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Grand Canyon

Drama Crime
  • 1992

Grand Canyon is a 1991 American drama film directed and produced by Lawrence Kasdan, and written by Kasdan with his wife Meg. Featuring an ensemble cast, the film is about random events affecting a selection of diverse characters, the film explores the race- and class-imposed chasms which separate members of the same community. Grand Canyon was advertised as "The Big Chill for the '90s", in reference to an earlier Kasdan film.

Grand Canyon

Drama Documentary
  • 1958

Grand Canyon is a 1958 American short documentary film directed by James Algar and produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was shown as a supplement during Sleeping Beauty's initial run. The short won an Oscar at the 31st Academy Awards in 1959 for Best Short Subject. It is also included as a bonus feature on the 1997 laserdisc, 2003 DVD, and 2008 DVD & Blu-ray releases of Sleeping Beauty.

Grand Canyon

Comedy Romance Western
  • 1949

Grand Canyon is a 1949 American Western film starring Richard Arlen. It was the directorial debut of veteran editor Robert Landres and was financed by Robert L. Lippert. It was shot at the Nassour Studios.Lippert assigned Carl Hittleman to produce the film after the success of I Shot Jesse James.

Grand Canyonscope

Animation Family Comedy
  • 1954

Come along with Donald Duck as he visits one of nature's masterpieces. After a little ragtime rain dance, Donald strikes up a conversation with himself at Echo Cliff, then teeters along the edge of a precarious trail while riding a sure-footed burrow. It's a tough job for park ranger J. Audubon Woodlore to keep Donald in check, but it gets even tougher when they run afoul of a napping mountain lion.

Into the Canyon

  • 2019

A meditation on the timeless beauty of one of America's most sacred spaces – and a story of physical hardship that stretches the bonds of friendship – this film follows two colleagues who set out to traverse the Grand Canyon by foot, hoping the 750-mile walk will help them better understand this revered landscape and the commercial developments poised to alter it forever.

Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk

Action-Adventure Documentary
  • 2008

Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk is a 2008 American documentary film directed by Greg MacGillivray and narrated by Robert Redford. It was released to IMAX 3D Theaters in 2008. Anthropologist Wade Davis and river advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr journey down the Colorado River on a two-week expedition to highlight water conservation issues. Traveling by rafts, kayaks and wooden dories, they are accompanied by their daughters and guided by Shana Watahomigie, a Native American National Park ranger. The film explores America's drought and freshwater shortages, the impact on the river of damming, and human water supply needs, such as that of the city of Las Vegas. Shot in four weeks almost entirely on the Colorado River, the challenging production, which features the first 3D IMAX images of the Grand Canyon, took the 350-pound 3D IMAX camera through its paces and involved the cooperation of three Indian nations, the National Park Service, film sponsor Teva’s team of kayakers and more than a dozen experienced river guides. The production represents the largest filmmaking expedition in the canyon's recent history and the last major film production of its magnitude to be shot in the canyon due to new protective restrictions on the number of crew members and equipment allowed. The film is directed by IMAX director and cinematographer Greg MacGillivray, who previously explored similar conservation themes in his Academy Award-nominated films The Living Sea and Dolphins, also filmed for IMAX Theaters. The film won Best Cinematography of the Year and a Special Achievement in Filmmaking Award for the opening 3D title sequence from the Giant Screen Cinema Association. It also won a Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing by the Motion Picture Sound Editors USA and was nominated for a VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects by the Visual Effects Society.

Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets

  • 1984

Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets is a 34-minute American short documentary IMAX feature film that was theatrically released on June 16, 1984. The film was created, directed, and written by American filmmaker Kieth Merrill and was produced by Destination Cinema. The music is composed by Bill Conti. The IMAX film was followed by The Making of Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets, a 24-minute making-of documentary short released on January 11, 1999, but produced by Destination Cinema in 1993.

Massacre at Grand Canyon

  • 1964

Grand Canyon Massacre (Italian: Massacro al Grande Canyon, lit. "Massacre at Grand Canyon") is a 1964 Italian Spaghetti Western film starring James Mitchum, Milla Sannoner, and George Ardisson. It was directed by Sergio Corbucci and produced by Albert Band. The film's theme song was performed by Rod Dana.

Grand Canyon Trail

  • 1948

Grand Canyon Trail is a 1948 American film starring Roy Rogers.

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