyer Jury Foreman 1951
Iron Man Ringside Reporter 1951
Tomorrow Is Another Day Dance Hall Bouncer 1951
As Young as You Feel Sleepy Solo Spectator 1951
The Fat Man Guard 1951
I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. Communist Goon Agitator 1951
Lullaby of Broadway Waiter 1951
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet the Invisible Man Dugan Detective School Graduate 1951
Inside Straight Broker 1951
Storm Warning Townsman at Recreation Center 1951
Sierra Passage Bartender 1950
Frenchie Saloon Patron 1950
Under Mexicali Skies Race Spectator 1950
Kansas Raiders Trooper 1950
Blues Busters Bartender 1950
I'll Get By Nightclub Patron 1950
The Men Bar Patron 1950
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Juror 1950
Edge of Doom Desk Sergeant 1950
The Great Jewel Robber Policeman 1950
Where the Sidewalk Ends Detective at Staff Meeting 1950
Rocketship X-M Reporter 1950
The Jackie Robinson Story Sports Board Clerk 1950
Lucky Losers Bartender 1950
Kill the Umpire Cab Driver 1950
The Yellow Cab Man Accident Witness 1950
Killer Shark Seaman 1950
The Secret Fury Trial Spectator 1950
Chain Lightning Officer at Test Flight 1950
Copper Canyon Townsman 1950
Woman in Hiding Plant Worker 1950
A Kiss for Corliss Courtroom Spectator 1949
All the King's Men Man tearing down poster / Man Tearing Down Poster (Uncredited) 1949
Oh, You Beautiful Doll Policeman 1949
The Story of Seabiscuit Railbird 1949
Easy Living Bartender 1949
Pinky Townsman 1949
The Fighting Kentuckian Party Guest 1949
Angels in Disguise Newspaperman at Desk 1949
White Heat Court Officer 1949
Sword in the Desert Guard 1949
Slattery's Hurricane Bartender 1949
The Fountainhead Court Clerk 1949
Not Wanted Townsman 1949
Alimony Nightclub Waiter 1949
The Window Cop Carrying Stretcher / Cop Carrying Stretcher (Uncredited) 1949
The Undercover Man Plainclothesman 1949
A Woman's Secret Policeman / Policeman (Uncredited) 1949
The Dark Past Detective 1948
Trouble Makers Pedestrian 1948
Whispering Smith Waiter 1948
Strike It Rich Oilman 1948
Superman Government Agent 1948
The Velvet Touch Plainclothesman 1948
Shanghai Chest Mortuary Owner 1948
Jinx Money Man from Orphanage 1948
So This Is New York Race Track Spectator 1948
Fighting Father Dunne Newspaper Vendor 1948
Smart Woman Police Detective 1948
Devil's Cargo Club Patron 1948
Angels' Alley Warehouse Watchman 1948
Black Bart Wells Fargo Representative 1948
To the Ends of the Earth Treasury Agent in Ship's Galley 1948
The Senator Was Indiscreet Politico 1947
My Wild Irish Rose Lillian Russell Fan 1947
The Lady from Shanghai Courtroom Spectator 1947
The Judge Steps Out Restaurant Waiter 1947
The Chinese Ring Detective 1947
Killer McCoy Passerby on Street 1947
Where There's Life An O'Brien 1947
Gentleman's Agreement Waiter 1947
Riffraff Man in Hallway 1947
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer Nightclub Patron 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Train Passenger 1947
Hollywood Barn Dance Poker Player 1947
New Orleans Musician 1947
The Locket Police Stenotypist 1946
It's a Wonderful Life Building & Loan Customer 1946
The Best Years of Our Lives Waiter 1946
Magnificent Doll Mr. Carroll 1946
I've Always Loved You Stagehand 1946
Gas House Kids Train Station Conductor 1946
Gentleman Joe Palooka Party Guest 1946
Decoy Trucker at Roadside Inn 1946
Spook Busters Police Captain Ryan 1946
Notorious Court Stenographer 1946
Below the Deadline Nightclub Patron 1946
Two Guys from Milwaukee Man in Movie Theatre 1946
Rendezvous with Annie Driver 1946
My Pal Trigger Cowboy at Auction 1946
Ding Dong Williams Nightclub Patron 1946
The Hoodlum Saint Reporter in Utility Office 1946
Mr. Noisy Baseball Spectator 1946
Little Giant Man in Stockton Office 1946
Deadline at Dawn Cop / Policeman 1946
Three Strangers Pub Patron 1946
Frontier Gal Barfly 1945
George White's Scandals Waiter 1945
Lady on a Train Photographer 1945
On Stage Everybody Sponsor 1945
Bewitched Juror 1945
Those Endearing Young Charms Waiter 1945
The Phantom Of 42Nd Street Senator in Play 1945
Zombies on Broadway Ship Passenger 1945
Two O'Clock Courage Waiter 1945
The Big Bonanza Barfly 1944
Can't Help Singing Townsman 1944
Murder, My Sweet Police Clerk 1944
Bowery to Broadway Waiter 1944
Strange Affair Taxi Driver / Taxi Driver (Uncredited) 1944
Step Lively Stage Electrician 1944
Up in Arms Boat Captain 1944
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek Reporter 1943
His Butler's Sister Park Avenue Doorman 1943
So Proudly We Hail! Troop Ship Survivor / Troop Ship Survivor (Uncredited) 1943
I Dood It Union Trooper 1943
Yanks Ahoy Soldier 1943
Back from the Front Military officer 1943
Edge of Darkness Townsman 1943
The Hard Way Man in Audience at Play / Man in Audience (Uncredited) 1943
Fall In Soldier 1942
Gentleman Jim Ship Passenger 1942
To the Shores of Tripoli Marine 1942
Brooklyn Orchid Taxi Driver 1942
Steel Against the Sky Man in Office 1941
Shadow of the Thin Man Cop 1941
The Great Man's Lady Spectator at Dedication 1941
You'll Never Get Rich Soldier 1941
Citizen Kane Man Singing at Inquirer Party 1941
Pals of the Pecos Workman 1941
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob Pedestrian 1941
Buck Privates Army Officer 1941
Kitty Foyle Bus Passenger 1940
The Great Dictator Guard 1940
Captain Caution Sailor 1940
Irene Diner Patron 1940
Virginia City Guard 1940
Drums of Fu Manchu Guard 1940
The House Across the Bay Café Patron 1940
The Fighting 69th Wounded Soldier in Parade Car 1940
The Lone Wolf Strikes Taxi Driver 1940
The Invisible Man Returns Miner at Colliery 1940
The Amazing Mr. Williams Undetermined Secondary Role 1939
Allegheny Uprising One of Jim's Black Boys 1939
Smashing the Money Ring Gambler 1939
Stanley and Livingstone Corporal 1939
The Girl from Mexico Wrestling Match Spectator 1939
Captain Fury Guard 1939
Red Barry Crewman 1938
Racket Busters Mourner 1938
Squadron of Honor Legionnaire Commander 1938
In Old Chicago Hub Patron 1938
A Girl with Ideas Reporter 1937
The Toast of New York Sergeant 1937
Easy Living Doubledecker Bus Conductor 1937
Marked Woman Plainclothesman 1937
Bullets or Ballots Sports Commentator 1936
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