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Romance Comedy
  • 2019

Darker Shades of Elise

Thriller Drama
  • 2017

Elise is a bored housewife with no passion in her marriage to a wealthy businessman. She meets Felix, a charming photographer, who lures her into a steamy affair. Felix awakens in Elise erotic feelings she has not experienced before. He persuades her to explore her sexuality by sleeping with a variety of men. As they experiment sexually, Elise's confidence grows and her husband, fearing he might lose her, reignites the passion in their marriage. Felix becomes jealous when Elise tries to end the affair, and threatens to blackmail her with secretly recorded sex tapes of her experiences. Elise faces losing everything in this tale of love, fantasy and obsession..

Closed For Winter

  • 2009

Closed for Winter is a 2009 Australian drama film starring Natalie Imbruglia. It is based on Georgia Blain's critically acclaimed novel of the same title. The film was produced by Goalpost Pictures.

Para Elisa

Horror Mystery-Suspense Thriller
  • 2013

Para Elisa (also known as For Elisa) is a 2013 thriller film directed and written by Juanra Fernández. The film stars Ona Casamiquela as a college student that accepts a job from a wealthy former piano player that wants a caretaker for her mentally challenged daughter. The film's name is a take on the Beethoven composition Für Elise. Filming for Para Elisa took place during August 2012 in Cuenca, Spain. In an article for ABC Fernández noted that it was difficult to film in the region, as the region did not have a pre-existing film industry.

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