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Mutilation Mile

Crime Horror Thriller
  • 2009

Mutilation Mile is a 2009 American horror film shot, edited, written, produced, and directed by Ron Atkins. The film stars Lawrence Bucher and Daniel McCabe as Jack and Jimmy DeGrasso, who, on a mission to find the killer of their beloved uncle Sal, murder everyone who crosses their path. The word "fuck" is used 664 times in the film's 82-minute running time, making it one of the films that most frequently uses the word.

Female Werewolf

  • 2015

Female Werewolf is a 2015 independent horror film that was written and directed by Chris Alexander. The film stars Carrie Gemmel as a woman known only as "She", who believes that she is turning into a werewolf. Female Werewolf marks Gemmel's third film with Alexander, as she had previously appeared in his prior two movies Blood for Irina and Queen of Blood.

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