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Israel's Arab Warriors

  • 2016

Israel's Arab Warriors is a BBC Arabic documentary shot over six months by a team that gained extraordinary access to the Gadsar - the all-Arab unit of of the Israeli Defence Force.

American Arab

Documentary Family Biography
  • 2013

American Arab is a 2013 documentary film by Iraqi-American filmmaker Usama Alshaibi. The film follows the personal story of Alshaibi's life in post-9/11 America and concentrates on sensitive issues pertaining to race and identity. The perceptions and misconceptions of the Arab American community are closely analyzed and deconstructed over the course of the film to reveal a more complex culture of individuals rather than a singularly stigmatized group of people. Alshaibi himself was the victim of a hate crime in 2011 so the film therein tackles the subject of racism and oppression towards Arab Americans in today's society.

Lady Kul El Arab

  • 2008

Lady Kul El-Arab is a 2008 Israeli documentary directed by Ibtisam Mara'ana which tells the story of Doaa "Angelina" Fares, a Druze model who entered the Miss Israel beauty contest in 2007. This caused some resentment from Israel's Druze community, and she dropped out of the contest following death threats against her for dishonouring her community and the subsequent arrest of five people, among them two of her uncles, for planning her murder.

The Arab

  • 1924

The Arab (1924) is a silent film starring Ramon Novarro and Alice Terry, written and directed by Rex Ingram, based on a 1911 play by Edgar Selwyn.

Hadj Cheriff

  • 1894

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