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Israel vs Israel

  • 2010

Israel vs Israel is a 2010 documentary on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict by Swedish freelance journalist and filmmaker Terje Carlsson about Israeli peace activists. The film portrays four Israelis struggling against the military occupation of the Palestinian territories: Jonathan Pollak from Anarchists Against the Wall, Yehuda Shaul from Breaking the Silence, Ronny Perlmann from Machsom Watch and Arik Ascherman from Rabbis for Human Rights. The film won the Best International Documentary award at the 2011 Turkish Radio and Television Corporation documentary film festival as well an award from the Doha Centre for Media Freedom at the 2011 Al Jazeera Film Festival, and has been screened at festivals in Stockholm, Montreal, Tromsø, and Trondheim.

Israel, Why

  • 1973

Pourquoi Israël (Israel, Why) (1973) is Shoah filmmaker Claude Lanzmann's first film. The documentary examines life in Israel twenty-five years after the birth of the state. Lanzmann spends time with, among others, German-Jewish émigrés, intellectuals, dock workers, police, prison inmates, and the newly arrived surveying life in the new homeland. The title of the film is often incorrectly given as a question "Why Israel?" however, Lanzmann intended it as an answer or an explanation from a collection of viewpoints. The film premiered just three days after the Yom Kippur War in Israel. International media attention was caused by an incident in Hamburg, Germany, where leftist groups violently prevented a showing of the movie in October 2009, claiming the movie took a one-sided Zionist perspective.

The Moon of Israel

  • 1924

The Moon of Israel (German: Die Sklavenkönigin, or "The Queen of the Slaves") is a 1924 Austrian epic film. It was directed by Mihaly Kertész (later Michael Curtiz). The script was written by Ladislaus Vajda, based on H. Rider Haggard's novel Moon of Israel, which in its turn was inspired by the Biblical story of the Exodus. It was this film that brought Kertész to the attention of the studio head Jack L. Warner, who invited him to Hollywood in 1926, where he rapidly became Michael Curtiz and made a career with the Warner Studios. Shooting took place in Vienna with about 5,000 extras, in the studios of Sascha-Film, and outdoors on the Laaer Berg. The premiere was on 24 October 1924. The restored complete edition of the film, which was entirely lost for many years, was first shown on 26 February 2005 in the Wiener Metro Kino.

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