Walter Sande

IVA Star Rating : 67
Walter Sande was an American character actor, known for numerous supporting film and television roles.

Walter Sande was an American character actor, known for numerous supporting film and television roles.


Monday, 09 July 1906


Monday, 22 November 1971

Actor Filmography

Murder, She Wrote Sgt. Cord 1984
Cold Turkey Tobacco Executive 1971
Nancy Curtwright 1970
Death of a Gunfighter Paul Hammond 1969
The Doris Day Show Doc Carpenter, Dr. Wagner, Head Santa 1968
Adam-12 Boatyard Owner 1968
The Second Hundred Years Mr. Punt 1967
Rango Sheriff 1967
Iron Horse Phillips 1966
Family Affair Mr. James 1966
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Actor Filmography

Murder, She Wrote Sgt. Cord 1984
Cold Turkey Tobacco Executive 1971
Nancy Curtwright 1970
Death of a Gunfighter Paul Hammond 1969
The Doris Day Show Doc Carpenter, Dr. Wagner, Head Santa 1968
Adam-12 Boatyard Owner 1968
The Second Hundred Years Mr. Punt 1967
Rango Sheriff 1967
Iron Horse Phillips 1966
Family Affair Mr. James 1966
That Girl Max Cochran 1966
The Rounders Bert Larson 1966
The Navy vs. the Night Monsters Dr. Arthur Beecham 1966
The Wild Wild West Col. Crockett 1965
The Big Valley Mike Newcomb 1965
A Man Called Shenandoah Sheriff Jack Beal 1965
Lost in Space Sheriff George Baxendale 1965
I'll Take Sweden Bjork 1965
Young Dillinger Judge 1965
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Manager 1964
Bewitched Giddings 1964
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Second Admiral 1964
The Quick Gun Tom Morrison 1964
Redigo Curry 1963
The Farmer's Daughter Papa Holstrum 1963
Temple Houston Mayor, McGee 1963
The Virginian Graham 1962
Frontier Circus Jake, Shanghai 1961
The Dick Powell Theatre Al Cooper 1961
The Americans Jayhawker 1961
Stagecoach West Torrey 1960
My Three Sons Art 1960
Sunrise at Campobello Capt. Skinner 1960
The Gallant Hours Capt. Horace Keys / Horace Keys ("Doc") 1960
Noose for a Gunman Marshal Tom Evans 1960
Oklahoma Territory Marshal Pete Rosslyn 1960
Overland Trail Sam Morton, Station Agent 1960
The Alaskans Tom Carter 1959
The Rebel Sheriff Amos Cannon 1959
Johnny Ringo Corning, Sy Bonnell 1959
Hennesey the Admiral 1959
Laramie Jess Weardon, Sgt. Coffey, Sheriff, U.S. Marshal, Walt Helford 1959
Riverboat Tom Feller 1959
Bonanza Frank Hamilton, Sheriff Brian, Sheriff Wall, Tom Mahan 1959
Last Train from Gun Hill Sheriff Bartlett / Gun Hill Sheriff Bartlett 1959
The Lawless Years Billy Grimes 1959
Black Saddle Virgil Britt 1959
Rawhide Doc Crowley 1959
U.S. Marshal Warden Sam Kay 1958
Cimarron City Frank Shanley 1958
77 Sunset Strip Ben Miles 1958
The Rifleman Ralph Hayden 1958
The Texan Sheriff Jake Talby 1958
Rescue 8 Andrew 1958
Bronco Marshal Steve Durrock 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Sheriff Pat Garret, Sheriff Walt Spence, Sheriff 1958
Frontier Justice Beecher 1958
The Adventures of Tugboat Annie Capt. Horatio Bullwinkle, Bullwinkle 1957
Trackdown Fred Creight 1957
Maverick Sheriff Burke, Sheriff Coleman 1957
Perry Mason Judd Curtis 1957
Richard Diamond, Private Detective Thompson 1957
Johnny Tremain Paul Revere 1957
Two Knights from Brooklyn Detective 1957
The Iron Sheriff Marshal Ellison 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Healey, Sam Flagg, Tom Clark 1957
Whirlybirds Ben Carling, Clyde 1957
Drango Dr. Blair 1957
Zane Grey Theatre Beecher, Ben Crowley, Dan Slater, John Lanfield, Major Jeb Stone, Sgt. Luke Muldey, Will - Liveryman 1956
Wire Service Superintendent 1956
Gun Brothers Yellowstone Kelly 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Samuel Black 1956
Canyon River Maddox 1956
The Maverick Queen Sheriff Wilson 1956
Anything Goes Alex Todd 1956
24 Hour Alert Mayor Hogan 1955
Texas Lady Whit Sturdy 1955
Matinee Theatre Fred 1955
The 20th Century-Fox Hour Moore 1955
My Friend Flicka Joe Evans 1955
Navy Log Norton, Robbie 1955
Gunsmoke Caldwell, Cal Haines, Cal Hoskins, Charlie, Miles 1955
Wichita Clint Wallace 1955
The Lone Ranger Story Sheriff Taylor 1955
TV Reader's Digest Jensen 1955
Bad Day at Black Rock Sam 1955
The Magical World of Disney Paul Revere, John Parsons, Judge McManus 1954
The Lineup Sam Wharton 1954
Lassie Tom 1954
It's a Great Life Mr. Russell 1954
The Whistler District Attorney Ansley, Matt Bannion 1954
Apache Lt. Col. Beck 1954
The Lone Wolf Lt. John Hendricks 1954
Public Defender Mike Polichek 1954
Overland Pacific Mr. Dennison 1954
Waterfront Capt. Lars Swenson 1954
The Man Behind the Badge Arson Investigator Harry Foster 1953
The War of the Worlds Sheriff Bogany 1953
A Blueprint for Murder Dist. Atty. John J. Henderson / District Attorney John J. Henderson (Uncredited) 1953
The Great Sioux Uprising Joe Baird 1953
The Kid from Left Field Barnes 1953
Powder River Sam Harris 1953
Invaders from Mars Police Desk Sgt. Finlay / Police Sgt. Mack Finlay 1953
General Electric Theater Sheriff, Mason, Roy Bryan 1953
Bomba and the Jungle Girl Mr. Ward 1952
The Steel Trap Customs Inspector 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Bill Armstrong, Charlie Hicks, Sam Jeffers 1952
Cavalcade of America Eliphalet Remington, William Campbell 1952
Four Star Playhouse First Mate, Graysuit, Johnny Boss, Peterson, Police Lt. Richy 1952
The Duel at Silver Creek Pete Fargo 1952
Footlights Theater Sam Jeffers 1952
Red Planet Mars Admiral Bill Carey 1952
Mutiny Mr. Stone, USN 1952
Death Valley Days Carnahan, Eric, Uncle Dick Wootton 1952
The Legend of the Lone Ranger Sheriff Taylor 1952
I Want You Ned Iverson 1951
Dragnet Capt. Barnard, Capt. Lohrman, Thad Brown 1951
Warpath Sgt. Parker 1951
Red Mountain Benjie 1951
The Racket Sgt. Jim Delaney 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Al Harper, Lieut. Miller, Mr. Gates, Steve 1951
Tomorrow Is Another Day Sheriff 1951
The Basketball Fix Nat Becker 1951
Fort Worth Deputy Waller 1951
A Place in the Sun Art Jansen - George's Attorney / Defense Attorney Art Jansen 1951
Rawhide Flowers 1951
Payment on Demand Swanson 1951
Call Me Mister Military Policeman #106 1951
Dark City Swede 1950
711 Ocean Drive Auto Repair Mechanic 1950
A Woman of Distinction Charlie - Motorcycle Cop 1950
The Kid from Texas Crowe 1950
Dakota Lil Butch Cassidy 1950
Strange Bargain Sgt. Cord / Sergeant Cord 1949
The Lone Ranger Sheriff Taylor, Jed Rector, Padre Felipe, Sheriff Bennett, Sheriff Hugh McNeil, Tom McHenry 1949
Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch Austin 1949
Rim of the Canyon Jake Fargo 1949
Canadian Pacific Mike Brannigan 1949
Tucson George Reeves 1949
Fireside Theatre Gunther, Hayes 1949
Bad Boy Texas Oil Man 1949
Miss Mink of 1949 Sean O'Mulvaney 1949
Blonde Ice Hack Doyle 1948
Wallflower Police Officer 1948
Half Past Midnight Det. Lt. MacDonald 1948
Perilous Waters Franklin 1948
The Prince of Thieves Little John 1948
Killer McCoy Bill Thorne 1947
Christmas Eve Mario's Hood 1947
Wild Harvest Long 1947
The Woman on the Beach Otto Wernecke 1947
The Red House Don Brent 1947
Public Prosecutor Lt. Evans 1947
Nocturne Detective Halberson / Lieutenant Halberson 1946
No Leave, No Love Sledgehammer 1946
The Blue Dahlia Heath 1946
The Spider Det. Lt. Walter Castle / Walter Castle 1945
The Daltons Ride Again Wilkins 1945
What Next, Corporal Hargrove? Maj. Kingby 1945
Along Came Jones Ira Waggoner 1945
The Last Installment Bull Moose Brannigan 1945
To Have and Have Not Johnson / Fishing Customer Johnson 1945
I Love a Soldier Sgt. Lionel 'Stiff' Banks 1944
The Singing Sheriff Butch 1944
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret Newspaper Reporter 1944
This Is the Life Joe 1944
A Guy Named Joe Sande - Mess Sergeant 1943
'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders McBride 1943
The Chance of a Lifetime Detective Sgt. Matthews / Detective Sergeant Matthews (Uncredited) 1943
Son of Dracula Mac, Deputy 1943
Corvette K-225 Evans 1943
They Came to Blow Up America Coast Guard Desk Chief 1943
Taxi, Mister Police Detective 1943
Don Winslow of the Coast Guard Lt. 'Red' Pennington / Lieut. 'Red' Pennington 1943
He Hired the Boss Marine 1943
Slightly Dangerous Reporter 1943
After Midnight with Boston Blackie Sergeant Mathews / Det. Sgt. Mathews 1943
Salute for Three Sailor 1943
The Purple V Otto Horner 1943
Reveille with Beverly Pvt. Puckett aka Canvassback / Puckett "Canvassback" 1943
Air Force Sgt. Joe - Mechanic at Clark Field 1943
Commandos Strike at Dawn Otto - German Soldier 1942
Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood Detective Sergeant Mathews 1942
Highways by Night Lippy Hogan 1942
My Sister Eileen Jackson - Policeman 1942
Iceland Marine 1942
Berlin Correspondent Red - Reporter 1942
The War Against Mrs. Hadley War Department Desk Clerk 1942
A-Haunting We Will Go Expressman 1942
Timber! Sandy 1942
To the Shores of Tripoli Pharmacist's Mate 1942
Priorities on Parade Bus Driver 1942
Wings for the Eagle Lockheed Worker Getting Parts 1942
Sweetheart of the Fleet Daffy Dill 1942
Tortilla Flat Cannery Foreman 1942
Who Is Hope Schuyler? Chauffeur 1942
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp! Guard 1942
Alias Boston Blackie Detective Mathews 1942
Two Yanks in Trinidad Soldier 1942
Jail House Blues Fudge 1942
The Bugle Sounds Headquarters Sergeant 1942
Blue, White and Perfect Sailor Carson 1942
Don Winslow of the Navy Lt. Red Pennington 1942
Sealed Lips Investigator Gene Blake 1942
Freckles Comes Home Musgy Dolan / Muggsy Dolan 1942
Confessions of Boston Blackie Detective Mathews 1941
Sing for Your Supper Irv 1941
Secrets of the Lone Wolf Squad Car Officer 1941
Great Guns Blue Army Soldier Capturing Stan and Ollie 1941
Sergeant York Sergeant on March 1941
Navy Blues Marine Military Policeman 1941
Parachute Battalion Medical Officer 1941
Mystery Ship Sailor 1941
The Iron Claw Jack 'Flash' Strong / Jack Strong 1941
Down in San Diego Sergeant 1941
Blondie in Society Pincus' Dog Handler 1941
Sweetheart of the Campus Football Player 1941
Adventure in Washington Elevator Operator 1941
Citizen Kane Reporter at Xanadu 1941
Sky Raiders Irene's Pilot-Henchman [Chs. 4-5] 1941
Footsteps in the Dark Sailor at Burlesque Theater 1941
Meet Boston Blackie Officer at Amusement Park 1941
Flight Command Officer on Downed Seaplane 1940
Kitty Foyle Trumpeter 1940
Arizona Lieutenant Chapin 1940
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Thug Boss at Gold Star Warehouse 1940
Sandy Gets Her Man Fireman 1940
So You Won't Talk Cop 1940
Angels Over Broadway Joe Elotti - Lunch Wagon Counterman 1940
Pop Always Pays Insurance Investigator 1940
You Can't Fool Your Wife Mr. Gillespie, Jr. 1940
Men Without Souls First Reporter 1940
Millionaire Playboy Worried Pedestrian 1940
Convicted Woman Cop 1940
Music in My Heart Process Server 1940
The Amazing Mr. Williams Police Stenographer 1939
Blondie Brings Up Baby Policeman 1939
Sued for Libel Court Clerk 1939
Beware Spooks! Policeman 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Newspaperman with Pipe 1939
Scandal Sheet Hurley 1939
Eternally Yours Ralph, Gloria's Husband / Ralph 1939
A Woman Is the Judge Reporter 1939
Those High Grey Walls Convict 1939
The Man They Could Not Hang Reporter at Typewriter 1939
Good Girls Go to Paris Railroad Ticket Agent 1939
Missing Daughters Snoop 1939
Blondie Meets the Boss 2nd Mailman 1939
The Great Man Votes Radio Newscaster in Montage 1939
The Mysterious Miss X Taxi Cab Driver 1939
The Great Waltz Revolutionary 1938
The Mad Miss Manton Jim - Investigator for Peter 1938
Mr. Doodle Kicks Off Walter Sande - Student Band Leader 1938
10th Ave Kid Detective Faber 1938
Smashing the Rackets Hospital Interne 1938
Army Girl Soldier 1938
Ladies in Distress Duncan 1938
Arson Gang Busters Oscar 1938
The Goldwyn Follies Westinghouse - Third Auditioning Singer 1938
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