William 'Billy' Benedict

IVA Star Rating : 68
William Benedict was an American actor, perhaps best known for playing "Whitey" in Monogram Pictures' The Bowery Boys series.

William Benedict was an American actor, perhaps best known for playing "Whitey" in Monogram Pictures' The Bowery Boys series.


Monday, 16 April 1917


Thursday, 25 November 1999

Actor Filmography

The Our Gang Story Benny 1994
Bonanza: The Next Generation Gus Morton 1988
Highway to Heaven Bobby Joe 1984
Father Murphy Desk Clerk 1981
Hill Street Blues Old Man 1981
Goldie and the Boxer 1979
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo Junior 1979
The Dukes of Hazzard Station Owner 1979
Born Again Leon Jaworski 1978
The Last Hurrah Willie Degman 1977
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Actor Filmography

The Our Gang Story Benny 1994
Bonanza: The Next Generation Gus Morton 1988
Highway to Heaven Bobby Joe 1984
Father Murphy Desk Clerk 1981
Hill Street Blues Old Man 1981
Goldie and the Boxer 1979
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo Junior 1979
The Dukes of Hazzard Station Owner 1979
Born Again Leon Jaworski 1978
The Last Hurrah Willie Degman 1977
The Incredible Hulk Vic 1977
Man from Atlantis Guard 1977
Sherlock Holmes in New York Telegraph Office Manager 1976
Quincy M.E. Gas Station Attendent 1976
Ark II Malcolm 1976
Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood Man on Bus 1976
Charlie's Angels Emmett Winston, Esq. 1976
Ellery Queen Cabbie 1975
The Dead Don't Die Hotel Desk Clerk 1975
Homebodies Watchman 1974
Lucas Tanner Guard 1974
The Girl on the Late, Late Show Page in Hotel 1974
Little House on the Prairie Reverend Lyman 1974
The Sting Roulette Dealer 1973
Police Story Bellman, Prescott, Wylie 1973
Barnaby Jones Mike Brown, Vincent Wage 1973
The Dirt Gang Station Attendant 1972
The Streets of San Francisco Dorsey Chandler 1972
Adventures of Nick Carter Newsboy 1972
Call Her Mom Mr. Feigelbaum 1972
Emergency! Hyperventilating Victim 1972
All in the Family Jimmy McNab 1971
Alias Smith and Jones Janitor, Telegrapher 1971
Nancy Telephone Man 1970
Hello, Dolly! News Vendor 1969
The Immortal Poker Player 1969
The Brady Bunch News Vendor (as William Benedict) 1969
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers Proprietor 1969
Bracken's World Actor 1969
The Over-the-Hill Gang Joe (Telegrapher) 1969
Then Came Bronson Card Player No. 3 1969
Mod Squad Bartender 1968
Here's Lucy Delivery Man 1968
Mayberry R.F.D. Pet Shop Owner, Uncle Whitmore 1968
Land of the Giants Villager Peabody 1968
Adam-12 Bill White 1968
The Name of the Game Delivery Boy 1968
Funny Girl Western Union Boy 1968
Rogue's Gallery Jocko 1968
Mannix Manager, Night watchman, Popcorn Vendor, Projectionist 1967
Ironside Special Delivery Man 1967
Hondo Willie 1967
The Guns of Will Sonnett Telegrapher 1967
What Am I Bid? Clem 1967
Mission: Impossible Denver, Gate Guard 1966
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Counterman 1966
The Felony Squad Clerk 1966
The Monkees Old Man, Skywriter 1966
The Phyllis Diller Show Pierre 1966
Frankie and Johnny Bum Sleeping on Bench 1966
The Loner Liveryman 1965
I Dream of Jeannie Cleaning Man 1965
Honey West Farley 1965
Camp Runamuck Vendor 1965
The F.B.I. (as William Benedict), (as Bill Benedict) 1965
The Big Valley Perkins 1965
The Hallelujah Trail Simpson - Miner 1965
Harlow Bespectacled Hero in Movie 1965
Zebra in the Kitchen Toy Shop Proprietor 1965
Branded Hogan 1965
Dear Heart Stu 1964
Gomer Pyle: USMC 1st Player 1964
Petticoat Junction Willie Trankis 1963
Our Man Higgins Commodore 1962
Lover Come Back Musician in Elevator 1961
Ripcord Mr. Wheelwright 1961
Route 66 Marvin 1960
The Jim Backus Show Drunk #2, Milo 1960
Outlaws Ticket Agent 1960
The Barbara Stanwyck Show Joe 1960
Dennis the Menace Crook 1959
The Twilight Zone Conklin 1959
Riverboat Crewman 1959
Last Train from Gun Hill Small Man in Horseshoe 1959
The Hanging Tree Trapper 1959
The D.A.'s Man Joe Dominicus 1959
Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! Bellhop 1958
The Rifleman Dave Prentice 1958
Rescue 8 Happy 1958
Maverick Hotel Desk Clerk, Porter in Denver 1957
Perry Mason Old Man 1957
Wagon Train Wagon Train Member 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Pringle 1957
Annette Delivery Man 1957
Circus Boy Punk 1956
Hey, Jeannie! Harry 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Preacher Luke 1956
The Killing American Airlines Clerk 1956
Ford Star Jubilee Grizzled Union Veteran 1955
Cheyenne Bartender 1955
Navy Log Chadwick 1955
Gunsmoke Gus 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Benny 1955
Bride of the Monster Newsboy 1955
Lassie Truck Driver, Skeeter, Mr. Pike 1954
The Whistler (as William Benedict) 1954
Waterfront Deckhand, Tom 1954
The Magnetic Monster Albert 1953
I'm the Law Skinny 1953
I Married Joan Telegram Messenger, Telegram Delivery, Messenger boy, Flower Delivery Boy, Delivery Boy 1952
Dragnet (as William Benedict) 1951
Crazy Over Horses Whitey 1951
The Red Skelton Hour 1951
Let's Go Navy! Whitey 1951
Racket Squad Messenger 1951
Ghost Chasers Whitmore 'Whitey' Williams 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Clarence 1951
Bowery Battalion Whitey 1951
Blues Busters Whitey 1950
Dick Tracy Heels Beals 1950
Triple Trouble Whitey 1950
Lucky Losers Whitey 1950
Blonde Dynamite Whitey 1950
Master Minds Whitey 1949
Angels in Disguise Whitey 1949
Hold That Baby! Whitey 1949
Fighting Fools Whitey 1949
Trouble Makers Whitey 1948
Smugglers' Cove Whitey 1948
Night Wind Irv Bennett 1948
Jinx Money Whitey 1948
Secret Service Investigator Counterman 1948
Angels' Alley Whitey 1948
Merton of the Movies Von Strutt's Assistant 1947
Bowery Buckaroos Whitey 1947
News Hounds Whitey 1947
The Hucksters Bellboy at Blue Penguin Inn 1947
Fun on a Weekend Hotel Bellboy 1947
Hard Boiled Mahoney Whitey 1947
The Pilgrim Lady Bellboy 1947
Mr. Hex Whitey 1946
Never Say Goodbye Messenger Boy 1946
No Leave, No Love Expectant Father on Hospital Phone 1946
Spook Busters Whitey 1946
Bowery Bombshell Whitey 1946
A Boy, a Girl and a Dog Messenger Boy 1946
In Fast Company Whitey 1946
One More Tomorrow Stakey - Bantam Office Boy 1946
Do You Love Me Singing Western Union Boy 1946
Without Reservations Western Union Telegraph Boy 1946
The Kid from Brooklyn Newsboy #2 1946
The Gentleman Misbehaves Bellboy 1946
Gay Blades Newsboy 1946
Live Wires Whitey 1946
People Are Funny NBC Usher 1946
Road to Utopia Second Newsboy 1945
Come Out Fighting Skinny 1945
Mr. Muggs Rides Again Skinny 1945
Story of G.I. Joe Pvt. Whitey 1945
Hollywood and Vine Joe - Newsboy 1945
Docks of New York Skinny 1945
Brenda Starr, Reporter Pesky [Ch 1,3,5-8,11,13] 1945
Night Club Girl Winnebago boy 1945
My Gal Loves Music Bellboy 1944
Bowery Champs Skinny 1944
I Won't Play Florida 1944
They Live in Fear Thomas 'Mack' Knight 1944
The Merry Monahans Messenger 1944
That's My Baby! Office Boy 1944
Janie Soda Jerk 1944
Patrick the Great Joey 1944
Block Busters Butch 1944
Goodnight, Sweetheart Bellboy 1944
Follow the Leader Spider O'Brien 1944
Follow the Boys Joe 1944
The Whistler The Deafmute 1944
Cover Girl Florist Delivery Boy 1944
Million Dollar Kid Skinny 1944
Whispering Footsteps Jerry Murphy 1943
Moonlight in Vermont Abel 1943
Minesweeper Inoculations Corpsman 1943
Mr. Muggs Steps Out Pinky 1943
Thank Your Lucky Stars Busboy 1943
Adventures of the Flying Cadets Cadet Zombie Parker 1943
Nobody's Darling Sammy 1943
Ghosts on the Loose Benny 1943
All by Myself Telegraph Messenger 1943
Clancy Street Boys Butch - Cherry Street Leader 1943
Hangmen Also Die! Kylar 1943
Aerial Gunner Pvt. Jackson 'Sleepy' Laswell 1943
The Powers Girl Powers Agency Office Boy 1943
A Night to Remember Messenger Boy 1942
The Ox-Bow Incident Greene 1942
Heart of the Golden West Telegraph Messenger 1942
Valley of Hunted Men Ranch Boy 1942
Get Hep to Love Soda Jerk 1942
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Usher in Opera House 1942
The Glass Key Farr's Receptionist 1942
Wildcat Bud Smithers 1942
The Talk of the Town Western Union Boy 1942
Perils of Nyoka Red Davis 1942
Lady in a Jam Barker 1942
I Live on Danger Nightclub Waiter 1942
Home in Wyomin' Bellboy 1942
Junior G-Men of the Air Whitey [Ch. 11] 1942
The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine Bellboy 1942
Two Yanks in Trinidad Messenger 1942
Rings on Her Fingers Newsboy 1942
On the Sunny Side Messenger 1942
A Tragedy at Midnight Newsboy 1942
Right to the Heart Truck Driver 1942
Confessions of Boston Blackie Ice Cream Man 1941
Cadet Girl Soldier at Camp Show 1941
Tuxedo Junction Thomas 'Piecrust' Murphy 1941
Unholy Partners Copyboy Wanting Paper 1941
Jesse James at Bay Young Davis 1941
Great Guns Recruit at Corral 1941
Dressed to Kill Telegram Boy 1941
The Richest Man in Town Young Man 1941
Citadel of Crime Wes Rankins 1941
Time Out for Rhythm Messenger 1941
She Knew All the Answers Singing Telegraph Boy 1941
In Old Cheyenne Train Vendor 1941
Adventures of Captain Marvel 'Whitey' Murphy 1941
Mr. District Attorney Office Boy 1941
The Man Who Lost Himself Messenger Boy 1941
Scattergood Baines Lafe Hopper 1941
The Great Mr. Nobody Jig 1941
Second Chorus Ticket Taker 1941
Give Us Wings Link 1940
Melody Ranch Slim 1940
The Mad Doctor Mickey Barnes - Copy Boy 1940
Rhythm on the River Elevator Boy 1940
Young People Boy 1940
Lucky Partners Delivery Boy 1940
Stage to Chino Happy 1940
The Great McGinty Farm Boy 1940
Adventures of Red Ryder Dan Withers [Ch. 1] 1940
Grand Ole Opry Newsboy 1940
Prairie Law Teenage Voter 1940
And One Was Beautiful Delivery Man 1940
My Little Chickadee Lem 1940
Legion of the Lawless Eddie 1940
Call a Messenger Trouble 1939
Pack Up Your Troubles Office Boy 1939
Timber Stampede Tiny Tim - Printer's Devil 1939
Man of Conquest Tommy 1939
Hollywood Hobbies Tour Guide 1939
Code of the Streets Trouble 1939
Newsboys' Home Trouble 1938
Say It in French Red-Haired Boy 1938
Little Tough Guys in Society Trouble 1938
Hold That Co-ed Sylvester 1938
Young Fugitives Jud 1938
Hold That Kiss Boy Delivering Suit 1938
There's Always a Woman Bellhop 1938
King of the Newsboys Squimpy 1938
Walking Down Broadway Eddie 1938
Bringing Up Baby David's Caddy 1938
No Time to Marry Farm Boy 1938
I Met My Love Again Billy - Boy at Party 1938
Tim Tyler's Luck Spud 1937
The Last Gangster Freddy - Office Boy 1937
Tramp Trouble Young Bindlestiff 1937
A Dangerous Adventure Blister 1937
Flying Fists Monk, Tall Kid 1937
Love in a Bungalow Telegraph boy 1937
Rhythm in the Clouds Clyde 1937
The Road Back Boy Leader 1937
That I May Live Kurt Plivens 1937
Jim Hanvey, Detective Copy Boy 1937
They Wanted to Marry Freckles 1937
After the Thin Man Newsboy 1936
With Love and Kisses Farm Boy 1936
Crack-Up Bunky, Office Boy 1936
Laughing at Trouble Wilbur 1936
Theodora Goes Wild Henry 1936
Libeled Lady Johnny 1936
Adventure in Manhattan Office Boy 1936
Ramona Joseph Hyar 1936
A Son Comes Home Cabin Boy 1936
M'Liss Archer Morpher 1936
Meet Nero Wolfe Johnny - Barstow's Caddy 1936
Captain January Bud - Telegram Delivery Boy 1936
The Witness Chair Benny Ryan 1936
The Country Doctor The Gawker 1936
Show Them No Mercy! Willie 1935
Way Down East Amos 1935
Bad Boy Grocery Clerk 1935
3 Kids and a Queen Flash 1935
Ladies Love Danger Newsboy 1935
Steamboat Round the Bend Breck 1935
Welcome Home Bit 1935
The Farmer Takes a Wife Boy Announcing Dan's Arrival Before Fight 1935
Silk Hat Kid Uncle Sam 1935
Doubting Thomas Caddie 1935
College Scandal 'Penny' Parker 1935
$10 Raise Jimmy 1935
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