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Irish Folk Furniture

Documentary Animation Drama
  • 2013

Irish Folk Furniture is a short film directed by Tony Donoghue which won the prize for Best Animation at the Sundance Film Festival. It uses stop-motion animation to breathe life into the disregarded pieces of furniture that frequently lie rotting in Irish barns and sheds, showing the process of renovating them and returning them to the homes they once inhabited. The short was produced by Cathal Black under the IFB ‘Frameworks’ animated short film scheme.

Furniture to Go

  • 1993

Tiny Furniture

Comedy Romance Drama
  • 2010

Lena Dunham got her start making YouTube videos, but she emerged as a major talent thanks to the breakthrough success of this exceptionally sharp comedy, which garnered the twenty-four-year-old writer-director-actor comparisons to the likes of Woody Allen. Dunham plays Aura, a recent college graduate who returns to New York and moves back in with her mother and sister (played by the filmmaker’s real-life mother and sister). Though Aura is gripped by stasis and confusion about her future, Dunham locates endless sources of refreshing humor in her plight. As painfully confessional as it is amusing, Tiny Furniture is an authentic, incisive portrait of a young woman at a crossroads.

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