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Hatfields & McCoys

Drama History Romance
  • 2012

It’s the true American story of a legendary family feud—one that spanned decades and nearly launched a war between Kentucky and West Virginia. Hatfields & McCoys, a three-part miniseries, showcases an all-star cast led by Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. It chronicles a clash of clans that inspired passion, vengeance, courage, sacrifice, crimes and accusations, while forever transforming the two families and the region they lived in. The Hatfield-McCoy saga begins with Devil Anse Hatfield (Costner) and Randall McCoy (Paxton). Close friends and comrades until near the end of the Civil War, they return to their neighboring homes—Hatfield in West Virginia, McCoy just across the Tug River border in Kentucky—to increasing tensions, misunderstandings and resentments that soon explode into all-out warfare between their families. As hostilities grow, friends, neighbors and outside forces join the fight, bringing the two states to the brink of another civil war. In 2012, Hatfields & McCoys won five Emmy Awards including honors for Costner (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie) and Tom Berenger (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie). Costner also won a Golden Globe (Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television) in 2013. This six-hour series features some of Hollywood’s top talents:


  • 1975

McCoy is an American comedy/drama series that starred Tony Curtis and aired on NBC-TV during the 1975-1976 season.

The Real McCoy

Action-Adventure Crime Drama
  • 1993

Kim Basinger stars with Val Kilmer in this clever caper about a reformed master cat burglar who's blackmailed into doing one last job with an amateur partner-in-crime.After six long years in prison for a failed bank robbery, legendary criminal Karen McCoy (Basinger) wants nothing more than to turn her life around. But her hopes are soon shattered: No one will hire her; she's stuck with a sleazy parole officer, and her ex-husband has told their son that she's dead. To make matters worse, crime lord Jack Schmidt (Terence Stamp) is forcing her to pull off a seemingly impossible $18 million bank job with the full knowledge that once she hands over the cash, she's history.Now, with the help of an eager but inept would-be thief (Kilmer), Karen must use all her talent, ingenuity and technical wizardry to execute a seamless bank heist, outwit her enemies… and stay alive. It's Basinger at her most beautiful, beguiling - and dangerous - in this stunning, suspenseful adventure with an accent on excitement!

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